Tim Tapang

Pastor Tim Tapang Serving in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Pastor Tim Tapang
Serving in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

I greet all of you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ whose we are and whom we serve!

We started our worship service at our outreach in Nabatan, San Carlos City, the last Sunday of August at 7:00 a.m. This outreach is beside a farm. We finished at 8:30 and I went back to the main church where Sunday school starts at 9:00 and I preached at 10:30.

After the worship service, I called for a church meeting regarding my trip to the U.S. I delegated all the responsibilities and everything went smoothly. We also discussed the development of the property we are renting. When we first started renting the area, the owner stated that this 300 square meter property was for sale for $20,000. There is no title to the land because it was lost when their parents were still alive. Since they are third generation heirs, they did not bother petitioning the court for a second copy. But when we started renting, the administrator of the property filed a petition for a new copy and they learned that the area is actually three times larger, so they raised the price to $50,000. Location-wise, the price is still very fair. We have now raised $5000 in commitments from members and other Christian friends.

My son’s mother-in-law (Mrs. Vibar) is now gaining weight in order to start chemotherapy in a few weeks, Lord willing. It will all depend upon the doctor’s advice—whether or not to go ahead with treatment.

My son in Toronto, Canada is now preparing for the medical examination on November 9 in order to be a certified doctor in Canada.

Please include the following requests in your prayers:

  • Pray for more souls to be won to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Pray for wisdom and power for the associate pastors and Pastor Tim’s wife who are in charge in Pastor’s absence
  • Pray for Mrs. Vibar to fully recover from cancer
  • Pray the Lord will grant Pastor Tim’s son’s desire to pass the medical exam
  • Pray the church will be able to raise $45,000 to buy the property

Thank you very much for being our partner in the ministry. God bless!

Pastor Tim