George Baguioso

The Villagracia family are new members of the church, and their daughter is a recipient of a scholarship. She is sponsored a monthly stipend by the Korean missionaries for school materials. Their daughter is now in the fifth grade in elementary school. This family also hosts a Bible study every Sunday evening and they are very receptive to the word of God. We have trained them in how to praise, worship, and give thanks to the almighty father.

  • Please pray for the Villagracia family, that they will be encouraged to continue holding the Bible study in their home.

There is another member that we have been praying for. Brother Mario is a garbage collection driver, and his wife is the one who takes care of the children. We have prayed for them that they will grow in the Lord and God will bless them spiritually, physically, and financially.

  • Please pray for Brother Mario and his family.

We now have five Bible studies a week in our church. In the month of June, college classes started up again. We have many of our young people attending college in the city. We have a scholarship program where the recipient must agree to standards such as attending the worship service, prayer meeting, and cell group. So far, we have 15 recipients in the church.

  • Please pray for our Bible studies, that they will continue to progress and grow.