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Greetings to all my prayer partners. I was away from my place at Yangon for a few months due to family business debts I sought to resolve. However, God is with me, wherever I go, I witness for Christ. I met several families as I traveled and shared the gospel with them. I met two families in the Yigone village and the Ngwe Khui village in Nattalin township, I met three more families. All the people I met were open to hearing about the gospel, but they said to me, “it is the first time we have heard about Jesus, so we need to take time and know more about Him.” U Myint Swee said, “I agree that I am a sinner, but how can Jesus forgive my sin?” I explained to him and told him about Jesus and his salvation for us. He still was stubborn and replied, “I think no one can forgive or save me from my sin.” It is not easy to convince him using an only human ability, but I know that God is able, and for Him, nothing is impossible.

  • Pray for the families Pastor Tin met with in Yigone and Ngwe Kui. Pray for them to understand the grace of the gospel and accept the gift of salvation.
  • Pray for my family debts to be resolved so I may serve the Lord without any hindrance or disappointment.
  • Pray for those who listened to go beyond just agreeing and to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

I went to the Kyaut Sayit Gone village in the Htantapyin township and met three families. I shared Jesus with them, and they listened and said, “it is good.” I promised to revisit them and share more about salvation that is available for all people. They were eager to hear from me again.

I went to the Yigone village in the Pagu division and shared the gospel at U Win Htut’s house. His family invited their neighbors, and eighteen people showed up to listen. I told them about the way to eternal life and compared Christianity to the teaching of Buddha. They were happy to hear and liked what I shared. If God gives me another opportunity, I will visit and share the gospel with them again.

  • Pray for another opportunity to share the gospel with the people in Yigone village and for them to come to an understanding of salvation.

One man, U Mynit Thein was a Buddhist. He was brought to visit the church by Ko Htwe, a church member. I shared the gospel with U Myint Thein several times. At first, he could not understand the gift of salvation through faith alone. I explained repeatedly, and when he came again to the church, he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He shared his testimony, “I was the man who refused Jesus Christ. My wife was a Christian, and I looked down on her because of her religion. But when I met Pastor Tin, he explained about salvation very clearly, and I realized that I was a sinner. I repented of my sins to God, and I know that all my sins are forgiven because Jesus Christ died for me. Now I have confidence that I have eternal life.”

Praise the Lord! Myint Thein was recently baptized.

Give thanks for the salvation of Myint Thein and pray for his growth as a new believer.

I met Ko San Swee at Htantapyun town last year. I shared the gospel with him several times, and he occasionally joined the worship service, but there was no change in his heart yet. One day, he unexpectedly was arrested and put in jail because the police suspected him of being a robber. We prayed for him, and he also prayed hard, after two weeks he was released and free to go. The judge found out that he was not the man they were looking for. Ko San Swee shared with us, “In the jail, I prayed hard to God; please reveal the truth to the police and the judge. I trust in you. I promised God that if I were discharged from the jail, I would worship Him for the rest of my life. After two weeks, the truth was found, and I was discharged from the jail. Praise the Lord!” Ko San Swee requests us to baptize him and we are preparing to do soon.

Give thanks for the salvation of Ko San Swee, give thanks that his innocence was found and that this experience caused him to rely on God alone and proclaimed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for his faith to grow as he prepares to be baptized.

During my absence, Mr. Hoi Ceu and my deacons led our weekly services. Pastor Thawng also visited to help with the weekly programs.

Give thanks for the leadership of Mr. Hoi Ceu and the deacons. Give thanks for the support of Pastor Thawng to my church.

  • Pray for the people I met and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with, pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate their hearts with the light to see Jesus and receive Him as their personal Savior and Lord.
  • Pray for the daily needs of my church members to be met and for their good health.

Pastor Tin Maung Shwe Testimony

I was born in the 1960’s and grew up in a Buddhist family. I am the oldest son of my parents, and I am married and have one daughter who is now 13 years old. My wife and I were staunch Buddhists, my wife worked as a middle school teacher, and I owned a small business. In 2005 White Fields Pastor Aih Kham Go came to our neighborhood to share the Gospel, and my wife stopped to talk to him. The Lord gripped her heart, and she decided to become a follower of Jesus. I was agitated when she told me she had become a Christian.

Sometime later I was invited to join the gospel rally and decided to hear about this “living, and true” God. But that night as I listened I felt something in my heart. My wife prayed for me and shared the Gospel. This began to grow interested to hear more about the story of God and His salvation.

In April 2005 I joined a gospel camping trip that was organized by the Insein Biblical Presbyterian Church. We were taught about sin, salvation, and the grace of God. It was here that I understood the salvation of Jesus Christ for all men. I joined a church and attended every week; I started learning more about God. After a few weeks, I professed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized on December 25, 2006.

After my baptism I looked at my friends and neighbors in my community, many of them were bowing down and worshiping idols. I couldn’t sleep at night and thought about their souls and what would happen to them when they died. That thought compelled me to know I have a responsibility to tell them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If they knew the true God, they could worship and adore Him. But, I knew for myself that I needed to understand more about God and His words. From that time I participated in the ministry of God in the church and mission field. I now pastor a church No. 20 ward of Hlaingtazar town. Praise the Lord for his goodness, power, and authority! I thank the Lord for saving me.

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