Rolando Tomarong

Last month, there was a development meeting at Bonbon, Pinamungajan. The purpose of this meeting was to gather the people in the community to help develop gardening in their homes. The Department of Agriculture provides the community with seeds for their garden. We connected with the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the resources to provide the people with in the community. Our goal is for every family to have a garden. Gelyn (my wife) and I work with this program voluntarily. The meeting provides a bridge for the gospel, because we also teach them biblical values. The meeting was very successful because we were able to develop relationships with the people in the community of Bonbon. It was also successful because there were three families (who’s livelihood is farming and gardening) who were interested in having a Bible study in this area. It’s my privilege to meet with the people because it is also an opportunity for them to be recipients of my livelihood program that gives to people in need. My program to the farmers is livestock dispersal. In the Bonbon area, I give native chickens, goats, and cows. The recent beneficiaries of this program were Gequilan, Nenita, and Benigay. I’m glad to share in this ministry because we help build people’s character and help them through this livelihood program. The people I mentioned above are now attending a Bible study in their homes. The seed distribution project has a great impact in building people lives, especially for the farmers. I hope and pray that the project will prosper! Please help us pray that we can continue to build relationships with the farmers and that the gospel will be shared with them. Glory to God!

  • Please pray for us, to continue to help the farmers, and also pray for our livelihood dispersal.
  • Please pray for our family development meeting and the seeds distributed.

The church of Tajao Christian Fellowship mission will have a thanksgiving celebration in December. It is a celebration of God’s victory of the 9th anniversary of the church. The church will also celebrate five house churches that have been planted. The house churches are considered as daughter churches of Tajao Christian Fellowship mission, and these outreach ministries were assigned by the appointed leaders. The church has been busy preparing for the upcoming event that will be held at the IHO beach resort. All will unite together during this time for vision casting and reporting of accomplishments of the church this past year. Specifically, this year, there were 1,263 that the gospel was shared with, and out of this number, 700 received Jesus Christ. There were 332 that were interested in a Bible study. We have a goal of baptizing 50 this year, and have already baptized 33. I’m hoping that with God’s help, we will be able to accomplish our goal. The church has 30 leaders trained at present and 5 of them were assigned to the house churches planted. Please pray for us that God will continue to enable us to plant churches in the town of Pinamungajan.

  • Please pray for the five house churches planted, that they will flourish.
  • Please pray that the gospel will be preached to the barangays of Pinamungajan.