September 2016

For the month of September, the members of our church said they would like to study the book of James, in it are many practices for the Christian that have proved beneficial to the members of our church. We studied every night in each other’s homes and by the end of the month we were strengthened and encouraged in how we should live our lives.

  • Please give thanks to God for the success of our gospel crusade from September 19-25 and the conversion of four young people.

Pastor Khup and the members of the church conducted a gospel campaign for six days at the end of September. They invited nonbelievers from the community to come and had evangelist Lin Thang speak and two gospel singers perform at the event. Each day they fifty to sixty people attend the teaching, amongst these four young people made a profession of faith in Jesus. They were Nei Thang, Awbet, Za Thang and Thawng Nao, we were jubilant and thanked God for this amazing work.

Here are some ways you can pray for us:

  • Praise God for our Bible study of James we had in September which was encouraging for all of us.
  • Please pray for myself and our church members so that we all may continue in doing God’s ministry, in season or out of season.
  • Please pray for our upcoming Christmas ministry,

I praise and thank God always for hearing that you pray for me continually. I praise God for your prayer and financial support.

Yours co-worker in the Lord’s field,
Za Thang

June 2016

Greetings to all my prayer partners in the name of Jesus Christ. I hope that you all are doing well. Due to your prayer help, my ministry has been going well. The month of May is one of the busiest months of the year for farmers and cultivators. All of our people here are farmers and cultivators and they have been preparing to plant crops.

  • Please pray for the farmers and cultivators as they are planting crops, pray that the crops will grow successfully.

The Lord has blessed my ministry! This past month, my members donated resources for church building decoration. We decorated the ceiling nicely, and a group of women decorated the doors, windows, and background of pulpit. It is very beautiful now. We were all very happy for completing it. We were thankful that our members were able to make these changes and that we did not need to hire workers. Praise the Lord! Please give thanks to God for the progress of our church and for our weekly services.

  • Please pray for winning souls and for the increase of church members. 
  • Please pray for the children, as schools will open back up in June.

Thank you very much for your prayer and support; it is appreciated! May the Lord bless you!

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field,

Pastor Z. Thang


In August we conducted an evangelistic campaign in my area from the 12th through the 16th. I invited two evangelists to come and speak to the people who came. There were around 40-50 who joined us every day and night from surrounding villages. Out of these, four people repented of their sins and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They are U Biak, U Thang, Ma San, and U Thawng. Praise the Lord!

  • Give thanks to the Lord for the four souls who have received Jesus Christ 

I also conducted a gospel rally on September 4. This was supported by local authorities because there are so many young people who are drinking every day, causing problems in the village. I spoke to them about salvation. About 70 people attended the worship service. It was a great opportunity to share the gospel. Some of them were happy and shared their testimony with me. Praise the Lord!

  • Give thanks to God for the gospel rally
  • Pray many hearers may change and come to know Jesus Christ

Our weekly programs are doing well. We continued our services without fail. We have faced hardships twice already this year—flooding. All the plants were destroyed, first in August and then in late September.

I give you my heartfelt thanks for your spiritual and financial support. I receive the gift of money regularly. May the Lord bless you all. Thank you very much.

  • Pray for daily bread for the people of the village
  • Pray more people will have their hearts opened by the Lord
  • Pray for boldness and courage so that I may open my mouth to share the gospel courageously 

Pastor Z. Thang