Jun Romawac

Jun Romawac

Pastor Jun Romawac

What a joy it has been to serve the Lord here in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you very much for your support, love, and prayers for us. By the grace of God and His mercy, we are continuing to serve Him. It is a privilege for us to share the gospel and train people for His ministries; you are a part of each ministry that is done here.

Last month, I had the opportunity to go to Giporlos and Osmena, and visit two pastors in other towns. It was a privilege for me to encourage and challenge our local pastors to do God’s work in their places. God opened my eyes to see great needs in those areas. There is a big need to share the gospel and build churches in those difficult places. While we were there, we saw God’s hand upon the ministry. Six souls were saved and added to our local assembly, and five people were baptized.

  • Please do pray for the new believer’s Bible studies with our deacons, that the studies will help them to understand more about the Bible and help grow them in their faith.

We thank God for the children’s ministry! God presently gives us thirty-five children who attend the Bible class every Sunday and twenty-three in our outreach. God opened this ministry so that we can have contact with the children and their parents. More than that, we are used by God to teach Bible lessons and songs to the kids. We are helping to build biblical truths in the children’s lives–not all the kids are allowed to go to church, but they can know whom our Creator is, and that it is He who can save their souls. Besides our outreach for children at Sta. Rosa, we have another Bible class where fifteen kids attend. They are older children who don’t know how to read and write in English. This Christmas, we are having a party to celebrate and we plan to distribute some gifts to the children.

  • Please pray that the Lord will provide for the upcoming Christmas party, and that children will come to know the Lord.

I thank and praise God for His provisions because I was able to attend the 6th annual “Bless our Policemen” conference held at the Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel, Olangapo City. It was a humbling experience to meet some of the generals, policemen, and SAF that have trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

  • Please pray for all of our uniformed men, that they will trust and fear the Lord.

Our police ministry in Lawaan is continuing. I want to start a Bible study with our soldiers at a military camp in Lawaan. This December 24, I will be distributing twenty-five English Bibles and ten Tagalog Bibles.

  • Please pray that the Lord will soften the soldier’s hearts.

Nelida (my wife) and I are thankful for your unwavering partnership with us in the ministry in Lawaan. We appreciate your prayers and support as it assists us in continuing the work we are doing among our precious Lawaanon’s people. God bless you all, and Merry Christmas!