November 2019

During the past month, the rain was heavy, and the streets were muddy. Though the weather was stormy, our weekly programs and outreach ministry continued. The road in front of my new home was impassible and almost flooded, so my church members and I used sand to fill up the worst spots. Our neighbors were happy to help. I visited several sick people and shared with them about Jesus Christ and prayed for them.

  • Pray for health and protection from injury during the rainy season.
  • Pray for the members to grow in their faith.

My daughter Chit Ma has been conducting a free school program for the children, Mondays through Fridays, for four hours in the afternoon. The program is beneficial for my ministry since I have opportunities to share the gospel with the children and sometimes their parents. Some of the children have joined our Sunday school program and worship services. Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share the good news to the children when they come to learn and improve their school skills.

  • Pray for the positive influence on the community through this outreach opportunity.

We conduct our Sunday services each week and invite the neighbors. We usually have new people each time. Our average attendance is thirty people who join us for the worship service, including children. Praise the Lord.

Daw (Mrs.) Khin shares her testimony. “My husband is a Christian, and sometimes I followed him to church, but I felt nothing and never changed my life. One day, I lost my gold ring and looked all over the house, but I could not find it. The next day I went to work but I was still worried and prayed to Jesus six times, saying Jesus if you find my rings, I will worship you for the rest of my life and I will share this with the congregation at worship on Sunday. When I got back home, I continued to search in my house, and I found it! I was amazed and knew that Jesus is alive. I believe in Him, and I know that I belong to God. As I had promised, I shared my testimony with the believers. Praise the Lord.”

  • Pray for Khin to grow in her new faith and praise the Lord for her testimony.
  • Pray for the church to grow and for the neighbors and authorities not to create issues with my church planting ministry. 
  • Pray for the believers to have their daily needs met.

June 2019

As I have shared in previous reports, my house construction in the new ministry field is going well, and my family moved into the house at the end of last month. We started worship services and prayer meetings with my family members at the beginning of the month. Almost every day, I go out to make friends with the neighbors and villagers. I invite the children to come to the house to teach them free school lessons from my daughter Chit Ma. On Sunday mornings, we conduct a Children Sunday school program. The Lord has blessed our prayers with twenty-four children, eighteen are from a Buddhist background. We teach about the Bible and the story of salvation. In our worship services, we have twenty to thirty people every Sunday, that come to my house since we have no other place to worship.

  • Pray for the completion of the house.
  • Pray for the ministry in this new location, it is an undeveloped urban area.
  • Pray for Pastor Mint’s family to be happy as they settle into this new place.
  • Pray for good relationships to be built with the neighbors.

I visited the homes of my church members to encourage them with the Word of God and to pray for their daily bread. As it is the rainy seasons, many are struggling to find regular work. Most of my members are poor people and rely on their daily earnings for their family to survive. Our weekly services were able to continue despite the bad weather from the rainy season. We have home Bible studies each week at two locations. These gatherings are helpful to our members and new people.

  • Pray for the church members to earn their daily bread and to find work despite the rainy season.

The women’s group and I went to Insein General Hospital and shared the gospel, praying with those who allowed us. Some people showed interest in hearing about Jesus. We pray for the Lord to lead them to Himself, and to give them physical and spiritual healing.

  • Pray for the people who heard the gospel message to come to understand their need for a Savior.

In my out-reach ministry, I met some new people and shared the gospel with them. One man replied, “I am a Buddhist, but my wife is a Christian and has been since we were married. I prayed to the Lord Jesus to provide a good house of our own, if He provides one, I will believe in Him and become a Christian.” Pray for U (Mr.) Zaw to keep this promise to God and for the Lord to provide for his need. Ma (Miss) Tetkhan shared her testimony, “I am a Buddhist, but my friends are Christians. Several times they brought me to the church service, and I saw they were full of joy from singing and talking about the goodness of God with each other. I was impressed, and it touched my heart to see the way they worship and praise God. After several times of worship, I also have believed in Jesus Christ, but I am afraid to tell my parents or take baptism. I pray for courage to tell them, please pray with me.”

  • Pray for Zaw to come to understand salvation and have a relationship with God.
  • Pray for Tetkan to have the courage to tell her parents that she is a believer and for their acceptance of her faith.
  • Pray for the Lord to fulfill their desires and for them to become faithful believers.

Daw (Mrs.) Ni and Daw (Mrs.) Aye shared their testimonies. Aye stated, “I had been suffering from body pain and was unable to sleep well at night. When I learned about Jesus, I tried to pray by myself before going to bed, and I was able to sleep. I knew then that Jesus is alive and able to heal every sin.” Ni shared, “I just know about Jesus from what Mint Tan shared, and my heart was impressed. I was interested in knowing more, so I attend the Sunday worship service regularly. Pray for me that I may know clearly about Jesus and the salvation history.”

  • Pray for Aye and Ni to understand salvation and proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for their relationship with God.

May 2019

During the past month, I spent time building my house. As I had mentioned in the previous reports, I am moving to Lik Gone village. As there was no house to rent, I thought it best to build a house for my family to live in and for our worship place. I thank God that I have received donations from my mother church and from other individuals.

  • Pray for the needs of Mint Tan’s family to be met as they are moving to a new field of ministry.
  • Pray for the establishment of a new church in this new location.

Praise the Lord of the completion of their new house.

We conducted a fellowship worship service and evangelism with my church young people and the young people in Swee Pyi Thar town. We distributed some tracts and shared the gospel with those who allowed us to speak with them. Among the youth, one shared his testimony as follows. “I am Aung, I was born and raised in a Christina family, and there are six people in my family. I am from a difficult and uncivilized area, so I went to Yangon to look for a job. I thanked God that I got a job, but I was lonely because I had no friends and no church to attend. It was very encouraging to me when I met two young boys from Pastor Mint Tan’s church at the football field. I asked to join their church on Sundays, and they said you are welcome to join us. I was happy, and now I have many friends from church. I also am involved in the service. Praise the Lord.” Aung is an active young man serving in the church.

Give thanks for the encouragement of this young man’s testimony.

  • Pray for his service to be joyful and encouraging to the members and for opportunities to share the gospel with his neighbors.
  • Pray for the outreach ministry to reach new people with the good news.
  • Pray for the youth who are involved in sharing their gospel to have courage and joy as they speak of the love of God.

April 2019

I continue to work with the youth group in our town. Several of the youth and myself evangelized to the young people. We also prayed for the sick and shared the gospel with several people in the village. God opened more doors for evangelism.

Ma (Ms.) Myint shared her testimony. “I was Buddhist, I tried my best to do good things to get to a good place (heaven). I regularly made time to meditate and worshipped Buddha. But I had no peace in my life, not only that but I had no confidence about life after death. After I was taught about Jesus by pastor Tan, I knew that Jesus died for my sin and overcame the power of death and rose again from the dead. He forgives all sins of those who believe in Him, and they have eternal life through Jesus Christ.”

Ma (Ms.) Sandar states, “I was born and grew up in a Buddhist family. My friends are Christians, and on Sundays, they regularly go to church. I was invited many times and sometimes I would follow my friends. Whenever I went to church, I felt peace in my heart. I followed them and studied about God, and whenever I prayed, he fulfilled my prayers. I learned that He is a real and living God. After one year, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord.”

  • Pray for these young believers to grow in the knowledge of God and give thanks for their testimonies.

I will be moving to Lik Gone village, about three miles from my present place. I have visited this village several times and shared the gospel with them. My overseers agreed to have me move to this village. Currently, there is no house to rent there, so we are planning to build a simple house on a small piece of land. We have just started the work on the house, pray that it will be completed soon so that my ministry there may start. Pastor Zaw Min Lat (Toe Toe) will take care of the members in our current location.

Pray for the move of Pastor Mint Tan and his family to Lik Gone village. Pray for the church in Watazar to thrive under the leadership of Pastor Zaw Min Lat. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the people in my new area of ministry.

February/ March 2019

Greetings to our prayer partners. Your support and prayers have caused my ministry to be successful since its very beginning. I give thanks to God for your commitment. My family, church and I pray for you always.  May God bless you.

New people have joined our weekly programs. We conduct two Bible studies at different homes during the week. I was able to share the love of God with four new families, but they did not respond positively or give a decision. I pray they will consider God’s love and come to Jesus Christ. I also visited my church members and new contacts and prayed for them.

We had an excursion to People’s Park in Yangon City and held an outdoor worship program then played some games. The church members were blessed by this event. We also distributed four-hundred tracts.

  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the church members.
  • Pray for those who heard the gospel for the first time to come to an understanding of God’s love and be saved.

U (Mr.) Kyaw studied about God for eighteen months. He became a Christian this past month. He stated, “According to our Buddhist religion if I do good, I will reap good things. If I go, I will reach. If I could live a righteous life, I will go to a good place, and so forth. But I could not do good things at all, rather I always did bad things my entire life. I was told by the pastor, that no one can do good things because all men are sinners. I know clearly that only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and those who believe in Him will have eternal life. Praise the Lord.”

Daw (Mrs) Sandar, is already a Christian and shared her testimony. “After I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, my life is has changed, it has turned from an unhappy life to a happy life. When I compare with being a Buddhist, it was very different. While I was a Buddhist, I always faced problems and had envy of others. When I experienced how believers love their fellow believers, it has been wonderful for me. Pray for my family, especially my husband, they are still in the Buddhist religion.”

U (Mr) Khin shares “I was converted to Christianity in 2017, before that, every year, my parents made sacrifices for our sin, for protection, and for success by offering animal meat because they worshipped spirits, despite all that, our family business was going down every year. Now I have confidence that Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice for our sin, gave us eternal life, and protects us from all kinds of evil. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for the family of Kyaw to come to faith in God.

Give thanks for his salvation. Give thanks for the testimonies of the believers.

I am moving to a new field with my family. It is not far for my current place of ministry, and we will need to build a simple house for my family. My co-worker Pastor Zaw Min Lat will be taking care of our church members.

  • Pray for the transition to a new missions’ field for Pastor Mint Tan and his family.
  • Pray for Pastor Zaw Min Lat as he cares for the current church.
  • Pray for the house construction to go smoothly and quickly.

January 2019

The Lord is good to us all the time.

Our weekly church ministries are doing well. We have two Bible studies meeting each week in addition to the prayer meetings and worship services. The youth group is meeting regularly on Sunday evenings. The youth group had a fellowship with the Shwe Pyi Thar township youth group. They asked me to preach and scheduled times for worship and evangelism. Several non-Christian young people joined them which is very encouraging.

  • Pray for the youth to grow in their faith and for their testimony to shine to the community.
  • Pray for the youth who are non-Christians to continue attending and to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord that so many new young people joined the group.

I visited several sick people in the hospital and at their homes, praying with them and sharing the gospel. Daw (Mrs.) Soe shared her testimony. “I am a believer, but my husband is Buddhist. Our yoke is not the same. My husband forbids me to go to church on Sunday. Not only that, but he asked me to do flowers and incense for his gods (idols) every day. I had no choice, I did it because I was afraid of my husband; also, I love him. We had no joy or happiness in our family. After we had a child, I had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. We had no money or help. In the hospital, Pastor Tan and his wife prayed with me and shared about Jesus. I was healed, and my husband was so happy that he never forbids me to go to church anymore. My husband started following me to church and listened to the salvation story. He has become interested in studying about salvation. Our family has become a happy family now. Praise the Lord.”

  • Pray for Soe’s husband to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for our outreach ministry, especially for the sick we visit in the hospital or their homes, pray for more to come to salvation.

I conducted a one-day training at the church, and twenty-five people joined us. One man, U (Mr.) Htun Nay accepted my teaching. He responded, “I was born and grew up in a Buddhist family. I never heard about Jesus or His salvation story until today. When I heard about Jesus who saves sinners by forgiving their sins and that those who believe in Him have eternal life, it touched my heart, and I believed in Him. I knew that I could not reach heaven by good works or merit. God gives me freely the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.” Praise the Lord for his testimony.

  • Pray for Htun to grow in his understanding of God’s Word, and to grow in his faith and trust in God.
  • Pray for his witness to his family and for them to come to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

December 2018

I am grateful for your continual prayer and support. Our Christmas ministries reached new people. We held services in two places, at my church in Watazar, and No. Three Junction of Hlawka. The young men and women were excited to distribute gospel tracts and went caroling. We handed out a thousand tracts to non-Christians. We talked with many people and shared the gospel with them.

I met a widow, Daw (Mrs.) May Lat, and shared the gospel with her. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and wished to share her testimony. “I was a strong Buddhist. My husband passed away three years ago, we had four children. I was anxious about how to support my children. I tried my best, but we were struggling to survive. Pastor Mint Tan came to my house and told me to pray to God, proclaiming that He is alive and can answer my prayers and knows my desires. I was impressed and willing to pray to God for a new job. Every day, I asked God to provide me with a good job, I prayed the same prayer. One week later, I was invited to work at a tailoring factory where my friend was working. I was appointed to be a manager. I was stunned because I had never experienced an answered prayer in my life. I decided to follow Jesus and worship Him for the rest of my life.”

  • Pray for Daw May Lat to grow in her faith and continue to trust God.
  • Pray her job to provide income so she can provide for her family.

I talked with four other people who were interested in Jesus Christ, Ko Ngi Ngi Aung, U (Mr.) Thein, Daw (Mrs.) Ma Mee and Daw (Mrs.) Kyi Win. They all said they need to study the salvation story more. Pray for them to come to a complete understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and accept the free gift of salvation.

  • Pray for Ko Ngi Ngi Aung, U (Mr.) Thein, Daw (Mrs.) Ma Mee and Daw (Mrs.) Kyi Winn to be saved.
  • Pray for our ministry to the disabled people to continue reaching people for Christ.
  • Pray for our ministry in the coming year to bring many more souls to faith.

Thank you for your commitment to extend the Kingdom of God in Myanmar.

November 2018

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for my ministry. Thank you for your commitment to expanding the Kingdome of God in Myanmar. May God bless you abundantly.

I have experienced the presence of God and many blessings on my work in Shwepithar, Yangon. I conducted a one-day salvation campaign with thirteen people, some were non-Christians, and some were church members. The non-Christians accepted what I taught but have not yet changed or proclaimed faith in Jesus Christ. They are still thinking about and studying about God. Please pray for them.

  • Pray for those who are still analyzing God and His salvation plan to have all their doubts resolved and to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

My youth group and the Hlawka youth group have a fellowship program and worship service together once a month. As is my usual practice, I visited my members and some of the non-Christian families at their homes, to encourage them with the Word of God and pray for their needs.

Our weekly home Bible studies are continuing to meet on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Sundays, after the service, I visit the members who were not able to attend the worship service. I encourage and pray with them.

  • Pray for wisdom for Pastor Mint Tan as he encourages the believers and non-believers, and for safety as he travels to visit people in their homes.

U (Mr.) Thein Myint shares his testimony. “I was a Buddhist, along with all my family members. I was told that Jesus is God and He can help with all needs. My son had gone to Thailand on the land road to look for a job. We could not contact him for seven months and were very worried about him. Pastor Mint Tan and some of the church members came to my house and shared about Jesus with us. They prayed for my son. I promised them that if Jesus was able to send my son home again, that I would believe and worship Him. Unexpectedly, three weeks later, my son came home safely. I was surprised that all the prayers for my son were answered, by Jesus. Since then, I have dedicated my life to Jesus. I know that He is living, I believe in Him and worship Him with all my family members.” Thein Myint’s family has not yet been baptized.

  • Pray for Thein Myint and his family to grow in their new faith. Pray for their preparations for baptism.

A believer, U (Mr.) Yaw Khin, shared the goodness of God in his life. “God is good all the time. I lost my job and tried to apply to another company. When I was called for the interview, they asked about my salary expectation. I answered them as best as I could. I prayed, and my fellow believers also prayed for me. I was accepted to the position and was appointed my expected salary with additional benefits. Praise the Lord!”

  • Pray for our Christmas seasons celebrations, especially to the disabled people and their families.
  • Pray for our ministry to people with disabilities. We desire to give some gifts to them this Christmas.
  • Pray for our Carol Sing and our visits to the non-Christian homes.

October 2018

I visited several households, sharing the gospel and praying with them, including two non-Christian families. These non-Christian families allowed me to visit them and listened as I talked, I pray that God will one day draw them to believe in Him and have eternal life.

One married woman, Aye Bwe Soe, has joined our Sunday worship services and is studying about the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. She gave birth to a baby at the hospital about a month ago. We are praying for her and her baby to have good health. She is closer to believing in God but has not yet made the final step.

  • Pray for Aye Bwe Soe to come to an understanding of the gospel and to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

There was heavy rain that caused serious flooding at Number twenty-one group in Shwepithar town. Many families were affected and needed help. The young people and I helped with the rescue work and provided food for these families. They were grateful. I visited those who were unable to join the worship service on Sundays and prayed with them.

  • Pray for the recent flooding to resolve quickly and for the damage to be minimal.
  • Pray for the families as they recover from this disaster and for God to open the door for the gospel through the ministry of the providing aid.

I conducted a one-day Bible teaching and twenty people attended. Many of these were new believers who were studying salvation and starting to understand the gospel message. Some were still tasting and testing salvation and have not yet come to an acceptance of the gospel message.  Daw (Ms.) Win Kyi shared with us, “While we were in a difficult situation and hopeless condition, we were ignored. No one loved us, rather, they abased and looked down on us. But when I was told about God who loves everyone, I was happy and greatly encouraged. Pastor Tan always came and prayed for us. My heart was full of happiness and joy. Praise the Lord.” Ciin Thein said, “I had strong beliefs that if I work hard, I will receive blessings and if we do good things in this world, we may receive eternal life.”

  • Pray for these two women to come to a complete understanding of the gospel and that both may receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Give thanks for those who attended the class and for their growth in their new faith and for a deeper understanding of the Bible.

  • Pray for our outreach during the Christmas season and for God to open more doors for us to share about salvation.

September 2018

God is good toward his people. Psalms 46:10-11.

I continue my regular visits to my church members to pray with them.  I also shared the gospel with non-believers who were willing to listen. My young members, in the Hlawka and Hlegu township, are trying to reach young people by giving out gospel tracts and fellowshipping with them.

The women’s group visited the local hospitals and shared the gospel with the patients. They prayed with them and distributed gospel tracts. Our home Bible study is continuing to meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The children Sunday school program is growing, and some of the children are from non-Christian families.

Give thanks for the young members in the church who are reaching out to their peers and sharing the gospel. Pray for the young people to be open and willing to listen.

Give thanks for the women’s ministry’s visit to the local hospitals and pray for the patients who received gospel tracts to be open to the message of salvation.

  • Pray for the children who are from non-Christian families, for them to be saved and for their transformation of character to proclaim their salvation to their family.

During my outreach ministry, I met Ma Aye Buai Kha. After several visits to her home, she knew that God is living and provides for the needs of his people. She attended our church and shared her testimony. “I was from a Buddhist family. Pastor Mint persistently came to our home and shared with us about the Christian God. At first, we refused to listen because we also had a good religion. Pastor Mint never gave up and continued to visit and share with us about Jesus Christ. Eventually, when I was very close to giving birth to my baby, we needed money, and he prayed hard for it. Unexpectedly, I received the amount in time. I knew then that God is living. I started to believe in Him. I need to know more about salvation history. Please pray for me.”

  • Pray for Ma Aye Buai Kha to grow in her faith and knowledge of salvation. Pray for her family to also be saved.

A young man named Min Min also accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord through the sharing of my young members. “I was from a Buddhist background. I heard many times about Jesus because I had followed my friends to church and enjoyed singing Christian songs, but I had no experience or relationship with God in my life. By the grace of God, the young people came and shared the gospel with me. It was strange, I then knew the love of God which is real and forgives my sins. I decided to believe in Him and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I am ready to be baptized, but I need permission from my parents. Please pray for me.”

  • Pray for Min Min’s parents to approve of his desire to be baptized. Pray for Min Min to grow in his faith and personal relationship with God.
  • Please pray with me for the gospel message to reach more people in Myanmar. I have the desire to start a church plant in a new location. It is an unreached area, five miles away, where I have visited and shared the gospel several times.
  • Pray for the people in this new location to be accepting and willing for Pastor Mint Tan to start a church in their village.  Pray for God to raise believers in this area to support the church.
  • Pray for God to bless Pastor Mint Tan’s desire to reach this new location and for the logistics to work out smoothly.

August 2018

Despite the heavy rain for many days, our weekly programs have not been affected by the weather. Our members have been faithful in attending the outreach evangelism, home Bible studies, prayer meetings, and Sunday worship service. Our children’s Sunday school program is going well, and we have seventeen to twenty attendees every week.  The youth fellowship in Shwepithar town is doing worship services and evangelism. Praise the Lord!

Give thanks for the faithfulness of our members in attending despite the rainy season hazards.

  • Pray for their faithfulness to continue and for more participants to join us.

The women’s group traveled to the Insein General Hospital to do evangelism. We shared the gospel with everyone who allowed us and prayed with them. We distributed tracts as well. We were well-received by the patients and some of them asked us to come again to share with them.

Mr. Khin Zaw wished to share his testimony with you. “As I am a Burmese, I was Buddhist. My wife was from the Karen tribe and so she was Christian. After three years of marriage, we had children and my wife would attend church regularly with my children. Sometimes I followed them to church, but the sermon was preached, and the songs were sung, in the Karen dialect, so I did not understand it at all. For me to attend church was meaningless. My wife did not explain to me about Jesus while we lived in Pagu city. We moved to Shwepithar, Yangon city, and after three months of living there, I met Pastor Mint Tan. He told me about salvation through Jesus Christ and I was not interested at first because I thought, it is the same as my religion. Pastor Mint Tan came again and shared with me several times. He asked me to take time to consider the gospel of Jesus and to pray. I prayed to God for some of my family’s needs and he answered my prayers. Since then, I have believed in Jesus Christ who is the living God. Despite my family’s difficult situation for daily survival and needs, I am happy and praising God for his love and forgiveness of my sings. My family life is better than before. Praise the Lord!”

Give thanks for the salvation of Khin Zaw and the positive influence of salvation on his family life.

  • Pray for his daily needs to be met and for him to continue trusting God for those daily needs.
  • Pray with us as we strive to win lost souls and bring them to a relationship with God.
  • Pray for my own wisdom and discernment as I evangelism and seek to reach more people to bring them to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the outreach ministry and the disability fellowship ministry.

July 2018

Our ministry to the disabled people is continuing. We have a fellowship meeting and distribute rice, oil, and clothes to them. There are twenty people who attend. One lady, Ma Knin Thet Swee, shared her testimony. “As I am disabled, there were many times that I would be discouraged and thought that no one loves me. Sometimes, I choose to die rather than to live. But after I joined the fellowship, I learned that Jesus loves everyone, including me. At first, I did not believe, how can Jesus love everyone? After several months, I understood clearly the love of God and the salvation story. Then I was at peace in my heart and knew happiness. I know that I have eternal life because of Jesus Christ. Praise his Holy name.”

  • Pray for the ministry to the disabled people and for their daily needs to be met.
  • Pray for Ma Knin Thet Swee to progress in the knowledge of God.

Aye Mimi-Soe also shared her testimony. “I was a Buddhist. When I was thirteen, I was invited to join the Sunday school class at Pastor Mint Tan’s church and I did. I was interested in the teaching, but I did not change. I married a Buddhist man and we have two children. Pastor Mint Tan came often to our home and shared the gospel, at first, I and my husband did not like his sharing about the Christian God, but he never gave up and he prayed for us always. My children were going to the Sunday school and they told us about the goodness of God and the living God. After that, I and my husband went to the Church worship service and became interested in the sharing about Jesus Christ.”

  • Pray for Aye Mimi-Soe’s family to continue to attend the Church and for the parents to understand the gospel and believe in Jesus Christ.

Our area was flooded along with the other areas in Shewepithar township due to the heavy rains last month. Many people were moved to safe places and no life was lost. Thankfully, the church members were not troubled too much by the flood.

Give thanks to God for protection from the flood.

Spring 2018

Several members of my church and I organized a gospel campaign, and 23 people attended, amongst them, three people confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. They were U Zaw, U Chit, U Maung, and Daw Kay Ti. U Zaw and U Chit shared their testimony’s with me.

U Zaw. “I was a Buddhist, and my wife was a Karen tribe Christian. My wife never told me about Jesus Christ. I was eager to know about Jesus when I followed my wife to Karen Church worship service, they used Karen language, and I could not understand. Fortunately, I met pastor Mint Tan, and he shared with me the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ which I want to know. My heart was peaceful and joyful which I had never experienced before. I am ready to get baptized. Praise the Lord!.”

U Chit. “Traditionally, I was a strong Buddhist. My parents and relatives were also Buddhist. Pastor Mint Tan always tried to share Jesus with me, I felt that it was very boring, he continued to tell me and lastly, I felt in my heart that I needed Jesus. According to his teaching about prayer, I tried to pray for my needs, and God answered me since then I knew that He is a living God. I accepted and believed in Him as my Savior and Lord. Please help me in prayer that all my brethren and parents also may believe in Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.”

U Maung. “I was a Buddhist, but I believe that all religions were good and the same. I tried my best to get a good place in my eternal life. I went to Buddhist temple and worshipped gods and did ritual things, I also went to Hindu temple and worshiped their gods too, and I also went to Christian temple and tried to follow and worship their God. I tried my best to do good things in my area; I was a ritualistic man in my area. But I learned that I could not get eternal life by doing good things. Now, I thank God that I know Jesus Christ who died for me and saved me from all my sins. I now have confidence in my life that I have eternal life. I am pleased.”

Daw Kay Ti. “One preacher came to our house and shared us about Jesus, but at that time I didn’t understand what he was saying. We were a Buddhist family. But pastor Mint Tan continued to come to the house and proceeded to share with us about Jesus Christ and his salvation. I understood what pastor Mint Tan was saying to me, and I believed in Jesus, I prayed for God to answer my prayers. My husband is not yet a Christian; please help me pray for him so that he can come to know Jesus Christ. I would like to be a Christian family and get baptized together.”

(2) I took two full days to teach the gospel to different people. I was blessed when people received the message and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Daw Ma Cho, U Min Min, U Maung Phong and U Thein, Daw Daw Ngwe and Daw Ma Khane were a few that came and shared their testimonies.

I was blessed this month to preach the gospel for two full days with two groups of people who accepted my teaching and became believers in Jesus. Join me in praising the Lord for Daw Ma Cho, U Min Min, U Maung Phong, U Thein, Daw Daw Ngwe and Daw Ma Khane. A few of these people shared their testimonies with me.

Daw Ma Cho told me, “I was a Buddhist but did not know what being Buddhist meant, it did not affect my life. After I got married and had two children, we faced financial problems. Sometimes my children were sick, and we could not afford to take them to the hospital because my husband had no job. We became poor and destitute. One day I met White Fields Pastor Mint Tan, and he asked me to listen to his teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I sat and listened the whole day while Pastor Tan taught me about the love of God and His salvation;. He told me that Jesus is a living God who can provide all our needs and heal every sickness. It touched my heart that there was a God who loved us. I wanted to know God and ask for His assistance in our lives. I started praying, and my first prayer was for my husband’s job, and amazingly he got a good job. Secondly, I asked to have contact with my parents because many years ago I lost contact with them, I was worried for them, and the Lord answered my prayer because my parents found me and came to visit unexpectedly. Thus, I knew that Jesus is a powerful and living God, one in whom I could place my trust!”

U (Mr.) Min Min visited me and said “I grew up in a Buddhist family. I married a Christian, and sometimes, my wife would tell me about Jesus. She would ask me to attend church with her, but I always refused because I was working and selling crops. One day I had a misunderstanding with my boss and was sent home, when I arrived I saw that Pastor Tan was there. He shared about Jesus and the salvation story with me, and we prayed things would be okay between me and my co-workers and boss. The next day everything was fine. Since then my heart has been touched, and I believe that Jesus is a living God, who can forgive my sins and heal any situation. I am happy to believe in Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior and Lord.”

U Maung Phong shared, “My parents were spirit worshipers and every year they dedicated and made sacrifices for our family. They would ask for success in their business, freedom from sickness, and forgiveness of their daily sins. After my parents passed away, my family members and I continued sacrificing to the spirits. Though we were poor, we needed to kill an animal and make a sacrifice every year. It was not easy for us to do that each year. At that time Pastor Tan came and told us that Jesus Christ had sacrificed Himself for us more than two thousand years ago. It was not necessary to sacrifice to the spirits because they could not forgive sins, only Jesus could forgive every sin. I was delighted in my heart and believed in Jesus Christ. Since then I have accepted Him as my Savior and Lord.”

(3) I and some of our sister churches spent a week hosting a gospel camping trip at Insein church. Over 90 people including children attended. We praised the Lord together, and different pastors spent time teaching the Bible. It was a glorious time studying the scriptures and growing as brothers and sisters in Christ.

When we returned home I spent a week teaching the Gospel to a group of fifteen people. Twelve were new believers, and they brought three friends who were Buddhists. From these non-believers, two women accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. One of them, Daw San San shared her testimony with me, “When I heard about the love of Jesus Christ and His salvation, my heart was touched and I decided I wanted to know this God of love. I told Jesus I wanted to know Him and follow Him. I now have peace and joy which I never experience in my past when I was a Buddhist. Christians and Buddhists are very different, Christians were good to me and they loved me and cared for me. Buddhist are not like the Christians, there is hate, envy, and quarreling among them all the time. I was disappointed and sad in my old life, but now I am warmly welcomed by believers and we share our burdens with each other and prayed for one another. I am so thankful for this new life I have! Pray that my relatives may also come to know Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world.”

U Tin Ko’s told me, “I was a Buddhist, and pastor Mint Tan came and shared Jesus to our family, but I still did not want to listen, I knew nothing about Christianity. One day pastor Mint Tan invited me to join his one-day training, and I joined him. I listened to all the teaching of salvation, the love of God and eternal life. When I heard about it, I felt that my heart was enlightened and happy. However, I did not accept because I needed to learn more about salvation as well as the living God. Presently, I had no job, I need a good job, I asked God for it, and when I got it, I believed and accepted Him as my Savior and Lord. Please pray for my family and me.”

I also met some new people during my outreach ministry. I shared the gospel with them. Daw Khin Meo Thu, joined our training and church worship service, she wants to know more about Jesus. Ko Phu Kyaw was reached during a home visit to his house during our last carol singing. During this time he said he felt something different in his heart, by the coming of Jesus and his incarnation story. He had joined my one-day teaching in April and accepted Jesus Christ as his own Savior and Lord.

(4) I praise God that one person professed faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. His name is U Tin Htun, and he shared his feelings as follows: “I was born paralyzed from the waist down. When I was growing up, I did not spend time with friends and just lived in isolation. I felt like my life had no meaning. After joining a fellowship for disabled persons, Pastor Mint Tan came and told us about Jesus and the love of God. No Buddhist Monk had ever encouraged me or told me about hope and love. To have Pastor Tan come and speak to us touched my heart. As I learned more about Jesus, I was delighted and felt that my life had meaning. I had seen that Christians were very kind and always helped each other. I also have confidence in Christ that I have eternal life.”

Daw Aye’s was a Christian in name only, after I met her and shared of Jesus Christ, she was stirred in her heart to pursue God. She shared her testimony as follows. “My husband was a Buddhist and although I professed faith in Jesus I had never gone to church since we got married. Both of us worked hard for our family, but we could not succeed as we expected an achieve the things we desired in life. Pastor Mint Tan came and shared with us about the love of God, who is in control of everything which impressed my heart. I prayed and felt guilty and began to cry because I had forgotten Jesus Christ. I repented of my sins and now have peace in my heart. I started reading the Bible and praying for my husband. I tried my best to be an example for my family. After returning to the Lord, our family business began improving. My husband is testing and studying the Bible. Please pray for him so that he may believe in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.”

Summer 2018

(5) This month, I went to Swepithar, Mya Kyunthar, and Lik Gone to distribute gospel tracts. I met several new people and shared the gospel with them.

I met U Tin Ko, who is a Buddhist and his wife who is a Christian from the Karen tribe. U Tin has never gone to church. When I reached his home, I shared with him about the living God and eternal life. He said, “If I did not know of this living God, how can I believe Him?” As we continued to talk he told me he had a big debt which he could not pay and was very anxious about. I asked him to pray and tell all his problems to Jesus who can help our needs, and nothing is impossible for Him. From that day, he started praying for his needs. After two weeks had passed, he was hired at a new job and with the money he earned he was able to pay all his debts. U Tin came to me and confessed that “Jesus is a living God, I will worship Him throughout the rest of my life.” His wife was pleased, and together they are attending church together.

Daw Tin May was an active Buddhist and donated many things to her gods at pagodas and Buddhist temples expecting blessings. She regularly did this for her family, but their lives only got worse. Whenever she came back to her home, she was distraught for her children and their future life. When I met her, I told her about eternal life by surrendering her life to God. This touched her heart, and she asked me to tell her more about Jesus. She wants to study more about salvation. Join me in praying for Daw Tin as Jesus draws her to Himself.

We celebrated Fathers Day by giving gifts to the fathers in our church who were delighted to receive a gift. Our children’s Sunday school program is also doing well, Daw Thein Thein and Parte are teaching and have done very well. We have 18 children regularly attending which is encouraging.

October 2017

Thanks to your prayers our ministry is doing well. On Wednesday and Friday evenings we visit our neighbors in the community. I also minister to around 35 people with disabilities in my town. We have a one-day training once a month together with their family members.

I met several people this month, and one of them was U Ye Lin. He shared a prayer request with me, “I was interested to hear about Jesus and the salvation story. I want to believe in Him; please pray for me. I currently don’t have a job and want to be a taxi driver, pray that Jesus fulfills my desire, and I will surely believe in Him.” Let’s pray for him because nothing is impossible for God. (Editors note: U Ye Lin is not a believer in Jesus and comes from a Buddhist background. In the Buddhist mindset they struggle with coming to the belief that God is a “Living God,” an answer to prayer can be used to draw this unbeliever to faith. Let us pray that in U Ye’s life his heart may be opened to receive the gospel.)

One woman, Daw Khin Cho, also said, “Please pray diligently for my son, who is working on the fishing ship out at sea, I have had no contact with him for several years and am anxious to know if he lives or not. Pray therefore that I may receive good news from him soon. I trust in God and know that He can find my son and bring him back to me.”

U Pyih Sung shared, “I heard about Jesus Christ, and believed and accepted Him. I am delighted to know Him as my Savior and feel my heart is now at peace. Pray for my family members that they also may know and believe in God.”

Another woman I was speaking with named, Daw Khin Marhlaing, said, “When I was told about Jesus I decided to receive Him as my Savior, but later decided I was not ready. I face problems in my life and felt I could not receive him. Please pray that my problems may be resolved soon and that I may trust in Jesus Christ.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Give thanks to God for opportunities to reach new people.
  • Give thanks for our weekly programs.
  • Pray that in November and December I can meet new people to share the Gospel with.
  • Pray for peace in our country.

Your support is beneficial for my family and ministry. Thank you so much!

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Mint Tan.

September 2017

Your prayer support is very effective, and the Lord continues to open doors for me to share the gospel with new people. First, let me share with you about one couple who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Almost every evening I went to their home and continued to teach them about the history of salvation. And they believed in God. They will eventually get baptized, but they need to take some time to continue learning God’s word. The second person was U Khin Wai he also accepted Jesus, and he said, “When the gospel was shared with me by pastor Mint Tan, I felt peace in my heart. I was a Buddhist, and all my family members were too. My family always quarreled with each other, and my family life was full of problems. There was no peace, but now we have peace in our family life, praise the Lord.”

In addition to this, I met new people and shared the gospel with them. They were Daw Myiah Aye, U Thein Shwee, and Ma Khin Meo. All were Buddhists; Ma Khin Meo said I like and believe Jesus, but I need to consult my parents first. U Thei Shwee said,”I accept your sharing, but I need to know more about Jesus and His salvation story. Buddhist is our family religion since my fore father’s time. If I make any changes I need to be sure and understand clearly”. Pray for them continually.

We had a meeting with the fellowship for persons with disabilities in September. There were 45 people including their parents and relatives who joined us. I taught about the way of salvation through Jesus Christ with my co-worker. They were all blessed, and we also presented a small gift.

Thanks to your prayers, our weekly services are going well. We do home visits on Wednesday’s and Friday nights every week.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the conversion of the first couple I mentioned above, pray that they may be baptized soon.
  • Please pray for U Thein Shwee and others who heard the gospel, pray that their minds and hearts will change and they will be saved.
  • Pray also for opening hearts for the gospel, pray for me that I may have a boldness in sharing the gospel with different people.
  • Please give thanks to God for the recovery of my youngest son Peter. He was suffering from Dengue fever for one week, we prayed, and the Lord healed him without going to the hospital.

I give my thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support. I received it every month on time. Your support is very helpful for my family and my ministry. Thank you very much.

Yours in Christ’s service, Mint Tan

August 2017

Our weekly program in August continues to meet regularly. We have our prayer meetings, home cell programs, worship services and children programs which now have more children attending. I started participating in the fellowship of persons with disabilities in our town. In this fellowship, there are about 30 families who attend, most of the individuals have a disability that prevents them from walking, so I visit and encourage them through the word of God. In this fellowship, we have about 30 families who participate. The Lord continues to open doors for me to reach people.

I met several new people in the last month (thank you for praying for this) and had the opportunity to share the gospel. One of the people I met was U Zaw after I shared with him he said, “It is not my first time hearing the gospel, other Christians told me about Jesus, but I could not understand what they were saying to me. I understand now and know that Jesus is my Savior. I am so happy for my new found faith and commit to worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.” Praise God for U Zaw’s testimony. Daw Ma is a woman who said, “I heard about Jesus since I was a child, I even joined a Christian Sunday school class for the last two years, but I was still a Buddhist. When Pastor Mint Tan came and explained eternal life, I felt strangely in my heart, the Lord changed my mind, and I now follow and believe in Him. However, I am afraid of my parents because they may not allow me to become a Christian. Please pray for me.” Another woman I shared with Ma Tadar told me, “I am happy to hear about Jesus and the salvation story, but I need time to think about these things.” In addition to this I met with U Htun, he said, “I was working at a security company, and one night our friend was drunk and got us in trouble, and we were fired from the company. I was extremely disappointed because my family had no other source of income for our daily food. I prayed fervently to God for another job for several weeks, after a month the Lord provided me with a better job at the Drinking Water Company.”

As usual, I visited those who were sick and prayed for them even making a few new friends.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the new believers and pray for their future that they may practice their faith in Christ.
  • Give thanks to God that our weekly programs continue to meet, during the rainy season it can become dangerous from the storms and we sometimes find it difficult to gather together.
  • Please pray that God will bring new people for us to reach and share His salvation.
  • Please also pray for our country, with the recent conflict we need peace and reconciliation.

You have my unending thanks for your prayers and financial support. Thank you so much!

Yours in Christ’s service, Mint Tan

July 2017

Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to your prayers the Lord opened a nearby village for our outreach ministry, the village is Ngeing Chian Thar village, Hleku township, Yangon Division. Every Friday, I go there and share the gospel, the villagers there live in poverty. U Ong was among the first people I met when I started sharing the Gospel in Ngeing Chian Thar village. On this occasion, as I spoke to him he said,” I know and believe your God can provide for our needs and that He offers us eternal life. But my father is a monk, and he has always told us that before he dies, I should not follow any religion other than Buddhism. He said that when he dies, I can believe in any gods or religion I want.” Join me in praying for U Ong that he may become a disciple of Christ.

The other villager I met with was Daw Ohn, she said she believed in Jesus Christ, but wants her husband to believe in Him as well. Please pray for him that he may know and believe in Jesus Christ. I also met a young lady from another village, she with everything I taught her. When I asked her if she believed she said,“ When I first heard you preach the Gospel I was touched, and I felt something stir within me. When it comes to believing in Jesus though sometimes I feel good, and sometimes I feel uneasy, it’s because I will soon journey back to my home village and visit my mother. If I tell her I am a follower of Jesus she may disown me then I will have no family and be alone. Pray for me because I believe Jesus but am scared of how this will affect my life. However, when I return to Yangon to continue my job, I want to get baptized.” Join me in praying for this young lady, that her faith in Jesus would be confirmed, and even her mother would become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I have a close friendship with Pastor Tin Maung Shwe another White Fields church planter, this month I visited his members and encouraged them by the word of God in the last week of July. Pastor Shwe and I pray together for the ministry as well as share the Gospel together. My weekly programs are going well. Because of the heavy rains and severe weather, some of our church members were not able to join us the last week or two. Our children Sunday school program is also doing well.

Prayer Request:

  • Please give thanks to God for my outreach ministry in Ngeing Chian Thar village, and the conversion of Daw Ohn, please pray for her husband’s salvation.
  • Pray for the people in the Ngeing Chian Thar village where there are not yet any believers. I hope the Lord may bless our ministry that the new house church may be planted there soon.
  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs, which are doing well.
  • Pray also for my children’s education programs and my family’s good health.

I am thankful for your prayers and financial support. I received it every month on time. Your support is beneficial for my family and my ministry. Thank you so much.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Mint Tan

June 2017

God is faithful in answering prayers. I would like to praise the name of God because He has done many great things for us. During the month of June, one couple believed in God and received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord through our home cell ministry and outreach evangelism. They were U Hla and Daw Khin Htwe, after sharing two times in their home, they professed that they believed in Jesus Christ. Daw Khin said, “I am very happy to have eternal life in Jesus Christ, while I am happy, I am burdened for my relatives who did not know the living and true God.”

I visited the town of Htantapyin at the invitation of Kaung San who is evangelizing the people. I had an opportunity to teach the salvation story to the people who were gathering at Kaung San’s house. I found that the people were hungry and thirsty for the word of God. They were delighted at hearing my teaching. Some new people responded that they needed more time to study about salvation. Please pray that the Holy Spirit may continue to teach them.

I visited a pregnant woman who was hospitalized for her delivery, the delivery had complications, and her family members were distraught about her condition. I prayed for her that she would deliver her baby safely. The family was grateful. Praise the Lord.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the salvation of U Hla and Daw Khin Htwe.
  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs which are going well.
  • Please pray for reaching more people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for my daughter Chit Ma she failed her high school final exam, pray that she will do well this new academic year.

Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support. I received it every month in time. Your support is very helpful for my family and my church planting work.

Yours in Christ’s service, Mint Tan

May 2017

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I would like to give thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support. I pray that the Lord may fulfill all your desires for the extension of His Kingdom around the world.

During the month of May, it was the hottest month in Myanmar, but I continued my outreach ministry and weekly programs without fail. I went to several villages such as Ayechanthar and the Hlegu Township, where I met with people and shared the gospel. I also distributed gospel tracts in the surrounding area. They had never heard about Jesus. When I introduced myself and shared the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ, they liked hearing it and asked that I return to share more with them. Please pray for them. Ayechanthar is a new village that the Lord has opened a door for me to teach in.

In May I preached at the Movement of Christian Fellowship in Hlawka, at the end of every month, our church has worship services with them. I also visited sick people around our community and prayed for them as usual. Our home cell program meets twice weekly. It is helpful for drawing more people to the word of God.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly services and my outreach ministry in the new village of Ayechanthar. Pray that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts that they may come to faith in Christ.
  • Give thanks to God for our children’s Sunday school ministry and youth activities,
  • Please pray for my family members that my children may also get involved in the ministry of God.

Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support.

Yours in Christ’s service, Mint Tan

March 2017

I want to praise God for allowing me to be a minister of Him. Our weekly services in March are doing well. I went to visit Chin State and joined the 18th Annual Assembly and Spiritual Convention in Thipcang village which is in North-West Myanmar. It was my first time to the convention in Chin State I had an opportunity to share my testimony. I also shared the gospel at Daw Khin Ngew’s funeral service at Botasuh village Hmawbi Township. Almost all those attending were non-believers.

I spent time as well with some children with disabilities teaching them songs and playing guitar. Their spirits were raised, and their hearts were glad. As usual, I visited several church members who were sick and encouraged and prayed for them. Our small groups meet twice a week, we read Bible together and study together.

We are preparing for a combined gospel camping and Bible teaching trip from April 12-17 during the Water Festival holidays at Insein Church.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our outreach ministry and weekly services.
  • Please pray for encouragement for those who are disabled at the fellowship ministry in Hlawka, Shwepithar.
  • Pray as well for our gospel camping trip from April 12-17, 2017.
  • Please pray that God may allow me to have more opportunities to meet new people.
  • Continue to pray for the repairing of my house.

Thank you for your regular prayer and financial support. Your support is very helpful for my family and church planting work. Thank you very much, may God bless you all.

In Christ’s service, Mint Tan

January 2017

New Year Greetings! May the Lord bless you with a new yearning for Him in 2017. As usual this January I went to the villages of Lik Gone, Thein Kyaung, Hlawka, and around Watazar to distribute tracts and shared the gospel. I visited the Children Hospitals of Yangon as well and met three children who were severely sick; they were Maung Chit (two years old), Ma Kyi Sin (Six years old) and Ma Pheo Pheo (Six years old). I prayed for them and shared about Jesus, the real Physician. They and their parents had not heard of Jesus but were grateful that I would come and pray for them.

I visited the members of our church, and prayed for their families. I was also able to share the gospel with a fellowship from the Myanmar Disabilities Association. It was an encouraging time and the Lord’s name was glorified.

Prayer Request:

  • Please give thanks to God for the outreach ministry and the success of our weekly services.
  • Give thanks to God also for reaching new people with the Gospel; I believe that God can open the heart of every individual.
  • Continue to pray for my son Peter that he may completely recover soon.
  • Please pray for our Sunday school program.
  • Pray for winning more souls in 2017.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support. I received it regularly.

In Christ’s service, Mint Tan

December 2016

New Years Greetings to all of my prayer partners, I pray that the New Year may be a blessed year for each one of you. In December we were overjoyed and encouraged that our International Director Steve, his beloved wife Coral, and assistant Aaron visited our church. I attended the two days Bible seminar they taught which was beneficial for me.

At our Christmas celebration, we had a fellowship for people with disabilities; they were excited and jubilant to gather together and be loved by our congregation. They brought their families with them, and I had the opportunity to preach the gospel. The majority were non-Christians, and only two were believers from within our community. I also did outreach on the outskirts of our community and distributed two hundred tracts in December. One of my sisters Daw Win’s family had a Christmas celebration for her neighbors aiming to reach them with the gospel of Christ. We were happy that about one hundred and fifty people came and heard the preaching of Pastor Thawng my mentor. It was an incredible time, and the people received the message with gladness. Praise the Lord.

I also joined the Christmas celebrations of my co-laborers Kyaw Kyaw, Aih Kham Ko, Tin Maung Shwe, at Insein Church. Praise the Lord that many non-Christians heard the gospel this Christmas season.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the success of this season’s Christmas Ministry.
  • Give thanks to God also for our weekly programs and services.
  • Please pray for the New Year’s 2017 ministry; I have the vision to win more souls and reach many non-Christians.
  • Please also pray for my church’s children program.
  • Pray also for my youngest son Peter (the Cyclone Nargist born one) who fell and broke his hand, the surgery to fix his hand was effective at Insein Civil Hospital. Please pray that he may recover soon.

Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support, it is very helpful. I pray that God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. May God bless you all.

Your co-worker in Christ, Mint Tan

November 2016

Pastor Tan in his work amongst non-believers has faced opposition and rejection from the people in his neighborhood, thanks to your prayers God has encouraged his heart and given him boldness to continue the work of the Gospel. In John 16:33 Jesus said,“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

  • Pray Pastor Tan will face opposition boldly as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

In the strategic plan for reaching the community Pastor Tan travelled to the village of Hmawbi Litpol that lies between the towns of Watazar and Htantapyin. He distributed tracks and shared the love God with the people he met, he also encouraged the members of the local church and encouraged them in their faith. While their a believer named Mr. Maung Lat passed away he was 37 years old, Tan visited the family and using the bible uplifted their spirits with the promise that one day they would see Maung again in Heaven.

  • Pray for the family of Maung Lat as the loss of a loved one is a difficult thing to bear.

On the return journey Pastor Tan shared the word of God with the believers in the town of Htantapyin, the church was well attended and had several non-believers that were seeking to learn more about Jesus.

Pastor Tan’s church is continuing to flourish, small groups meet twice a week on Wednesday and Friday evenings. There are twenty two members of the church in Watazar, the members of the church have continued to mature in their faith and many have helped with outreach projects in the community. Sunday school for children is also going well.

Seek the Lord for the following items on our behalf:

  • Give thanks to God for the outreach ministry and weekly church services.
  • Thank the Lord for the good health of Pastor Tan’s family.
  • Please pray for the country of Myanmar, for the government and the people.
  • Pray also for the winning of more souls to become believers in Jesus before the end of the year.

Your brother in Christ, Pastor Mint Tan

April 2016

Thank you for your prayers! I appreciate your regular prayers and support, it is helpful for the ministry.

In April, we spent five days camping, from April 12-17, at Insein Biblical Presbyterian Church in Yangon. There were about seventy people who came and joined the camping. We divided everyone into two groups, children and adults. We had teaching sessions during the day and a worship service at night. One elderly woman, who was a Buddhist, converted to Christ. Praise the Lord! All the participants were encouraged by the word of God.

In my outreach ministry, I met two people, Mr. Zaw (who is twenty-five years old) and Mr. Lwin Oo (who is thirty-six years old), and shared the gospel with them three times each. They then accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord! They both work together for the same company.

  • Please pray that both of these men will grow in the knowledge of God. Praise God for His love!
  • Please pray that the Lord would open doors for the outreach ministry so that more people may have an interest in hearing God’s word. 

In May, I visited Bongsigone, Hlawka, Hmawbi, and Shwepithar villages for evangelism. I met some sick people and was able to pray and share a few words with them. Some time afterwards, three people amongst them contacted me by phone and shared with me that they had received healing; our prayers were answered! They were happy and wanted to hear more about Jesus. I am going to try to meet with them again.

  • Please pray for the opportunity for me to visit them again.

In Bongsigone, there were some believers that I had a time of prayer and fellowship with. We prayed together with them for our country, that the gospel of Jesus Christ would be extended to their area. I also visited and conducted a family worship service with those who could not attend the Sunday service. It is a big encouragement for our members.

Our home cell program continues on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We prayed for an additional home cell program, and within a week, the Lord added another place for one. Praise the Lord! Please also give thanks to God for our new government, it seems to be very good!

  • Please pray for gospel rally I want to conduct for one day, each month, for non-Christians. 
  • Please pray for my children who are going to government education schools. 
  • Please do continue to pray for us, that many more people in our area may be won for Christ.

May God bless you!

Pastor Tan

January 2016

New Year Greetings! I would like to share with you about the answering of our prayers for my ministry in December 2015. I have reached several people this past month, shared the Gospel with them, and distributed tracts as well. Three new people had a deep interested in Jesus Christ and salvation.

  • Please pray that I can continue to meet with these three people and share the word of God with them.
One of the Christmas celebrations.

We had conducted three Christmas celebrations in my field. The first was the fellowship of disabled, blind, and people with mental health problems. The second one was with the Schwepither No.20 group; there were only non Christians there, and about 250 people joined us. 200 Gospel tracts were distributed. The third was with my church, Watazar Church.

I was also able to visit Maung Chit Oo, who is not yet a Christian, at Insein Civil Hospital. I prayed for him and shared about the Good News. I also visited the children’s hospital and prayed for the patients there who allowed me. I also shared the good news of Jesus with them as well.

  • Please pray for Maung Chit Oo, that he will continue to be open to hearing about Jesus and that he will come to know Him as his Lord and Savior.

My two family members, U Cin Ngwe and U Aung Tun Oo, had a Thanksgiving program in December; I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel there. Some non-Christians also listened to my preaching. Also, due to your prayer help, my family member’s condition for daily survival was getting much better than from last year. Praise the Lord!

Join me in giving thanks to God for the success of our Christmas season ministries. Many new people had heard the Good News. Please also give thanks to God for our weekly programs such as home groups, prayer meetings, and Sunday worship services. We thank God as well for the good health of my family and church members.

  • Please do pray for the New Year 2016 ministry, that more new people may be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much for your regular prayers and support; it is very helpful to my ministry. May God bless you all!

Pastor Tan