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Sharing the Gospel in Barili, Cebu

The Great Commission in the Bible commands believers to go and make disciples. We went to Barili, Cebu to share God’s Word with the people there, specifically the children and youth. Eight young people volunteered to be on the team. They could not keep the overflowing love God has for them and wanted to share it with others. Through the training last month with Campus Crusade Philippines, they obtained different strategies to approach people and share the gospel. Also, my wife trained and prepared them with another practical approach. Ultimately, God equipped each individual for this spiritual mission. The team arrived at their target destination after three-hours of travel from Lapu-Lapu city. We trekked up the mountains and arrived at the peak where the people were waiting. It was physically exhausting, but everyone was eager and ready to share God’s Word.

Sixty children joined us, and we divided them into three groups with their youth teachers. The leaders prepared each topic with their class materials, booklets, and visuals aids. The central theme was accepting Christ into their lives as their personal Lord and Savior. The creative groups presented how much they learned from their teachers in addition to their understanding of the gospel message. The children and youth enjoyed the activities that enable the essential topics to be absorbed more effectively. After the mission, our team evaluated the trip, and they found it fulfilling to know they have shared God’s love to other people, giving them the greatest gift of all.

  • Pray for the children and youth in Barili to grow in their new faith and understand of God’s Word.
  • Pray for the team members to be encouraged to continue showing and sharing God’s love with others in their neighborhoods.

“Blessed are they which are persecuted from righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10. We experienced success in our mission of sharing God’s Word, but persecution also occurred. After lunch, when we were returning to instruct the children and youth, a man came by and threatened our team, telling them not to continue speaking as the priest would be angry to hear that any other religion was teaching God’s Word in this place. Especially as the feast was coming soon, he said the priest might not have their mass in the area if they heard there was teaching happening there. When the man left, I encouraged the team not to be afraid of this man but that we needed to continue God’s commission to share the good news. God is great and has the victory!

  • Pray for the new believers in Barili to stand firm in their faith and not be swayed by the threats of others.
  • Pray for God to bring them peace and encouragement through His Word.
  • Pray for the pastor and his family to have good health.
  • Pray for the church planters and their ministries through the Philippines.
  • Pray for the land and building project of the Pajec church.
  • Pray for our field director, Pastor Cris and his family.

Jerry Quimat Testimony

My name is Jerry, and I was raised in a Christian family here in the Philippines. At the age of twelve, I committed my life to God and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and was baptized. While in high school, I had kidney problems and almost died. I was in the hospital for days and was transferred to another hospital, but my situation did not improve. I asked the Lord what His plan was for my life? I prayed for His perfect will and also asked God what he wanted me to do? I felt a firm conviction of the Holy Spirit and asked God to heal me and save me from death if his plan was for me to be in ministry. After I prayed, I experienced the hand of God in my life. The Lord healed me from my kidney problem, and the doctor was amazed at my recovery. I was discharged from the hospital, and my body was healed. I went back to high school and finished my studies, after high school, I enrolled in Bible school. It took me three years to complete my studies, once I was ready, I started working in a ministry, and I have been doing God’s work until this day.

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