Lito Jamisola

Recent Ministry

Children are precious in the sight of the Lord. We praise God for the rapid growth of our children’s ministry.  Just seven months ago, when we first started, we struggled to gather even a few children because of the rivalry between the communities. We prayed, planned, and developed strategies to improve our outreach and prepared for implementing the AWANA program. We intentionally trained the local young people with our existing volunteers to teach this program. This month we started with the first lesson. We were surprised by the intense excitement of the children, they arrived early, and many brought their friends. It was such a blessing to see their joy, especially as this month is all about the Bible. We divided the children and volunteers into four clubs for the games and counsel time. The games were a huge incentive for the children to arrive early. The program has three parts, the large-group time to sing praises together and listen to the Bible story, game time for playing and friendship building, and counsel time with the smaller groups so the volunteers can minister to the children more individually and the children can express their feelings and ask questions. It is so heartwarming to see the children come to Jesus, bringing their Bibles every Sunday with smiling and laughing faces.

  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the children as they journey with us in learning God’s Word.
  • Pray for the courage and joy of our volunteers as they serve the Lord by ministering to the children.
  • Pray for the local young people who run the AWANA and feeding program by themselves on the last Sunday of every month, when we give our volunteers a rest day. Pray for wisdom and provision.

At first, Nikkie only attended church for worship and then went home. But when she committed to being a volunteer, she grew to love ministering and become more active in many areas including the youth ministry, praise and worship, and church outreach. We praise God as we see her growing in the Lord and witness deepening love for God and His work. Her passion for God and compassion for the children bring them closer to her. Nikkie is such a fantastic teacher that the children gather close to hear speak about God, even perching on the top of the wall to listen and participate. Nikkie volunteers every week in the outreach program and the children are so excited to greet her.

  • Pray for Nikkie’s heart as she grows deeper in her relationship with God.
  • Pray for the children in her group to grow in the Lord as they become more connected with each other and her.

Small groups are the best avenue for individuals to grow both in knowledge and relationships. Rhea Mae is one of our small group volunteers. She was hesitant the first time we invited her to join us, but eventually, her curiosity overcame her fear, and she is now volunteering every Sunday. The children are growing close to her and eager to learn about God and to grow in their relationship with God. It is so encouraging to see them interact during the discussion and pour out to their struggles as they look to Rhea Mae for guidance.

  • Pray for Rhea Mae to continue growing and showing compassion for the lost.
  • Pray for the children to continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord despite their young age and to hold fast to his truths as they grow.

This year, one of our goals was to invite our new brothers and sisters in the Lord from the outreach location to a corporate worship service with other believers. We struggled to accomplish this due to the distance between the mother church and the outreach location. Just this month we held a praise night at the mother church and invited the young people from the outreach location. We also faced challenges since many of the parents were uncertain about allowing their children to join the event. We prayed and asked God to bless our invitation; finally, a majority of parents let their children come. To my amazement, thirteen youth came and experienced the sweetness of God’s presence through corporate worship with other believers. God answered our prayers to give this experience to the young people. We asked for their feedback after the event, and they were so thankful for what they learned and the blessings they received. I asked the parents too, and their response was positive. We praise God that we have gained their trust.

  • Pray for the continual courage and joy of these young people as they serve God.
  • Pray that we can reach the parents of these youth as well.

On the return trip after the praise event, while we were in the car hearing testimonies and experiences, something unexpected went wrong. The car we had borrowed stopped in the middle of the road and would not budge. John, the driver, got out to check what had happened and found that the rear wheel had detached from the car. We unloaded the passengers and found shelter on the side of the road. The challenging part was none of us knew how to fix the car, there were no available tools in the car and the repair shops were all closed. I called the owner of the vehicle for help, but because of the distance and severe traffic, it would take him several hours to arrive. We grew worried as the parents of the youth started calling asking what was happening and why their children were not home yet. After an hour of waiting, Blezeth called her father Greg (we have been doing a Bible study with him). He rode his motorcycle over and helped us fix the car about the time the owner also arrived. We were grateful that no one was hurt, and everyone got home safe and sound.

  • Pray for a better method of transportation.
  • Pray for safety when we travel.

It has been almost a year since we started the weekly group Bible study under the shade of a tree since there was no room available inside. The place has not been conducive for learning or comfortable for everyone because of the many disturbances by people passing by, noisily playing basketball and getting wet on rainy days. Despite all the challenges, the people are eager to learn the Word of God and the numbers grow every week. They have been requesting to have a proper Sunday worship.

In previous reports, I mentioned our prayers for a more convenient place for worship and mentioned Emilda, our new sister in the Lord, who offered her piece of land. God answered our prayers through the help of our Korean brethren from Cebu Korean Church. We started construction in December and finished recently. Everyone is enjoying the comfort and safety inside the church building.

God has created everything, and so it is proper to acknowledge his ownership and glorify His name.  When we finished the church building, we planned a simple celebration with the church members and neighbors. Many visitors wanted to come including the Mayor and his subordinates, and we started feeling pressured to expect a massive celebration, we were concerned about finances but trusted that God would provide what we needed. God is our good provided. We dedicated the building to the Lord, last month, and many came to witness the goodness of God and celebrate with us. The Korean Brethren from Cebu Korean church, the municipal engineer and other representatives from the Mayor’s office, the members of our mother church, the neighbors, friends and church members made quite a merry gathering. We lacked in nothing, and God provided an abundance, more than we needed.

  • Pray that this building will be a channel of blessing and transformation of the lives in the community.
  • Pray for the church to be a witness to the surrounding community.

Pray for the final needs to be met, the construction is finished, but we are still gathering the small supplies such as musical instruments, tables, chairs, and kitchen supplies. Give thanks for the quick construction and blessing of having a location indoors to praise God and learn from his Word.

Two years ago, God impressed upon my heart the vision of planning a community church. It seemed impossible to me; I did not have any idea or experience of how to do this.  It was a big step of faith and entirely outside of my comfort zone. I shared this desire with my co-pastors, friends, and family; many of them advised me not to resign from my position and not to pursue this desire. But God’s conviction was so firm in my heart to plant a community church in remote places where most pastors do not want to go. In January of 2018, I obeyed God’s calling and trusted his assurance that He is with me. Through prayers and community surveys, God led me to the two communities of Sitio Bankerohan and Sitio Libo. We started reaching these communities in June after months of groundwork, and by God’s mercy and grace through the help of many volunteers, my vision has been realized. We had our first corporate Sunday worship service with the people in the community. They are so thankful to know and serve the Lord.

  • Pray for the transformation of the entire community.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the new believers in Christ.
  • Pray for God to add more people to His church every day.
  • Pray that we can be more effective in ministering to these communities.

After our morning worship service, the people asked me if we still have a Bible study in the afternoon.  To my complete surprise, I said yes. They returned in the afternoon for a more in-depth look at God’s Word at the same time as we met before. Now, instead of meeting in the shade of the tree, we have an indoor space to gather that is more conducive to learning. The bible study is more focused and more people are participating in our discussions. There are even new men and women who are attending.

  • Pray for the people to go deeper in their knowledge of God and for their faith to be rooted in God’s Word.
  • Pray for them to be empowered to apply everything they have learned from God’s Word.

At our first worship service, I met Mary Ann. She did not look familiar to me as it was my first time meeting her. I greeted her and asked for her name and background. I was surprised to learn that she is a neighbor of Ailyn and Greg, the couple that I disciple every Friday and Saturday. Then I asked who invited her to church, she said no one and began to tell me her story. She said, “every time you had a Bible study with Greg and Ailyn, I pretended to do laundry and secretly listened from the other side of the wall. Nobody noticed me, not even my husband, and I did this for many months. When I learned there was a worship service, I was excited and very happy, so I came.” As we talked, she asked if there was a Bible study in the afternoon, so I told her yes. That afternoon, she was back with her best friend, Tessie. Now Mary Ann has joined the livelihood program and is active in the church activities. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for Mary Ann’s constant joy and courage in serving the Lord.
  • Pray for Tessie to grow in the Lord along with Mary Ann.

Seven months ago, when I first introduced the livelihood program to the community, it was rough to get it going. Many of the people did not trust the program due to previous bad experiences by other livelihood programs. But we were able to gather a small group of curious individuals and God blessed the project, and it grew. After the first profit-sharing last December, many more people were interested in joining and investing. We have expanded to three big groups with many new members. This is an exciting time as they are a captured audience to hear the gospel because they are required the attend the values formation every week which is taught from God’s Word.  Despite the extra work of collecting the necessary supply of raw materials, I am thrilled to have so many people who can hear the gospel. Most of the current group are women.  I am thinking of reaching their husbands, many of whom are fishermen, by helping them improve their fishing equipment and strategies. God is using the livelihood program to penetrate the community and saturate them with the Word of God.

  • Pray for an increase in capital to enable the program to grow and expand so they can earn more money to help with their daily expenses.
  • Pray for my desire to help the fisherman come to pass and for the opportunity to share the gospel with the men.

Antonio and Jenny are a young couple; Jenny is the sister of Ailyn. We had invited them many times to attend the weekly study, but they were unwilling. They had many excuses and would walk away when I arrived. This past month was a blessing in disguise; God used their circumstances to draw them to Him. Antonio was sick, and it had already been a month without any improvement; eventually, they came to the Bible study to ask for prayer. Before I prayed with them, I shared the gospel, and they both accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jenny is attending the worship service, but Antonio is not yet able to come due to his illness. They are continuing to learn the Bible. Glory to God.

  • Pray for Antonio and Jenny to continue to hunger and thirst for God’s Word.
  • Pray for Antonio to be physically healed; he has been sick for two months and unable to work.
  • Pray for their daily provision, especially as they have a one-month-old baby.
  • Pray for good health for the church members; many are sick due to the unstable weather conditions.
  • Pray for good health and strength for my family; we have also been ill with physical weakness.
  • Pray for provision, wisdom, guidance, and strength as we prepare for upcoming activities — DVBS, music workshop and our first youth camp.

Pastor Lito Jamisola’s Testimony

My name is Joselito, and I was born in the city of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. I grew up in a family that believed in multiple religions. My father was a devoted Roman Catholic, my mother a backslidden protestant, my eldest brother went to the Iglesia ni Cristo, my two older brothers attend the Seventh Day Adventist church. The rest of my siblings and I did not care about church growing up and usually went with the flow of what the different family members were doing. Often there were debates in our home, and these discussions created curiosity and questions in my heart. This was when I started seeking the truth.

On April 8, 1996, Pastor Ramil Rodriguez from Masgad Evangelical Free Church came to our home and shared the gospel of salvation to my entire family and me. At that moment I understood the message of salvation and realized my sinfulness. I surrendered my life to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. From that day forward I began going to church and was involved in the ministry and continued to grow in the knowledge of God’s word.

After my conversion I became active in the church, one day during my devotion time I meditated on Matthew 9:37 “Then He said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” I was convicted and felt disturbed by this verse, I then prayed and asked for advice from my pastor. After a few years passed, I became convinced that the Lord had called me into pastoral ministry. I decided to go to Bible college to further my training and preparation for the ministry. I am excited to take the Gospel to the people of my city who do not know God and am prepared for Him to bring many to Salvation.

It was in August of 2016 that God impressed on my heart the desire to plant a church in my community and the surrounding areas. It was a big struggle for my wife and me because we are part of a church and were very comfortable with the ministry we did. When I shared my vision with my wife, she was hesitant about leaving the church that we loved. The thought of starting a church from scratch was frightening. My wife was financially scared not knowing or understanding how we would support the ministry and ourselves. In February 2017, I attended a church planting training in Tacloban, my heart broke, and I wasn’t able to sleep. While I was in the hotel, I cried out to my Lord, “Lord if you called me to this ministry, please call my family too.” When I went home I said to my wife, “God called me to plant churches, will you go with me?” My wife without hesitation said yes! So, we took a two-week vacation to spend time with the Lord and to seek his guidance on this new journey. God is so good and sovereign even in the small details of our life. In the latter part of 2017, God used Pastor Cris Paño to introduce me to White Fields, and it was a great joy and privilege to become part of this big family, White Fields.

In January 2018 we had a vision casting with my core team leaders. God impressed into our hearts a clear mission, vision, and core values. Our primary goal is to make disciples; we desire to lead atheists or unbelievers to become disciple makers of Jesus Christ. Our mission statement is, “Leading people to have a personal and growing relationship with God.” Our vision statement is, “Multiplying healthy churches in our community and beyond.”

Our target area is in the town of Consolacion Cebu. Consolacion is composed of 21 Barangays, and Tayud is the biggest Barangay with a population of 20, 000 registered voters as of a 2015 survey. Barangay Tauyd itself is a vast place. I prayed for God to lead me to a specific community in the area. I praised the Lord that He led me to Sitio Bankeruhan, Tayud Consolacion Cebu. More than 200 families are living in this very remote coastal area. When I saw the place, my heart ached upon seeing the people living below the poverty line. My heart desired to go to the remote sites where most pastors and ministers do not want to go. God moved my heart to lead these people to have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. My vision is to reach out to this entire community in Christ not only for their spiritual status but their way of living as well.

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