Pastor U Paw Oo

Recent Ministry

God is worthy to be praised and honored, for He has done great things for me. I was appointed to be a new church planter in Htantapyin, where I have been planting a church. Praise the Lord.

My wife and I are pleased that the Lord answers our prayers. I have been told that I have many prayer partners around the world. This knowledge encourages and strengths me.

My weekly activities are as follows. Every Sunday, we worship God in my rented house. Typically, thirty to forty people come to worship every week. Most of the attendees are my members, but some are visitors. We conduct home Bible studies on Saturday and prayer meetings on Thursdays. I do evangelisms to the neighbors, and sometimes my church members go with me, and other times I travel by myself. I share the gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony of conversion.

  • Pray that I will not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone around us.
  • Pray that the Lord may open the hearts of the people so that they want to hear the salvation of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for boldness and courage to proclaim the love of God among my people.

Many of the people in Yangon and the surrounding villages do not know the name of Jesus. Give thanks to God for appointing me to be a church planter in Htantapyin, Swepyi Thar Township, Yangon. Give thanks for my church members as they are faithful to trust God and proclaim the gospel.

  • Pray for a permanent home; it is essential for my ministry work.

Personal Testimony of Belief in Jesus Christ:

I was born on January 1, 1969, at Eh Thar Duh Chaung village, Yalun township, Delta Area. My parents were U San Thein and Daw Yin Shwe; there are eight brothers and sisters in my family. I am the fourth son. When I was born, my family was an active Buddhist family. My father was a local pharmacy doctor, and my mother was a gardener. I was taught Buddhism from my childhood, and I became a staunch Buddhist.
I attended government education from Elementary to High School at Hintarah town, Ayawady division (Delta Area). My parents always encouraged me to be a monk. I entered into one monastery and became a monk in 1998. I preached Buddhist beliefs to our people, and I also built one Buddhist Temple. I served as a Buddhist monk for ten years. During this time, I had no peace and no reality in my heart; my confidence for life after death was not there. So I resigned.

After I had resigned, I went to my relatives in Shwe Pyi Thar, Yangon. In the year of two-thousand, I heard a pastor preach from the book of John, he read verse 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” This passage touched my heart deeply, and I believed it. An evangelist named Benjamin shared about Jesus and the salvation story. I was touched and decided to believe in Christ. I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I was baptized on February 13, 2011. After that, I had joined the Myanmar Power Mission Training School for one year. I was appointed as a church planter on June 1, 2012, by the Myanmar Christian Mission. I attended the Word Bible Seminary from 2013-2014, and I completed a Bachelor of Ministry degree and, after that, a Master of Ministry. My wife’s name is Daw (Mrs.) Saw Si Hlaing (SiSi). We have no children.
I felt in my heart that I have a responsibility for my people, specifically those who do not know the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ. The love of God compels me to be a witness for Him throughout my life. Thus, I have been sharing the gospel to non-Christian in Htan Chauk Pyin, Shwepyithar Township, Yangon. The Lord saves souls through my ministry. Praise the Lord. In my area, there are mixed tribes; they are the Karen tribe, which is about twenty percent, Burmese is sixty percent, and the remaining twenty percent are other ethnicities. I rent a house for the worship service and as my family residence. I reach my community by visiting and praying for the people and inviting them to attend the worship service. Presently, I have about thirty to forty attendants every Sunday. Please do continue to pray for me and my ministry. Thank you very much. May God bless you all.