Jerry Quimat

Recent Ministry

Brother Ading is my co-worker in Barili. He has been with me since I started in this location. When I was sick for a few months, Ading faithfully continued the Bible study and did all the visitations. I thank God for providing a person who maintained the Bible study despite my sickness and absence. God is faithful. In the past, Ading was a drunkard and gambler while still being a devoted Catholic and idol worshiper. He thought everything he did was pleasing to God, but after he was saved, God changed his life from doing wrong things to doing the things that are truly pleasing to God. Thank God for a helping hand in the ministry.

  • Pray for Ading to continue to serve God faithfully and to grow in his faith and knowledge of the Word of God as he teaches and leads the people.
  • Pray for Ading’s health, he was hospitalized for a few days for high blood pressure and is now recovering.
  • Pray for the people attending the Bible study to have a more profound desire for the Word of God.

I continue the work in the community of Japitan. Every week, I have a two to three-hour motorcycle drive to Japitan. I leave early to avoid traffic and the heat of the sun. This month I encountered hard rains during my travels due to the typhoons. I still feel a tightness in my neck when I move my head, and this causes me some concern. At this time there is no one to take on the responsibility in Japitan so I must continue to travel to this location to continue the ministry.

I have been visiting houses and grabbing every opportunity to share God’s Word and hand out tracks. So far, people have not shown much interest in listening or even reading the pamphlets. They are too busy gambling, drinking wine, or working to take even a single minute to listen. They do not want to be disturbed. As a human, this response has been very discouraging to me. Last week, I investigated more and found that many ministries have tried to reach this area but were rejected. The people here are very outwardly religious and devoted Catholics, but not following and obeying the true God. Some are drug addicts or take other vices. Despite these challenges, I still have a burden in my heart to continue to minister in this location.

  • Pray for the people in Japitan to open their hearts and minds to the gospel.
  • Pray for God to give me the wisdom of how to do the ministry and for me to be sensitive to His leading.
  • Pray for Pastor Jerry as he ministers in this area to persevere and persist in sharing the gospel despite the negative and discouraging responses.
  • Pray for God’s provision to build a permanent place of worship in Lapu-Lapu city.
  • Pray for every church planter in the Philippines to have safety, guidance, wisdom as they serve the people, and for good health for their entire family.

Jerry Quimat Testimony

My name is Jerry, and I was raised in a Christian family here in the Philippines. At the age of twelve, I committed my life to God and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and was baptized. While in high school, I had kidney problems and almost died. I was in the hospital for days and was transferred to another hospital, but my situation did not improve. I asked the Lord what His plan was for my life? I prayed for His perfect will and also asked God what he wanted me to do? I felt a firm conviction of the Holy Spirit and asked God to heal me and save me from death if his plan was for me to be in ministry. After I prayed, I experienced the hand of God in my life. The Lord healed me from my kidney problem, and the doctor was amazed at my recovery. I was discharged from the hospital, and my body was healed. I went back to high school and finished my studies, after high school, I enrolled in Bible school. It took me three years to complete my studies, once I was ready, I started working in a ministry, and I have been doing God’s work until this day.

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