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I was born in 1971 at Suantaung village in the Mindat township of Southern Chin State. My parents were U Ha Aung and Daw Lwee Sain, I am the oldest and have one younger brother and sister. My parents were spirit worshippers and later on added Buddhism. While I was growing up I met a Roman Catholic priest, he shared about the Bible and asked me to join his church. I was already interested in Christianity and accepted his invitation to go to the church. This is how I began to attend the church without believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I just did whatever they taught me and never experienced peace or satisfaction in my life because no one ever told me I needed to believe in Jesus.

In 1987 I was conscripted into the Burmese National Army and served for four years. In 1991 we were engaged in intense firefights against the Karen Army (KNU). During one of these battles, the KNU assaulted our position, and I was shot in the head. For twenty days I recovered in a field hospital, and thankfully the bullet did not enter my brain. I applied for medical retirement and was approved later that year.

In 1992 I married my girlfriend Awi, and the Lord blessed us with four children. My wife and I were farmers and were working in our field when White Fields Pastor Tha Khup came and shared the Gospel with us. I was deeply touched because the Gospel resonated in my soul. My wife and I professed faith in Jesus and joined the local Presbyterian church; we dedicated our lives to serving God. I enrolled at the Myanmar Bible Seminary in 2008 and completed my Bachelors of Theology in 2011. Desiring to plant a church, we moved the following year and started the ministry with the help of my family, Pastor Khup, and Pastor Sing.

Our village is located in northwest Myanmar; the majority of the people are Zaw and Burmese. The population is about 4000-4500. The majority of the people are Buddhists and spirit worshipers (animists). There are also some Roman Catholics, Baptists, and some members of the Assembly of God. I regularly go house to house, walk the streets, and visit parks to meet people and share the Gospel. I also teach when we do evangelism programs in different villages.

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During my recent ministry…

A few friends of mine and myself journeyed to the township of Kanpalet for two days of Bible training along with an open forum Q&A time; it was very encouraging, and we are glad that we attended. As we returned we stopped in the town of Saw Myo and shared the Gospel with a man named Mana Ling from the city Mindat Chin and he became a believer in Jesus and dedicated his life to God! (Saw Myo is the town where one of our brothers Pastor Tha Khup is working, praise the Lord for the work Jesus is doing!)