Compassion Out Loud

The demonstration of compassion by the members of God’s Embassy Church in Rukungiri is causing an impact throughout the whole community. White Fields came alongside the church members by providing two brick making machines and resources to buy materials. The first project they wanted to accomplish during the training phase was to build a house for Christine. To fully understand this act of compassion, you must know the background of Christine. [Read more…]

Uganda Outreach 2016

For the last few weeks our Director Steve Wheeler has been serving with our Country Director Onesimus in the southwestern town of Rukungiri, Uganda!

Pastor Steve with Christine

Pastor Steve with Christine

We have seen remarkable progress in the bolstering of the local church here! In Katobo we have been building a house for a member of the church named Christine. Christine suffered for many years from demonic oppression, as a part of this oppression she often had seizures which would leave her unconscious for minutes or even hours. As she was preparing dinner one night she had a seizure and fell face first into a fire. Her face was badly burned and scarred, from this episode, her family and friends despised and rejected Christine sending her away. Desiring to be free from this oppression she ran to Gods Embassy church where Onesimus pastors. Christine became a believer in Jesus and faithfully serves in the local church, she has a new family of friends that love her! [Read more…]