Cris Pano

 Recent Ministry

The weekly children’s ministry in Mambaling is growing in number. Carmie, Estella, and Melvin are the instructors and Bebot, Lito, and Ryan prepare the kids’ snack. We meet every Saturday with the kids, we gather in Carmie’s house, one of our church leaders, and we also gather some of the children in the tent where we hold our Sunday worship. The teachers are passionate and burdened to reach the kids with the good news, mainly after they studied the subject of child evangelism in our school of theology. I am happy to see their hearts for ministry in reaching the community and bringing people to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  I am praying for God to give us young people to do the children’s ministry. My church leaders are conducting a lot of group Bible studies, home visits, and follow-up with the prospective adults attending our Sunday worship service. At the end of each Saturday class, the teachers encourage the kids to attend the Sunday school and to pray for their parents’ salvation.

  • Pray for youth leaders to be willing to join the children’s ministry and expand the influence in our community.
  • Pray for the adult leaders to be refreshed and encouraged to minister to their groups and share God’s Word.
  • Pray for the children to grow in their faith and share God’s love with their parents.

This month our new members have been under spiritual attack. I gathered the church leaders to have daily prayer and fasting to battle the work of the enemy.  During the Sunday preaching, I encourage the new church members to join our prayer and fasting. Many showed their support by joining the group prayer meeting. I explained how to pray and that fasting is skipping a meal to spend more time in prayer and as a preparation to come to the Lord in prayer. I assigned a church leader per day, and Sunday is our celebration prayer. I want everyone to experience the power of prayer in their lives. I encouraged each people in the church, even the senior citizens, to join the group prayer every Saturday morning. My family and I will join them in prayer.

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to help the new leaders to stay strong spiritual and committed to being prayer warriors.
  • Pray for the church members to grow together as they fellowship in prayer.

I brought my kids to the mall to celebrate my son David’s birthday and to have a group picture with the two kids, Blessie and Kobe. These two have stayed with my family for two years, but this month they are preparing to move to Manila with their mom and continue their education in Manila. When the kids learned they would be leaving, they cried, and it was hard to release them from our care. But I need to do so for the sake of the children, and so they will become close to their mom and be a family again. They have lived for thirteen years away from their mom and without a father. We have been happy to have Blessie and Kobe as a part of our family, but we are also pleased they will be with their true mom. They were born out of wedlock and never knew their father. They have grown healthier physically and enjoy serving God with my wife in singing and teaching in the Sunday school. Jen and I encouraged them to attend an evangelical church and join a Sunday school in Manila. We have invited their mom to join them in serving the Lord.

  • Pray for Blessie and Kobe to grow in their faith in the Lord and serve Him as their Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for their financial needs to be met so they can attend school.
  • Pray for safe travel as they go to Manila.

A fire broke out again in Mambaling. It was Friday, the leaders and I were gathered for a teaching class at the White Fields office. Around 3 pm, a call came from the pastor’s home, informing them of the fire in their area. Immediately, seven of the leaders left hurriedly to try to save anything in their homes before the flames hit their houses. Praise the Lord that no one was hurt. However, Nina’s house was burned. She is one of the church leaders and our Sunday school teacher. Nothing was left of her belongings, but her thirteen-year-old son was safe. Despite losing everything, she is happy that her son and parents are okay. My wife and I visited them and brought used clothing and bedding for them. The church leaders prayed for her comfort after this terrible experience to her family. On Sunday, the church members each brought a handful of rice to give as a token of our love and help for Nina. Pray for her to be able to rebuild her home. Their financial need is fifty thousand pesos, around a thousand US dollars, for the construction of a house using light materials. Pray also for their daily needs.

  • Pray for Nina and her family to be comforted after this loss and to find their hope in the Word of God.
  • Pray for the church as they gather to support and encourage her family.
  • Pray for the building of a new home and for their financial needs to be met.

This month I had another teaching opportunity at the Topokki restaurant in Talamban, Cebu as the Korean owner invited me to teach the Cebuano’s workers in his company. He provided each of them with a Cebuano Bible during the Bible study. After I spoke, I asked them to share what they had learned from my teaching. Most of them shared what they had learned and how it applied to their work and their personal walk with the Lord. I ended my message by sharing why we need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Many of them followed the prayer of acceptance, surrendered their sin to God, and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. I spoke with the owner and encouraged him to have a one-hour Bible study for all the company workers once a week. He agreed for a Wednesday Bible study before the start of work.

Topokki Restaurant Employee Bible Study!

  • Pray for the Bible study to continue weekly at the restaurant and pray for the people working at this company to grow in their new faith in the Lord.
  • Pray for the company to be blessed by God, and to open new branches so more Cebuano workers will be hired and will hear God’s salvation, and more people will be saved.
  • Pray for the owner of the company to be blessed and to be a channel of blessing to the Cebuano workers.

Our monthly activities at the Mambaling covered gym continues. This month, four of our new church leaders did the teaching and three assisted in crowd control. We do not have enough chairs to use, so some people stood, and others sat on the floor during the study. I asked the men to shorten their teaching time as the people are not comfortable. Since the parents also bring their children, Nina gathered the kids to one side and taught them about the Bible. We meet every Thursday. After teaching, we plan to visit those who are interested in a home Bible study with their family. We encouraged everyone to attend our Sunday worship service, and some are active in joining us.

Next month, as we anticipate a big crowd, we plan to have seven group studies so each leader will have their own group and be responsible for visiting and follow-up with their members each month. This is also a way that the men will share the burden to reach the lost people and help others to grow spiritually in the Lord. I am happy to see the leaders enjoying serving the Lord and eagerly teaching the new believers.

  • Pray for the new church leaders, for God to provide for their financial needs for their families, and for the knowledge and wisdom in the Word of God to be understood as they study in the Bible school.
  • Pray for this group, that God will open their hearts, and they will experience spiritual transformation in their lives and their families.
  • Pray for the health of my wife, Jen.
  • Pray for the fifty-five church families who regularly attend our Sunday group Bible study.
  • Pray for the salvation of the Cebuano people in Mambaling.
  • Pray for the eight teachers at CKC-school of theology to have God’s wisdom and guidance as they teach.
  • Pray for my grown children, Grace and Robin, Mark and Ann, Teng and Cristy, and my younger son David.

Pastor Cris’ Testimony

Pastor Cris grew up on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. He was born to a devoted Catholic family that persecuted anyone who dared to become an evangelical believer in Jesus. As Cris grew, he saw his older brother become a follower of Jesus who was beaten and forced to flee for his life by his family. After some time Cris was invited to a Christmas program at his brother’s church, and there decided to become a born-again believer in Jesus. He too had to flee for his life after telling his family of his faith and sought refuge in Manilla. While there he met a Christian missionary who took Cris under his wing and helped him enroll in Luzon Baptist Bible School. It was there that he received definite confirmation from the Lord that he was to become a Pastor and in 1996 planted his first church.

Through Cris’s faithfulness and experience planting churches and developing leaders, he became the Field Director for White Fields Ministry in 2017. As Field Director Cris provides oversight and direction to church planters throughout the Philippines. He regularly visits pastors at their home churches encouraging them and helping them build sustainable practices in their homes and ministry. He teaches at the local School of Theology which prepares students for various areas of ministry and also serves as a way of developing young men who desire to become church planters in the Philippines.