Gil Armas

Every Sunday during church our children learn Bible stories, songs, memory verses and receive a meal. The volunteers in Kasunduan Commonwealth and Purok 9 Payatas Quezon City are investing their time with the children. This coming Christmas we are teaching the children to pray through wishes for gifts. We believe God will answer their prayers and the children will receive their gifts. Please continue to pray for the children and us so that each child will be blessed this season.

We continue to have worship services in five different homes. Continue to pray that the people will grow in the knowledge of the Lord. We are also praying for our church building; we believe that God will provide the resources for this work. As I minister to different people, I realize that our church members have many life issues. Pray for us as we pray for each person in our church.

During a recent seminar, we focused on prayer and praying for people’s healing and deliverance. Benilda Alban’s shared his testimony about his son who was ill and was not able to move on his own because of seizures he would experience. However, when we began praying for him, he was healed. In the past six months, he has not had a seizing episode.

In October I performed a funeral service and had the opportunity to share the gospel with hundreds of people and distributed the (navigators gospel) coins to the family members. Even though the event was a sad one, the blessing is that everyone who attended heard the gospel. Pastor Danny invited me to speak at his church, and the focused bible verse was 1 Cor. 15:58. Right mindset needs a right Attitude, Action, and Anticipation.

Plans for this year:

  • Planting household churches through contacts in Pantawid ng Pamilyang Pilipino Program, Tanglaw Foundation ng Buhay, and other partners for reaching more people.
  • Additional means to generate money for the church building project as the Lord enables us.

Prayer Items:

  • Pray for me that I would have the strength and the energy to continue the church planting work in the area, and to be a useful community organizer.
  • Continue to pray for our household churches and Genesis Multi-Purpose to be registered. Pray for the budget.
  • Pray that our new contacts in the Pantawid ng Pamilyang Pilipino Program would respond positively to the Word of God and be encouraged to join our Bible Studies.
  • Pray for the support from our partner presbytery, for the Gangbuk Presbytery in South Korea to sponsor a building project for the church, to serve as a place for worship in that area and a place to house the Genesis Multi-purpose Cooperative.
  • Continue praying for the protection and welfare of my family.

God bless you all, Pastor Virgilio A. Delas Armas JLPC