January 2020

Praise God for the Korean mission team that visited us to evangelize and share the love of God with our church members and our neighbors. We divided the team into four groups for house-to-house evangelism, each with a Filipino representative to assist them. They shared the gospel and invited the neighbors to come to the church to watch the performances sharing the message of salvation. Back at the church, the singing, dancing, taekwondo, and drama skit were excellent. Their pastor taught from the Word of God while I translated. They distributed snacks for everyone and gave balloons and face painting to the children. Everyone was thrilled and had a great time with visitors. We finished our time with prayers, asking God to protect the team while they are in the Philippines serving Him.

  • Pray for the neighbors to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Praise God for the mission’s team, who came to share the gospel with our church.

We thank God for the unexpected material blessings He poured out on our church. My friends brought three boxes of used clothing to give to the church members. We knew there could be problems when we distributed it, so we sorted the clothes, and with the help of some energetic women, we listed all the church members, so everything was given equally to the families. The women and my wife arranged everything so well that no problems arose, and everyone was happy and grateful. Praise the Lord.

Praise God for the generosity of other believers to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

God has answered our prayers that our church members will stand firm in their faith and do evangelism to our neighbors. Last month, my wife led the women on a prayer walk in the neighborhood, becoming familiar with the prospect area where we desire to start our evangelism. My wife is training them on evangelism and how to share the gospel with an individual. Our believers are still new in their faith and are learning how to have courage and boldness to share with others. We pray that God would guide our feet and our conversations and cause genuine conversion in the people. We believe that God is the one who will save people by His grace. Every Sunday afternoon, following our worship service, we plan to do evangelism. Give God the glory.

  • Pray for guidance and wisdom in the conversations.
  • Pray for courage and boldness for the new believers as they share their faith.
  • Pray for open hearts receptive to God’s Word and for more people to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Mauro is the husband of Veronica, one of our senior citizens. Veronica is active in worship and different church activities. Despite her age, she does not fail to attend prayer meetings or Bible studies. She desires that her partner will understand her faith soon. Mauro is not yet a believer but sometimes accompanies Veronica to the church activity when we invite him. Whenever we have received physical items, such as the clothes mentioned earlier, we share this with him. On his birthday, Mauro asked us to pray for him. He is not a church member as he is not a believer, but he has great respect for us as spiritual leaders. We went to his children’s home and prayed for him and his family. We prayed for the skin allergy that was damaging his skin. My wife has shared the gospel with him, and we are praying for his salvation.

  • Pray for Mauro to understand his need for salvation and to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

I thank God for adding another year to my life as I celebrated my forty-third birthday last month. I was surprised by the women of the church who had their mananita song (singing during dawn), and it was nice to wake up hearing songs to greet me. My wife used her guitar to sing my birthday song. Everyone gave their greetings and birthday prayers for me. I was happy to hear their messages and see their love for their pastor as they gave of their time and effort to celebrate my special day.

Praise God for the people of the church celebrating their pastor.

  • Pray for this encouragement to bring joy in the life of the pastor and his family.

We had a house dedication of one of our members. Maria and her family are so happy because they now own their small house. No more need to worry about monthly rentals.  They thank God even though the building is small and not quite finished; the family was already able to move in and use it. We went with all the members to pray and dedicate their home to God, praying that they will not forget God’s goodness upon them.

  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of the men, women, youth, and children.
  • Pray for the leaders to continually be committed to the work of God, especially the women who are now active and energetic.
  • Pray for new home Bible study contacts.
  • Pray for provisions for a projector.

December 2019

Praise God for the privilege of ministering to different people and equipping us to meet their individual needs and concerns. John is a new contact who was brought to the church by Randy. Randy is our friend and was an active church member before he married and moved to Japan to work with his wife. Before Randy left, he asked us to take care of John. Randy had been letting John live in his house; John is a silent and troubled man. I remember a time when Randy called me because John was in shock after witnessing the shooting of a drug addict. He was traumatized and stayed in his room. We prayed for John, and now he is in good condition, praise God. John is not yet going to church, but we have a home Bible study with John and Randy’s family.

  • Pray for John to find peace and comfort in a relationship with God. 

Our children had their Kids’ Scholars Christmas Party as some of the children in our church receive support from Hope for Kids’ international foundation. Many kids from the different Christian churches in Cebu gathered to celebrate Christmas. Each church had its own presentation, and everyone joined in the contest with memory verse recitation, preaching, and testimonies. Everyone received a gift, and the children were grateful for these blessings. To God be the glory!

Our church held its Christmas Celebration, and everyone contributed to provide food and other responsibilities. Pastor Cris Pano was the speaker for our worship service. After worship, we had lunch with the church members and visitors. Gifts were exchanged, and games were played with both the children and adults. Everyone enjoyed the celebration and had a blast with all the excitement. In addition to all the fun events, everyone also helped with the church cleaning and washing, which was more challenging since our area had a water line broken. Some of the women and youth went with my wife to the public well to do the washing tasks.                                                                                                

  • Pray for the continued commitment of our church leaders in this next year.
  • Pray for their desire to share God’s love with their neighbors, family, and friends.

Thank God that our church was invited to the Cebu Korean Church for a Christmas Celebration. We started with a video of the journey of our Korean brothers and sisters as they sacrificed their time, efforts, and money to raise funds for this Christmas. Every year they give from their hearts to the Filipino church members. Then we had worship and listened to preaching. Everyone received gifts from the Korean church and went home feeling blessed by the love of God.

Praise the Lord for the generosity of the church members and their desire to show God’s love for each other through giving gifts.

  • Pray for the recipients to be blessed and grateful.

Praise God that our Wednesday Bible study with the Multipoint Company is still continuing with the help of God. The employees are attentive in listening to the Word of God and gradually are more and more interested in hearing the messages. Last month we had our year-end fellowship and reminded them of the real message of Christmas. We prayed for the upcoming year to have more blessings upon the people, especially in their walk with God. We are thankful to the owner who has entrusted their employees to us.

  • Pray for the Multipoint employees to have a genuine relationship with God and to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for more souls to be saved this next year.
  • Pray for good health, wisdom, and protection for the pastor and his family.

November 2019

Praise God for our Korean visitors who came to the church to minister. We were glad to welcome them to our church. They are all senior citizens, and their pastor has a physical disability in his arms and feet. He stayed in the van since our church is located high on the mountain. The others traveled up the path to visit our neighbors. They shared the gospel and prayed with the people. After this, we gathered back at our church. My wife led the singing and I followed with the preaching. We sang Amazing Grace. After worship, our visitors gave snacks to everyone.

Korean Visitors!

Last month was the month to celebrate thankfulness. God has been so good to all of us, and we have many reasons to thank Him. We were invited to a Thanksgiving celebration, where my wife led praise and worship. I translated the message of the speaker. The Korean speaker shared the real meaning of thankfulness, to remember all the amazing things God has done for us and not to fail to thank Him.  Our young people performed an interpretive dance. We had lunch together to thank God for all our blessings. To God with the glory.

Thanksgiving Celebration!

  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity among the church members.
  • Pray for the congregation to remember to give thanks to God for his great gifts.
  • Pray for a projector.

Lilibeth is the daughter of Pepito. She had been worshipping with us but had stopped coming for a while. She has four children, two are in her care, and the other two children are not with her but are with the mother of her partner in Cagayan. Lilibeth desires to care for all four of her children but is unable to do so due to finances. Recently, her partner and her parents had a big fight, so Lilibeth and her partner moved further away to rent a house away from her parents. For many Sundays, Lilibeth failed to come to the church. I encouraged Pepito to visit them in their new home and encourage Lilibeth to return to church and talk about the situation. She listened to my counsel and reconciled with her parents. Now Lilibeth is worshiping with us again. Praise God!

Praise God for reconciling Lilibeth with her parents.

  • Pray for Lilibeth and her family.
  • Pray for her desire to reunite with her children.

Praise God for bringing new souls to minister to. Brother Roy is a new contact who needed a lot of attention and prayers. He used to be a drug addict and had been put in jail for four years. Roy suffered from depression and spiritual problems, especially from reading demonic books at the time. He needed deliverance and guidance from Godly men. Due to prayers, he slowly started building a relationship with God and is now actively involved in the church. Roy has visited the theological school with me. We spoke with him about praying as a part of growing spiritually. Roy has been a good addition to our church, we are thankful for his willingness to tackle the task of breaking apart the hard rock in the children’s room that needs to be chipped away for removal.

  • Pray for Roy to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Pray for God to continue to transform Roy’s life through the gospel of grace.

We are grateful to partner with the Barangay Health Center. Our church hosted the three-day seminar geared towards teaching mothers about health concerns. It was an excellent opportunity to invite the mothers into the church. The mothers and pregnant women were encouraged to make healthy choices regarding the food they will eat and feed their children. Education covered the three food groups of “go, grow, and glow” in addition to discussing vitamins and minerals that are available in food. Everyone should have a balance of food intake every day to be healthy and protected from diseases. After the seminar, vitamins were given to the children and mothers.

  • Pray for good health, wisdom, strength, and protection.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel through the outreach of the health center.

October 2019

Praise God for the spiritual growth in our women’s group. Every Saturday evening, we gather them for discipleship, teaching them to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. I see their commitment to God as they are obeying and doing what they have been taught. The church wanted to help these women care for their families.   We came up with a project to help them earn an income by making a soap powder because even a small amount of earnings is beneficial. They have started to sell the soap powder and are thrilled for this accomplishment. From their profits, the women are now able to participate in the offering too. We are teaching them the importance of faithfully giving a portion of what God has blessed them with to others.

  • Pray for God to bless the women’s project abundantly and for the women to be rewarded for their hard work.
  • Pray for the ability to sustain the project and for more opportunities for God’s grace and love to be displayed through it.

We see the spiritual growth of not only the women but the youth as well. Erica desires to serve the Lord but has some rude habits, so we have been helping her overcome these by teaching and correcting them. My wife graciously rebuked the entire group of youth, including her. I suspect some of Erica’s hard-headedness comes from her house situation. Her father is an alcoholic and shouts at her, he has a hot temper. Erica spends so much time on facebook that she developed an eye problem. We suggested to her mother to have her vision checked. Erica turned thirteen this month and invited the youth and children to her house for a celebration. Despite their tight finances, the family prepared a simple dinner for everyone. Erica is very active in the youth discipleship group, prayer meetings, choir, and as a back-up for the praise and worship team. We see God changing her behavior little by little.

  • Pray for Erica and the other youth to desire to implement polite and positive habits into their lives.

  • Pray for them to seek out the guidance of Godly men and women with the desire to imitate their behavior.
  • Pray for them to understand that God is the one who will help them change their actions.

God brought men to our fellowship who had the qualifications to do repair work, such as electrical wiring and other concerns. Rogie was an active member of the church during our beginning stages and assisted in many ways. But when he found a job, he became so busy that he seldom attended the church. We have communicated with him via messenger and reminded him of the importance of giving time to God and fellowshipping with believers. Rogie has come to church when he has the day off but is planning to work in Japan, so he is busy with study and preparation for this work. One early morning, he knocked on the door and asked us to pray for God to provide his financial needs while he is applying for a job in Japan. We supported his decision and prayed that God would guide and lead him. Rogie promised to attend and serve in a Christian church when he is in Japan.

  • Pray for Rogie to continue to seek God’s guidance as he applies for work.
  • Pray for the process of transitioning to Japan to go smoothly and for Rogie to connect to a local church.

Our Bible study at the Multipoint company is continuing. Praise the Lord. We gather the employees every Wednesday to hear the Word of God and salvation. We thank God that we see them slowly responding by listening attentively and joyfully singing to the Lord. They have not yet responded to God’s call for salvation, and we continue to pray for them to open their hearts to Jesus. They are required to attend the study by their employers, but we also invite them to come to church, reminding them that they are welcome at any time. We are thankful to share God’s love with them.

This month, two of the employees celebrated their birthdays, Maricel and Archie, and we prayed for them, asking God to extend his blessing to them. It was their first time to be prayed for, and they expressed their joy at knowing that others are praying for them.

  • Pray for the people in Bible study at Multipoint to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

This month was the semester break for the students, so we grabbed the opportunity to gather the youth for an overnight event. My wife taught them about the free gift of salvation with fun activities. We showed a film and played games to help the youth really understand the principles. The second day we reminded them how to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. We played more games and activities to help them relate to and grasp God’s message. The youth went home happy and asking to do this event again.

  • Pray for the students who attended the event to grow in their faith and apply the principles that they learned.

More prayer warriors have been added to our prayer meeting. We encouraged them to be faithful in praying at home. God answers our prayers. Before we pray, we begin with a time of sharing words of thankfulness. It is a blessing to hear how God has answered our prayers through their testimonies. Praise the Lord.

Since we started our prayer meeting, more new people have come to join the Sunday worship. It seems that every week a new person comes to church to hear the Word of God. Others who had become cold in their love and commitment to God have returned and now worship with us. It is encouraging to see the believers show their love and care to other believers and to the new visitors.

This last Sunday, Roy came for the first time to worship with us. He was a drug addict back in his home province but moved here to start a new life with his sister. Sadly, his bad vices have affected his mind and body. He waited after worship, asking me to pray for him. He wants to be healed. While we prayed, my wife and I saw his head shaking, but it stopped after the prayer. I encouraged him that we would pray for him again. He joined the prayer meeting.

  • Pray for physical and spiritual healing for Roy.
  • Pray for his desire to start a new life.
  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of the believers in the church, from the youngest child to the eldest adult.
  • Pray for more chairs.

September 2019

Praise the Lord for giving us zeal and courage to bring the youth closer to God. These teens will someday follow us in God’s service. Our vision as a church is to bring them into a right relationship with God, to disciple and teach them to follow and obey Him. Every Saturday afternoon, my wife uses different strategies to encourage the youth through Bible games and lessons to grow in their faith. We see their faith and understanding grow, and they are standing firm in what they believe. My wife has impressed upon them the importance of owning their own Bible; she is helping them collect a small amount of money each week, so they can save up to purchase them. It is their goal to each own a Bible by the end of this year. The youth are receptive to God’s Word and open to sharing their feelings and experiences. We remind them to focus on God, especially during Sundays’ worship time, by sitting with their family instead of playing during the worship service. We are teaching them to give reverence to our Almighty God by remembering the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. We remind them to use their lives and talents for the Lord. I see their confidence grow and develop each Sunday as they bring the message of God to His people through their offering of songs and praise.

  • Pray for the youth to be willing to listen and to make wise choices.
  • Pray for their interest in God’s Word to increase as they learn together.

It is our heart’s desire to have an enthusiastic praise and worship team. We are teaching the youth how to play the guitar, beatbox, and tambourine. Some of the teens are backup singers on the praise and worship team. We encourage them to use their time and talents while they are young, so they will improve their skills and honor God through their actions. Sometimes they tell us, we do not have good voices or talent in music instruments. We remind them that we praise and worship God to show our love for Him, even if it is hard and makes their hands ache, we continue to push them to practice for God’s glory.

Angelika is one of our backup singers during praise and worship. She is thirteen years old and in seventh grade. Before she became a Christian, her father, Jandro, came to us for help because they had no house to live in, and he had five children to take care of. Their situation was trying for a time, we helped them to find an available space while looking for a more permanent location. We did a Bible study with them. They were devoted Catholics; their family was full of chaos due to fights and quarrels with each other. Now by the grace of God, their whole family is worshiping together with us every Sunday, and Jandro is an active church member. Before she was saved, Angelika was immature and insecure about her weight; she had no interest in church. We encouraged her to love herself because God created her and would use her for His glory. Now Angelika is listening to our words and growing spiritually. We continue to encourage the entire family to attend church, discipleship time, and practice songs for God’s glory.

Angelika is practicing the guitar! Praise God for her willingness to learn and worship God.

  • Pray for our worship team, especially the youth, to grow spiritually and to be united as they lead our congregation in worship.
  • Pray for persistence for the teens as they learn to play instruments and for them to understand the importance of working hard.
  • Pray for Jandro and Angelika’s family to grow closer to God and to each other.

It is my passion to visit houses and share God’s Word with people; however, this month, my arthritis flared up, resulting in pain and difficulty in walking. For two weeks, I struggled immensely because my foot was red and swollen. I took the necessary medicines, but the pain persisted. I have done my best to continue the routine at the church and asked the members to pray for healing. I have been careful with the foods I eat each day, adding more vegetables and drinking less coffee. God is personally reminding me, through different situations, to rely on His power.

  • Pray for Pastor Norberto’s arthritis.
  • Pray for his pain to subside, for healing and wisdom of how to best take care of his health.

  • Pray for health and safety for his family.

Prayer is essential for church growth. Each Saturday, the women have their Bible study and prayer time. We also started a once a week prayer meeting on Wednesdays. My family, along with Pepito and Veronica, met to pray for our nation, church, family, and personal concerns. I started by speaking of God’s words about prayer, reminding our group to ask, knock, and seek God. We announce our prayer meeting each Sunday at the worship time and desire for the group to grow.

  • Pray for the church members’ spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Pray for new Bible study contacts and more attendees at our prayer meeting.
  • Pray for more chairs and a projector for our services.

August 2019

I praise and thank the Lord for the brothers and sisters from other countries who come to share the love of God. Just this past week, Korean visitors came to the church. We invited the neighborhood to participate in worship with us. The group did songs and skits to worship Jesus, everyone participated and enjoyed the experience. The Word of God is the best reminder of the love of God for us. I interpreted the message so that everyone could hear it in their own language. The people went home happy and satisfied, especially since we ended the event with snacks. To God be the glory.

The big day arrived with much praise and worship to God for answering our prayers. We celebrated our second anniversary, only possible through God’s grace and all our needs were met. Pastor Cris Pano gave a message about the goodness of God with each ministry offering their talents through dance, skits, and songs. Randy offered a fantastic song of praise to our King. Everyone was blessed, and the food was joyed together with wonderful fellowship.

Praise the Lord for the celebration of our church, possible only through God’s grace and goodness.

  • Pray for our influence on the community and for more people to come to know God as their personal Lord and Savior.

It is a great blessing from God to be in His service because you get to meet so many kinds of people of many different ages to minister with and serve God. My wife has musical talent and is always praying to find people to train for the praise and worship team. She is teaching the youth to play the guitar, starting with Sammy, who helps clean the church and is the brother of Manny. I have shared Manny’s story in previous reports and how he is physically blind. Sammy is in his second year of high school. He is a new believer and shy about having a conversation but he is polite and listens. We are seeking to encourage him to participate in the church. The family has a sad background story, the father was an alcoholic and hurt their mother, so she fled with the children here to Cebu. They are living with their step-father and two younger siblings. Sammy’s mother is concerned about him as he would return home quite late at night, sometimes at dawn. We encourage his mother, Maria, to trust that God can touch his heart and change his character as nothing is impossible with God. We encourage Sammy to practice the guitar and to engage in positive activities with the believers rather than keeping bad company.

  • Pray for Sammy and Manny to grow in their faith and for their family.

This month God gave us another blessing. We received two new music speakers from a brother in Christ. We praise God for using people to meet our needs. The music for praise and worship was terrific with no static, and the songs were smooth and lovely to hear. Praise the Lord for this blessing to our church.

  • Pray for the praise and worship team to be encouraged in their commitment to serve God.

Renato has been worshiping with us for a year already. He is the father of Reniel, one of our active youth who is supported in the scholarship program. Reniel’s involvement was a result of the children’s feedings every Saturday. The family used to be Roman Catholics, but due to our Bible study, they started to understand the concept of salvation. We prayed for this family to come to faith. We no longer see idols or statues in their house; their altar has been removed. We are so happy to see God working in their hearts. Just recently, Renato invited us to celebrate his birthday and to pray for him on this particular occasion in his life. To God be the glory.

  • Pray for Renato and his family to grow in their faith in God.
  • Pray for the church members spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Pray for new Bible study contacts.
  • Pray for health and protection for the pastor, his family, and the church members.

July 2019

Every Saturday, we disciple the children to grow spiritually and train them to be leaders in the future. Just last month, the kids wrote thank you letters to their sponsors who extended financial help for their studies. Partners in ministry bring hope to the children and young people by telling them the good news and training them to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and encouraging them to study hard in school and use discipline to reach their goals. We remind them to trust God and ask Him for help with their studies and to be thankful for their blessings from God.

The children Preparing Thank you Notes to their Sponsors!

  • Pray for the children to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and their relationship with God.
  • Pray for persistence in their studies as they gain an education.

Praise the Lord for providing for the needs in the church before we even ask for them. It is an answer to prayers and encouragement to us in our ministry. A brother in the Lord donated to the church, and now we have two song stands and a guitar holder. Thanks be to God!

Manny became blind at the age of twelve. When he was born, he was able to see, but as he grew up, his sight slowly faded. Due to financial constraints, his family was unable to treat his condition. Just last year, the family moved to a place near the church. We started reaching out to them through prayer and evangelism and invited them to church. When we visited their house or when he came to church for worship, Manny was so happy to hear our voices as he knows we care for him. Maria, his mother, is the church custodian. Maria expressed that Manny was always fighting before, but now his attitude is changing, and he is more understanding. Maria and her children attend the Bible study worship every week. When our Korean visitor saw the needs of this family, they prayed with Manny and sent the family two sacks of rice and financial assistance. We are encouraging the family to trust in God and not be discouraged by Manny’s blindness, but continuing to pray and rely on God.

  • Pray for Maria, Manny, and their family to trust in God.
  • Pray for Manny’s vision to miraculously improve or return, pray for his future.

I believe that everything happens for a purpose, but sometimes it is confusing. At the end of last month, our residential house was burned down by the fire. According to the reports, the fire started in our home due to an electrical problem and damaged twelve other dwellings. The incident happened for the second time now, which is why it is affecting me so much. I praise the Lord that my family was not staying in this house as we are in our pioneering location, and we have been staying at the church. God knows our needs and will never leave or forsake us. I continue to believe His promises to His children.

  • Pray for wisdom, good health, and protection for my family.
  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of our church members.
  • Pray for our second church anniversary and for financial provision to celebrate.
  • Pray for committed and teachable members on our praise and worship team.

June 2019

The Lord is so good. He sent us sponsors to supply school supplies for the kids. June is the beginning of classes in the Philippines, and it has been a perpetual problem for the parents to buy school supplies for their children. The families in our church vicinity are marginally poor and cannot afford school supplies. When we were informed that we had the funds to purchase the supplies, we brought the children and their parents who would be receiving them.  We were so excited because, for many of the children, it was their first time in a mall, to ride an elevator, to have a meal in a food chain restaurant and to have a new bag and umbrella. They were overjoyed by the experience and the blessings of sponsors to provide them with supplies to attend school. Praise the Lord!

The Lord has been continually providing for our needs. This past month, the men in the church repaired our ceiling. Before we started this process, the holes in our damaged roof would allow the water to come in on rainy days, and this made the floor very slippery. We are thankful for the answered prayers and by the provision of our Korean brothers and sisters to repair the roof. After we fixed the ceiling, we painted the ceiling and repainted the walls. Through the help of our men, the walls and ceiling look nice. To God be the glory!

Thanks to God, I see the growth of our church not only in quantity but in quality, some of our church members are willingly accepting positions of service. We encourage them to display their love for the Lord through their actions by serving him. We tell them that their obedience and commitment through their deeds is proof of their love and trust in Him. Praise to God that we have leaders in the church who are trustworthy to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Pastor Cris Pano and Pastor Steve installed and appointed these ministers to their tasks. It was a blessing to have these wonderful men of God visit us and bring encouragement to our church.

Praise God for growth in the church and the believers who demonstrate God’s love for others by actions and words.

  • Pray for unity and compassion as they serve believers and unbelievers.
  • Pray for more people to come to faith in God.

We remembered the fathers in the church and celebrated them. They are the ones who work hard to provide for the needs of the family. We continually remember them in our prayers for God to bless them physically and spiritually so they will stand firm in their faith. In the family unit, fathers should be the leaders, so they need to be rooted in the Word of God, so they can lead and guide their children in the right way. It is sad to see that in many churches, the women or wives are the only ones present worshiping God and their husbands are not that faithful or are still unbelievers.  A constant prayer request often brought to the Lord, is for the husbands to become believers and for the men to grow spiritually. On their special day, we celebrated men, reminding them of their importance to families and church, that they are loved by their families and most of all, by our Heavenly Father.

  • Pray for the men to grow in their faith and be spiritual leaders in their families.
  • Pray for the men’s group to be committed to learning God’s Word.
  • Pray for the husbands who are not believers to desire a personal relationship with God when they see the faith of their children and wives.
  • Pray for opportunities to make new contacts for Bible study.

Reniel has been one of our scholars since the church started. His family members have devoted Roman Catholics, and he is a fruit of our children’s feeding program before the church building was even constructed and always joined the feedings and later attended the worship and discipleship. I see spiritual growth is his actions as a result of Biblical teaching. Before he became a Christian, he was very stubborn, and his mother would get angry with him. As we are neighbors, we could hear his mother’s loud voice scolding and yelling at him due to his wrong actions. But now, by the grace of God, we see the transforming change in his character and personality. By God’s help, he is growing spiritually. He is now ten years old, and we celebrated his birthday. His parents asked us to pray for him, and we shared a meal together as a church.

Praise the Lord for the testimony of His grace in the life of Reniel.

  • Pray for his witness to the other children and adults as they see God changing his character to become more Christ-like.

Baby Tiffany was brought to the hospital after catching pneumonia again. She is the youngest daughter of Chacha, and they live in a small house with no electricity, this may be the reason that her coughs become serious. She is a one-year-old and vulnerable to many illnesses. This time she was hospitalized for only two days, and we praise God for her fast recovery. When they visited the church, we prayed with them. It was funny because when we laid hands on her for prayer, the children surrounded her, and she was all covered up with small hands. Now Tiffany is doing well and enjoys singing with us. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for Tiffany to recover entirely from pneumonia and for her immune system to strengthen and protect her from illnesses in the future.

Praise the Lord for the children who desired to bless her through their prayers.

  • Pray for good health and financial provision for the church members.
  • Pray for good health, protection, and wisdom for the pastor and his family.
  • Pray for a new guitar for worship.

May 2019

Praise to God for the amazing things in our ministry. The discipleship and Bible study of the children and youth each Saturday is causing changes in their lives. I see them grow spiritually, and their characters are changing little-by-little by the grace of God. My wife came up with a project to recognize and encourage their commitment and devotion to God. Each Saturday, my wife collects any amount of money to save for them to have their own copy of the Bible. The goal is for them to read the Bible even at their home. We are encouraging them to let the Word of God be a significant part of their life, not only during the Bible study and worship but in their everyday lives. Only the Word of God can bring hope and encouragement to them. To train these children and youth is essential, and having their own Bible will be so beneficial to them. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for the children and youth to be diligent in saving to own their Bibles.
  • Pray for the Word of God to penetrate their hearts and minds to bring the transformation of their characters for God’s glory.

As most of our members are not financially stable, we are encouraging them to use their time wisely. The mothers at home with their children help each other. For two weeks this month, the women and youth support the livelihood project by folding used pieces of paper and stapling them to create smalls bags for seedlings to be used in my friend’s farming business. They were very diligent for two weeks and earned an income from this project.  Despite this busyness, we reminded them not to forget the Bible study and worship.

Praise the Lord for the dedication of the mothers and youth to working hard and earning income to support themselves.

Praise the Lord for the willingness of others to provide short-term projects that allow people to make some money.

God is good and faithful; He is working in the hearts of our church members. One of our primary concerns was an area next to the church where the stray dogs and cats create messes and caused a smelly odor. This month, the church came up with a solution and decided to clean the area by removing all the garbage and installing a bamboo fence. Some of the women and young people helped my wife with this project. If we neglected to put up a barrier, then all our cleaning would be in vain as people would continue to use it as a garbage heap and the dogs and cats would return. I am so happy for the beauty and cleanliness created when the church members worked together with unity and commitment to solving this challenge.

  • Pray for this area to stay beautiful and for the church members to be dedicated to keeping it clean.

Praise the Lord for the mothers who cared for all of us so diligently.

We acknowledged the mothers in our church with the children and youth presenting thank you cards. They sang a song, and after the worship, the letters were read aloud to these dearest mothers. I saw many mothers with tears of joy as they listened to their families expressing their love and gratitude.

Manuel is the older brother of Sammy. His mother and Sammy clean the church each week. Manuel just turned eighteen this month and is blind. The family came from Bohol after the parents separated due to the father’s alcoholism and temper. The family includes a younger sister and the stepfather; they live quite close to the church. We invited them to the church, and after his first visit, Manuel continued to come. Before this, his mother told us he would hurt himself and his younger siblings, but now he is calm and happy. Manual is excited to hear people talking to him. He has let love and acceptance from the church and feels God’s love for him.

  • Pray for the family of Manual, pray for God to continue to transform the character of Manuel and for him to grow in his knowledge of God’s Word and faith in God.

We were visited by the Korean brothers and sisters on a mission’s team. We worshiped together through gospel songs and then heard an inspirational message from their pastor that I translated so our members and neighbors could understand. The group gave free snacks to everyone and pencils for the children. Despite their short visit, we were refreshed by their love and concern.

Korean Pastor Preaching the Gospel!

  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity about the members.
  • Pray for church musical instruments.
  • Pray for new Bible study contacts.
  • Pray for health and wisdom for my family.
  • Pray for committed and teachable church leaders.

April 2019

Praise God for arranging things so our members would grow and be around other believers. Their faith is being molded, and they experience the life of Christianity through fellowships. We held inter-church worship and fellowship. Making multiple trips in my car, I brought all the members for Sunday worship service. My wife led praise and worship. I translate the sermon of my senior pastor so the listeners would be able to understand the message of God. The children presented their interpretive dance for the Lord. After the worship, we had lunch together.

I thank God for caring for the family and providing for our needs. Precious, my daughter, is moving up to grade one this next month. We celebrated her along with my wife’s birthday. Precious is smart and talented by God’s grace. Because of her high grades, she will be in the science section when the class opens. I am thankful for my wife, who supports me in the ministry and takes extra care to guide and train our children for God’s glory. I know it is not easy to be a full-time mommy and full-time in the ministry. God gives her extra strength to accomplish everything He has entrusted to her.

We had our Children, and Young People’s Camp at San Remegio with a four-day camp, and the theme was “Soar High.” Some of our sponsored kids attended, and my wife and I were among the speakers. It was an excellent experience for our youth to grow spiritually and spend time with other Christian young people. They were taught about public speaking, knowing their talents, and using musical instruments. We played sports, had games and heard many messages from different speakers about soaring high. As believers, we need not grow weary but renew our strength like an eagle. The youth were divided into ten groups to meet and work together as a team. The last night was our bonfire, with a reminder to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be on fire for ministry. Our youth were happy and blessed. God answered our prayers for safe travel.

Praise God for the encouragement of fellowshipping with other believers.

  • Pray for the experiences to cause growth in the youth and adult’s spiritual lives.

We prepared for the Daily Vacation Bible School. My wife was the chief planner and preparer of the activity. This is our teacher’s first time, so they needed a lot of encouragement and prayers. We spent a lot of time in prayer for this event to share the gospel with our neighborhood children. It is our mission to share with them about the great love of God. Our youth assisted the teachers and gained from the experience of serving God.

My senior pastor invited my church to their worship event focusing on the seven last words of Jesus at New Light Church. We brought the church members to listen to the message of Jesus while he was on the cross. This was a refreshing time of faith and dedication to Him as a church. After worship, we had snacks. Then I started bringing the church members back to our place. After the second time, I heard a crash below our church, which is on the mountain, and the sounds of people shouting. My car had run across the street and bumped a railing with the river below.  It hit the water line of the barangay and was damaged.  A motorcycle was also damaged. We thank God that no other car, bike, or people was passing at the time. We held a settlement meeting with the barangay and the motorcycle driver to discuss who would fix the water line. God’s protection was evident to us, and I am thankful my kids were outside the car. The van itself was damaged, but we trust that God will never leave us in this hard and unexpected situation.

We held our DVBS program at the end of last month with the theme “God’s Great Love.” We had ninety children who attended the event divided into three groups based on age. My wife instructed the two to six-year-olds. Sis. Cha led the seven to nine-year-olds and sis. Angie taught the eldest group, ten to fourteen-year-olds. Everyone enjoyed the lessons, coloring, and other activities, including free snacks after each class. We had three days of instruction with their graduation on the fourth day. For graduation, they had presentations and received certificates, ribbons, and rewards. Some of the children brought their parents, and we invited these families to attend our Sunday worship. To God be the Glory.

Sis. Cha became a church member through our invitation. We first invited this family when we had a Korean visitor, and my wife persisted in invited them to worship while holding a Bible study in their home. Cha had separated with her husband and had three children with him. She left two boys with her parents in Lyte, and the eldest girl takes care of them. She has a new partner and three little babies. Tiffany was the youngest, and we celebrated her first birthday after our worship service. Cha’s life is hard, but despite these challenges, she does not miss church with her family and committed to teaching the DVBS. Her partner is a security guard and active in the church. God is working in her life, and I see God changing their characters for His glory.

  • Pray for fruit from the DVBS and for the children to attend worship with us.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth and maturity of the believers, and teachable and committed leaders.
  • Pray for the church ceiling repair.

March 2019

Praise God for another summer season. The students can relax and have a vacation. However, we are suffering from a water shortage due to damaged pipes and weather patterns causing less rain and drought conditions. People are using many methods to get water; some went to the river to wash their clothes and draw water. Some have bought mineral water, like my family, and others are traveling to stay with friends and relatives in other barangays (neighborhoods). Doing daily chores and routines without water is hard. For a short time, we rejoiced as the pipe was fixed, but our joy only lasted for five days, before there was again an issue. We are praying for God to hear us. At every Bible study, we encourage the people to trust and pray for God to solve this challenge.

  • Pray for the water pipes to be fixed soon as this has been occurring for over three weeks and for no illnesses to be caused by the shortage of water.
  • Pray for protection and good health for the pastor’s family and for every family in the church.

I praise the Lord for bringing people of many ages to our church. I am thankful for Nanay (“Mother”) Raymunda, a senior citizen in our fellowship who always has a smile. She arrives at church early each Sunday and is an encouragement to us. We celebrated her birthday, and my wife made her a unique birthday gift so she would feel special. Raymunda became a Christian due to our invitations. We are continually inviting neighbors to come and join our worship. From the time Raymunda joined us, she continues to fellowship with us faithfully.

  • Pray for Raymunda to be a witness to her neighbors and praise God for her encouragement to the faithful church members and pastor.

I met Lotlot at the Multipoint Bible study. She is working as a manager in this company. She has three children, and her husband is a private driver. Lotlot was a devoted Roman Catholic, and her serious view of life made it difficult to approach her. Since she accepted Jesus Christ, her attitude has changed, and she decided to join our worship every Sunday. Despite the distance from her house to the church, she is faithfully climbing the mountain to worship God. Her entire family is serving God. Her children are active in the discipleship groups and Sunday school. Lotlot’s daughter Yanna, who is four, is already singing songs of praise to the Lord during our worship time. Loltlot is our church treasurer.

  • Praise the Lord for saving Lotlot and for her service to our church.
  • Pray for her children to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the grace of God.
  • Pray for the transformation of Lotlot’s life to be a witness to the other employees at Multipoint.

Every Summer, the Christian churches in our area hold Daily Vacation Bible school programs.  It is a fantastic opportunity to preach and teach the gospel to children between three to fifteen years old. We also can reach the parents when we invite them to witness the summer activities. So the third week of this month, I called a meeting to pray and discuss the preparations for this event. Many concerns needed to be addressed, so I met with the men while my wife men with the women. This was our first meeting, and we will hold more sessions as we prepare. Last year for our DVBS program, we were supported by teachers from other Christian churches. This year we desire for our members to do the teaching and be used for God’s glory so we have appointed teachers and assistants who will be trained by my wife. This is their first time, so we are getting ready with plenty of time to study and practice. Everything is being done with prayer.

Daily Vacation Bible School Program meeting!

  • Pray for the training of the teachers and assistants as they prepare for their first DVBS program.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as they study God’s Word and discuss potential challenges and solutions.
  • Pray for the leaders to be teachable.
  • Pray for the children who will be invited and for their parents to be open to hearing the gospel.
  • Pray for the finances for the event to be blessed.

We had a Korean mission’s team who visited our church. It was an opportunity to invite many visitors to hear the message of God. The Korean group were elders in their own church and invited our neighbors to join us for singing and dancing. The speaker gave a powerful message challenging the people to believe and trust in Jesus Christ. He encouraged them to surrender their lives to God and to attend church each Sunday. We ended with prayer and had a time of fellowship with bread and juice together.

  • Pray for our outreach to the community to draw new people to come to the church.
  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of every church member.

February 2019

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with Multipoint Enterprise. The owners are Chinese Christians, and we regularly hold a Bible study for their employees. They requested to have their Bible study on Tuesday instead of the usual Wednesday to follow their Chinese traditions and thank the Lord for the New Year of blessings. As God has blessed their business, the owners continue to serve God by proclaiming the gospel and sharing the Word of God as the only source of salvation, hope, and real joy. They desire their workers to understand salvation and to have real peace and joy in their work. In many companies, employees fight due to misunderstandings and easily quit their jobs. These owners desire their employees to have Jesus in their hearts so that true love and honesty will show in their work and personal lives. I am thankful for this opportunity to share the love of God with the owners and employees regularly.

  • Pray for the owners and employees of Multipoint Enterprise to display the love of God through their actions to their customers and other businesses.

Give thanks for this opportunity to disciple believers in growing more rooted in the Word of God.

The children celebrated “Hearts Day” to remind us of love. The stories for the whole month were focused on God’s love and our love for others. The children were urged that to display Biblical love for others, they must know the real source of love and that this source is God. His unconditional love saves us and allows us to love Him genuinely and to love others too. Through the activities, they colored and cut out hearts with messages to remind them of God’s love. We sang praises to God expressing our thankfulness. My wife encouraged the children to fill their new room with respect and to take diligent care of it. Many Bible verses were added to the walls to support the children to love God and display a genuine love for others.

  • Pray for the children to understand the love of God and how this love as described in John 3:16 made salvation available to all people.
  • Pray for the children to demonstrate the love of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 to their siblings, parents, friends, and classmates in the following months. Pray for God to use these actions to draw more children and adults to faith in Himself.

Our entire nation suffered from a measles outbreak. Even our church was affected by this disease. The daughter of a couple, Chacha and Mars, was ill. My wife went to their house to pray for baby Tiffany. She had no fever, but many red spots covered her whole body. We prayed for healing. The next day, the mother ran to our house asking for help as her baby was vomiting. It was decided to bring her to the hospital, and we prayed again for her healing. Chacha and Mars left their older two children with us as children are not allowed in the hospital. The very next day, on Sunday, God unexpectedly healed Tiffany. The family was so happy for the quick answer to their prayers. They were encouraged to be firm in their faith and obedient to God. Praise the Lord!

Give thanks for the healing of Tiffany.
  • Pray for protection from complications of measles and for quick healing for those who get sick.
  • Pray for the financial ability to obtain medical care when necessary.

Sammy is a new neighbor directly across from the church. His mother Maria was the first one invited to come to church with her children. Sammy is a first-year high school student. He has one sister and two brothers; his brother Manuel is blind. His stepfather treats them nicely. Maria informed us that Sammy was starting to talk back to her and being influenced to make bad decisions by his friends. He stayed out late at night and was addicted to computer games. Sammy is a silent and shy individual. Despite this, my wife persisted in inviting him to join the youth discipleship and encouraged Maria that for the heart of Sammy to be changed, he needed to hear and believe the Word of God. Two months have gone by, and the family is worshiping with us. Sammy is even cleaning the church with his mother. Although Sammy is a new believer, we see the Lord working powerfully in his heart, little by little there is change. My wife plans to train him in musical instruments as a way to encourage him to serve the Lord and resist the temptations of joining the friends outside the church.

  • Pray for Sammy to grow in his new faith and to resist the influence of friends who are not believers.
  • Pray for him to make friends who are firm believers in God that are his age and to have joy in music.
  • Pray for his family to grow closer as they learn more from God’s Word.

Every Sunday, I encourage the congregation to serve God in many ways. Those who are unable to contribute financially are still able to give their time and talents to serve the Lord. We had a problem close to the church with a horrid smell caused by trash and waste being dumped in this location. It was messy and not pleasant to look. My wife and I were surprised to discover that this area had been cleaned; the garbage was gone, and there were new plants. The women in the church gave their time and energy to make this area beautiful for God’s glory.

Praise the Lord for the tangible evidence that God is working in their hearts.

  • Pray for the witness to the community through the love of these women as they care for their church.
  • Pray for the neighbors to be curious about their actions and drawn to discover what is causing them to show concern for this space.
  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity among the members.
  • Pray for strength, protection, and wisdom in the ministry.
  • Pray for upcoming outreach in April and God’s blessing upon our work.

January 2019

I praise and thank the Lord for answering our prayers. The construction of the children’s room is nearly completed. We started using it this past month as a space for the youth and children to gather for Bible study and discipleship. The larger area allows them to play and accommodates more children. As the room is further from our church location, instead of being just outside, their noise will not disturb us during the worship service. God answered our prayers for the floorings, we hired a carpenter to complete the floor and bamboo walls. I praise God for the church’s tithes and offerings that are helping to fulfill our mission. We encourage the members and newcomers to be faithful in giving as it is one of the proofs of their growing love and obedience to God.

  • Pray for the children to grow in their faith.

Praise God for the construction of a space for the children.

Praise God for the unity and generosity of the church members as they work together to provide a particular location for their children to meet and learn about the love of God.

Praise God for the unity and generosity of the church members as they work together to provide a particular location for their children to meet and learn about the love of God.

Our church mission is to reach our neighbors. We were blessed with Korean visitors and invited the neighborhood to hear the gospel and witness their presentations. Everyone was energetic and filled with joy in their hearts during worship. The message of the drama was about the power of Jesus which victoriously overcame darkness and defeated death. The gospel was presented very clearly.

Later in the month, we had more Korean visitors who came to minister. They climbed the mountain and evangelized door-to-door. Then returned to the church with songs and dance for the Lord. The pastor gave a short message, and I translated into Cebuano so the people would fully understand the real message of the gospel. The missions team blessed the church members with donations of clothing.

  • Pray for the neighbors who heard the gospel presentation for the first time to return with more questions and one day come to salvation.
  • Pray for those who heard the gospel message from the evangelism team to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Praise to God for bringing people into our path for us to minister to and providing opportunities to share the gospel. Sis. Lina is now a regular Sunday worshiper, she came in response to our constant and persistent invitations. Every time we travel down, we pass her small business where she sells a variety of snacks. Lina would always greet us warmly with a big smile that lifts up our day. Lina is alone, her husband passed away, and her two children are grown, so she must earn an income by herself. She was a devoted Roman Catholic but now comes to church and worships with us, ignoring the complaints of others. I see her growing in her faith and little by little, understanding the gospel and what true obedience to God really means. Every Sunday, she remembers to Sabbath day by closing her business to come to church. She arrives early on Sunday as she is eager to worship with us. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for Lina to grow in her faith and understanding of the grace of God and how salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

God is good and faithful in my life and to my family. This month I celebrated my forty-second birthday. I thank God for reaching this age and for His amazing grace. The ministry He has entrusted to me is doing excellent because His presence is with us. I celebrated with the other church members who had birthdays the same month. After worship, we had a meal and fellowship together.

  • Pray for the ministry to continue to grow. Give thanks for the faithfulness of Norberto Palmerola as he ministers to his people.

December 2018

It is the season to remember God’s salvation to humanity. At the beginning of last month, the children and teens were invited to a Christmas party at the McDonalds in the community. They were all excited. They gave a dance skit with a meaningful message, “It’s about the cross. Christmas is not all about the gifts and presents you give or receive but about the cross, where Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to save us from our sins.” The children were thrilled when their presentation won second place. To God be the glory for a tremendous Christmas experience.

  • Pray for the audience who saw the skit to continue to wonder about its message and to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Wine is the daughter of Gemma, who is taking care of the church improvement project and making the church more beautiful. Wine was the one who introduced her mom to Christ. In vacation Bible school, Wine heard about Christ’s salvation. She joined the discipleship and Sunday school. Praise the Lord; she is still active in Christ’s service. She attended the recent church Christmas party and was so blessed to have a memorable Christ-centered celebration.

  • Pray for Wine and Gemma to continue growing in their faith and give thanks for their consistent ministry to the church.

My children are growing up so very fast; my youngest daughter just celebrated her fourth birthday. She enjoys presenting special worship every Sunday with the other kids.  She was so excited about the cake we got her for her birthday.  I am blessed to see her joy and independence at such a young age. I thank God that she is healthy and smart.

  • Pray for wisdom, protection and good health for the family of Pastor Norberto Palmerola.

Ann, one of our members, gave birth to her first baby daughter and named her Keziah Ann. The family was having a tough time with the finances of the birth, and the church was able to bless them with a small amount. To God be the glory. Ann was a devoted Roman Catholic; when she was invited to attend the church, her immediate response was to refuse. Her mother died a year ago, and she was alone in Cebu. Her father and siblings live on their farm in a province far from Cebu. While Ann was in Cebu, she met Alex who is a Christian and an ex-convict. Alex invited Ann to church, and now she regularly attends our Sunday worship and Bible studies. Ann helped clean the church despite her pregnancy and was actively involved in the ministry. Now I hear her singing joyfully to the Lord, unlike before when she was quiet. Now she has a baby and many sleepless nights, but she does not fail to worship God every Sunday.

  • Pray for Ann and Alex to continue to grow in their faith and trust the Lord.
  • Pray for Ann and Alex as they raise their daughter to know the Lord.
  •  Pray for their new daughter to be healthy.

We continually remind our church members to be faithful to God. This time of year, they need extra encouragement and to feel that they have a family to count on. Nanay (Grandma) Raymunda has repeatedly asked my wife and me to visit her small room, and we have not been able to until now. We went to her tiny house by her small internet business. She was excited to welcome us to her home yet was ashamed due to its small size. We are grateful for her encouragement to us and the church body. At the age of eighty-six, she is still healthy and active. To God be the glory.

  • Pray that Raymunda will have good health and be a blessing to other people.

Our Church Christmas Celebration started with food preparations. Brother Jandro was the lead cook and assisted by several of the men. Our children’s room now has a roof, although a lot still needs to be done, at the moment we temporarily used the children’s room to cook the food. After the meal, we had worship.  We invited a speaker who gave an inspiring message.

Brother Jandro came to know Christ through family problems. He has five children and a physical ailment. We shared the gospel with him, and eventually, his family was also saved. Currently, his whole family is serving the Lord. Praise God.

  • Pray for the family of Jandro and give thanks for their faithful service.
  • Pray for the completion of the children’s room and the church ceiling.

Multipoint is the company where I lead a Bible study every Wednesday. Some of the employees are also our church members. The owners of the business are Christians and wanted their employees to hear the gospel and be saved. In December, they had their Christmas celebration and invited my family. I gave a message to inspire the staff and to share the real meaning of Christmas. We ate together and participated in entertaining games. This company has been a blessing to our church; they sell eggs and faithfully donate eggs for our feeding ministry.

  • Pray for this business to be blessed abundantly by the Lord.
  • Pray for increased interest among the staff to learn more about the Word of God.
  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity of the church members in the coming year.
  • Pray for cooperation and commitment among the church leaders.

November 2018

Praise to our gracious God for another month filled with grace and blessing. I was invited with church family to celebrate the birthday of a beloved grandma in our church. We are blessed to have Veronica as a part of our church family. We enjoyed singing her birthday song and eating special food with everyone. She is now seventy-six years old and lives with her husband close to our pioneering church. They were both devoted Roman Catholics. They have a small sari-sari store that provides for their daily needs as an aged couple and their children are all married with their own lives.


Before Veronica accepted and believed in Jesus Christ, she went with her husband to the vast Roman Catholic Church in the neighborhood. Despite this, we persisted in inviting her to our church. One day, they asked us for help with an electrical problem, and this opened the opportunity to share the gospel with them. My wife ministers to Veronica through massage therapy, and sometimes we share food and material blessings with them. This touched her since she could see the love and care we had for her. We knew that God was doing something special in her life.

Now she is very active in the church despite her physical weakness due to age. Every Saturday she attends the Bible study and worships with us on Sundays. Anytime she is unexpectedly absent; she still brings her offering. She comprehends the futility of worshipping idols and graven images. Her husband is still attending the Roman Catholic church, and she is praying for his salvation and understanding of the gospel. Veronica is the first Christian in her whole clan and family.

  • Pray for Veronica to persistently pray for her husband and to be secure in her faith.
  • Pray for her husband and family to come to an understanding of the grace of God, accept the gift of salvation, and proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The women in the church have taken the initiative to make the church’s surroundings look clean and attractive. They water the plants and have added some beautiful new plants. It is so lovely to see them taking excellent care of the church.

Pepito and I started the repair of the road where our senior citizen members travel. It is hard to see our neighbors having a challenging time navigating the weak and narrow road. Since we are in the mountains, when it rains, the path is muddy and easily cracks. I came up with a solution, to use stones and more soil to strengthen the pathway. We had pleasant weather that allowed us to finish our project.

I received cracked eggs that were accidentally broken during transport from my Bible study contacts. The eggs have been a blessing to feed the children from the very start of our ministry. Sometimes I make congee, a type of rice porridge, but this time I distributed the eggs directly the church members. Despite this batch of eggs being broken, everyone was happy and grateful for the unexpected treat.

We have started construction for the children’s room. The number of children who attend each week is growing, and they make lots of joyful noise during the worship service. God gave us wisdom as we discussed strategies for this challenge. God answered our prayers and provided for our financial needs for this construction. We purchased the blocks for the foundation, and the weather has been pleasant. We did not have enough to hire a professional carpenter but one of the church members, Mars, is between projects and offered to do the project. Carpentry is not his full-time profession, but he knows enough to build the room with the aid of myself and the other men in the church. We are paying him so he can provide for the needs of his family.

The children are continuing to meet for their discipleship every Saturday starting with the study of God’s Word and then their practice for the song and dance offering to the Lord of the next day’s worship. I see their joy and excitement every time my wife gathers them. They are so enthusiastic that they are sometimes challenging to direct. We are brainstorming for different strategies to make the church a welcoming place for them to learn about God’s love.

  • Pray for the construction of the children’s room to continue smoothly and any finances required for its completion to be met.

Our Thanksgiving Sunday celebration was filled with joy for all the blessings we have received. Our church was invited to worship with two other churches. Everyone, children and adults, enjoyed the fellowship, the food, and the praise and thanksgiving given to God. The children and youth offered their dance offering to the Lord, and the churches each gave a presentation. The sermon inspired and reminded us about God’s provision in spite of hardships and difficulties in life. Trusting Him fully and being obedient is the key to God’s blessing. We all returned home feeling blessed.

  • Pray for the church members spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Pray for the new Bible study contacts.
  • Pray for good health for pastor Norberto and his family.

October 2018

This past month included many days of trials and challenges for the children and mothers. One who was affected was sister Lilibeth. Last month, as I shared in my previous reports, she was hospitalized due to severe diarrhea, and despite her release from the hospital, she is still suffering from body aches and pains. She was having a tough time moving enough to do basic household chores. My wife went to her house to pray with her and offer a free massage. My wife provides massage therapy as a ministry to the women and senior citizens. Praise the Lord that afterward, Lilibeth was able to move more efficiently and do her everyday routine. She was especially blessed to be able to attend the Bible study and Sunday worship again.


Lilibeth’s past life was complicated and problematic. She lived in Cagayan De Oro City with her four children. She had many fights with her live-in partner because of drugs. He was not providing for the needs of the family and had a lot of vices. Since he was a drug user, their finances were struggling. The children suffered and became malnourished, and Lilibeth’s health suffered, and she was diagnosed with hypertension. Lilibeth decided to move to Cebu to live with her mother and sisters.  Her family background was Iglesia ni Cristo, and Lilibeth started attending there with her mother. Her father, Pepito, is one of our active church members and we kept prompting him to bring his children and grandchildren. We invited Lilibeth many times, and she refused despite our offers of help for her family. This did not stop us, and we continued to pray and encourage her to church. Five months ago, she responded to the gospel message and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord! Now she is attending the church with her partner and children. They are actively involved.

  • Pray for the spiritual growth and maturity of  Lilibeth.
  • Pray for Lilibeth’s family and especially for those who are not saved to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Many of the neighborhood children and youth came down with dengue and high fevers. Their parents also suffered from high fever and body aches. Some of the children had nosebleeds. One of our church members came late at night and begged for our help. Her grandson was in the hospital with severe dengue fever and in critical condition. They asked for prayer for their child’s recovery and the medical bills. My wife and I went to the hospital; it was so crowded with so many patients with dengue fever that we had a hard time finding the child. We finally found the family and prayed for healing for Lawrence. The parents were encouraged by our support and the small financial help we offered. Two days later we rejoiced with the family as the child was complete healed and release from the hospital. The next Sunday, the mother brought her child to the church to worship.


Another mother brought her son, Reniel, to us because he had a high fever and she was afraid it was a symptom of dengue fever. We prayed with her, and the child was healed the next day. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for the children who are recovering from dengue fever, Lawrence and Reniel, to heal with no side effects from their illness completely.
  • Pray for the neighborhood to be protected from severe cases of dengue fever and for the those who require medical care to receive it quickly and effectively without concerns about medical bills.
  • Pray for health and protection for the church members and family of the pastor.

I remember when I was single and ministering at another church with the youth, I discipled and care for many young people. One of them was Randy. He was so kind-hearted and teachable, and this young man blessed me. A few years have gone by, I’m now married and pioneering at a different church, so we seldom talk or visit due to our busy lives and different concerns. One day, Randy came to me and asked for advice about his personal life as he desired to get married. I was excited to learn that his girlfriend was a faithful Christian and a member in the church choir. Randy visited the target area where I’m starting an outreach, and he noticed that we needed new equipment, especially with the sound system and microphones. He committed to purchasing a new amplifier for our ministry. To test the quality of the equipment, he sang a song to God at our worship service. To God be the glory!

Give thanks for the blessing of Randy and his encouragement to the ministry of Pastor Noberto.

  • Pray for good health and protection for Randy.

God is good because he answers our prayers. In my previous reports, I shared that my wife was praying for someone to assist her in instructing the children. It is not easy to guide all the little ones, especially during worship service. We were praying for my wife to be able to join the worship service occasionally as well.  One of my co-workers called with the name of a youth who desired to serve God with the children. I immediately responded and met with Allyn. She attends the Bible school here in Cebu and is handling the children with love and care as she teaches them from God’s Word.

Praise the Lord for Allyn and her desire to minister to the children.

  • Pray for wisdom as Allyn teaches the children and shares with them about the love of God.
  • Pray for the ceiling repair.

September 2018

God has blessed our ministry. Our Wednesday mentoring group continues, and it is great to see them growing in the knowledge of God. Every Saturday the women gather for Bible study. They give their full attention while listening to the Word of God. I praise the Lord for all the work our members have been doing, inside and outside, to maintain and decorate the church. The women have made curtains, and my wife cut flowers and Bible verses to make the walls beautiful. A bulletin board was donated to hold the church announcements and details about the church activities. Outside the church, the women have brought beautiful hanging plants, and everyday Gemma stops by to water and care for the plants.

Gemma was a converted Christian long ago but stopped attending church because of family problems. She has endured a lot of discouragements in life which weakened her spiritually. Her first husband died, and she is now living with another partner who is a drug addict. I see deep sorrow inside her. She has six children; some are already married. We invited her to attend church and shared God’s love with her. Her passion for God was revived, and she attends the women’s Bible study and the Sunday worship service. She brought her children, her sister, and her sister’s children to church with her. The children attend the children’s Sunday school. Praise the Lord for her recommitment. We are thankful for her desire to make the church beautiful.

Give thanks for the women who have donated their time and resources to decorate the church.

  • Pray for Gemma and her family, for healing from past discouragement and hope for the future.

I praise the Lord for caring for his children. Lilibeth was dying and had to get hospitalized because she was suffering from diarrhea and weakness. We visited her and extended financial help. God answered our prayers and revived her strength. She has returned home, and when we visited her, we prayed with her and brought her bananas as a gift.

Another member we visited was  Lucy, who recently miscarried. She had episodes of a high fever and was not aware that she was pregnant. We prayed with her and brought her fruit. Despite her loss, she was crying with joy from experiencing how the church cared for her.

  • Pray for the healing of Lilibeth.
  • Pray for Lucy to heal from her recent loss.
  • Pray for more spiritual growth and maturity among the church members.

Give thanks for the care the church members are taking of the church and their desire to create a beautiful place to worship God.

August 2018

 The Wednesday Bible study is continuing. I gathered the employees from a local company for them to be spiritually refreshed. The employees are Roman Catholics, but the owner is a mature Christian who desired for his employees to be fed from the Word of God. Some of the employees also join us on Sunday. I have been teaching the Bible study for this group of many years and even though many of them are very devoted to their belief, I know that the word of God is planted in their hearts and in God’s time will grow and produce fruit.

  • Pray for these employees to understand the grace of God and come to an understanding of salvation.

I praise God for Jandro. He has five kids who are in school. Before he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he had a lot of bad habits and was a very hot-tempered person. One day, he asked me for a favor and wished to have a small area to build a small house for his family. They were facing a great emotional and financial crisis. I gave them a little space and they lived near my house. He started attending Bible study and eventually came to church. Little by little, he and his whole family drew closer to God. Now every Sunday, they worship with us and his children are all active in the church service. His wife is involved in the women’s fellowship. Jandro expresses how his life is transformed compared to his life before. He is working as a security guard and always desires to help in the ministry.

Give thanks for the salvation of Jandro and his family. To God be the glory.

The men are serving God through various projects at the church. Every morning, Pepito is with me being trained as a leader despite his old age. The men’s fellowship studies God’s word and eats together. Last month, as their project, Alex and the men worked to finish the bathroom. The men are also practicing for Sunday worship. Sometimes their voices are not in tune, but they still did not give up. They choose different songs but still, they do not get the right tune, so they decided to add another day of practice.

Give thanks for the projects the men are completing and for their willingness to work together to improve the church.

Give thanks for the passion of the singers and pray for their voices to improve with practice.

Give thanks for the leaders who are working with me, Pepito and Alex.

Our first church anniversary celebration was very successful. Our theme was “Celebrating God’s Faithfulness” to remind us of the help of God and support of everyone. Everyone was very excited. The women cleaned and decorated the church for the occasion, despite some challenges with the decorations, they worked well together, and it turned out great.  During the worship, four men from the church gave their testimony of how God had changed their lives. The children and youth gave a presentation on their part. We had a baby dedication and gave thanks for God’s healing of baby Tiffany. We ate lunch together and were blessed with so much food that many church members brought leftovers home. We played games for both children and adults and have a great time.

Give thanks for our celebration and for the work of God in this first year.

  • Pray for the future of our church and for the work that God is going to do in our community.

In the ministry, prayer for each other is very important, especially for our church members and leaders. We thank God for these answered prayers and have several to share with you. Pepito had cataracts. We were praying for a free operation and it was done in God’s timing. There was a foundation that provides solutions to eye problems for free. We submitted information according to their requirements and waited patiently. There were moments that Pepito was discouraged but we encouraged him to trust God. He is now completely well. According to him, it is like going from darkness to light, he was blind and now can see.

Give thanks for Pepito’s successful cataract surgery.

Baby Tiffany was hospitalized for a week due to pneumonia. Her parents were very worried and asked for our prayers. We prayed with them and assisted financially. She has completely recovered, and they did not pay any amount. To God be the glory!

Give thanks for baby Tiffany’s recovery.

We have a new assistant teacher that does not have any children of her own. She was a student looking for a church to work at every weekend. We give thanks to God for the assistance in our children’s ministry.

Give thanks for the new teacher and pray for her wisdom in leading the children to an understanding of salvation.

  • Pray for our ability to repair the church ceiling, when the rain is strong, the water comes inside the church.
  • Pray for our regular discipleship training and mentoring programs.
  • Pray for the church leadership council before the end of the year.
  • Pray for increased spiritual growth and maturity among the members and church leaders.

July 2018

This month, my wife and I met and prayed with Roxanne. She is the girlfriend of an ex-drug pusher who was jailed and then acquitted. Now they are having a hard time financially and Roxanne is six months pregnant. We are encouraging Roxanne to trust God and to join our Bible study on Saturday. I see in her a longing and need for the stability that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for her to attend the Bible study and to learn about salvation.

  • Pray for Roxanne to attend the Bible study and for salvation.

Youth Ministry

Every Friday, the youth meet for fellowship. They study the Bible, sings songs and do activities that help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. My wife has been teaching them singing, dancing, and how to play instruments. They continue to work hard at preparing for the presentation for Sunday morning. Sometimes the youth get discouraged but they keep practicing. Pray for the youth to grow in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ and to continue ministering to the church even when it’s challenging.

  • Pray for spiritual growth and maturity among the youth and adult members
  • Pray for teachable and committed leaders to help in the Sunday school and youth discipleship.

Nothing is Impossible with God

Lucy has two children, a boy, and a girl. Her son plays the beatbox during our praise and worship. We have invited Lucy many times to attend church. She was very shy and was hesitant about attending the fellowship because of her one-year-old daughter. Recently, her husband was put in jail due to drug addiction. We helped by praying for them and providing food and financial help. God answered our prayer and he was released from jail after a month. We visited their home and encouraged Lucy to attend the Bible study. Thanks be to God that she been attending for the last two months! Lucy is very emotional during our personal thanksgiving and testimony. She has faced many problems in her family. She is very happy to have brothers and sisters in Christ who can help and pray for her. I see her smile every time we have our fellowship. To God be the glory!

  • Pray for good health and wisdom for Pastor Norberto’s family.
  • Pray for healing from the pain of arthritis for Pastor Norberto.
Spring 2018

Jorlyn is a young lady who lives near our home. She comes from a large family with seven brothers, and six sisters. Her family struggles financially, and both of her parents are jobless. Jorlyn oversees her one-year-old sister. When her mother goes out looking for food Jorlyn takes her sister to school with her.

Jorlyn attends bible study every Friday evening after school and has become one of my wife’s disciple students. It took a long time for her conversion because of the many discouragements in her life and the fact that her family is Roman Catholic.

One of her most significant struggles came when her youngest sister died because of Pneumonia in October 2017. She screamed at the nurses and doctors because of her emotional desperation and anger. She was so sad and even thought about quitting school. She missed school for a long time, but we continued to pray for her and would visit and pray with her. Jorlyn is in 11th grade right now, and we continue to encourage and even helped her with small financial assistance so that she can take the exams she missed. In December we brought her to Jollibee with other children who were being sponsored by our Christian brothers and sisters. She was so happy upon receiving gifts that she did not expect.

As of now, she is doing well by the grace of God. She continues to come to church every Sunday and joined the bible study and discipleship every Friday evening. According to my wife, she has become a steadfast believer in Jesus. She has many questions about her old religion which Roman Catholicism. She is very responsive to my wife’s discipleship and willing to grow in Jesus. Now, she always stays at home after school helping and taking care of her younger brothers and sisters. Even though she’s still new in her faith, I can see her eagerness to learn.

It’s so hard to find a family that seeks God altogether. That’s why we’re so thankful to have the Miparanum family in our fellowship. We can see their sincere faith in the Lord. Mrs. Susana is the mother of Rose Ann and Mary Margarett, the three of them were baptized together last October. Rose Ann is a teacher and still working while Mary Margarette attends high school. During our worship, they joyfully sing and worship the Lord. Mrs. Susana was the one who offered her small area for our place of Worship. We can see their real dedication to Jesus.

God is so good to our Carreta Christian Fellowship. In November Rev. Steve Wheler visited along with Pastor Cris and other White Fields pastors. Everybody was happy upon seeing them. We sang gospel songs followed by testimonies from church members. We also gave 24 people baptismal certificates who were baptized in October this year. Finally, we listen to a message from Rev. Wheler (interpreted to Cebuano by Pastor Quimat). Praise be to God for the blessing he gave us that day. We praised God for the people God used for us to be encouraged and inspired in serving the Lord.

As we continue to work, God wants us to think of different areas where the gospel is shared. Prayerfully we recently planted a church near us in Kalunasan, Guadalupe Cebu City. This is an excellent opportunity for the Gospel; we are thankful because God was working and moving in our community. In fact, one Korean elder donated two sacks of rice for distribution to our pioneering church member. It’s a great blessing for us because this will serve and bless them with food. It’s a way to let them know God loves them that much because they receive a gift unexpectedly. When we distribute the rice, we will also share the word of God and let them know how blessed they are.

(2) Pepito is a man who was lost in this world for many years. At a young age after having five children, he left his home and chose to live a life filled with darkness. He was arrested and separated from his family for many years. His drug abuse and bad choices led him to homelessness. One day Pepito woke up, came to his senses, and decided to stop living his life in darkness. At 63 years old he traveled back to Cebu were his family lives. His family lives next to the church, and most of his kids and grandkids attend church. I decided to invite him to join our Sunday service and he accepted. He’s been attending our Sunday worship each week and usually joins me every morning for the Bible study and will follow me throughout the day. I recently asked him to lead a prayer during our Sunday service, and he was glad to have the opportunity to pray for the church. Pepito is strong, but at times you can see that his body is physically weak, he tells me that he wasted his life for so many years, and he is determined to follow Jesus for the rest of his life.

Our church was blessed with 40 trays of eggs. Once a week I do a Bible study at the Multipoint Company were they sell eggs. Alex and his wife are Christians, and their desire is for their employees to know the Lord. I invited some of the employees to attend church and a few accepted. Our church members were so happy and blessed to have received the gift.

(3) Station of Life has a lot to thank God for allowing us to work in the lives of his children. Even though, most of our brothers and sisters in Christ are experiencing problems emotionally, physically and financially. This week we had a young baby in our congregation Kurt in the hospital due to a UTI and Dengue, and Pepito’s granddaughter was experiencing high fevers. We prayed as a church for the families during this difficult time.

Last week two women in our ministry disagreed. There was a misunderstanding that led to fighting. My wife addressed the issue since she is head of the women’s ministry. She talked with them and settled the matter right away. My wife spoke to them about forgiveness and having a healthy relationship towards each other. Praise God because they both cooperated and reconciled with each other. They are attending Bible study and even offered to sign for the Lord. Praise God because He’s actively working in Station of Life Church.

Mercy recently started coming to Bible Study. Mercy’s life has changed and continues to improve as she surrenders to Jesus. Her childhood has been devastating since she was young. Her family was destitute, and her mother was shot and died when she was seven years old. She didn’t complete high school and started working at a very young age. She took any job she found so that she can earn money. At her young age, she became pregnant and unfortunately decided to break up with her boyfriend. Her mind was confused that she had no idea how to take care of her daughter, she decided to bring her to her family in Negros.

When we started inviting Mercy to church, she was shy and didn’t seem to care much about it, but she didn’t stop attending on Sunday’s. Every Sunday she started joining our Bible study and is now planning to marry her boyfriend. She’s voiced that she desires her daughter back in her life so that she can lead her to Jesus Christ. Marcy is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ; her time is dedicated to Him by helping around the church by cleaning and making it look nice for everyone who steps in. To God be the Glory.

(4) We sent the youth in our church to a four-day summer camp. The youth came from the northern and southern part of Cebu for a time of spiritual renewal. I was the first speaker during the evening worship. This year the theme was “Run the Race.” It was an outstanding experience for every person that was there to learn the word of God. They were taught about discipline and exercising their faith to win the crown that will last forever. They participated in many activities, games, and heard testimonies from different young people.

Our church also hosted a Vacation Bible School for children ages 2-14. They were split into three groups according to their age. They learned stories from the Bible, sang songs of worship, and had art activities. On our last day, everyone received a ribbon and a certificate. The children had a memorable experience during their summer vacation. Praise God for the financial provision as well as the volunteers who committed themselves to serve the Lord by leading these little children to God. These children are the hope of our nation, and that’s why it’s essential that their hearts be filled with God’s love and His Word. I pray that someday they will become church leaders and workers.

Rovelyn became a mother at the age of sixteen. Because she married young, she was not able to finish high school. Her parents were angry with her but accepted Rovelyn because she is their daughter. It’s tough to become a young mother, but I can see that she is growing spiritually. She was baptized with eight others last week. Every Saturday she attends Bible study and goes to choir practice every Sunday. Her life is changed, and her joyful spirit is evident to all.

(5) The Philippines was one of the recipients of the Samaritans Purse box donations. Children of different ages received toys, cloth, shoes, school supplies and other things. The children were thrilled upon receiving their gifts. Their partnership with us, the local church was a success, and we thank God for that because the children were blessed in return. We continue to have Sunday school with the children and youth. Every Friday we have a fellowship and disciple training to prepare our teens for God’s kingdom.

We invited the youth to our fellowship, and many of them attended for the first time. We had young speakers who shared the word of God, and my daughter Precious sang a song for Jesus, many of the kids were amazed that she was singing so young. We also had a child dedication in our church for the son of Renmark. My friend pastor assisted me, and family member and friends witnessed the dedication and birthday celebration. Also, the son of Nognog and Raymond celebrated his 1st birthday. Baby Kurt was very special to them since he is their first child. We prayed for him and celebrated together with the family and church members.

One personal testimony this month is that of Chacha who just gave birth to a daughter. Before Chacha became a Christian, it was normal for her to have children from different men. She had three children from her first husband and three children from her current partner. Her life is like that of other people who experience separation and brokenness due to unexpected circumstances. The three children from her first husband each passed away at a young age. That’s why her heart was broken. Every Saturday my wife visits the family and has a bible study with them. We can see her sincerity in listening to the Word of God. She has this great desire to learn and serve God despite her situation. She desires to come to church, but because of her newborn baby, she’s not able to attend. Chacha continues to send her four-year-old son to join the Sunday school. Her current partner is a security guard and is not able to visit every Sunday, but he attends a Saturday Bible study. Every time we visit we see that Chacha has joy inside of her knowing that someone is extending the love of God upon them. As of now, Chacha desire is to listen to God, and we can see that Chacha understand her need for Jesus. According to her, she has this hope and peace that did not have before.

(6) Every Friday our young teens and young people come together for fellowship. The children are learning how to open their Bible, sing joyfully for the Lord, play instruments, and especially how to have a right attitude as children of God. They are being molded with a Christ-like character even at their young age. Their confidence in the Lord must be built up for God’s glory. Praise be to God because this school year there were Christians from other countries who sponsored our kids with bags and school supplies. Every Sunday these kids went to church early and attended Sunday school, and during our worship time some of them sang special songs and danced for Jesus. We are so grateful to God to see these young teens growing in the Lord.

Every Saturday my wife gathers all the women to have a bible study. The women are learning how to open their Bibles, share their burdens with each other, and pray. After Bible study, we joined in prayer asking God for his mercy. We do a prayer of thanksgiving and testimonies to build up their confidence and practice speaking among the other new believers of Jesus. As mothers, their daily activities are going to school with their children and doing the household chore. Meeting on Saturday’s is a new activity for them.

Allow me to introduce you to Emma. Emma has five children who are all grown and married, sometimes though they still dependent on her. They live in a tiny house with lots of problems. Emma was a devoted Iglesia Ni Cristo member and decided to worship with us each Sunday. She is a hard working woman, and I often see her carrying hollow blocks or plywood as a day laborer. In our area this way of earning money is standard. Last Saturday she and her daughter cleaned our church. They wiped the windows and brushed the surrounding area. We are grateful for their gifts they use in the church and the example they set for others!

Winter 2017

Praise God because He’s always there to give us the strength and joy of serving Him. He always answers our prayers and faithfully leads people to us to disciple and assists in the ministry. Our new contact is Christopher, a motorcycle driver. He has four children, two girls, and two boys. Christopher’s having a hard time physically and financially right now. Physically he suffers from hypertension, and his work is affected because of the rainy season (less income), consequentially he has quarrels with his wife. He’s had many problems in his home. His wife and mother in law are ignoring and neglecting him, but the situation has opened him to Christ. We shared with him the gospel and encouraged him to surrender his life to Jesus. Right now he’s assisting us in the ministry in Carreta Cemetery. He controls the crowd during our children’s worship and giving of snacks to avoid any problems with the children.

Now, despite his problems at home, when he’s with us we see him laughing because he has found a new friend whom he can depend. To God be the Glory.

Prayer Requests:

  • Christopher will grow spiritually
  • Financial provision for his family, and health
  • Peace and reconciliation with his loved ones

Maysa who attends our church shared with me her testimony,” I am Maysa; I live outside Carreta Cemetery. I am a single mother with one son. I currently work different jobs to provide for me and my son’s needs. Life is so tiresome and lonely because of the problems I’ve encountered especially my financial issues. But I thank the Lord because one day my aunt and uncle brought me to the cemetery to attend the worship service. At first, I refuse to go, but they insisted, so I decided to attend the service. When they started singing, and I heard the songs and saw others singing to them, I felt very strange. The feeling was new to me, and then I listened to the pastor telling everyone about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I attend worship service with my uncle each week now, and when I hear God’s word, it fills my heart with joy. I can smile despite problems in my life. Our pastor visited us in our house, and I was so happy that he came to our home.

What I desire now is to fully surrender my life to Jesus and trust Him all the time. I will always thank Him for the salvation that He freely gave me. I hope and pray that my son will also understand the joy that I have right now. Together with my family, we will continue to serve Him.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Maysa will continue to grow spiritually
  • She will become a channel of blessing to others
  • Financial provision

Water Baptism in October
I praise the Lord because we have ten people who will get baptized in October at Wigis beach. It was hard to determine who would get baptized because the people at the cemetery are not permanent residents. But of course, there were some who remain faithful in the fellowship. Our church is praying for financial resources so that God will provide the needs for the upcoming activity. Our primary concern right now is that the new believers will stay strong in their Christian faith.

Pastor Norberto Palmerola

August 2017

The Lord amazes me how He continues to work in the hearts of every member of the Carreta Chinese Cemetery Church. We are continuously urging them to be faithful to the Lord and be committed in their service to God no matter how hard their situations may be.

Last week we had heavy winds and rain which brought torrents of water that caused flooding in different areas of Carreta. Most of the houses of our church members were affected by the flood which tested their faith. We joined together and worshiped our living God on Sunday despite our situation, many of our members crossed the flooding in knee-high dirty water just to obey the Lord. To God be the Glory!

Prayer Requests:

  • Carreta fellowship members will continue to be faithful to God.
  • Spiritual growth in our Lord Jesus Christ for each of our members.
  • Pray for the reconstruction of homes that were affected by the heavy rains.

Praise God for He has answered prayers for our ministry in Carreta Cemetery. We’ve had some challenges within our leadership, but we are also aware that when great things are happening in the body of God, Satan is active as well. One leader who was responsible for the preparation for our Sunday service comes from a large family of daughters some of whom live inside the cemetery. We thought she would be a positive influence and bring her loved ones to worship and learn of our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, she became a stumbling block for them because of her negative attitude. As a leadership team, we talked with her and told her we appreciated her involvement in the church activities, but a true believer of Jesus Christ would not gossip or display jealousy towards people. She said she understood and would pray and change her attitude. We are careful who we choose as leaders for our church because we want peace and sincere hearts serving the Lord. We also have an active member named Roger. He is diligently inviting his neighbors and reminding other neighboring people to come worship on Sunday’s each week. He shows up early to church despite his asthmatic condition. Roger was very sick last year, but now he is getting well. He always brings his wife and niece to church with him. Roger will be baptized this coming October 2017. Our newest leader is Mrs. Elvie who is a terrific singer. We trained her to be our praise and worship leader, in addition to this we found she is an excellent temporary church treasurer. Please help us pray for our Leadership team that the Lord will continue to strengthen their abilities and leadership skills.

Praise the Lord we have leaders and members who would like to get baptized. We had prayer time together in our Sunday worship asking God to strengthen each one of us and bless our plans in the ministry, especially our baptisms this October. We encouraged them with the need to be baptized first before they can be on the leadership council. We have candidates for deacons but no elders.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our plans of baptisms this October, that the Lord will guide us through this process.
  • Leader’s growth and spirituality in God’s word.

God is good and has blessed the people of Carreta Cemetery. We had a Korean Christian group visit our church. The message of love and passion through Jesus Christ was preached to the people. However, not only by words but by the actions that our visitors displayed. Before giving them food, they gave the gospel bracelet and explained the meaning of every color. They sang and danced just to let them see the goodness of God through them. The people in the cemetery enjoyed every part of the performance. After enjoying the spiritual food, they received a pack of food for lunch.

Prayer Request:

  • The people in Carreta Cemetery will understand the gospel that is presented to them each week

Thank you for your partnership with national pastors like myself. Because of your prayers, we see the power and results in our ministry.

Pastor Norberto Palmerola

July 2017

Praise the Lord for our answered prayer. Our family was praying that the Lord would provide a place of worship outside the cemetery. We prayed for a different location because of the dirty surroundings inside the cemetery. When the Miparanum family offered their home for us to use on Sunday’s we were overjoyed and thanked the Lord for answering our prayers. He’s been so good and faithful to my family. He always gives us the strength to continue serving Him despite the problems life brings. I praise God because He makes His way so that His ministry will grow and go on. I can see how sincere the Miparanum family is about serving the Lord because of their sacrifices in opening their home to our people. This week I visited their house, and they were so happy to be serving in this way. They have a store as their source of income, and some of our members live near their house. The family is a source of encouragement to their neighbors as well. To God be all the glory.

Prayer Requests:

  • Miparanum family will continue to be committed to God.
  • Our new Sunday worship will bring more people to listen to God’s word.

I thank God, this month for the visitors who came to visit and witness the ministry in Carreta Cemetery during the feeding. The visitors enjoyed watching the children sing and worship the Lord. I’m happy to see my kids leading the worship especially Precious. I praise and thank the Lord for the undying love of God towards us and the ministry. To God be the glory.

Prayer Requests:

  • That the ministry in Carreta will continue to grow and more people will join.
  • The people who live at the cemetery will understand the Word of Salvation.

The ministry in Carreta has become a big part of our life as workers of God. There are many misunderstandings towards the members and other unexpected situations in the ministry. Still, the Lord has given me strength and wisdom to survive in this spiritual field. Only God knows everything and His plan will always prevail. His ways are not our ways nor are His thoughts our thoughts that is why we must completely trust in Him. I thank God for the opportunity of serving Him wherever He leads my family and I. To God be the Glory.

Prayer Requests:

  • Strength and wisdom in the ministry.
  • Guidance, protection, and good health for my family and me.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Norberto Palmerola Jr.

June 2017

Glory to God for HE is good to my family.

The Lord continues to meet our needs in extraordinary ways. My children are blessed because they’re growing healthy and strong by the grace of God. Sophie my eldest is in 3rd grade, my second child, Precious is four years old, she stays at home with Princess, our youngest child. My wife home schools the children. Precious my four years old enjoys singing and is part of our praise and worship team, she also participates in the different Christian gatherings. People enjoy listening to her gifted voice. My wife is an instrumental part of our children’s lives, she takes God’s word and applies it to the training of our children and teaches them the way they should go so that when they become old, they will not depart from it. My wife is a blessing to our family as well as myself, she assists me in every ministry that God has entrusted, and always reminds me about my commitment to the Lord. Thanks be to God for all His blessings.

Prayer Requests:

  • Good health for my family.
  • Daily financial provision.
  • Prayer for the studies of Sophie that she will be successful and get higher grades.
  • Constant love and devotion to God.

Praise be to God because He continue to encourage us as workers in the Carreta fellowship. We have discouragements especially when it comes to the dirty surroundings and people with bad attitudes at the cemetery. But God reminds us that they have souls that need to be fed by the Word of God. We do have people who serve faithfully and join us in fellowship despite the harshness. We have our adult bible study every Saturday and our worship service every Sunday. Our attendance fluctuates at times due to unexpected circumstances, we understand that some situations cannot be avoided, but we remember that our Lord is in control of all circumstances. I am so thankful to God because He is faithful and encourages me through His Word.

Prayer Requests:

  • Spiritual growth among the members.
  • Pray that more souls will come and worship with us.

Donating blood.

God certainly moves in mysterious ways. He knows just what we needed. This month we partnered with the Department of Health and CFFI Foundations. I donated blood, and they mentioned that it is a good cleansing for the body, they also offered a free steam massage which helped relieved me of some of my body pains, I also received a free acupuncture. Praise God. As a servant of God, we need a healthy body so that we can do great things for the Lord. And by His grace we can continue to follow and obey His will. Just this month I distributed bibles to some of the Carreta fellowship members. They were so estatic and joyful upon receiving it. To God be the Glory.

Prayer Requests:

  • Good health for my family and also for every believer.
  • More love and commitment from the Carreta Fellowship members.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Norberto

May 2017

Praise God for the Carreta Ministry. God continues to bless our church and ministry. Our bible studies and Sunday worship continue to attract new hungry souls. They come and enjoy the fellowship of the brothers and sisters. At first it may be awkward for them, but later they accept and enjoy worshipping God through action songs, and God’s word. One visitor we recently had is Elizabeth, she is 35 yrs. old with two children. Last Saturday was her second time joining us for worship, and we encouraged her to come on a regular basis and join the worship. We did pray for her family and reminded her that Jesus loves her and her children. She replied joyfully and said she will continue to come.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray that Elizabeth will be true to her words and will become a true follower of Jesus
  • Pray for a commitment in her walk with Jesus Christ

We recently had a personal testimony from a lady who attends the free meal and teaching.

“I am Celia, I’ve live inside Carreta Chinese Cemetery for the last 3 yrs. I have a daughter and I have raised her alone. My life has been full of trouble and pain. It’s not easy to find a job when you only have an elementary education. Looking for a stable job with a higher wage is impossible. I take any job offered no matter how hard it is. I accepted laundry, helper, caretaker, and I sale different kinds things just to survive. I feel very tired, but I have no choice because I have a daughter and I love her so much. That’s why I’m so thankful to have been invited by my friend to join their feeding. She said there is a burger and rice soup and it’s free. I joined with my daughter and I’m so happy because I heard about the love of Jesus. Even though, I have felt like a reject in my life, I’ve learned that there’s hope and real joy in Jesus. Now, I promised to myself that no matter how busy I am I will give time to God and know Him more. I will continue to call upon Him, especially during my sad moments. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me hope and putting a smile on my face knowing that you are there loving me. To God be the glory.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Celia’s spiritual maturity
  • Please pray for a stable job

Vacation is nearly finished and classes will resume once again. Knowing that the children in Carreta are poor our main concern was the children’s school supplies. We prayed that God would open the opportunity for the school to supply the children with the supplies needed. Indeed, God is good because He granted and answered our requests. City Church was used by God and our children in Carreta were provided with school supplies. In His own time, he will answer our prayers. The children went home very happy while bringing their new bags and school supplies. To God be the glory.

Prayer Request:

  • Please pray for the children in Carreta will acknowledge the goodness of God
  • Please pray that the children will become true followers of Jesus

Yours in Christ, Norberto Palmerola Jr.

March 2017

It’s so wonderful to see families worshiping the Lord. Inside the cemetery where our church is located, it is rare to see a whole family being one in faith and belief. Most of the people living in the cemetery are just after the material blessing they can receive especially food. That is why I am always encouraging everyone to invite a family member to our Bible study and worship nights. I’m thankful because Francisca Malapit and her two daughters Geralyn and Nida are always there. Francisca’s husband is not as faithful because of his work, but there were moments that their family was complete during our fellowship. They listen attentively to the Word of God and sings very cheerfully during our praise and Worship.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray the Malapit family will grow spiritually
  • Pray that they will invite friends and neighbors

I praise and thank the Lord for our Wednesday prayer meeting and Bible study where we gather their prayer requests and thanksgiving. We let them participate in every topic that we have so that they can have a deeper understanding of it. They’re also free to ask questions, and we listen to their suggestion as to how to improve our fellowship.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray Each group and family will grow spiritually
  2. That they will follow the schedule and participate
  3. Pray they will invite others

Serving with you, Pastor Norberto

February 2017

015I thank the Lord and praise Him because He continually blesses my family and the ministry He entrusted to me. My wife and children continue to help in the ministry. My wife teaches the children the Word of God and leads them in worship songs. My children help in the church as well, my second child Precious will often sing alongside my wife at church. I am so blessed to have them because they make it easier for me to do work that God has for me. To God be the glory!

Prayer Requests:

  • Good health for my family
  • Wisdom and Protection
  • Consistent dedication and commitment to God

It’s amazing how God works mysteriously in the life of each one in Carreta. Our Bible study meets every Saturday, and all of them are very attentive to understanding and obeying the word of God. We have several new people who have joined our fellowship. However, some will not participate because of personal reasons. On Sunday we have twenty to thirty adults attending. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests:

  • More souls will come and worship
  • They will grow spiritually
  • Carreta members will also lead others to Christ

I praise and thank the Lord because it was an answer to prayer to see the ministry in Carreta growing. We’re praying that once a week we can gather and have a midweek prayer meeting, and praise the Lord one has already started. Through this gathering, I trust that new believers in Jesus will know how to pray and communicate with God. They need a strong weapon to grow in the Lord. Through prayer, they can cast all their worries and cares on Him. Sharing their prayer requests is a new thing for them because they are not used to others supporting them in prayer. This is one of the core truths of the Gospel I am trying to teach them.

Prayer Requests:

  • Midweek prayer meeting will continue.
  • The people will be encouraged to grow in Prayer

Pastor Norberto

December 2016

np_carretafellowship1_11-16It is really amazing to see God at work in the Carreta Cemetery Christian Fellowship! The ministry here has not stopped, but instead continues to grow. Thanks be to God! One family that has been active is the Malapit family. Three of the sisters were new in our fellowship, but I can see their eagerness to learn from the Word of God. Every Saturday and Sunday, they are there very early and excited to be in the fellowship. They are interested to hear and participate during our worship. These three sisters encourage me to be always faithful and keep on believing that there are souls being prepared by God; hungry and thirsty souls that will really come to Jesus. By the grace of God, I will not stop the inviting the people inside the cemetery. Even though many may reject, some will respond, in God’s timing. To God be the Glory!

  • Please pray that the people will continue to be active in the fellowship, grow spiritually, and bring friends with them.

Every year, Christians from different part of the Philippines will gather together to celebrate the goodness of God. This event is called “Jesus Reigns.” Here in Cebu City, Christians from the north and south had a grand celebration as well as a time of fellowship with believers. The members from the Carreta Cemetery Christian Fellowship joined this event and experienced the love of God from other brothers and sisters in Christ, from different churches. There was a parade, and during the evening, a speaker gave a wonderful message that encouraged and reminded everyone of how powerful our God is and that He can make things possible, according to His will. Everybody enjoyed the presentation as well as the praise and worship time. It ended late, but we were still very blessed.

  • Please pray that our members in Carreta will not forget the wonderful message, and that they will encourage others to attend next time.

np_carretafellowship2_11-16Praise God as Sunday worship attendance has been increasing! It’s really an answered prayer to have 20-30 adults joining the worship. It’s good to know that they were responding already to the call of God. I know that our place of worship could be cleaner and more presentable, but what’s more important is that God’s Word must be preached. Even though the living situation inside the cemetery is a temporary solution, I believe that wherever the people go, the Word of God will remain.

  • Please pray that we can find a place where we can worship outside the cemetery.
  • Please pray that our members will become spiritually mature.
December 2015

Pastor Norberto and his family

“The name of the Lord is to be praised.” These are the words that I have heard from the mouth of Mrs. Pelaez who is a widow. She has four children who are married, but are still very dependent on her. She is the one who takes care of her grandchildren even at her old age. I can see the sadness in her eyes as she shares her struggles in her family. Even though she is tired, she desires more strength so that she can still take care of her family. She is very thankful that she has joined the fellowship and hears God’s word. She is encouraged to know that there is a real God who is always there for her and her family. Every feeding and worship time, she brings her grandchildren so that together, they can receive physical and spiritual nourishment.

  • Please pray for Mrs. Pelaez, that she will really understand the Gospel.
  • Pray that she and her whole family will be saved.

 Praise be to God for He is good and indeed a great healer for all of us! This past month, my three children were in bad health. My eldest daughter suffered from mumps and fever, she was absent from school for a week. She had missed a lot of school activities. I brought her with me to the Jesus Reigns event, and then after to Jollibee to eat her favorite food. She was so happy. The other two children suffered from a cough, colds, and fever. Then, my second daughter was suffering from mumps. She could hardly eat because it was painful. Thanks be to God that my 11 month old baby is doing well, by the grace of God.

  • Please pray for good health for my whole family.
  • Pray for God’s provision and spiritual preservation.
  • Pray for strength and wisdom for the ministry.

God wants His Name to be exalted to every part of this world! This past November, Christians from every part of the Philippines gathered together for an event known as Jesus Reigns. Every year, Christians have made this commitment for Jesus’ Name to be glorified. There is a grand parade and presentations to exalt and lift up His Name; He is alive! Thanks be to God because every year, thousands of Christians join together for this big event to celebrate God’s greatness and goodness for everyone. To God be the glory!

  • Please pray for the unity of all Christians in proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Pray for no divisions among each church.

Pastor Norberto