Eric Cedo

Recent Ministry 

We held our Christmas celebration at the church right after the worship. The church members enjoyed the lunch gathering, and the food that was contributed by everyone was pleasant. In the afternoon, the children celebrated with their parents and guardians. We gave gifts to the children and their families. I thank God for the brethren here in Christ Stewards Fellowship San Pascual because they played a part in blessing the children and their families through their willing gifts. Some gave grocery items, wrapped gifts, toys, and clothes. The most important part of the party was when we shared the Word of God and what the true meaning of Christmas is. We ministered to the families by the physical gifts and met their spiritual need for a Savior. Many expressed gratitude for what they received. There were thirty children and nine guardians and parents.


  • Pray for the children to continue growing in the knowledge Word of God and for their faith to grow.
  • Pray for the parents and guardians, for God to touch their hearts and for them to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ten of the youth from our church attended the K.P.O.P youth camp. Most of these young people are training to be church leaders, and others are currently involved in the children, youth or music ministries. At the camp, they had opportunities to develop their talents and discover the gifts God has given to them. The youth from our church worship team led the worship on the second morning, and others presented a dance skit. I had the opportunity to minister to the entire group for two days during the morning. By the grace of God, we had great feedback from the parents of the young people.


  • Pray for the youth to continue serving in the church and to grow deeper in their knowledge and relationship with God.

My family and I spent Christmas Eve in Binan, Laguna at the home of my younger brother and his family.  I grabbed this opportunity to minister to my brother, his family, and my two younger sisters. We had a family devotion and prayer in the evening. I thanked the Lord for his guidance throughout the past year and asked for his continued guidance and wisdom for the year to come. Thank you to all of you for your support and prayers as I serve the Lord through the ministry of church planting. May the overflowing blessings of the Lord continue to pour out in your personal lives and ministry work. Glory to God!

  • Pray for my loved ones to continue to serve the Lord and stay strong in their faith.
  • Pray for God’s provisions and wisdom to follow God’s will in the next year.
  • Pray for my health and heart condition to remain stable and for the Lord to give me strength so I may continue doing His work in the church planting field.

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