Field Director Cris playing the guitar.

For as long as I could remember my family was devoted to being Catholic. We adhered so much to the traditions of the church that if a family member chose to become an evangelical believer in Jesus Christ, we would persecute them to the point of severe physical harm or even death. It was against this backdrop that in 1977 my older brother accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. Immediately upon telling our parents that he was a Christian, they chased him out of our home, and he fled for his life. After two years, he came back and rented a house not far from our home. Unknown to my parents I began spending time with my brother. On December 25, 1979, he invited me to attend the Christmas program at the Christian Church where they were presenting a drama on the prodigal son. During the altar call at the end of the program, I felt drawn to come forward and accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I know that day I received God’s forgiveness of my sin and felt the freedom that only comes from Him. I praise the Lord for my brother who prayed for my salvation during those two years he spent away from my family.

After my conversion, my brother encouraged me to tell my father of that I was now a believer in Jesus. He opened the Bible and turned to Philippians 1:21 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” So I went and told my parents of my faith in Jesus that day. When they heard the news, they beat me and chased me out of the house. I ran to my church, and they sent me away to Manila for my safety. It was a difficult time because it was my first time away from home. When I arrived at North Harbor (by container ship), I did not know how I was going to live. I didn’t have any friends or relatives and could not speak or understand the local Tagalong dialect. Not having any place to stay I slept in Lunita Park and under a bridge to get out of the rain. After three months God made all things beautiful in His perfect timing. A Southern Baptist Pastor met me and after hearing my story took me in and allowed me to live with his family. They helped me learn the Tagalong dialect and encouraged me to study at the Luzon Baptist Bible School at Dagupan City. After graduating with a degree in pastoral ministry, I joined the Baptist Mission Philippines Evangelism (BAMPE) Association of Luzon. The Association assigned me as a church planter in Metro Manila. In 1992 I received a great blessing from the Lord when my parents accepted me back into the family. Thirteen years later in November 2005, they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Trusting in Jesus was the best decision I have ever made. I believe in His perfect plan and am excited to see how He will grow the ministry of White Fields in the Philippines.