Healing Grace Medical Center

Healing Grace Medical Center and the Maternity Ward off to the Left

Thanks to our generous partners, including — Help From Above, Cup of Water, and Kenyon Plastering — The Property was purchased, the buildings are finished, and the staff is in place. The Medical Center will provide care to the people in all the surrounding villages. Women will be able to give birth in a clean and sterile place without having to drive hours to the nearest clinic. Since the grand opening in November 2019, patients have been coming through for care.

How Your Donation Will Help

Some members of the community are able to pay a fee for the medical care they receive, others are so poor they would not have in the past received any medical care for their wounds or infections. Lack of treatment would have caused great suffering and in some cases an easily avoidable death. Your donations help the medical team provide for those impoverished people too poor to pay any fee. The church leaders of God’s Embassy Ministry consult with the Administrative Team to help discern members of the community who need assistance. The Fellowship group leaders and the pastors of our local churches know who is truly poor. The ministry cooperation provides wonderful teamwork ensuring the resources are used with wisdom to help the needy. Additionally, our faculty at the elementary school can now refer students who appear to have infections to the medical center.

Partnership in Ministry at Work

We had a patient from our Graceland Elementary School who appeared to have extreme pain in her foot. She was transported to HGMC and was greeted by a nurse. Dr. Emmanuel examined her foot and determined what treatment was necessary. Allen, the child had to get an incision so that they could remove some foreign thorn, other debris, and disinfect the wound. In the past, before the Healing Grace Medical Center was open, a student like Allen would just suffer through the pain and may not have received any treatment. Many people die from Tetanus infection in this area, we would like to arrange tetanus vaccinations for all the children.

Allen will come back to the center for bandage changing for the next five days. Dr. Emmanual and the nurses can ensure that the wound heals properly and Allen’s infection is treated and completely healed. In conjunction with the treatment, through Graceland school and our gift catalog donations, Allen will be provided a pair of shoes.

The Team at Healing Grace Medical Center

Meet our Medical Team.
Pastoral Administrator Robinson Kwesiga leads the team with Dr. Emmanuel.
We have a midwife, nurses, a lab technician and a financial registrar on-site.

You can be a partner with our medical ministry by donating towards medical supplies and medication. Your partnership is how we are able to provide medical treatment to the weakest members of the community who otherwise could not afford any medical treatment. Our church leaders coordinate with the medical center to advise and recommend who is poor in the community. 

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

Matthew 25:40

Many Patients are Coming Through Every Day

Pray for our medical team as they administer tests for malaria and typhoid. Treatment is now available, and with your prayers, God will continue to provide both the tests and the medicines for common infections. We also have some larger medical equipment items we are praying for the funding to receive. One of these is an Ultra-Sound Scanner for approximately $8,000 and a Refrigerator designed to store Vaccines for roughly $3,500, or a portable Xray machine for approximately $5,500.