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Youth ministry is fun but also challenging. These young people are the future leaders in the church, and we need to carefully and intentionally disciple them into Christ-likeness. If we miss this opportunity, we will lose the next generation.

Youth 4 Jesus Camp 2019

Since these youth are also young in their faith, we desired to organize a youth camp designed for their level and spiritual need.  This task seemed impossible because of the many barriers. Our time to plan and prepare was too short, the reasonable expenses too big, and many of the parents were concerned about allowing their children to join us due to costs, and especially since this was our first time organizing this type of youth camp. We are still trying to establish good relationships and trust with the parents as well. The night before the camp, one of the fathers was so angry that he tore up the parent’s consent paper. He did not want his daughter to attend the camp. Early the next morning, I talked with him and tried to explain the purpose and benefits, he was hesitant but finally allowed his daughter to join us with the promise of us caring for her. Despite these obstacles, God is gracious and kind. Our “Youth for Jesus” (Y4J) camp was triumphant and victorious. Two months were spent on planning, preparing, and funding. I asked three pastors, who are close friends, to help. We set the goal of forty campers with ten counselors and staff, and surprisingly, God gave us sixty-five campers with twenty-one counselors and staff. Twenty-three campers and seven counselors were from our church. Glory to God.

This was a first-time experience for many of the meaningful and transforming love and grace of God. After the camp, we heard many inspiring and victorious testimonies from the youth and parents declaring the mighty works of God in their lives. The young people are now more active and eager in serving the Lord in the church.

  • Pray for the continual transformation in the lives of these young people.
  • Pray for their spiritual growth as they gain knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Pray for God to use them to reach their unbelieving parents.

In previous reports, I shared about Gea, who was a timid and shy individual for many years. She would just come to attend the worship service, and that was the extent of her involvement. But when we encouraged her to become a part of the praise and worship team, she started to excel in serving in ministry. This month, we allowed her to lead the team for our first “Daily Vacation Bible School” in the community. We have seen her commitment, skills, and exemplary devotion to God by leading this team with humility and clear direction despite a hectic schedule.

  • Pray for Gea’s influence in ministry.
  • Pray for her spiritual growth and continued desire and availability to serve God at the church.

Discipleship is a significant command from Jesus in his great commission. As our church is now four months old, despite its newness, it is crucial for me to train and disciple leaders in the church to stand firm as pillars. My goal and focus this year is to educate and establish leaders beyond just the classroom setting. I am intentionally teaching through the scripture and using an apprenticeship model to send them out. We have a discipleship session, and then I send the groups of three to do door-to-door evangelism and follow-up. We praise God that despite their young faith, these believers are sharing the gospel and leading Bible studies. We now have four groups who regularly evangelize and handle the Bible studies each week.

  • Pray for more people to be willing to be equipped and used for God’s Kingdom, for the women to be ready and available to continue to grow in the Lord.
  • Pray for these women to be able to reach their husbands and children with the gospel.

Mothers have a crucial and distinctive role in the family, community, and church. I could not imagine the world, neighborhood, church, or family without the contribution and impact of women. We are blessed to have many Godly women in the church, and we celebrated our first Mothers’ Day together. It was emotional for many, as this was their first experience of this occasion. During the celebration, we asked the children to give honor to their mothers publicly. Many of the mothers were surprised by their children’s open requests for forgiveness and expressions of love. Relationships were reconciled, and many grew deeper. The simple act of devotion changed these individuals for a lifetime.

Women’s Day Celebration!

  • Pray for these women to continue to grow in the Lord and be agents of transformation in their families and communities.
  • Pray for more women to stand up and shine in the church and their families.

The Kids for the King children’s ministry continues each week. We praise God that he has entrusted us with so many children to disciple into Christlikeness. Our Korean Christian friends from Cebu Korean Church come once a month to teach the children from the Bible and show the love of God through tangible, simple gifts. Most of the children are from one community where we do outreach, and some of the parents have started to attend the church each Sunday.

  • Pray for these young children to continue to grow in the Lord.
  • Pray for our Korean brethren, for God to bless them so they may be a blessing to others.

The school year is fast approaching. One of the struggles many parents face is to provide school supplies in addition to the tuition fees and uniforms. These supplies are getting more expensive each year, and most of the community are living below the poverty level. As a tangible way to show the love of Christ to the parents and children in our area, we gave bundles of school supplies to one-hundred and twenty-five kids as gifts. I praise God for this ability to give generously from the church despite our own financial situation as many of the church members are jobless. I praise God that we have learned to trust God more in our church finances, and through this gift, we touched many lives for Christ Jesus. The parents and children are thankful for what they received, but most of all, they are grateful for the love of Christ.

  • Pray for our unemployed church members to find jobs so they can support their families.
  • Pray for the opening of school to be smooth.
  • Pray for God to continue to provide provision for the church. My wife has been unemployed for a month, pray for a new job opportunity, and our daily needs as well.
  • Pray for our campus ministry starting this month. We are training and using seventeen active youth to start several small group Bible studies on campus. This is a big step for our ministry, pray for its success.
  • Pray for the establishment of influential leaders in the church.
  • Pray for our daily church tutorial that starts soon to have God’s provision and clear direction. We desire to plan another church in the next year, pray for God’s vision and guidance.


           It’s been a year that we continue to reach out to the community in Tayud. We had tried our best to disciple them to become like Christ. Still many are hesitant to accept our message and others are starting to persecute the new believers but we praise God that there still more who are interested in the gospel and God has preserved his elect.

           This month we continue to do our community values formation by teaching the community with the word of God and ministering them holistically. There are few members who got discouraged because of the persecutions and bullying that they have heard from the neighbors but we did our best to encourage and minister to them by helping them understand that persecution is part of our cost of following Jesus. Despite the challenges, still many are interested and have come to the meeting. I also praise God for the life of Elvie Revira who continually helps me in this endeavor.

  • Please pray for our brethren to stand in their faith as they face trials and persecutions.
  • Please pray for the salvation and transformation of the entire community.

Pastor Lito Jamisola’s Testimony

My name is Joselito, and I was born in the city of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. I grew up in a family that believed in multiple religions. My father was a devoted Roman Catholic, my mother a backslidden protestant, my eldest brother went to the Iglesia ni Cristo, my two older brothers attend the Seventh Day Adventist church. The rest of my siblings and I did not care about church growing up and usually went with the flow of what the different family members were doing. Often there were debates in our home, and these discussions created curiosity and questions in my heart. This was when I started seeking the truth.

On April 8, 1996, Pastor Ramil Rodriguez from Masgad Evangelical Free Church came to our home and shared the gospel of salvation to my entire family and me. At that moment I understood the message of salvation and realized my sinfulness. I surrendered my life to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. From that day forward I began going to church and was involved in the ministry and continued to grow in the knowledge of God’s word.

After my conversion I became active in the church, one day during my devotion time I meditated on Matthew 9:37 “Then He said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” I was convicted and felt disturbed by this verse, I then prayed and asked for advice from my pastor. After a few years passed, I became convinced that the Lord had called me into pastoral ministry. I decided to go to Bible college to further my training and preparation for the ministry. I am excited to take the Gospel to the people of my city who do not know God and am prepared for Him to bring many to Salvation.

It was in August of 2016 that God impressed on my heart the desire to plant a church in my community and the surrounding areas. It was a big struggle for my wife and me because we are part of a church and were very comfortable with the ministry we did. When I shared my vision with my wife, she was hesitant about leaving the church that we loved. The thought of starting a church from scratch was frightening. My wife was financially scared not knowing or understanding how we would support the ministry and ourselves. In February 2017, I attended a church planting training in Tacloban, my heart broke, and I wasn’t able to sleep. While I was in the hotel, I cried out to my Lord, “Lord if you called me to this ministry, please call my family too.” When I went home I said to my wife, “God called me to plant churches, will you go with me?” My wife without hesitation said yes! So, we took a two-week vacation to spend time with the Lord and to seek his guidance on this new journey. God is so good and sovereign even in the small details of our life. In the latter part of 2017, God used Pastor Cris Paño to introduce me to White Fields, and it was a great joy and privilege to become part of this big family, White Fields.

In January 2018 we had a vision casting with my core team leaders. God impressed into our hearts a clear mission, vision, and core values. Our primary goal is to make disciples; we desire to lead atheists or unbelievers to become disciple makers of Jesus Christ. Our mission statement is, “Leading people to have a personal and growing relationship with God.” Our vision statement is, “Multiplying healthy churches in our community and beyond.”

Our target area is in the town of Consolacion Cebu. Consolacion is composed of 21 Barangays, and Tayud is the biggest Barangay with a population of 20, 000 registered voters as of a 2015 survey. Barangay Tauyd itself is a vast place. I prayed for God to lead me to a specific community in the area. I praised the Lord that He led me to Sitio Bankeruhan, Tayud Consolacion Cebu. More than 200 families are living in this very remote coastal area. When I saw the place, my heart ached upon seeing the people living below the poverty line. My heart desired to go to the remote sites where most pastors and ministers do not want to go. God moved my heart to lead these people to have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. My vision is to reach out to this entire community in Christ not only for their spiritual status but their way of living as well.

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