Eduard Espino

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

As a church planter, it is quite hard to establish new contacts for Bible studies and outreaches. We have gone through many streets and barangays, introducing ourselves through gospel tract distribution. Some have accepted our presence through kind gestures, but there are others who just shrugged their shoulders.

Despite this, we continue to be patient and reach out, looking for those who will receive us. The Lord has led us to meet Mr. Jon Neri. He was Pastor Gerald’s good friend when they lived in the Paliparan area. We have exchanged pleasantries and tried to explain why we are here. The meeting was casual because he was in a hurry to attend another meeting. However, he told us he would be willing to offer his home as a venue for Bible study. He gave us his address and phone number. Please pray this will push through and that God will lead the way for us to introduce our work in this area. Pray the Lord will bring us the right people as we persistently do our task of reaching out for Christ.

The El Shaddai group is a Catholic movement here in the Philippines. They are very active in the Mabuhay area. Their style of singing and teaching resembles evangelical Christian groups. Because of this discontented Catholics attend this group because they still want to be identified as “Catholic”. We were able to meet about four of them. They said they are not regular attendees, but have been there. We gave them gospel tracts and I was happy that they were friendly as we introduced ourselves as born again Christians. I also told them I am a church planter. We had a good conversation and what I hope will be the start of a good relationship. I sensed that this group is positive toward the gospel. They are all men, so I asked them to meet with me once a week to study the Word. They confirmed their willingness, so I hope this can start soon. Pray with me they will not change their minds and that they will continue to be open to discuss spiritual issues. Pray God will work in our midst. I know that nothing is impossible with God. Please pray with me.


Pastor Eduard Espino