Solomon Phun Kam

Recent Ministry

Thank you for your prayers. We conducted a gospel campaign for two-days with our members and some new people also joined us. They were encouraged by the preaching.

Daw (Mrs.) Hlui Thung is from Matwa Tui village was seriously ill. Her husband came to us and requested for us to pray for her on multiple occasions. She got better and returned to her village. A year later, she was sick again and hospitalized at Saw Myo General hospital. Her doctors gave up on treating her because she was not getting better. She was disappointed and had no hope for life. Her husband again brought her to us, and we prayed hard to God to heal her. She is getting better and has been able to join our church services every week for the past month since they moved to our village. She tearfully shared her testimony saying “I was suffering from several illnesses for the past six years, I had no hope to live, but God has healed me now. Praise the Lord. He is my Savior.”

Give thanks for the healing and Hlui Thung and pray for her health to continue to improve.

  • Pray for her witness to reach others with the gospel as she shares of her joy in the Savior.

I was invited by Pastor Ling Khui Sing, who is serving as a pastor in Htay Lin town, to teach a follow-up Bible training program to the new believers. Thirteen people attended the two-day gathering. I visited the members at their homes and encouraged them with the Word of God and prayer. The number of church members is growing, and they have completed the rough construction of a new church building.

Give thanks for the success of the Bible training program.

  • Pray for the continued growth and faithfulness of the new believers.

We are planning to have a gospel campaign for three days before Christmas and have a celebration on Christmas day with all the church members. Pray for our celebration as we prepare and for the outreach-ministry we conduct during the Christmas season.

  • Pray for the upcoming Christmas celebration to bring many more new believers to faith. Pray for those who evangelize to have courage and wisdom in their conversations.
  • Pray for the leaders and speakers at the gospel campaign as they prepare for preaching the gospel message of love and salvation to their people.

Pastor Solomon’s Testimony 

Pastor Solomon serves as a national church planter in the northern Chin State of Myanmar. He is the son of Pastor Tha Khup who is also a White Fields church planter. Solomon grew up in a small village in the mountains of Chin far from the big city. He came from a Christian family and was raised in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

When he was in his teens, he told his father that he desired to have a relationship with Jesus and surrendered his life to Christ. He knew he wanted to become a Pastor and as he entered his 20’s, he applied to the Evangelical School of Theology in Andhra Pradesh India. To attend, Solomon learned English and saved money to pay for his education. While there he met his future wife, Cing bawi, a Burmese woman who was studying child development. After graduating, they got married and moved to the town of Saw Myo to help Solomon’s father Tha Khup with church ministry.

It was during this time that our Director Steve Wheeler met Solomon on an accountability and stewardship trip through Myanmar. Steve saw Solomon’s dedication, humbleness, and knowledge of the scriptures. More than this Solomon’s ability to interpret the scriptures using proper hermeneutics and his heart for the Lord left an impression on those around him. Solomon became a church planter in 2017 and proved himself to be an energetic evangelist leading others into new villages where there are no Christians proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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