Mint Tan

Recent Ministry

I shared the gospel with several people near us during the Christmas season. I was able to visit the villages of Kyokyi, Kyolee, Myakyunthar, Likgone village, and the surrounding Watazar area. I also visited some families of believers and prayed for them.

In my village, there are many poor children, we did our best to gather them together and teach them school lessons for free. We also shared the Bible story about Jesus. We provided pens, pencils, and notebooks to as many children as we could as these items help with their education. Every Sunday morning, my daughter teaches thirty to thirty-five kids at Sunday school.

At our Christmas celebration, seventy people joined us, including children. Some of them shared their testimony of receiving Christ and the goodness of God in their lives. Ma (miss) Tirih shared her testimony. “I was a Buddhist, I tried my best to get peace and joy by way of Buddhist teaching, by meditation, fasting, doing good things, donating to the temple, and more. But I never fulfilled my desire for peace in my life. When I heard about Jesus through Pastor Mint Tan, my heart was touched, and I was willing to join their worship service on Sunday. So I joined the believers and felt peace in their company; everyone was lovely and open to everyone. I learned about salvation and prayer. My prayers were answers, so I decided to worship God, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.” Ma Tirih is a young lady. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for Tirih as she grows in the knowledge of God and in trusting in Him.

Praise the Lord for her conversion and pray for her witness to others.

One woman shared with us that “My family members and I were Buddhist. I was told about salvation and the love of God. I need to know more about it so that our family members may believe in Jesus Christ. We are studying about it. Please pray for us.

  • Pray for the woman and her family to understand salvation completely and desire to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Our weekly programs are regularly continuing. I conduct home cells twice a week. It is beneficial for new members, and we also invite new people. Our worship service meets at ten every Sunday morning.

  • Pray for the ministry this next year and that God may open more doors for sharing the gospel and more souls to win for Christ.
  • Pray for the authorities in my Likgone village, pray that they will not forbid my church planting ministry as it is the first church in the village.

Pastor Tan’s Testimony

I was born into a Buddhist family in the Myanmar Delta, and have two brothers and four sisters. My first wife and I had four children, but in 2003 my wife passed away. I remarried (a widow) in 2004, and together we had four children. From her previous marriage, she and her husband had four children, so together we have twelve children some of whom are grown and married.

I did not understand Christianity or the Gospel until May of 2008. My family life was falling apart, there was constant conflict between my wife and me, and our financial situation was growing dire. Then the terrible cyclone Nargis hit. Our house was destroyed with only a small portion of the floor, and a broken wall left standing. In the midst of the storm in that little corner of the house, my wife gave birth to our son. Exposed to the elements with the wind and torrential rain pouring down on us I lost all hope and thought for sure my wife and son would die. But the Lord saved us.

I had heard about Jesus but had no relationship with Him. Pastor Lat (a former White Fields church planter) shared the Gospel with us several times. The Holy Spirit touched our hearts, and we believed in God and received Jesus Christ as our Savior. We professed our faith through Baptism shortly after that, and the church came together and helped us in our marriage and finances.

Having a correct understanding of Salvation, I desire that everyone around me would get an opportunity to hear the Gospel. If they knew what their life In Christ could be, they would surely worship Him. I prayed that the Lord would use me a church planter but knew it was impossible to do because I needed to take care of my large family. I prayed diligently, and after several years the Lord opened a way for me to attend Bible Seminary. I completed my coursework and graduated two years later. While I studied, I continued to evangelize and established a new house church in my home.

The town I pastor in has around 3000 residents all of whom are Buddhists and live in poverty. Their primary source of income is to collect plastic trash clean it and sell it back to the plastic factory nearby. In addition to our evangelism efforts, we have discipleship classes several days a week. Many people are becoming believers in Jesus through our church planting efforts, and we are excited for what the future holds!