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Recent Ministry

I was discharged from the hospital after eight days and stayed at my sister’s house for two weeks. I had a check-up with my ENT doctor, Dr. Gubantes and he said that what had happened to me was a close-to-death experience. He told me to thank God for saving me from that situation. He gave me the results of the biopsy of the swollen lump on my neck, and there were no signs of abnormalities. I also visited Dr. Verdillo and discussed my blood sugars. She prescribed medications to control my blood sugars and advised me on my eating and exercise habits. My wife and I returned to Cebu to continue resting.

Praise the Lord for healing Pastor Jerry.

  • Pray for no further medical sequela from this event, for full recovery and healing to continue the ministry.
  • Pray for Pastor Jerry to be able to rest and regain his strength.


My wife and I visited Barili. Boy, Baby, and Sister. Tilde was continuing the ministry in Barili during my medical leave of absence. I thanked them for their faithful service as they kept the Bible study. One of the workers of a pastor friend voluntarily helped by visiting as well. When night came, we had a prayer meeting despite the lack of electricity. I told them when I had gained enough strength, I will revisit them, as I still felt a little weak.

  • Pray for the ministry in Barili to continue.
  • Pray for the leaders who are ministering during Pastor Jerry’s absence, for their wisdom and courage as they continue to minister to the church members and the new believers.
  • Continue to pray for Dahlia Unabia and her complete healing from cancer.

Last Month Report

My sincerest apologies for not completing my regular ministry duties this past month. I suffered a physical ailment that left me bed-ridden for a month. My family and I appreciate the earnest prayers and support you extended to me during this time. I knew the power of prayer and was blessed by the pastors and people who visited me. We are grateful to Cris Pano for monitoring my situation and communicating with Pastor Steve. I am incredibly thankful for the prayers and financial assistance.

At first, I felt my tonsils swelling, and I had a small lump on the right side of my neck. It was not too annoying, and I continued the ministry in Barili, Cebu. While there, I suddenly had a fever. After the third day with a temperature, I decided to consult a physician.

I went to the Mactan Doctors Hospital, and they gave me medicine which I took for three days. The lump swelled more, so I went to a different doctor. He also gave me a prescription and instructions to return in a week. I went for the check-up but instead of the lump disappearing as expected, it was still there, so he gave me a different medicine. Five days later, I am still suffering from pain, and the lump was increasing in size. The Mactan Doctors Hospital had no vacancy, so we went to the Cebu City hospital. They would not admit me since their service is costly and I had no insurance.

We went to the emergency room in the public hospital in Cebu. It was very slow, and many different people checked me. My throat felt more irritated by their checks, and I thought they would admit me, but they said to come back in the next few days for tests to decide if I would be accepted. They did labs and an ultrasound. When the doctor touched my neck, it got more painful and irritated. It was difficult to swallow food. I was grateful for visitors and encouraged by the pastors and people who prayed with me.

My sister came to Cebu and convinced me to go to the hospital in Negros Oriental since I have relatives there. I decided to go to that hospital to be admitted since I could no longer handle the pain of the swollen lump and I could hardly sleep. We traveled by plane. I went to the emergency room and as the nurse was interviewing me, the lump on my neck burst. I was immediately admitted, and the doctor evaluated the lump. The drainage took three days and was intensely painful. I was at the hospital for seven days and worried about paying the medical bills. But thank God, eighty-percent of my hospital bill was covered, and I am grateful for the financial assistance of White Fields. I am staying at my sister’s house in Negros Oriental for the follow-up and recovery period. After this, I will return home and continue God’s ministry.

  • Pray for full recovery and healing of Pastor Jerry Quimat.

Give thanks for the fellow pastors and Christians who encouraged Pastor Jerry, prayed with him and supported him financially during this medical situation.

Jerry Quimat Testimony

My name is Jerry and I was raised in a Christian family here in the Philippines. At the age of twelve, I committed my life to God and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and was baptized. While in high school, I had kidney problems and almost died. I was in the hospital for days and was transferred to another hospital, but my situation did not improve. I asked the Lord what His plan was for my life? I prayed for His perfect will and also asked God what he wanted me to do? I felt a firm conviction of the Holy Spirit and asked God to heal me and save me from death if his plan was for me to be in ministry. After I prayed I experienced the hand of God in my life. The Lord healed me from my kidney problem, and the doctor was amazed at my recovery. I was discharged from the hospital, and my body was healed. I went back to high school and finished my studies, after high school, I enrolled in Bible school. It took me three years to complete my studies, once I was ready, I started working in a ministry, and I have been doing God’s work until this day.

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