Reuben Jasper

Conversion Experience:

I grew up in a Christian family, and for quite a while, due to my parents’ involvement in the church, I thought I was saved. My mother was a Sunday school teacher, and my father was an active church leader. This belief was changed during the summer of the year 1996 when I attended a DVBS (daily vacation bible school). I did not understand the gospel at that time, but the pastor challenged us to stand if we wanted to know more about the gospel. I boldly stood up and was moved to another room. One of the teachers of DVBS taught me about the gospel. Then I understood that I needed to surrender and allow Jesus Christ to rule in my life. So I believed in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. And until now, I am thankful that I have decided to follow Jesus. I was a result of people doing their part in sharing the love of God with me, and now I would like to share the love of God with others. I want to influence the younger generations through my life example.

I plan to disciple and teach students so they can then go and make disciples for Christ. My goal is to see a gathering of students worshipping God at the university. Currently, I am walking around the campus and praying for all the students, especially those who will someday join my weekly worship. 

Ministry Calling:

The pastor, before I became a pastor, had the vision to start a campus ministry, and I was one of his prospects. I was hesitant at that time to commit to this vision since I was a music teacher with tons of students. Then I was assigned to teach at one of the cities in Mindanao for two years, and while there, I experienced campus ministries. I was mentored and grew in my faith. My heart opened with the desire to reach the younger generation as I saw many souls that needed Jesus Christ. I became a volunteer campus worker for one and a half years. I came back to Cebu city with the burden to reach as many young teens as possible. During this time, I met Pastor Cris Pano. I had never mentioned my desire to reach the campus students, but Pastor Cris shared his desire to reach the campuses in Cebu. I believe that God brought us together to fulfill this mission.