March/ April 2019

Last month we held a four-day Bible training in Kanpalet. Biblical Presbyterian Church sent our speaker, evangelist Lal Hup Luai and elder No Tawk Kap. The church supported the training costs and the teachers traveling fees.

Praise the Lord, my members were encouraged by the instruction.

  • Pray for my members, primarily so their jobs will supply their daily bread.
  • Pray for more people to come to faith in our country. I desire to reach more new people with the gospel during this year.

We had a three-day gospel camping event during the water festival holidays. Two women accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Daw (Mrs.) Hting and Daw (Mrs.) Eh were saved and became members in the church. Praise the Lord. Hting shared, “I already had heard about Jesus, but this time, when the pastor told us, I heard clearly, and my heart was deeply touched. I know that God loves me and forgives all my sins. I have peace in my life, which I never experienced in my life. Praise the Lord.”

Pastor Kui Thang is leading the believers in my outreach village at the church in Bagone, they are doing well and slowly gaining members.

  • Pray for U (Mr.) Ki and U (Mr.) Nai’s family members who are growing in their faith as they trust in God. They are new members of the church. I shared their stories and testimonies in previous reports.

January / February 2019

May the peace from above rest upon you all. It is encouraging to know that I have hundreds of godly people praying for my ministry in Kanpalet tribe, Southern Chin State.

Please let me share about one family, U (Mr.) Thang and his family members. I met them and shared the gospel with them in 2017, two or three times. By God’s grace, this past month, they all accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They are dedicated to worshiping only God, and they all want to be members of the church. Praise the Lord. There are six people in the family.

  • Pray for the family of Thang.
  • Pray for their faith to be firm.

There are now fifty-one members in the church. We are praying that the Lord will increase this number up to one-hundred members in ten years of ministry. My members and I are praying and working hard to tell people the good news.

The church members are poor people, none are government workers or businessmen. They are daily workers, today is work so they can eat tomorrow. Many times, they need financial help for their children’s education fees or medical fees. When my church has its tenth anniversary, I desire to send one missionary through our own support, to an unreached village near our place. We need your prayer help for this to occur.

  • Pray for their incomes to increase so they may care for their families.
  • Pray for the church to grow in members so we may meet the believers’ needs and help them more effectively.
  • Pray for the families in the church to have steady incomes and to bless those with less than themselves.
  • Pray for God to bless the pastor’s desire to send a missionary to an unreached village.

My outreach village is Bagone, six miles from my place. By the grace of God, in the last two months, two families came and joined the church as members. U (Mr.) Nai’s family has four people. U (Mr.) Ki’s family has eight members. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for these two families to trust God in every situation.

I attended the second Church Planter’s training of Zaw Mission Area at Suan Tuan village. Our field director, Pastor Thwang Nei Bil was our teacher for the meeting. It was a practical event, he taught us how to work hard at evangelism and infiltrating the gospel into the lives of non-Christians as well as how to make disciples of those believe in Jesus Christ. It was encouraging to us pastors.

  • Pray for God to open more doors to the good news so the gospel may spread in our area.
  • Pray that we may reach more villages, there are many unreached villages in the Kanpalet township.
  • Pray for encouragement from our gospel camping during the water festival holidays. Our speaker was missionary Khuk.

November 2018/December 2018

Christmas greetings to everyone with my prayers. May the peace and joy from God the Father be poured upon you. The cherry trees are blooming which reminds us of the Christmas season when the Savior was born for everyone. All people need the Savior.

  • Pray for the two villages, Thang Om and Auh Bui Dung, where we plan to do our gospel campaign during the Christmas season.

We were blessed with many visitors this past month. The mission team from Kalay Myo visited us and encouraged my church members by their prayers. The next week, the church planters in the Zaw area had a meeting to discuss future ministry and how we could assist each other. Our field director and his wife visited and encouraged us by the Word of God. They donated thirty chairs for the church. We now have fifty seats. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for the church planters in the Zaw area to reach more people with the gospel.

I taught a seminar to the women’s group about the “power of prayer,” and they were happy. I am grateful for the success of this training. I attended the Leadership Training in Tahan-Kalaymyo at the end of November as well. When I returned home, I taught my members the concepts I had learned. They were excited to receive the information.

  • Pray for the women’s group to use the principles of prayer to bring their requests to God.
  • Pray for the leadership training to be a blessing to the church and for God to call more leaders to reach the people of Myanmar with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

October 2018

I visited some households and shared the gospel with them. As I visit family by family, I hope to get new believers. Most of the people responded positively. However, some did not respond to my message. I trust and believe that God will use the words they heard and someday these seeds that were planted will produce faith.

In the coming Christmas season, we plan to reach more people with the gospel message by gathering young people and visiting houses and sharing the good news of Jesus the Savior for all men. The young people are excited to attend and share the gospel. Pray for God to open the hearts of the people we meet. We plan to conduct a two-day gospel training at the church and share the good news with the people who come.

  • Pray for the workers who are preparing to share the gospel with many more families during the Christmas season. Give them courage and wisdom in their conversations.
  • Pray for the hearts of those who hear to be prepared and eager to accept the love of God and believe in the substitutionary death of Christ for their sins.
  • Pray for the gospel training to go smoothly and for many people to attend and believe in Jesus Christ.

In Thang Om village, we are eight new believers from two families who were saved during a camping trip held by Tha Khup, Solomon and me. They need follow-up ministry. We plan to have a Christmas celebration with them in their village and invite the people in their village to attend. Pray for this program to be effective and especially for the appointment of leaders to minister to these new believers. As this village is in a rural and challenging area, so it is challenging to find individuals who are willing to sacrifice much in their lives to go and serve as a church planter.

  • Pray for the new believers in Thang Om village and their growth in the knowledge and love of God.
  • Pray for the preparation and appointment of qualified church planters who are willing to serve in the rural and difficult areas of Myanmar.

Auh Bui Dung village has two households who are open to the gospel of Christ. We plan to have a gospel campaign during the Christmas season in this village. Pray for God to open more hearts to receive Him as their Savior and Lord.

  • Pray for the people in the village of Auh Bui Dung and their salvation.

Our weekly services are faithfully attended by the church members and are going well. Due to your prayer help, the church building construction has been completed. We do still desire to install electrical power and purchase chairs.

  • Pray for the final details of the church building to be completed.
  • Pray for our Christmas programs to be successful as we reach new people through carol singing and sharing the gospel house to house.

September 2018

Thank you for your prayers and support. We have fifty-seven members currently attending the church, including children. We are praying and desire to welcome five new members before the end of the year. Though the rain is heavy, our weekly ministries have been able to continue meeting regularly.

Only a few of our church members have regular incomes, and none of them have government jobs. Everyone is struggling to provide daily bread for their families. Some members can earn some money doing daily labor, but as they have no regular job, it is difficult for them to purchase food. They are poor physically but rich spiritually.

  • Pray for our outreach to our community and for opportunities to share the gospel with our neighbors.
  • Pray for our members daily needs to be met and for increased opportunities to earn a living.

I had visited the Than Om village and conducted a one-day gospel teaching for the people in the village. They were busy with their fieldwork and so only thirteen people were able to join us. I was encouraged by seeing two people who believed in Jesus Christ last year. Two new people received Christ as their Lord and Savior. I met three new youth who were interested in my teaching about the gospel and eternal life. They informed me that they wanted to believe in Jesus but needed to consult with their parents first. In the village of Auh Bui Dung, two new people also professed salvation. The believers desire to learn more about God and have requested

  • Pray for the believers in Than Om village to grow in their faith and be a good witness for Christ.
  • Pray for the three youth to have courage as they talk with their parents and may their parents understand and give permission for their desire to believe in Jesus and for them to profess salvation.

We have completed the construction of our church building. We desire to add chairs, a pulpit, tables, and electricity so we can use a keyboard for worship. We request your prayers for God to bless this desire.

Give thanks for the completion of the church building. Pray for the provision of the furnishings.

U Kui Thang and family recently lost their son. We give thanks that they have begun to come to church and worship God with us and were comforted by the Holy Spirit. We are grateful for your prayers.

  • Pray for healing for U Kui Thang and his family.
  • Pray for the unreached villages in Kanpalet township and Mindat township.
  • Continue to pray for the Christian Fellowship of Kanpalet ministry.

August 2018

I traveled five miles from my home in Kanpalet town to visit the Auh Bwe Dung village. As our place is in a very rural and undeveloped area, there is no road for vehicles, so we use a small path and walk by foot. I met Mr. Thung Kui’s family who listened to the gospel. They were spirit worshippers. I told them about the living God who is the creator of the whole universe and the salvation of Jesus Christ for three hours. They listened intently and accept my sharing. I asked them some questions and they answered that they want to believe in Jesus Christ after they know more about salvation history. Praise the Lord. I prayed for them and their children. I pray that they may believe in Jesus Christ soon.

  • Pray for the family of Thung Kui to come to an understanding of the gospel and to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Pastor Tin Saw to continue to share with boldness and courage to the people in the village of Auh Bwe Dung.

We are supporting six students. One of them, Saw Mana, we are supporting because his father recently passed away and his mother was unable to financially support her son with school. My church is supporting his total education costs. The other two are orphans so we are supporting their entire costs too. We are covering fifty percent of the education costs for the other three students. These students come to the church and minister in our weekly programs. We are praying for these students to study hard and succeed with their exams.

Give thanks that our church can support the education costs of these students.

  • Pray for these students to study hard and pass their exams.

I am one of the leaders in Christian Fellowship of Kanpalet. We meet once a month for a fellowship worship service. Our purpose is to help each other and work to further the evangelism outreach to the people in Kanpalet township.

  • Pray for unity as we work together to reach new villages with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Ling Hung conducted a three-day training in my church and we had worship services each evening. By God’s grace, three youth accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. They were Christians from other denominations who came to an understanding of their need for a Savior and have joined our church.

Give thanks for the success of the training and for the encouragement of Evangelist Ling Hung.

  • Pray for the three youth who have accepted Jesus Christ, for their faith and love of God to grow.
  • Pray for our need for seventy-five more chairs and a keyboard for our worship services.

July 2018

Last month, the rain was heavy with storms, but the Lord protected the church members. Some of the church member’s crops were destroyed but not all of them. Despite the weather, we were able to continue our weekly meetings. God has answered our prayers for a church building and as I shared in my previous report, its construction is complete and brings great joy to the believers. Praise the Lord! We also have received some chairs from the believers in Kalaymyo and are grateful for their generosity.

  • Pray for safety during the remainder of the rainy season and protection from the natural disasters common to our location.
  • Pray for the remainder of the chairs needed for our church and for the ability to bring electricity to our location.

Church member, Daw (Ms.) Chui Mana has continued to suffer from various illnesses since I first shared about her last year. She is very weak and weary. I have visited her many times and brought encouragement from the Word of God and prayed for her recovery. Her family is very poor and could not afford to buy medicine, but my church has been praying for her and helping with financial support.

  • Pray for Daw Chui Mana’s physical recovery and for her to be strengthened through God’s Word.

In my previous updates, I have shared about the Thang Om village and our outreach to the people. We desire to appoint a pastor there. There are two families who live in the village who have been saved. All the rest of the people in the village are Buddhists and spirit-worshippers. I believe the Lord has opened a door for the gospel in this village and pray with me that the Lord will send a pastor to this area.

  • Pray for the village of Thang Om and for the believers who live there.
  • Pray for a pastor for the village of Thang Om.

My church is caring for six high school students; their names are Naing, Choo, Hnin, Hung, Ling and Saw. We are excited to assist them in getting an education. Of them, one girl is an orphan, and another boy has no father. They attend the church regularly. I pray the Lord will give them success in their education and they will be good disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for these students to study hard and be able to pass their exams.
  • Pray for their spiritual growth and ministry in the church.
Spring 2018

We started construction on our church building; I donated my land to the church and prayed that God would provide the money we need to buy the materials to complete the construction. Pray for us as we continue the work. I am blessed in that the church members are excited about the new building. A few months ago I shared the Gospel with my neighbors. We met a man named U Thang Maung. He suffered from lower back problems and had been paralyzed for two years. He wasn’t able to stand or walk. He and his wife are poor and struggle for their daily food. I visited them almost every day and prayed for healing and their provision. By God’s grace, U Thang Maung improved so that Christmas Day the couple came to church and joined us. His wife was a Christian but never went to church. U Thang Maung had no religion. God performed a miracle, and both believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. U Thang Maung is doing much better. I baptized them on Christmas day. Praise the Lord!

(2) Thanks to your prayers, my church ministry is going well. Since January we have been building our new church structure in my compound and by God’s grace 80% of the construction has been completed. Though we faced difficulties, the Lord was with us and provides our needs. We still need decorations for the inside and outside of the building and have some debts for the building fund. However, we pray that God will supply our needs in time.

A few weeks ago our church went on a two-day gospel camping trip. Non-Christians and church members joined us including Daw Lai Than and U Thang Hung. Both who came from a Buddhist background joined us and listened to the salvation story, they were intrigued with Jesus and asked to learn more about Him. I believe that the Holy Spirit is starting to work in them. I also visited U Ling Nai’s family and shared with them about life after death and the salvation that Jesus Christ offers everyone. In the past, they and their forefathers were spirit worshippers, but they said that they desired to become followers of Jesus Christ. I prayed for them and asked them to join our worship services and promised to revisit them. Pray for their salvation.

Our church had an unfortunate event this month. One of our new members, a teenager who was only14 years old, passed away by accident in the river nearby our town. His parents converted to Christianity and joined my church a year ago. But they are still maturing in their faith, but are very sorrowful for their beloved son. Pray the Holy Spirit will comfort them and draw them closer to Him.

(3) I met some new families who I had the opportunity to share the gospel. Amongst them were U Naing Hung and his family. I discussed eternal life with them, and the way of salvation but they believe that good works or merits are the only way to get salvation. I explained to them that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life and that those who believe in Him, he has promised to give them eternal life. U Naing Hung said, “I like what you were saying, but how can I have eternal life just by believing without works?” I explained to him in greater detail the work of Jesus Christ for salvation. He and his family members were I had spent time teaching the scriptures to them, but they did not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please help me pray for this family.

We have a young man and woman who are orphans and need help with their schooling. They are in high school, one is in 10th grade, and the other is in 9th grade. Join us in praying that our church may be able to support their needs.

(4) Thanks to your prayers we completed our new church building. After not having a place to call our own for so long to now having our own building we are so grateful. The convenience it offers for worship services and the other activities of our church is bringing enormous joy. All the Christians Fellowships of Kanpalet came and worshiped together with us for the opening of our building. I preached at the service and was joined by several others for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

As I mentioned in last months report, U Ki Htun’s family lost their son in April and have not come to church since. I tried my best to reach them, and our small group came together in focused prayer for them. We continue to pray that the Lord would comfort them.

I visited a new church at Than Om village, which was founded by Pastor Tha Khup and his son Solomon last year. I visited them and led a worship service and preached. There were eight members in two families who are believers, the rest are non-Christians. The Christians in Than Om told me that they desperately desire to have a pastor live, teach, and disciple them. Pray for Than Om that all the people may become followers of Jesus.

I overseer Ba Kone Small church and visited them twice to encourage them. They are led weekly by Preacher Kui Thang. Though they have not had any new members, the believers are growing in the knowledge of God and excited to be part of the weekly programs. A praise this month was that Ba Kone Small church’s land was permitted and registered by Chin State government. Praise the Lord!

All my members are day laborers and have very little income. They try to survive and feed their families by doing manual labor. By God’s grace, we have 5 students who passed the University entrance (10th Standard) exam this year, which is very difficult to pass. They are looking for work so join us in praying that they may find good jobs and support their parents.

December 2017

Let me share with you about a woman named Daw Chui Ma who has been sick for five years. Her family lives on the side of a small river, in this area, they have a farm and own a business, however recently their farm has failed to produce a harvest. They have four children who live in other villages and are not able to support their parents. U Thang Nai and his wife are around 60 years old, and they have no cattle or livestock. They were Christians for many years but stopped going to church. Fortunately, I met U Thang Nai during my outreach ministry and he told me about his families situation. After a few weeks, I went to visit his wife and they explained why she had been sick for so long and that she was not able to go to the hospital. U Thang Nai was hurt when a fish bomb exploded as he threw it in the river and he has not been able to work (It’s been a trying time for both of them). We talked for a while, and before I left, I prayed and told them about the salvation story. The family needs help, and I was able to give them a small amount of money so that she can get treatment, I visited them three times and each visit I was able to help them financially. I am hoping that once his wife feels better, they will join Thang Om church service in their village. Please pray for our plan to conduct a training and Christmas celebrations at Thang Om village, which is a new village. We have two family converts who requested we pray for them. In Thang Om village there are 40 families, and only two families are Christians. I will work together with Solomon and his father Tha Khup, as well as Evan Ling Hung. Our church has appointed Evangelist Ling Hung to pastor them for the time being.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for U Thang Nai and his wife that they will be strengthened and join worship service at Bagon church, which is the nearest one to them.
  • Pray that the Lord may open more doors for me to reach people around us.
  • Pray for our plan of gospel training at Thang Om village and their Christmas celebrations as well as my church.
  • Give thanks to God for our church which is doing well.
  • Pray for our new church building which is a crucial need.

I give my unending thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ’s service, Tin Saw

October 2017

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. I always give thanks to God for your faithfulness in prayer and supplications for our needs. Your prayer is powerful for my ministry in Kanpalet. One-woman Daw Boo suffered from a heart-attack three years ago, I prayed for her several times, and now she’s been healed. Praise the Lord. She said, “Whenever I ate, I vomited, and my breathing was very hard. I could not sleep for three months, and I could not afford to go to the hospital. Pastor Tin Saw and Kui Thang prayed for me four times, and God healed me miraculously. Praise the Lord! I believed in Him because he healed my physical and spiritual pain. Praise His Holy Name.” Another woman, U Mana’s son, was seriously sick and hospitalized in Kanpalet Hospital for three days. He cried all day and night, and Pastor Tin Saw and Kui Thang prayed for him two times, and he stopped crying. I learned that God could heal my son, after three days, we were able to go back home.” Praise the Lord!

Our weekly services continue as well as our prayer meetings, and Bible studies. On Sunday’s we meet for church service and Sunday school. My church members are praying for a new piece of land for a church building. Right now, it is very inconvenient to use my house for worship each week, we are crowded, and we do not have enough space. Join us in praying for a new place of worship.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the two testimonies mentioned. The Lord is an amazing healer.
  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs.
  • Pray for our church, new land, and building materials.
  • Pray for our Christmas ministry. I have a plan to do evangelism training and outreach ministry to neighboring villages.

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you and God and for all your financial and prayer support.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Tin Saw

September 2017

This Scripture always reminds me to take the whole armor of God.

Satan is very active in harassing the children of God. But Jesus overcomes the world. My church ministry in September went well; we had home bible studies twice a week on Wednesday’s and Friday evenings, we also had two worship services on Sunday morning and evening. Our church fasts and prays every Saturday and our children’s Sunday school program is also doing well.

I visited the sick in the Hospital one of whom was Da Chu Ma Na, who is suffering from liver cancer. She was very weak and depressed by her sickness, I encouraged and shared with her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She felt encouraged, and I was also able to help one of the women pray for her baby’s surgery.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs and the health of my church members.
  • Please pray for our church building, we plan to build it on my campus, but we still need funds. We have some materials but not enough.
  • Pray for the spreading of the gospel to the people in my area, even though we have Christians in the area, please pray that God will continue to strengthen their faith.
  • Pray for my member’s income that they can continue to support their families. Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Tin Saw
August 2017

During this rainy season, I could not visit other villages because of the treacherous conditions but was able to evangelize in Kanpalet town. I met several people and distributed tracts, and if they allowed me, I shared the love of God and His salvation story. I met U Thang Ma Na and his wife in their home, they were Buddhist, but the Lord opened the way for me to share the gospel. It took two hours, and I shared about eternal life by comparing the teachings of Buddhism. They listened intently and told me that they would think about what they heard. Join me in praying for this couple and their family that they may come to faith in Christ.

One of our church members Daw Ann Ma was bitten by a snake in our village which was very distressing. We sent her directly to the hospital, and by God’s grace, she healed from the bite.

I traveled several times to the church in Bagon to encourage them. The members faithfully attend church functions. Please continue to pray for them that the Lord may increase their numbers.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs and protection from all kinds of evil.
  • Pray for the salvation of U Thang Ma Na and her family.
  • Please pray for work for my church members, they’re seasonal workers, and their contract was not renewed. They are trying their best to support their families.
  • Please continue to pray for supplies for a new church building; it is a crucial need.

I would like to give my special thanks to God for your prayers and financial support.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tin Saw

July 2017

The Bible written in Burmese

Greetings to all my prayer partners in the name of Jesus Christ. Our village has seen an increase in tropical diseases affecting our villagers namely the flu and dengue fever among others. By the grace of God, myself and all our church members have remained well.

I stayed with U Ling’s family and shared the gospel with them for two nights at the beginning of July. They listened attentively and desired to learn more about Jesus, and I will follow-up with them. I was invited by Holiness Church in our town and taught them salvation and Christian attitude on July 12. Most of the attendees were from different churches in Kanpalet town. I also met a widow, a worshiper of Spirits who was in a difficult situation for daily food. I helped her by providing food and shared the gospel with her, she was grateful and intrigued telling me that,“ I’m fascinated by the Gospel but need to take time to learn more about your God.” I told her to pray to the Most-high God and that if she does this, there would be something different in her life because He is a living God who can fulfill your desires. I then taught her how to pray. I had the opportunity to host the International Leadership Institute (ILI) at my place for two days from July 13-14, 2017. It will be beneficial for my future ministry. Praise the Lord.

Our weekly programs are doing well, as it was the rainy season sometimes members could not join our us because of the torrential rains.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs and outreach ministry.
  • Give thanks to God for opening more doors for evangelism.
  • Please pray for my evangelism so that the Lord may prepare new people for me to meet and share the gospel.
  • Please pray for the people I met in July and shared the gospel with that the seed may grow and bear fruit.
  • Please pray for our church construction which will be built on my land.

I would like to extend my special thanks to God and you all for your financial and prayer support. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Tin Saw

June 2017

“Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; our God is merciful. The Lord preserves the simple, when I was brought low; he saved me.” (Psalm 116:5-6; ESV). God has answered all your prayers for my ministry which went well in the month of June.

In the first week of June, I went to Saw Chaung village with church Elder Mana Kui which is a four-mile journey from Kanpalet town and shared the gospel with U Thang Nai’s family. After two days and one-night of sharing they professed faith and believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Praise the Lord. U Thang Nai was suffering from fever for several days before we left we decided that the work was necessary and carried on, we prayed for him while we were in Saw Chaung and he recovered. He was healed both physically and spiritually by God. Praise the Lord!

I attended a discipleship training in Yangon City with Pastor Kui Thang from June 14-17, the training was taught by Joshua Mission from Singapore. Pastor Thang is serving as a pastor in Bakung village, where our Director and team visited when they came to Paletwa in December 2016. At that time his church numbered 20 members from three families, he was diligent in ministering, and the church grew to 38 members six families.

The Lord opened a door for us by having a man inviting us to share the gospel in a new village, Thang Om. It is a non-Christian community where everyone has a Buddhist background. I traveled with Pastor Solomon in the last week of June, and we shared the gospel in Thang Om. They were opened to hearing the story of Jesus Christ, and we taught them with gladness. After our teaching, they requested us to come and do another gospel training in October and December as well. Pray for them that they may know and understand with certainty the salvation of Jesus Christ and that they may change their minds and become believers in Him.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the salvation of U Thang Nai and his family members. Pray that they may continue to stand firm in their faith.
  • Give thanks to God also for our weekly programs and Ba Kui’s church ministry.
  • Pray for more opportunities for the Gospel in our area.
  • Pray that we can construct a church building, pray with all diligence and steadfastness!

I would like to once again offer my thanks to God and you all for your financial and prayer support. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ’s service, Tin Saw

May 2017

Our weekly programs are meeting regularly including our home cells, prayer nights, and worship services. Several members of my church are fasting with me twice a month, and I have been going into the nearby town of Kanaplet for evangelism.

I visited Out Pui Dhung village with two deacons and conducted two days of salvation teaching. Seventeen people came and joined us, some were non-Christians and were glad to hear the salvation history and several have pondered what we discussed.

In May Cyclone Mora came through our area bringing the wind and heavy rain. The house of one of the members of our church collapsed during the storm and over the last week I have helped him rebuild. No one was injured from the storm, and we are thankful to the Lord.

I am involved in translating the New Testament into the “Dai Yin Du” language which is that of my tribe. It would be useful and helpful for my people because many of them cannot read Burmese or English Bibles.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to the Lord for sustaining us and our weekly gatherings.
  • Praise the Lord for the successful training in Out Pui Dhung village. Pray that the seed may grow in the heart of people and come to receive Jesus Christ and their Savior and Lord.
  • Pray for the translation of the New Testament that we may translate correctly from the text and complete it soon.
  • Please pray for permanent land for my church. We trust in God that He can provide our need.

I would like to offer my special thanks again to God and you all for your prayer and financial support. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ’s service, Tin Saw

March 2017

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to our International Director Steve and Board for choosing me to be a church planter with White Fields ministry. I believe that it is God who answered my prayers for the extension of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I thank God that our weekly programs are doing well. We have small groups, prayer meetings, Bible study times, and worship services. I and some of the members of my church are fasting and praying once a month. On January 22 I baptized a new believer named Maung Hung who wanted to be obedient to the Lord. Praise God for Maung’s understanding!

In the coming month, I am praying that I will be able to reach at least ten new people with the gospel. I have set aside Wednesday and Saturday to go into my community and share the gospel. I also visit the sick to pray and encourage them with the Word of God.

One of the members of my church Daw Ih Ih gave birth to a baby a short time ago. Unfortunately, the baby passed away a day after it’s birth. His parents are filled with sorrow and grieving; I encouraged them with the Word of the Lord. Please pray for the Lord of all comfort to be with them.

I attended the Annual Area Conference held at Aung Ywa Kale Township when it concluded I and three others visited several villages and shared the gospel. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God my weekly ministries and services.
  • Give thanks to God also for the conversion of Maung Hung and pray for his growth in the Lord.
  • Pray for the winning of more souls in 2017.
  • Please pray for a church building. Presently we worship in my house. It is tiny and inconvenience for us.
  • Pray for excellent health of my family and me.

Yours in Christ’s service, Tin Saw