Daniel Quintinta

The Lord blessed our Vacation Bible School. Many children from the neighborhood attended. We are grateful to the Lord for all those He brought our way and for the many parents and relatives who are now new contacts for evangelism. We are so thankful the Lord led us through this event!

I am grateful to the Lord for His work in this ministry. We know that every one of our successes has been because of His grace. Recently, I was moved to ponder our current gathering place and after talking with the steering committee, we have begun to save money to buy a new lot or to transfer outside the subdivision. Praise the Lord that the leaders have responded to this challenge. One of them gave a pledge of P25,000, others pledged to give P4000 and P2500. I believe we will accomplish this task of finding a new place.

Princess Flores is a busy college student who still sets time aside to serve the Lord. I am praying and looking for her to become a youth leader and an organizer for the church. She is now going through my teacher’s training every other Sunday. Please pray for her.

  • Please pray we can follow up with those children who attended our Vacation Bible School last month
  • Pray the Lord will grant the church’s desire to have their own building and land
  • Pray for Princess Flores, that she will be used by God to become a leader of our youth group

Pastor Dindo