Jerry Quimat

Recent Ministry

Work must go on; two years have passed since we started the church plant in my present place of assignment. From the first day of evangelism till now, I have encountered and spoke with multitudes of people in one-on-one conversations. I have traveled from house to house. The people are accommodating as it is our culture to be hospitable, and so welcome me as a visitor. When they start to get to know me more, I share the gospel with them. Some accept it, and others reject it. One of the primary reasons for rejection is the influence of the Catholic church. With those who received the gospel, I start a Bible study in their homes.

As months have passed, persecution arose from the Catholic church against those who joined the Bible studies. The threat is to deny them burial in the Catholic cemetery if they continue to attend the Bible studies. The Catholic churches have control of every burial ground nearby. Because of this, some people who had been attending and hosting the groups have shut their doors to us. We caught the attention and have become an annoyance to the religious leaders. In other locations, we have encountered the same issue. Despite this hardship, we continue to share the gospel, visit the homes, pray for the sick. Several Bible studies of people have dared to pursue the education of God’s Word.

  • Pray for courage for the new Christians to stand up to the threats of the Catholic church.
  • Pray for growth as we study the scriptures.

We ask for your continued prayers for our church planting work. Some areas are ready for harvest, but others are hard as a rock. One of these is the community of Barili, located south-west of Cebu province. The situation is difficult, but nothing is impossible with God.

After evaluating the area of Barili, Pastor Cris decided to bring his workers to reinforce our efforts to plant a church. We went to the leaders of the community to inform them of our purpose. We are here to help the community, offering training, livelihood projects, health education, spiritual values, and other programs. Pastor Cris is planning to come twice a month until our church planting ministry is more established. We thank God for the reinforcement team. Psalm 133:1 “Behold how good and pleasant it is, brethren working together in unity.”

  • Pray for Barili, that God will work in the hearts of people to draw them to faith.
  • Pray for the reinforcement team to work with unity and wisdom.

In previous reports, I have asked for prayers for our lot and building project in Lapu-Lapu city. We have prayed for a lot as a permanent place for worship. Our lease of contract has expired, and we need to move out of our present place of worship. We have found a lot useful for a church and pastor’s house, owned by a Christian businessman. We are starting the church building, and we depend on God’s provision for this project.

  • Pray for the completion of this building project.

Jerry Quimat Testimony

My name is Jerry, and I was raised in a Christian family here in the Philippines. At the age of twelve, I committed my life to God and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and was baptized. While in high school, I had kidney problems and almost died. I was in the hospital for days and was transferred to another hospital, but my situation did not improve. I asked the Lord what His plan was for my life? I prayed for His perfect will and also asked God what he wanted me to do? I felt a firm conviction of the Holy Spirit and asked God to heal me and save me from death if his plan was for me to be in ministry. After I prayed, I experienced the hand of God in my life. The Lord healed me from my kidney problem, and the doctor was amazed at my recovery. I was discharged from the hospital, and my body was healed. I went back to high school and finished my studies, after high school, I enrolled in Bible school. It took me three years to complete my studies, once I was ready, I started working in a ministry, and I have been doing God’s work until this day.

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