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Light is significant in our lives because it is hard to live in the darkness, especially for the children. In my previous reports, I shared about the lack of electricity in the community, the seemingly impossible obstacles to installing power, and this makes it harder for the children to study and do their homework. God is sovereign in answering our prayers. The electrical company installed six electrical posts and connected to every house. The children will have light to study, and everyone is sleeping better, with less disturbance by mosquitoes and heat. My next project is for street lights. Give thanks for the blessings of electricity.

Our hope and transformation are by Christ alone because He is the God of love and second chances. This picture was one of our volunteer skits performed during the community feeding. The skit shares the image of a person who has been in bondage to the world’s wickedness but is set free and transformed when he found Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

The skit was indeed a picture of the life of the actor who played the part of Jesus. His name is Peter, and he has been a volunteer since we started this ministry. He is married and has a seven-year-old son. A few years ago, he became addicted and dependent on illegal drugs. This destroyed his family as his wife was unable to deal with his addiction and decided to separate from him. He was left without a family, home, direction or hope. When we saw the situation, my wife, myself and other concerned family and friends worked together to help the couple.  We mentored Peter and his wife. By God’s grace, just last year, their marriage was restored, and Peter is getting back to a normal life. They are both active in the church and participate in our church planting ministry. Peter is attending Bible school. Our hope is indeed in Christ alone!

  • Pray for Peter to no longer be tempted by these vices, no matter how strong the temptation.
  • Pray for the provision of their family, as due to Peter’s studies, his wife is the only one working to provide for their daily needs.

We praised God for his faithfulness in providing for the needs of His work. Every month it is a mystery and puzzle of how the funds for the monthly feedings of the children will be met. The Lord always provides. I see much growth in the children from this ministry. They are healthier, building friendships with each other, becoming more respectful and obedient as their characters are molded, and are showing so much excitement in being together. I rejoice most about the deep hunger and interest of the children in the Word of God.  This month, we had the children bring their plates, forks or spoons, and taught them how to wash their dishes after they ate. The parents were happy to see their children learning simple chores, and the children enjoyed the process as well. The children learned about obedience, cleanliness, orderliness, helpfulness, and diligence. Our goal is to teach Biblical values and practical living skills in the application of Biblical principles.


Praise God for the provision for the monthly feeding for over a hundred children and the witness this ministry brings to the community that opens doors for the gospel.

Our outreach ministry to Sitio Libo is growing and now includes seventy children and ten adults who regularly attend. Our relationships with the community are getting deeper; parents are offering their help to prepare and serve food. One of the residents, Nene, was allowing us to use her house as the location to gather the children every Sunday. Unfortunately, we will be unable to continue using this space in the future because it is being rented. We are searching for a vacant lot or house that is big enough to hold the entire group.

  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the children as they will be the future leaders of the church.
  • Pray for God to provide a large enough location for us to meet in the future in Sitio Libo.

The livelihood program in Sitio Bankerohan and Sitio Baha-Baha are growing and expanding their projects to include the production of a dishwashing liquid in addition to the detergent. The program provides additional income for the participants and is offering a healthy and productive alternative to the gambling and laziness that was characteristic of the community. The people are busy and enjoying what they are doing.

  • Continue praying for the livelihood program in Sitio Bankerohan and Sitio Baha-Baha.
  • Continue to pray for this program to open doors for the gospel.
  • Praise the Lord for this program’s role in enabling participants to apply Biblical principles by offering an opportunity for gaining a work ethic and earn an honest living.

The Friday discipleship class has been eager to have a corporate worship service, but we had not yet found a location. Praise the Lord for answered prayers, Emidia, offered to sell us the rights to use a vacant lot at a low price and we desire to construct a building before the end of the year.

  • Pray for the process to go smoothly and for the ability to start construction soon.
  • Pray for the safe delivery of the baby of Desiree; she is seven-months pregnant.

Pastor Lito Jamisola’s Testimony

My name is Joselito, and I was born in the city of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. I grew up in a family that believed in multiple religions. My father was a devoted Roman Catholic, my mother a backslidden protestant, my eldest brother went to the Iglesia ni Cristo, my two older brothers attend the Seventh Day Adventist church. The rest of my siblings and I did not care about church growing up and usually went with the flow of what the different family members were doing. Often there were debates in our home, and these discussions created curiosity and questions in my heart. This was when I started seeking the truth.

On April 8, 1996, Pastor Ramil Rodriguez from Masgad Evangelical Free Church came to our home and shared the gospel of salvation to my entire family and me. At that moment I understood the message of salvation and realized my sinfulness. I surrendered my life to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. From that day forward I began going to church and was involved in the ministry and continued to grow in the knowledge of God’s word.

After my conversion I became active in the church, one day during my devotion time I meditated on Matthew 9:37 “Then He said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” I was convicted and felt disturbed by this verse, I then prayed and asked advice from my pastor. After a few years passed, I became convinced that the Lord had called me into pastoral ministry. I decided to go to Bible college to further my training and preparation for the ministry. I am excited to take the Gospel to the people of my city who do not know God and am prepared for Him to bring many to Salvation.

It was in August of 2016 that God impressed on my heart the desire to plant a church in my community and the surrounding areas. It was a big struggle for my wife and I because we are part of a church and were very comfortable with the ministry we did. When I shared my vision with my wife, she was hesitant about leaving the church that we loved. The thought of starting a church from scratch was frightening. My wife was financially scared not knowing or understanding how we would support the ministry and ourselves. In February 2017, I attended a church planting training in Tacloban, my heart broke, and I wasn’t able to sleep. While I was in the hotel, I cried out to my Lord, “Lord if you called me to this ministry, please call my family too.” When I went home I said to my wife, “God called me to plant churches, will you go with me?” My wife without hesitation said yes! So, we took a two-week vacation to spend time with the Lord and to seek his guidance on this new journey. God is so good and sovereign even in the small details of our life. In the latter part of 2017, God used Pastor Cris Paño to introduce me to White Fields, and it was a great joy and privilege to become part of this big family, White Fields.

In January 2018 we had a vision casting with my core team leaders. God impressed into our hearts a clear mission, vision, and core values. Our primary goal is to make disciples; we desire to lead atheists or unbelievers to become disciple makers of Jesus Christ. Our mission statement is, “Leading people to have a personal and growing relationship with God.” Our vision statement is, “Multiplying healthy churches in our community and beyond.”

Our target area is in the town of Consolacion Cebu. Consolacion is composed of 21 Barangays, and Tayud is the biggest Barangay with a population of 20, 000 registered voters as of a 2015 survey. Barangay Tauyd itself is a vast place. I prayed for God to lead me to a specific community in the area. I praised the Lord that He led me to Sitio Bankeruhan, Tayud Consolacion Cebu. More than 200 families are living in this very remote coastal area. When I saw the place, my heart ached upon seeing the people living below the poverty line. My heart desired to go to the remote sites where most pastors and ministers do not want to go. God moved my heart to lead these people to have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. My vision is to reach out to this entire community in Christ not only for their spiritual status but their way of living as well.

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