Tame Buctolan

Recent Ministry

Our members were excited to celebrate thankfulness, expressing our gratitude for what God has done in our lives. I encourage everyone to share in the preparations and to be generous even with what little they have, including the poor who live on the mountain with only root crops and bananas. The believers brought food, and everyone worked together to prepare it, even the children. I invited members of the Station of Life Glory Church in Talisay City, to give words of encouragement. They shared testimonies of what God has done in their lives before and after they knew the hope of salvation. The people in the mountain area were encouraged to move forward, serving the Lord with joy and learning how God will provide for their needs and help them in times of difficulties.

Many of the pastors around Cebu gathered at the Family for Christ church planting ministry in Mandaue City Cebu last month. Many testimonies were shared, some expressed their hardships and challenges while serving the Lord. The pastors encouraged each other to go forward in serving despite the difficulties and to trust in the Lord’s promises that He will provide for our needs and be our help in times of trial. People are waiting to hear the message of salvation, and we need to preach the gospel because it is God’s mandate. After the testimonies, we listened to words of encouragement from the speaker. The pastors were revived and committed their lives again to be useful and effective in the ministry this year. We had fellowship together and encouraged one another as coworkers in serving Christ.

Romulo is sixty-four and for many years, his relationship with his daughters was broken as he had neglected them. But when he learned from the Bible studies about Jesus, he started to reach out to his daughters. I encouraged him to reconcile with them, asking for their forgiveness. One day, he went to the house of one daughter, and they talked heart-to-heart. Finally, by God’s grace, they forgave each other. It is a Christmas present to Jesus that whatever happened in the past needs to be forgotten and forgiven, just as God had done for us when He forgave us. Now Romulo is serving the Lord joyfully.

Praise the Lord for the reconciliation of Romulo and his daughter.

  • Pray for the continuous commitment of the church workers, including Romulo and Jhane.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the Cantao-an Naga.
  • Pray for safety in walking in the mountain area.
  • Pray for the new house Bible study.
  • Pray for new members to desire to show their obedience to God through water baptism.

Pastor Tame’s Testimony

Pastor Tame, Pastor Cris & Pastor Jerry

We are proud to introduce Pastor Tame who is serving in the Philippines. Pastor Tame has served in ministry for many years and is one of our newest national pastors. Below you’ll find his testimony along with some of the recent ministry he has done in Carcar City, Philippines.

In 1983 my family hosted missionaries from Canada who were moving into our community in the Philippines. Our family was Roman Catholic at this time. The missionaries choose a few poor families to support and teach the Bible through studies and fellowships. When I was ten years old, they showed the film Burning Hell, and after the pastor preached about the way of Salvation. I understood that Jesus loved me and didn’t want me to go to hell. That was the moment I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was 12 years old when I was Baptized.

Understanding God’s call was something I did not understand, all I knew was that if I went to church on Sunday’s I would be ok. I was also scared to know if God had a calling for me, fear of the great responsibility, and lack of understanding when God calls you. One day I met Pastor Cris Pano at their church anniversary, and he told me about the pastoral and ministry call, and at that moment I understood the call of God in ministry. I was given the opportunity to plant a church in Sawsawan, San Roque, Talisay City in Cebu and experienced the hand of God in His provision. Since I started preaching the gospel many people have come to know Jesus and as their Lord and Savior. I have a beautiful wife Mercedes, and together we have four children. Our goal as a family is to serve the Lord faithfully and direct many souls to the Kingdom.

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