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White Fields has a long history of working in Africa; in our early years, our focus was in Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Today we work in the countries of Uganda & Congo. Thanks to partnerships with individuals and churches, such as the Shadow Mountain Mission Committee, our Director for Uganda Onesimus Ngoboka graduated with his M. Div. from Southern California Seminary in El Cajon, CA.

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Burdened for his people and blessed with a gift of teaching and training young men and their families to become pastors, Onesimus leads our church planting efforts in Africa. White Fields Ministry has begun supporting the first wave of pastors to reach the darkest and most forsaken villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As part of the local church’s outreach to the community, they created a government certified school in their district. Graceland Academy has Bible-based courses that teach children the word of God as well as traditional classes like science, reading, math, English, etc… This investment in the future will allow correct theology, discipleship, and Bible teaching to continue for years to come.

In addition to the salaries that sustain the families of those pastors during the beginning years of establishing the church, the vital need at this time is a functional facility that will provide an adequate training environment so Onesimus can pass along the education he received from SoCal Seminary. The building will contain a classroom, library, and offices for Pastor Onesimus and visiting professors from SoCal Seminary.

We need your help to accomplish this goal and raise the money necessary to build the school. To join us, click the button at the top of the page and help create a place for Pastors to be trained and theologically equipped to plant churches in Africa!



Our main goal at White Fields is to provide a salary for a national Pastor that will allow a self-sustaining church to be planted. As part of supporting that goal, we seek to have holistic community transformation through various projects that help raise the quality of life of people in the local church. Listed below are several of the projects that our national pastors have identified as helping transform their community.

By joining us you can provide one of these solutions to a community of believers in Uganda, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Brick Machine

Interlocking Soil Stabilized Bricks (ISSB) machines have transformed brick making efforts across the continent of Africa. ISSB bricks are environmentally friendly and are an economical way to build water tanks and buildings. A cohesive team using a brick machine can produce 700 bricks a day. In 2016 White Fields purchased two brick making machines for our churches in southwest Uganda. These tools empower the congregation with the ability to construct new church buildings and water tanks as the Gospel goes forth into new communities. Read more…

Water Tank

The water tanks we build use gutters to channel rainwater from a house roof into a tank protected from insects and contamination. A water tank made from ISSB bricks is stronger, longer lasting, and one-third the price of a traditional plastic tank imported from southern Uganda. These tanks are produced in both 2,000-liter household sizes, as well as in larger 10,000-liter community sizes. Our churches built their first rainwater harvesting tank in Rukungiri, Uganda in 2015. This tank, strategically placed next to the church of God’s Embassy Kotobo is now the central collection point for water in the community.

Pig Project

In Rukungiri, Uganda we are establishing a piggery project. Through supporters joining White Fields we are able to provide a sow (female pig) to a family in the local church, that sow once impregnated has little piglets which the owners are then able to sell, increasing their income and allowing them to raise their quality of life. Once each family in the church has raised full grown pigs they will be able to sell them as a group in Kampala at full market value. To help restore pride and dignity to a family in Uganda go to our website and get involved. A donation of $45 dollars buys a female piglet which is raised to produce more pigs.


The year 2001 is a year I will never forget because that is the year I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.


Pastor Robinson with his family.

I was born into a broken nonchristian family, I grew up using drugs (grown in our area) as well as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. I was searching for something and felt very lost. It was during this time that the Lord used Pastor Onesimus to share the Gospel with me, the Word of God brought hope into my life. As I read the Bible, I began to think in a more positive manner, and the Lord helped me to stop these bad habits. I wrestled in the Spirit about the things I heard in the Gospel, the battle between my will and the Lords calling to my Spirit.

After pondering these things for some time, I was encouraged to attend a local church in Kampala called Mutundwe Christian Fellowship Centre. God healed my heart and gave me the grace to confess and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, Lord, and Christ.

Since then the Lord gave me a new will, I immediately joined a local church near my home called Harvest Center in Kampala. The Lord was so good to me and used the pastor of this church to pray with, encourage, and guide me. The Lord changed the trajectory of my life, and I am so glad He did!