Tame Buctolan

Recent Ministry

Manuel has tuberculosis and arthritis; I first visited him last month, and after we prayed with him, he received some relief of his symptoms.  I recently revisited him, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with his family. Manuel believed in the power of God to heal. This miracle was an excellent opportunity to share what God has done in his life with others and to share the gospel. Each week, we do a Bible study in his house, and those who come are eager to know more about the Word of God. When Manuel discovered the hope of Jesus, he desired everyone in his family to know Jesus too.

Conching is married to Manuel, she is seventy-four and fearlessly travels everywhere to sell her merchandise to support her husband. Conching told her that she has many religious groups that come to her house and share their religion with her. She debates these leaders as she is a devoted Roman Catholic. I discovered that these groups were cults. When I came to her house and shared the Word of God, she did not debate me. So, I asked her, “why did you not argue with me?” She answered, “I believe that God in the Bible that you shared about today is true, and I believe in Jesus Christ.” The other cult leaders have not returned, but she is eager for us to return to her home and teach the Word of God.

  • Pray for Manuel and Conching to grow in their faith.
  • Pray for their testimony in the neighborhood and for the Bible study in their home.
  • Pray for health and safety for the entire family.
  • Pray for their son, Gomer, to grow spiritually.

Sharing God’s Word is more important than the location. I approached the small community leader in the barangay (neighborhood), and he allowed me to share the gospel and moral values. The community meeting place is cramped and cannot hold many people. But in front of the building is a mango tree. We gathered the people in the shadow of the mango tree since there were too many to fit inside. Many of them expressed that this is the first time they had heard the Word of God. Their ancestors had told them not to read the Bible, but only the priest could read the Bible. We are thankful to God that He opened the minds and hearts of the people to know the truth. I visit this group weekly for follow-up.

  • Pray for the group under the mango tree to continue to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for the people in this community to become believers.

Dongie is a jeepney driver and willing to go with me on home visits. He is learning to evangelize and is full of passion. He cannot read well, especially when the letters are small, due to an eye problem. So he asked a young boy to read the words on the gospel tracks to people when he shared, and then Dongie explained the message that was read. Thank God for this opportunity for many of these people to hear God’s Word for the first time.

  • Pray for Brother Dongie to be used by God to reach people with the good news.

Praise the Lord for the boy who willingly reads with Dongie.

  • Pray for the pastor’s family to be safe and healthy.
  • Pray for the believers who are active in our weekly worship service, for their faith to grow and for their daily needs to be met.

Pastor Tame’s Testimony

Pastor Tame, Pastor Cris & Pastor Jerry

We are proud to introduce Pastor Tame who is serving in the Philippines. Pastor Tame has served in ministry for many years and is one of our newest national pastors. Below you’ll find his testimony along with some of the recent ministry he has done in Carcar City, Philippines.

In 1983 my family hosted missionaries from Canada who were moving into our community in the Philippines. Our family was Roman Catholic at this time. The missionaries choose a few poor families to support and teach the Bible through studies and fellowships. When I was ten years old, they showed the film Burning Hell, and after the pastor preached about the way of Salvation. I understood that Jesus loved me and didn’t want me to go to hell. That was the moment I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was 12 years old when I was Baptized.

Understanding God’s call was something I did not understand, all I knew was that if I went to church on Sunday’s I would be ok. I was also scared to know if God had a calling for me, fear of the great responsibility, and lack of understanding when God calls you. One day I met Pastor Cris Pano at their church anniversary, and he told me about the pastoral and ministry call, and at that moment I understood the call of God in ministry. I was given the opportunity to plant a church in Sawsawan, San Roque, Talisay City in Cebu and experienced the hand of God in His provision. Since I started preaching the gospel many people have come to know Jesus and as their Lord and Savior. I have a beautiful wife Mercedes, and together we have four children. Our goal as a family is to serve the Lord faithfully and direct many souls to the Kingdom.

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