Carreta Cemetery Ministry

  • (Editor’s note: Pastor Norberto started the ministry at Caretta Cemetery in 2016. The people living in the cemetery are the poorest of the poor (hence why they live in the tombs of a cemetery). The local church holds services as an outreach to those who would otherwise be unreached and unengaged in the community. Pastor Jonet Labustro took over the pastorship in 2018.)

Recent Ministry

The Women’s Association from the Cebu Korean Church chose to bless the Cebu Chinese Cemetery dwellers with their gifts this Christmas. The women brought over two-hundred bags of groceries for the children and adults. The people were grateful to receive these items, and the Korean Women’s Association was blessed to give them.

Sister Maymay was a recipient of this generosity. Maymay has three children, two boys, and one girl. When she was pregnant with her third child, who was born last July, it was decided that this boy would be adopted by the sister of Maymay’s live-in-partner. The birth certificate and other adoption documents were processed, and the boy was brought to Masbate province. Maymay had been working near Mabolo doing housekeeping. Last month, she lost her job. She has not yet found employment, and so is extremely grateful for the timeliness of the gift from the Cebu Korean Church.

Praise the Lord for the generosity of believers who bless other believers who are less fortunate with gifts.

Praise God for the perfect timing of food for Maymay’s family.

Kuya was formerly a detainee at the Cebu Jail Male Dorm; he was released last year and is attending the Cebu Chinese Cemetery Ministry. This month Kuya went to the emergency room due to his asthma. The doctor advised that he stay in the hospital, but they did not have enough rooms. They transferred Kuya to another hospital but he did not have enough money for the initial payment for hospitalization. So the doctor said if he cannot pay the money for the hospital, he must at least buy an oxygen tank. There was not enough money for an oxygen tank. The doctor gave them two hours to get the money for a tank, and they prayed to God to provide the money that was needed. A message was sent to a former inmate who is also a Christian. This brother went to the hospital and purchased the oxygen tank that was required before the two-hour limit. Kuya was amazed that God answered his need so quickly and was blessed by the generosity of this brother.

  • Pray for Kuya to regain his health and for his asthma to be controlled adequately.

Jeancent and her child are new attendees in the Children’s Ministry. One day, she shared with me that her sister was a detainee at the Cebu City Jail Female Dorm and Jeancet requested that I visit her sister. At our Thursday ministry, I approached the jail officer to call Jeancent’s sister to attend the Bible study. I shared with Jeancent’s sister, her concern for her, and gave her a Bible. Since then, she has been happy attending the fellowship and worship. There are many people in the jail who we can minister to and who need Jesus to guide them in the right direction.

  • Pray for Jeancent and her sister to continue attending the fellowships.
  • Pray for these sisters to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and God.

We conducted visits at Glenn’s house in the Cebu Chinese Cemetery. We met with Elvie and Pina. They told me that the reason they stopped attending the fellowship is that the support for their children’s school would be removed if they were seen at a non-Catholic group. When the neighbors saw them with Christians, they reported Elvie and Pina. The foundation that supports their children in school is under the Catholic Ministry. Elvie and Pina are requesting prayers for their situation.

  • Pray for resolution for Elvie and Pina so their children can attend school, and they can also participate in the Christian church.
  • Pray for their faith to be firm as they face this situation.
  • Pray for good health and physical strength for the pastor.
  • Pray for financial provision for our outdoor fellowship and water baptism this month.
  • Pray for additional chairs for our church fellowship and for the spiritual maturity of our church members.

Pastor Jonet’s Testimony

My name is Jonet, and I grew up here in the Philippines. I have several siblings and am the second oldest in my family. When I was 12 years old, my parents separated which was hard for me to understand. When I graduated from elementary school, my mother sent me to live with my uncle, her brother. In Zamboanga De Sur I would help my uncle fish at night. I would sleep for about six hours and go to school the next day without a shower. During my first year of high school, I would walk without shoes or slippers 4 kilometers. I started drinking alcohol by the time I was fifteen years old.

It was when I began working as a gym instructor that I made some new friends who invited me to a mid-week church service. In April of 1996, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and surrender my addictions and life to Him. Currently, I am enrolled at the Cebu Korean School of Theology and am serving the Living God by His Grace.

In December 2017 Pastor Norberto from White Fields told me about the Carreta Chinese Cemetery ministry. He asked if I could lead the ministry starting in 2018. I accepted and am excited to share God’s Word but nervous because this is a challenging area. Currently, we have a children’s ministry on Saturday and Sunday, and a Church service at 8 am on Sunday.

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