Pastor Van Lal Ruat

Recent Ministry

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Your prayers have been beneficial to my church planting work, despite some oppositions, my ministry is going well. We continue to teach the Bible and have regular worship services. Each Sunday, I conduct a teaching program for my members before the worship service. Our children’s Sunday school meets in the morning with fifteen to twenty regular attendees. My wife and one other lady teach them.

In my outreach, I met a couple, U (Mr.) Kyaw and Daw (Mrs.) Lay and shared the gospel with them. They were interested in what I shared about Jesus Christ and His salvation. But the chief monk in the village forbids them to attend the worship service. Kyaw said, “we like your sharing and are interesting in listening to more about salvation history. We have no reason to reject you, but the chief monk forbids us to join your worship service. One day we may change and fully believe in God, when we are not under him and will then be free to join your church, please understand this.” Therefore, we need to pray hard for this couple.

  • Pray for Kyaw and Lay to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior despite the opposition from the chief monk. Give them the courage to take the step of faith in God.

I went to three villages last month, Myaut Khayan, Taung Kyayan, and Kuakka villages. In Myaut Khayan village, I met U (Mr.) San’s family and introduced Jesus to them. It was their first time hearing the gospel of Christ. In Taung Khayan village, U (Mr.) Yar and his family members listened to the gospel along with their neighbors. They seemed interested, but I have had no response yet. In the third village, Kuakka, I met Daw (Mrs) Swee and her family. I prayed with them and shared the gospel for a few minutes. They asked some questions, and I answered them. For most Buddhist people, the possible changing of religions causes them to be afraid of their monks, the authorities, their relatives, and the community. They face much pressure and oppositions, so they take time to study and learn more about Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for these three villages to be open to hearing the gospel.
  • Pray for the families of San, Yar, and Swee to have the courage to take the step of faith to believe in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that the Lord may change their life totally so they will not be afraid of the chief monk and authorities in their village.
  • Pray for my outreach ministry to the neighboring villages.
  • Pray for those who hear the gospel to be interested in hearing more.

The church construction in ninety-percent complete. We still have some debts, so we need your prayer help so we can complete the process.

  • Pray for the church to be finished and for all debts to be paid.
  • Pray for the daily survival of our members.
  • Pray for the crops just planted in the fields to grow and produce an abundant harvest.

Pastor Van Lal Ruat’s Story

In the plains of Chin State in northern Myanmar, past the big cities and small towns rests a simple, quiet village. This mostly agricultural community sits at the end of a single dusty trail (they call it a road). The Government built this village out of the countryside several years ago to provide housing for the Bamar people group (The largest ethnic group in Burma). A place where extreme temperatures can soar to 115º Fahrenheit during the hot season and drop to the low 40ºs during the cold.

A few years ago Pastor Ruat with his family petitioned the government to receive housing in this village. There were no Christians, only Buddhists. The village council agreed but told them they would receive no help, no stipend to build their house or plant their crops as other Buddhists received. Pastor Ruat chose to trust God and moved in. At first, the people didn’t know what to make of these “Christians,” but they soon found out. Pastor Ruat began going house to house sharing the Gospel and telling them about Jesus Christ. The people had never heard of Jesus; they had no reference, no experience, and no background of who He was or why He came to earth. Pastor Ruat began to meet with his neighbors in the village spending several days with each family explaining the Gospel to those who would listen to him. Slowly a change started to happen in the village, first one, then two, then three, then a family of four decided to become believers in Jesus. Within a few months, there was a small group of believers meeting on Sundays singing songs, hearing the Bible preached and spent countless hours in prayer.

But in the midst of these successes opposition lurked. A new monk appointed to the village from a Buddhist monastery stirred up the people. He along with some council leaders voiced accusations against the church. They forbid both Christians and Buddhists from attending the church. The people stayed strong and continued to come and worship the Lord. Opposition comes in waves, but Pastor Ruat and the members of the local church remain steadfast in the Lord and the power of his might.

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