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I praise and thank the Lord for the brothers and sisters from other countries who come to share the love of God. Just this past week, Korean visitors came to the church. We invited the neighborhood to participate in worship with us. The group did songs and skits to worship Jesus, everyone participated and enjoyed the experience. The Word of God is the best reminder of the love of God for us. I interpreted the message so that everyone could hear it in their own language. The people went home happy and satisfied, especially since we ended the event with snacks. To God be the glory.

The big day arrived with much praise and worship to God for answering our prayers. We celebrated our second anniversary, only possible through God’s grace and all our needs were met. Pastor Cris Pano gave a message about the goodness of God with each ministry offering their talents through dance, skits, and songs. Randy offered a fantastic song of praise to our King. Everyone was blessed, and the food was joyed together with wonderful fellowship.

Praise the Lord for the celebration of our church, possible only through God’s grace and goodness.

  • Pray for our influence on the community and for more people to come to know God as their personal Lord and Savior.

It is a great blessing from God to be in His service because you get to meet so many kinds of people of many different ages to minister with and serve God. My wife has musical talent and is always praying to find people to train for the praise and worship team. She is teaching the youth to play the guitar, starting with Sammy, who helps clean the church and is the brother of Manny. I have shared Manny’s story in previous reports and how he is physically blind. Sammy is in his second year of high school. He is a new believer and shy about having a conversation but he is polite and listens. We are seeking to encourage him to participate in the church. The family has a sad background story, the father was an alcoholic and hurt their mother, so she fled with the children here to Cebu. They are living with their step-father and two younger siblings. Sammy’s mother is concerned about him as he would return home quite late at night, sometimes at dawn. We encourage his mother, Maria, to trust that God can touch his heart and change his character as nothing is impossible with God. We encourage Sammy to practice the guitar and to engage in positive activities with the believers rather than keeping bad company.

  • Pray for Sammy and Manny to grow in their faith and for their family.

This month God gave us another blessing. We received two new music speakers from a brother in Christ. We praise God for using people to meet our needs. The music for praise and worship was terrific with no static, and the songs were smooth and lovely to hear. Praise the Lord for this blessing to our church.

  • Pray for the praise and worship team to be encouraged in their commitment to serve God.

Renato has been worshiping with us for a year already. He is the father of Reniel, one of our active youth who is supported in the scholarship program. Reniel’s involvement was a result of the children’s feedings every Saturday. The family used to be Roman Catholics, but due to our Bible study, they started to understand the concept of salvation. We prayed for this family to come to faith. We no longer see idols or statues in their house; their altar has been removed. We are so happy to see God working in their hearts. Just recently, Renato invited us to celebrate his birthday and to pray for him on this particular occasion in his life. To God be the glory.

  • Pray for Renato and his family to grow in their faith in God.
  • Pray for the church members spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Pray for new Bible study contacts.
  • Pray for health and protection for the pastor, his family, and the church members.

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Pastor Norberto’s Testimony

My name is Norberto Palmerola, and I am from Agusan Del Sur on the Island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. I was born into a Christian family, and my father was the pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in Trento, Agusan del Sur. My mother was a Sunday school teacher and taught me about God’s love and purpose for all people.

She taught me that many people could not experience God’s purpose because of sin. According to her sin was what you say, think, and do that is not pleasing in the sight of God. She told me that we are all born sinners, and the punishment for sin was separation from God in a place called Hell. But she said that God loves us so much that while we were still sinners Jesus died for us and paid the penalty for our sin at Calgary. Through Him, there is now a way to eternal life because Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. As I thought about these things, I felt the Lord drawing me to Him. I told my mother I wanted to become a disciple of Jesus. Together we kneeled, and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

God is consistent and trustworthy in His plans and purpose for my life. After my conversion, I was devoted to serving God to the best of my abilities. I won numerous awards in physical competitions and dedicated myself to the study of the Bible. I was the favorite son of my father because of my knowledge of Bible stories and my memorization of various books from Genesis to Revelation. I became known as the “little pastor” by the people in our community. I am proud to be a Pastor as this was the profession I desired from that young age.

In my high school years however my desires changed. I was hesitant to study in the pastoral ministry because of the many discouragements I saw from Pastors who were in financially hard places as my family had been. My father was not able to support me in college because he did not receive a salary from the church. I had to work hard then study long hours to survive and attend college. I grew exceedingly frustrated and decided to stop my studies and began to be influenced by nonbelievers who did many worldly things.

I was unhappy about the things we did because I knew I was a child of God and that I was not pursuing His purpose in my life. I realized how unprofitable my life had become and decided I would return to studying pastoral ministry at the Bible School in North Cotabato. At last, I again felt fulfilled in pursuing the Lord’s calling on my life. The Lord grew within me a passion and love for lost souls, and I have carried this in my heart since that time. After graduating, I went to the CKC School of Theology and studied under Southern Baptist Professors. I then planted a church in the Carreta Cemetary in Cebu caring for living souls who lived in the cemetery. In January 2018 I was able to transfer pastorship of this area to a nearby pastor and my family, and I moved to Guadalupe, Cebu to plant a new church. The Lord is trustworthy, and we are stepping out in Faith as the Lord leads us into this new area.

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