Danilo San Agustin

God is so gracious to His children and is doing mighty works that we cannot even comprehend. When God may seem to be silent, His work is in progress. I would like to give you an update from these past few months.

The assigned discipleship leader of what we call D Group has been performing their respective task. They are helping others to grow deeper, in their relationship with God. We have been using the curriculum designed by Navigator’s ministry about assurances (bridge to life salvation, assurances, prayer, and evangelism). These simple tools will be the pivotal foundation of believers’ walk with the Lord as well as their personal ministry. To keep the momentum of mentoring them, it takes patience and sacrifice. It is well worth it as it is investing in eternity.

We had three baptisms last March. On resurrection Sunday, after the church service, we had the baptisms. Their life testimony and how they cope with day-to-day struggles may be different, but when they came to encounter the Lord, their life has the same story; changed life and joy coming from the Lord.

Our student ministry has been amazing. We have had a continuous discipleship program for about a year now for junior high school students. There are about ten to fifteen of them, and last May, we sent them to a youth camp in Sab Pablo City, Laguna. They had lots of fun meeting new peers and friends that can help them in their walk with God.

Please pray for this young generation of kids, that they may grow and be used in the Kingdom so that more youth will come to know the Lord.

In our College ministry, it was challenging in the last quarter of the semester because of final exams and a lot of requirements needing to be met. We only had a few students that were able to attend our Thursday meetings. We were able to help two college students by providing free lodging and food to help assist them with their budget. During the months of April and May, it is summer vacation. One of the students, Ganor, wanted this vacation to be productive. We asked her if she could stay with the church to assist in any church activity needed. She agreed and is doing very well; she is also undergoing discipleship with my wife.

Pray for Ganor, that she will grow in her relationship with the Lord and be used for the service of the King.

Last May, we conducted our Daily Vacation Bible School with the theme “VBS Athletics,” Christ being the “Master Coach” for our live. We had an attendance of thirty-one kids. Parents were so excited about their kids, that they were exposed to the Gospel. They all accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. As a result, the following Sunday was filled with kids who love to know more about the Lord.

Please pray for the children that accepted the Lord during VBS, that their walks with Him will grow and flourish.

In our family, one of my three college kids received his diploma in Business Administration. Two of the kids are still enrolled. I am still continuing my medication from earlier this year as well as having monthly check ups. But, at the end of May, the doctor advised me that the check ups and treatment would be a weekly basis until mid June.

Please pray that the Lord will continually provide His provision regarding their school needs.

Please pray for provision from the Lord for the medications as well for healing and restoration of my physical health.

Thank you, and may the Lord keep you encouraged!