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Greetings with love and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My family and I attend the Servant Leaders’ Conference held by the Philippine Reformed Evangelical Association of Churches (PREACH) in Tagaytay City. Some of the topics included the marks of a healthy church and a formal discussion of the five Solas. The ordination ceremony took place with four candidates for ordination, and I was privileged to be counted as one of these candidates.

A few days before the ordination, we underwent screening including a personal interview of our theological beliefs, an on-the-spot sermon outline from a text in Proverbs and an oral examination. The core pastors conducted an oral test to evaluate how we would handle practical situations in the ministry. The proclamation was made that we all had passed and would become ordained pastors. Praise the Lord!

I am grateful and praise the Lord for the moral support and prayers of our leaders in the church who attend the event with us. They expressed their appreciation of the topics and learned much from the discussions. Thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry.

Praise the Lord for the ordination of Pastor Eric Cedo.

Give thanks for the opportunity of the church leaders to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Word of God through this recent conference.

  • Pray for the encouragement and refreshment through this event to be a blessing to the leaders and Pastor Eric Cedo as they continue ministering.

Our two home bible studies in San Pascual are growing through the leadership of Zander and his wife, Aily. Through these groups, we are blessed with two new volunteers, Kyla and Jovelyn, who have started teaching in the children’s ministry with my two daughters Shammah and Jochebed.  Also, their mothers, Rhoda, Kyla’s mother, and Linda, Jovelyn’s mother, are both intercessory prayer warriors during our prayer meeting every Saturday. These two women also lead opening prayers and offertory prayers during Sunday worship.

Give thanks for the service of Kya, Jovelyn, Rhoda, and Linda as they teach the children and pray for the people in the church.

  • Pray for the continued growth of the teachers and leaders through their studies and the Bible study.

I am still in the prayer process of starting a home Bible study in the prospect city of Lipa. There are several people and families that I have talked with near this location. The Lord has given me a leader who has responded positively to be the contact person for the Bible study, but we have not yet worked out the schedule with a day and time. If this is the will of God, it would be an excellent location for the start of a church plant in the future.

  • Pray for the prospective site for a Bible study in the city of Lipa.


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