Cris Pano

 Recent Ministry

Last month, a group from Hong Kong, the Filipina Domestic Overseas Helpers, visited our place in Mambaling. They saw the children and the living situations of the families. During our time with them, they desired to have a single-day event to bless the children with the gift of food.  They gave us money to purchase food, due to their generosity, we were able to gather and feed three-hundred children. We are happy to see the children receive physical nourishment in addition to spiritual food from the sharing of God’s Word. Our young church leaders, Bebot and Ryan, shared the gospel of salvation. The sisters helped the children sit correctly. As we do not have chairs, we asked the children to sit on the floor and to be careful not to push each other so we could avoid physical injury. After the event, our church leaders in Mambaling decided to continue this program to evangelize to the children. They are committed to gathering the children every Saturday morning to study God’s Word.

  • Pray for the children to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for them to be faithful and committed Christians in the future.
  • Pray for the teachers to be used by God to share the gospel with the children and for the Lord to give them wisdom, passion, and gentleness as they teach.

We started a prayer breakfast fellowship to gather the parents. The purpose is to encourage fathers and mothers before they go to their daily work. We meet each Saturday from five to six in the morning, we pray and study God’s Word. We have just a few people so far, but it is a good starting point. We look forward to seeing how God can bless the heart and transform the lives of these people. We witness how their life testimony causes the Lord to be glorified in the community. There are two sessions for mothers and fathers. I am happy to see the commitment of the new leaders and the generosity of their time.

  • Pray for the prayer breakfast to grow and bless more parents.
  • Pray for the leaders to persevere in arising early to minister to the mothers and fathers.

I invited the pastors and church workers from Southern and Northern Cebu to a prayer breakfast fellowship at the White Fields office. Although the office was barely large enough to hold everyone, it was a meaningful event. I asked Pastor Lito to preach. After the preaching, we divided into four groups and shared prayer concerns of the ministry with each other. It was encouraging to hear from the pastors how the Lord was moving in their places of ministry. Some shared their experiences, hardships, and difficulties in serving the Lord. It was a joy to see them praying for one another and carrying their burdens to the Lord. We know that nothing is impossible for God. After prayer, we ate breakfast while talking, laughing and enjoying the fellowship.

  • Pray for these pastors and church leaders will continue to be used by God in their places of ministry and that more people will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Just last year, a mother lost her son to dengue. If they miss church or the Sunday school, her daughter gets upset and cries, despite barely being old enough to talk. Her mother understands that her daughter desires to go to church every week. Currently, the mother is bringing her daughter to the children’s class and then going to our Sunday service. It is God’s way of drawing the parents to go to church and be spiritual parents of their children.

  • Pray for the mother to be committed to grow in her new faith and to be a spiritual blessing to her family.
  • Pray for her daughter, despite her young age, to grow in her understanding of God’s love.
  • Pray for education in the community that will teach people how to maintain proper sanitation and for protection for the children from sickness.

Carmie and I visited the three Muslim mothers. Carmie is one of our church leaders and was saved by the testimony of a Muslim who converted to Christianity. In previous reports, I shared about these mothers who came from Mindanao where the predominate ethnicity are the Tausug Muslim tribes.  I am grateful that God gave Carmie a burden to reach out to these women. When Carmie shared about these mothers, I was eager to visit them. To get to their place, you cross over a fragile bridge above polluted water. When we visit them, we stay outside of their house as their homes are only big enough for sleeping and there is no furniture. Praise the Lord for his blessing on my ministry work in Mambaling. I see God offering his grace, mercy, and salvation free to anyone who accepts Him as Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for these women to be willing to attend our Sunday morning service.
  • Pray for their husbands not to hinder their new faith.
  • Pray for protection for Carmie as she continues her weekly Bible study with these three mothers.

Pastor Cris’ Testimony

Pastor Cris grew up on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. He was born to a devoted Catholic family that persecuted anyone who dared to become an evangelical believer in Jesus. As Cris grew, he saw his older brother become a follower of Jesus who was beaten and forced to flee for his life by his family. After some time Cris was invited to a Christmas program at his brother’s church, and there decided to become a born-again believer in Jesus. He too had to flee for his life after telling his family of his faith and sought refuge in Manilla. While there he met a Christian missionary who took Cris under his wing and helped him enroll in Luzon Baptist Bible School. It was there that he received definite confirmation from the Lord that he was to become a Pastor and in 1996 planted his first church.

Through Cris’s faithfulness and experience planting churches and developing leaders, he became the Field Director for White Fields Ministry in 2017. As Field Director Cris provides oversight and direction to church planters throughout the Philippines. He regularly visits pastors at their home churches encouraging them and helping them build sustainable practices in their homes and ministry. He teaches at the local School of Theology which prepares students for various areas of ministry and also serves as a way of developing young men who desire to become church planters in the Philippines.