December 2019

I am working with my son, Solomon Phun Kam, so our reports share many similarities. We were encouraged by the visit of Pastor Steve and Pastor Thawng. Our church building is still under construction, but we were able to use it for the worship service. We have built a well as a source of water. Now we have a water supply for our kitchen and bathrooms, praise the Lord. We pray hard for the completion of the construction work, and we continue to pray for the remaining funds for the building project.

I attended the discipleship training in Kalay Myo for eight days. It was practical training and it will be helpful for my leadership. This last month, three patients came to me, asking for prayers for healing. Before I prayed for them, I always share the gospel and how Jesus is the real physician, nothing is impossible for God. I thank God that they were all healed.

Pray for the people that were healed to know about Jesus Christ clearly and to receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for our building construction to be completed smoothly and for all the funds to be gathered.
  • Pray for our upcoming Missions Conference in the month of March.
  • Pray for new people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

November 2019

I thank God for His love and care for His children. I also thank Him for giving me excellent health and strength. Despite getting older, I can work everyday and travel to villages and cities. During the past month, I have spent most of my days helping with the construction work of our new church building. As we only have verbal permission from the chief leader of the town, we need to finish the construction quickly. I thank God that we are almost finished with the project.

One of the leaders of our group suggested we hang a large signboard that says, “Welcome to everyone,” and put a cross on it too. People in the town are praising our church building, and it is the first church that has been built in Saw Myo. Praise the Lord.

It was amazing that a Buddhist family, U (Mr.) Kyaw and Daw (Mrs.) Moe donated money for the church building. They live in Kanpalet town, not in Saw Myo. Praise the Lord. I met this family during my outreach ministry and shared the gospel with them.

  • Pray for this family to come closer to God and understand the salvation only possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the construction of the church to finish efficiently and safely.

Our weekly programs are meeting faithfully. Our church members continue to attend the events during the day and in the evening. They are excited to be a part of building our church. We have new visitors almost every Sunday. We praise God for His goodness to us.

  •  Pray for us to continue to reach new people. There are many non-believers in the villages around us.
  • Pray for our outreach to these villages.

July/August 2019

Your prayers cause our weekly programs to continue and thrive. All my members are excited to participate in the home groups, prayer meetings, and Bible study programs. Though they are financially destitute and face challenges to get their daily living, they are increasing in the love of God and learning to love and care for each other. We have seventy-five members from sixteen families, including children. The rain was heavy this month and sometimes affected our weekly programs.

Praise the Lord for the church members who are standing firm in their faith and are showing God’s love to each other.

Our church building construction is progressing, we have about sixty percent of the building completed. The workers are working hard, and the church members are also working hard to assist the process. We did not have quite enough funds to complete the building. Our field director, Pastor Thawng Nei Biil borrowed the money to pay for all the construction materials. God is good to us, and the municipal department nor the city government has not forbidden or disturbed our construction work. We discussed the building with the city mayor, and he advised us on the best solution for legal permission.

  • Pray for the building to be completed as soon as possible.

In Saw Myo, there have been some churches but no church building. Ours will be the first church building in the town, so we expect some attention from the enemy, pray hard with us for our work to be completed. During the past month, due to the construction work, I served the Lord primarily in Saw Myo, my primary location, instead of visiting the other villages for outreach. I helped the workers each day.

  • Pray for the growth of our church, for God to bring more people to come to know Him, and for the construction work to be finished correctly and quickly.

June 2019

Pastor Tha Khup with Church Members!

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I am happy to share that the Lord healed several patients physically and spiritually. Daw (Mrs.) Awi suffered from womb cancer and had received treatments at the hospitals without success. She came to me for help. I prayed hard for her recovery and treated her for one week. The Lord healed her. Awi was ecstatic and praised God in our Sunday worship service. She shared her testimony of the goodness of God towards her. Praise the Lord!

Daw (Mrs.) Lai lived in Hmawbi town, Yangon division and suffered from the torment of an evil spirit. Some people said it was because of the magician. She was sent to several hospitals including Yangon, Mandalay, and even in India but did not recover. Whenever her sickness arose, she tried to kill her family members, even her husband and then would be unconscious for a few days. She was brought to me in June, and I prayed hard for her, telling her about Jesus every day. It was amazing that the Lord healed her. Lai shared her testimony to our Sunday worship service as follows: “Praise the Lord for healing me from my terrible disease. I had no hope for healing because we went to many hospitals and received multiple treatments, but I never received healing. I thank God that someone told me about Pastor Tha Khup, a man of God who can pray for healing for the sick. I was excited to see him, and I went to Saw Myo with my husband. I had great hope. The Lord used Pastor Khup to bring healing, and I am now completely healed. Praise the Lord. I will worship and praise God for the rest of my life.”

Daw (Mrs) Ko is one of my church members who was suffering from lung disease. She spent a month at Kanpalet hospital, getting worse to the point of death. I asked her to come back, and she returned to Saw Myo. I tried my best to treat her and prayed hard for her recovery. I thank God for her healing, and she can attend our Sunday services. Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord for bringing healing through prayer.

  • Pray for the women who were healed from their physical illnesses to give glory to God and remain faithful to God throughout their lives.
  • Pray for their witness to non-believers.
  • Pray for Pastor Khup’s witness to non-believers who come to him seeking medical treatment.
  • Pray for more people to come to know the Lord through this ministry.

During my outreach ministry, I met Daw (Mrs.) San, who is a leader of the Buddhist (Gawpakah) in her village. I met and discussed with her about religion, comparing spirit worship and the worship of the living God. It was a good conversation, and she was almost convinced to follow Christ; I will continue to visit her and share about Jesus again. I met several other non-believers. The Lord has opened doors to reach new people in our area, thank you for your prayers.

  • Pray for San to trust in Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord.
  • Pray that our members will be good disciples of God and praise the Lord for their trust in God displayed in their daily lives.

Last month I went to Yangon and met with Pastor Thawng Nei Bil and discussed the construction work on our church building in Saw Myo. Our church members took an offering, and we received the building funds from White Fields to hire workers from Yangon City that are also church members. We ordered the materials, which were about four thousand US dollars. Pastor Thawng borrowed the remaining money from his cousin without interest. Praise the Lord.

The construction is going well, and our church members are excited. We have prayer meetings every night and are praying for the completion of the building.

  • Pray for the progress in construction and for God’s provision for all the needs for its completion.
  • Pray for the church members, as it is the rainy season, many people have gotten sick, and some have died.
  • Pray for protection and health form God.

Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting me financially and through prayer. May God bless you.

May 2019

God is faithful in answering our prayers. We laid the foundation stones of our church building at the beginning of last month. Everyone was excited to see the construction progress, and we completed the foundation work at the end of last month. Praise the Lord. Continue to pray for our building.

The son of one of my co-workers, Pastor Kui Thang, passed away last month. He was twelve years old. I went to encourage his parents with the Word of God. I also officiated the funeral service. Pastor Kui Thang’s place is located half-way between Saw Myo and Kanpalet town.

  • Pray for Pastor Kui Thang and his family as they deal with the tragic loss of their son.

One woman, Daw (Mrs.) Wan from Ngu-Long village came to my house and asked for prayer. She had been sent to top hospitals but was unable to be healed. I taught her about salvation history and that God is the real physician. After three days, the Lord healed her miraculously. She was happy for the healing hand of God and promised to worship the one true living God.

Lai was from Rakhine state, Phawng Pyin village. He was also sent to several City Hospitals but had not been cured. Lai came to me as the doctors had given up on him. We prayed hard for his recovery for one week, and the Lord healed him. Lai was already a Christian, praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord for healing Wan and Lai from their physical illnesses. Praise the Lord for their salvation and pray for their witness to others.

Daw (Mrs.) Nan was possessed by spirits. We prayed hard for her and shared the Word of God with her for several days while she stayed in my house. After this, she believed in Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Her sickness was also gone, and God healed her. Currently, several patients are staying with my family. Every morning we spend a half hour together praying and I share the Word of God with them. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for Nan to stand firm in her new faith as she returns to her life.

Praise God for delivering her from the spirits and healing her.

  • Pray for the Lord to send more people to us.

Praise God that our members trust God in their daily lives.

  • Pray that they may be good disciples of God.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for my ministry and for supporting me financially. It is my prayer that God may continue to use you to expand His Kingdom around the world. May God bless you all.

April 2019

We conducted an evangelism campaign for two days at my church. Evangelist Hup Luai from Pyin Oo Lwin taught us the Word of God. One woman was convicted and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. After that, our speaker, an elder, and I went to Kanpalet and conducted a two-day training. About twenty-five people attended and were happy to hear the plan of salvation for mankind.

  • Pray for more people to join us.
  • Pray for our new church building fund so we may complete the building.

Give thanks to God for the progress of our church ministry.

Dr. Su Su came for four-days and helped in my ministry to the sick people. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with several patients during their treatment. Four of them accept Christ and donated money for our church building. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for these new believers to grow in their faith and understanding of God’s love and grace.
  • Pray for their witness to their communities and for physical healing for those who are sick.

We had Bible training during the water festival holidays. Most of the participants were my church members, but we also had some new people who did not believe in Jesus Christ. We felt the Lord’s presence with us. All the campers were encouraged and strengthened through our teaching. We celebrated the love of God and his gift of His only begotten son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. I visited our churches in Bagone and Kanpalet last month and encouraged them with the Word of God.

Give thanks to God for our Bible training.

  • Pray for those who heard the instruction to apply it to their lives and grow in their relationship with God.

February/ March 2019

I attended the twenty-first annual Assembly and Spiritual Convention of our denomination at Sekan village. I had the opportunity to preach at the conference. Afterward, I attended Pastor Van Lal Ruat’s new church building dedication service. We were pleased to see the new building.

Having a church building is excellent.

My church was able to donate to help with the costs of the dedication service. Our field director Pastor Thawng Nei Bil officiated the program. Many non-Christians from the village came and listened to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Zaw Area Missionaries and Evangelists Bible training was three days long and was taught by Pastor Thawng regarding Biblical doctrine and the daily practice of the Word of God.  I enjoyed attending the event, and all of those in attendance were encouraged.

I visited the Long Bokyi village and shared the gospel with the leaders of the town. They were happy to hear it. This village is of the Taungthar tribe, the leaders and their chief monk have rejected Christians who tried to share the gospel with them in the past until this present day. I thank God that I have some friends in the village and have access to visiting them and being able to share the gospel. There are no Christians in the town.

  • Pray for more doors to be open for me to share the gospel this the village of Long Bokyi.
  • Pray for the previous pressures from the people of the town to not hinder the coming of the gospel.

In Kanpalet town, one woman was paralyzed, half her body was numb. Her name is Daw (Mrs.) Lain. She was influential in Buddhism, and her family is a wealthy family in the town. She is honored by the people in the village. She invited me to pray and make treatment for her. She was hospitalized at Magwe General Hospital for months but had made no recovery, her doctors gave up, and she went back to Kanpalet. She said to me if your God can heal me, and if I could walk again, I will believe in Him and worship Him. I tried my best with treating her and fervently praying. I thank God that she is much better now but cannot walk yet.

  • Pray for her so that the mighty hand of God may touch her body and she will be healed physically and spiritually.
  • Pray for her to understand the good news of the gospel and to be saved.

According to our chief engineer, our church building work will begin as soon as the Water Festival holidays are over.

  • Pray for the church building fund so we can complete the construction.
  • Pray for the growth of our church and for more people in the surrounding communities to come to faith.

January 2019

We worked hard for four days to clear the church land so we could lay the foundation. We have been collecting bricks, wood, cement and concrete stones. The church members were excited to participate in the building process and have been praying fervently for the church building. Our engineer and co-worker helped with the planning process.

  • Pray for the construction to continue smoothly and safety for the workers.

Give thanks for the progress of our new church building. Continue to pray for the Lord to provide for all our needs for this structure.

I visited Kanpalet town and met a woman named Daw (Mrs.) Nai Kui who is suffering from a paralyzed leg. I prayed for her recovery and shared about Jesus Christ who is the living God and able to heal every sickness. She comes from a wealthy and well-respected Buddhist family in the community. They own a company and the people in the community respect and admire the honesty of this business. Nai Kui stated, “If I could walk again and was healed, I will surely believe in Jesus Christ. Your God will be my God. I will worship Him whom you worship for the rest of my life.” Pray for her salvation. She showed much interest in hearing the salvation story of Jesus Christ. She also told me, “One day I will join your church as a member.”

  • Pray for the physical healing for Nai Kui. Pray for her to understand her spiritual need for a Savior and to believe in Jesus Christ as her Lord.
  • Pray for our Zaw Area Pastors Training at the end of March with Pastor Thawng. We will be meeting in the Suan Taugn village in the Chin State.
  • Pray for the preparations for the conference to go smoothly and for safety as the pastors travel to the village.
  • Pray for the speakers to have wisdom and discernment as they prepare to share from God’s Word.
  • Pray for the pastors to be encouraged and renewed in their ministries by this training.

December 2018

May the Peace of God be with you all. Due to your prayers, our ministry has been growing, and more people have joined our weekly programs, home studies, prayer meetings, and Sunday worship services. I give thanks to God for your faithfulness in prayer. It is a blessing to my ministry. We went carol singing with the young people, and God moved the hearts of the people so that many doors were open to us including the chief police and chief of the municipal department. We shared the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and sang Christmas songs for them. They were happy and invited us to come again next year.

  • Pray for the officials in the village to listen to the good news and become believers.

During December, I visited some villages and mission fields around us in Kanpalet town, Bahone village, Htaylin town, Shwemithar, and Hantawary. I visited some new villages as well.

  • Pray for the individuals in these villages to come to faith in Jesus Christ. 

We praise God for opening these villages to the gospel.

Our Christmas camping trip went great, each day our numbers increased, and by the third and final day we had almost double the number of attendants. Praise the Lord. I invited Pastor Tin Phung to be the main speaker, and he shared the gospel with boldness and courage.

  • Pray for those who attended the camping trip to be strengthened in their faith and share the gospel boldly with their neighbors.
  • Pray for those who are still asking questions and considering the gospel to have their concerns addressed and to come to faith in the one true God.

The Lord saved six new people this Christmas season. I baptized each of them in the river. Praise the Lord! Daw (Mrs.) Hnin Thang shared, “After my husband was healed by the prayers of Pastor Than Khup and believers, my family wanted to be Christian, but our village authorities had threatened to take our property and house if we changed religions. After many prayers of the believers, we had a decision to make, and we proclaimed our faith, whatever happens to our family, we will face boldly for the sake of our faith. We know that believing in Jesus Christ is not only for eternal life but also for life here on earth. It was amazing that after we became Christians, no one has made problems for our family, but many people have hated us.”

  • Pray for the family of Daw Hnin Thang to stand firm in the faith despite the persecution and disdain of others in her village.
  • Pray for the future of Daw Hnin Thang’s family.
  • We have finished digging the foundation of the new church building.
  • Pray for the construction to go smoothly and be completed quickly.
  • Pray for more people to be added to the church.

November 2018

I extend my heartfelt thankfulness and gratitude for your prayer and support. Last month I visited the Zaw area mission field with some pastors from Kalaymyo. We brought encouragement to every church, including Hantaway, Shwemit Thar, Magwe Devision, and Htalyin Town No. 1 and 2. In Htaylin town, we learned about managing church funds and helping each other for teaching and preaching. We also visited Kanpalet, Bagon, and Saw Myo. It was inspiring and strengthening to the church members.

  • Pray for the churches in the Zaw area and give thanks for the many new villages that are open to the gospel message.

One woman was Daw (Mrs.) Hlu-buu, who was suffering from womb disease that caused the left side of her body to be paralyzed. She had visited multiple hospitals and clinics, but she did not improve. She was brought to me for treatment and prayer. After three days, she was able to move and walk by herself.  She was an ordinary Christian, and I talked with her about salvation. She plans to go to church regularly and worship God with her family. Praise the Lord for her healing.

  • Pray for Hlu-buu to completely heal from her disease and have no medical repercussions.

Thank you for your fervent prayer, especially for our church building. We started the process to create flat land for the foundation. The church members are enthusiastically working hard. When we looked at the blueprint, we were happy and excited about our beautiful church building.

  • Pray with us for the construction of our church and for the work to go smoothly.

We have planned a three-day gospel crusade from December twenty-second to twenty-fourth. We invited a speaker for the camp and are planning to invite many non-Christians. We are having a Christmas celebration as well.

  • Pray for our December events to draw many non-believers and for them to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

October 2018

I would like to share a brief history of my church planting ministry in the Zaw area of Myanmar. I started the work in 2006 with another missionary and one believer. During the past twelve years, the Lord has blessed this area, and we have started churches in nine locations, Hytalin town one and two, Hantawary, Shwmitthar, Kyauttuh, Saw Myo, Bagone, Kanpalet town, and Thang Om village. The total church members now include three-hundred and two people, including children and we have eight people from our area who have received Bible degrees. Praise the Lord. The ministry in Myanmar is thriving due to your prayers and financial help. All glory be to God.

After serving in Htaylin town for ten years, since the church was standing firm in faith, I transferred to the new field of Saw Myo. My family and I moved in May of 2016 to our current location which is the same size town as Htaylin, but no church yet existed. I started with zero believers. God has answered our prayers, and after only two years of ministry, the church has grown to include seventy-five members with children from sixteen families. We have good land in the middle of Saw Myo and are praying and preparing to build a church in this location.

Give thanks for the faithfulness of Pastor Tha Khup as he served in the Zaw area. Give thanks for the growth of the church and the many believers who were added in the past years.

Give thanks for the eight individuals who have completed their Bible degrees and prayed for their future as leaders in the church.

  • Pray for the newer field in Saw Myo and give thanks for the believers God has raised in this location.
  • Pray for the construction of the church building; we plan to start the work in the coming dry season.

Daw (Mrs.) Khin San Yee’s testimony. “Our former religion had always requested us to donate money for the monks. We did not know where they spent it. But you Christians, you collect offerings, and you use the money to share the gospel with people how important this is! God is not only with us for our living in this world but also after death. Please tell my husband in detail so he may also receive Jesus Christ as his own Savior and Lord.” Her husband has not yet changed, please pray for his salvation.

Give thanks for the testimony and salvation of Khin San Yee.

  • Pray for Khin San Yee’s husband to come to an understanding of salvation.

Several sick people visited me last month for treatment. Among them was U (Mr.) Thang Mana who was suffering from an illness that the doctors were unable to cure.  The Lord was with me, and I prayed for him, I treated him for three days, and he was healed and returned home.

Praise the Lord for healing Thang Mana.

Daw (Mrs.) Hnin Hlu was suffering from swollen intestines and had been hospitalized for months. She had not yet recovered despite their treatment. I prayed with her and shared about Jesus Christ. God healed her. She is from Kanpalet town.

Praise the Lord for healing Hnin Hlu.

U (Mr.)  Hlu Mana was suffering and hardly able to breathe, he also recovered and was healed. He is very happy and returned to his home village. Praise the Lord.

Give thanks for the healing of Hlu Mana.

  • Pray for those who were physically healed also to be saved and to give testimony to the gospel message and love of God in their hometowns.
  • Pray for our Christmas season outreach ministry and for the Lord to open more doors to share the gospel. We are planning three-days of gospel teaching and Christmas celebration.

I have confidence in my life for I know that I have many prayer partners around the world. I am grateful for your prayers. May God bless you all.

September 2018

I visited some villages in the Mindat township to investigate locations for future church planting. I also traveled to the village of Suan Taung in the Mindat Township were we already have a house church. Their regular attendance has increased between thirty to forty members; this is very encouraging news to me. Pastor Awm Ning is ministering there and invited me to preach the night service. I met with the chief of the village, U Tam Maung, regarding church land registration. I knew that the Lord was with me since the chief of the village welcomed me and promised to help us, especially with applying for the registration of church land.

Give thanks for the support of the chief of the village in Suan Taung

  • Pray for Pastor Awm Ning as he ministers to the church and give thanks for their increase in believers.

I continued my journey to Htaylin No. 2, a new church where Pastor Thang Sing Aung is serving as a church planter. I preached on Sunday and encouraged them with the Word of God. Then I went back to my hometown, Saw Myo.

  • Pray for Pastor Thang as he ministers at the newly planted church in Htaylin No. 2.

Daw Za Tar, seventy-year-old women from Bakun village, was suffering from heart problems and hospitalized in Kanpalet hospital for two months. She was not getting better, and the doctor had given up on her recovery. I was invited to provide treatment and pray for her. I shared about Jesus and his salvation story for three days, and she repeatedly asked me to tell her about God again. She never got tired of hearing about the God who heals. It was amazing that after three days, God healed her heart problems, and she was incredibly happy that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Praise God for her physical and spiritual healing.

Daw Za Tar said, “I was disappointed for my life because I had no hope, but God was good to me. He healed me through the prayer and treatment of Pastor Khup, and I decided to worship Him as long as I live in this world.”

Give thanks for the salvation and physical healing of Daw Za Tar. Pray for her to continue to love God and live for Him.

  • Pray for her family to believe and worship the one True Living God.

The Lord added another family to our church; the family is of the chief of government education program. Our church has now grown to seventy-five members from sixteen families. We are grateful for your faithful prayer help. We have some individuals who are still investigating the salvation of Jesus Christ. We pray that they will profess faith and become Christians soon.

  • Pray for the individuals who are still investigating salvation to come to a complete understanding of the grace of God and to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for our new church building; we plan to start construction work in the coming dry season.
  • Pray for our outreach to our area; many un-reached villages are surrounding us. We pray for God to open more doors for the gospel to reach the people in these villages.

August 2018

I visited the Zaw Mission Field with Pastor Lal San Piang and Pastor Marcos Tial Kulh for two weeks.  We started in Hantawary at Pastor Lal San Piang’s church and held three days of gospel training with his members and some new visitors. They were strengthened by our teaching. Then we traveled to Schwemitthar where Pastor Van Lal Ruat is serving the Lord and taught the Word of God. We visited Pastor Ling Khui Sing in Htayling No. 1 and Pastor Than Sing Aung in Htaylin No. 2. We had a combined Bible training for three days and taught about the contrasts between Christianity and Buddhism. The participants were blessed and happy.

Then we traveled back to my place in Saw Myo and did three days of gospel training. We welcomed new believers who were touched by the preaching. Praise the Lord! See Pastor Solomon’s report for more details.

Give thanks for the fellowship of the Pastors and their impact on each other and their church members.

  • Pray for the new believers, for them to grow in their faith and be strong in spite of opposition from family or their community.
  • Pray for the believers who were strengthened in their faith by the training and for their continued growth.

In Bagon church, we had a gospel teaching for two days. Pastor Kui Thang invited people from Kanpalet town and four people came to join us who needed treatment which I gave them. One woman had been unable to have children for five years but recently gave birth to a baby. Her name is Hlu Kui and her husband is Nai Thin, both became believers at the time Hlu Kui became pregnant and joined the Baptist church in Kanpalet town.

Another couple, Mr. Sing Thang and Ni Thang also accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Ni Thang told us, “Nobody teaches us anything like this story of salvation, we are very happy to hear it and to believe in Jesus Christ.” Praise the Lord!

Give thanks for the success of the gospel teaching at Bagon church.

  • Pray for the new believers Hlu Kui and Nai Thin, Sing Thang and Ni Thang, to grow in their understanding of the gospel and their faith.

The Lord opened the door for us to do a Bible training at Kanpalet Baptist church. We taught about “Salvation and Christian Life” for three days. Pastor Tin Saw also taught with us. Every day we had forty to fifty people who attended. They were encouraged by the teaching.

Give thanks for the Bible training and the participants who were involved.

  • Pray for their continued growth in their personal relationship with God and for their witness to their community.

Pastor T.K. Marcus drove his van to bring us to all the places we visited. We are grateful for his service. Unfortunately, on the return trip to Kalemyo, there was an accident involving a motorcycle ridden by two ladies. They reported the incident to the nearby police office. The Lord protected those involved from death and major injuries.  The motorcycle was broken in the front and the ladies had minor injuries. The ladies demanded lots of money and we tried out best to reconcile. An agreement was made to assist in the repair of the motorbike and for medical treatment of the two ladies.

Give thanks that no major injuries occurred.

  • Pray for the complete resolution of the accident and no issues to arise in the future.

July 2018

I preached at the church in Bagone village and visited some of the families with Pastor Kui Thang. U (Mr.) Mana Thang’s family were Buddhist. God opened their hearts to hear when I shared the gospel. After that, I talked with him about the ten commandments. Buddhists also have ten commandments. He asked me two questions. “Can a married man go to heaven? Can a drunkard go to heaven?” I answered him as best as I could. He decided, “I want to believe in Jesus Christ. Please tell my wife too, so that we all may follow and believe in Jesus Christ.”

Give thanks for U Mana Thang’s conversion to Christ from Buddhism.

  • Pray for U Mana Thang’s family to also accept Jesus Christ.

I also visited Kanpalet church where Pastor Tin Saw is working. I preached for the Sunday service and was blessed to see the members excited to worship God. Among them, was a new man brought by his family members to the church from another village. His name is U (Mr.) Hting Mana, he was demon-possessed and his conscious was not normal. When I prayed he was healed and became a normal man. He said, “I went to hospitals, doctors and some Christians prayed for me, but I could not be healed. Now I am healed, Jesus healed me, and I want to praise and worship Him. If your church is in my village, I will surely join you.”

Give thanks for U Hting Mana’s conversion and healing.

  • Pray for U Hting Mana to attend a church and to be a witness to his village.

Our house construction has been completed and we have electrical power now. Thank you for your prayers. Our weekly services are going well. Our new members have been faithfully attending, even the rain could not stop them from following and worshiping God. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for my ministry during the rainy season and for safe travels as I try to reach new people in other villages next month.
  • Pray that the Lord may save more souls in our area and will open the hearts of the people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Spring 2018

I attended the Chin State Assembly meeting and Spiritual Convention. It’s a gathering of all the pastors and church ministers in our denomination. I was greatly encouraged getting to share my ministry and meet like-minded ministers of the Gospel.

I request that you would join us in praying urgently for our new church building, which will be a two-story house, the upper room will be for worship, and the lower room will be my family residence. The home I currently rent will no longer be available at the end of this month. Pray that we can build the new church on the church land. My son Solomon and I were also asked by the chief mayor of the town to stop worshipping in a private house. Once we build our new building, we will be able to continue to hold our church service.

I invited a medical doctor named Dr. Daw Soe Soe from Kalaymyo to help our medical ministry; she is a Christian. By the grace of God many received care for their health problems, I also shared the gospel with those who came for treatment. Amongst them, one family who has a Buddhist background accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior along with their family members. I prayed for U Tan Ma Na and Daw Hni Dan and dedicated them to the Lord during our church service in March. We prayed for them. The Lord was working among us, and others were also interested in hearing the salvation story. I hope that the Holy Spirit may continue to speak to them and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ shortly. All glory be to God.

We made plans to have a gospel camping trip during the water festival holidays; we will invite our church members as well as any new person that would like to come and join us. Pray for us that the Lord may save souls through our teaching, our focus will be on the salvation doctrine.

(2) I visited Suantawng village, a church I founded while I was serving in Htaylin town. I planted the church with one family, and Om Ning (my first convert) was appointed as leader. I thank God that they have increased to 23 members and five families who are faithful in following Jesus Christ. They have worship and prayer meetings regularly. I preached on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, and they were happy and encouraged to have me there.

A few weeks ago one of Pastors Tin Saw’s church members passed away due to a river accident. He was only 14 years old. This young man was swimming and playing in the river with his friends, but something happened, and he sunk to the bottom of the river and died. Four days later he was buried, and I went several times and prayed with the family. They are a new Christian family; they accepted Christ a year ago through Tin Saw’s ministry. Please pray for the comfort of this family while they mourn their family member.

I also went to Htaylin town where Pastor Thang Sing Aung is church planting among the Taungthar tribe. Clean water is a problem in their area so inspected their water supply and was glad to see that they have good water.

Solomon and I did two-days of training in our area. I praise God that one-woman Daw Li Naing who was a non-Christian joined us and believed in Chris and decided to join our church. The Lord added more members to our church so that we now have 53 members from 12 families.

(3) I also met two leaders from the Chinpong tribe. Chinpong is one of the many Chin tribes with 70% of the populations around Saw Myo is the Chinpong tribe. We talked about working together among their people because several villages have not heard of Jesus Christ. They have seen our work and are interested in joining us and working together to reach their people.

My wife and I went to the Civil Hospital to meet with patients, pray for them, and hand out gospel tracts. While there we were amazed to see Myanmar parliament member Daw Lai from Saw Myo visiting patients as well. Daw Lai is a Christian and was pleased to see us and asked to donate her gold earring as a donation to the ministry. At first, I refused her, but she said that her gold earring was all she had at the moment and that she desired to help our ministry. So, I accepted and sold it to the gold shop. Her donation will help us minister in Saw Myo.

I attended a missions training at Htaylin town with Pastor Aih Kham Ko, who is a former White Fields church planter in Hlaingtazar, Yangon. He taught us for three days and encouraged us through his training and teaching.

By God’s grace, my daughter Sung Sung’s family visited us last week. It was my first time meeting my grandchildren, her husband is Korean, and they live in Korea. Praise the Lord that I was able to see my daughter and her family.

We continue to do home visits, prayer meetings, and Sunday services. My members are busy working in the fields.

Summer 2018

(4) Thank you for your prayers for the construction of my house. It is now complete, and my family has moved in. Though I was busy with my house, I still did outreach, prayer groups, and bible studies. The weather has been bad, but all the members faithfully participated serving in the community and attended Sunday service.

By the grace of God, we started a new Christian Fellowship of Saw Myo. I preached during the meeting and led them through the service. We pray that this fellowship may bear good fruits in our future ministry in Saw Myo area.

We praise the Lord for our new beautiful granddaughter and are very happy for our son Solomon and his wife. Please keep them in your prayers for their health and safety.

Winter 2017

My great joy this month was from the salvations of six of my relatives. U Thang Hung said to me, “I was told about Jesus Christ, but at first I did not understand the message, and my relatives forbid me to be a Christian. Now, I understand that Jesus Christ forgave all my sins, not only for my present life it is also for my eternal life, praise the Lord.” U Thang Hung and I destroyed all the family idols in his house and threw them away on December 13, 2017. This is huge because there is demonic power in the world that keeps people in bondage. Neighbors watched to see if we would be killed or injured for destroying the idols but nothing happened to us. We serve a mighty God who has power over everything and it is in Him we have placed our trust.

The great joy this month was because of six baptisms. I have six family members that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. U Thang Hung said to me, “I was told about Jesus Christ, but at first I did not understand the message, and my relatives forbid me to be a Christian. Now, I understand that Jesus Christ forgave all my sins, not only for my present life it is also for my eternal life, praise the Lord.”

U Thang Hung and I destroyed all the family idols in his house and threw them away on December 13, 2017.

In Thang Om village, we did a three-day Christmas celebration. Evan Ling Hung and Solomon taught the salvation story. Every day 20-25 people attended the classes. They were happy; we also had lunch and dinner together for two days.

We also did a gospel teaching program on December 23-24, 2017. We met all day, and it was terrific that eight people received Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior. I baptized them on December 24, 2017. The names are (1) U Thang Hung, (2) Daw Lai Naing (3) Daw Lee Mana (4) Daw Thing Kwee (5) Daw Sein Htan (6) Daw Lay Man (7) Ma Hting Boo and (8) Ma Hting Mana. Amongst them was Daw Lay Man who was a previous Buddhist. Daw Sing Htan was a widow who was a spirit worshipper; spirits were always with her, people asked her to tell them their future, this is how she earned money. Daw Lay Man said, “after I was baptized, the spirits never come back to me, they never disturb me. I am free from them, and I am pleased.”

Due to your prayers, our ministry progressed from 2016. In 2016 we only had one family, but in 2017, we have ten family members. Praise the Lord. Our weekly programs and ministries are doing well. My new members are active in God’s work. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the conversion and baptism of 8 people.
  • Please give thanks to God also for the success of the Christmas celebrations at Thang Om village. We have only two-family members there. All the rest are non-Christians.
  • Please pray for the New Year 2018 ministry. Please pray that the Lord may open more doors for my co-workers and me.
  • Please pray for our church building; we pray hard to build soon if the Lord fulfill our prayers.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

November 2017

In November I had the opportunity to visit our churches in Southern Chin and the Yangon area. I followed Pastor Thawng, my overseer and my family were overjoyed to see him and have his family stay with us.

As I visited Yangon and the Ayeyarwady areas, I journeyed to the church of my friend Aih Kham Ko and preached at his church one night. Among his members I met Daw Marlar who was sick and could not stand or sit by herself without being in pain, we prayed for her, and she said she felt much better. I also preached at Tin Maung Shwe’s church; they were ecstatic to have me visit and worship with them. I was encouraged to see how all the churches in my mission field are healthy. I also attended the churches of Toe Toe, Kyaw Kyaw, and Lapuatta who is ministering in a new mission field in the delta area. I learned God had drawn many non-Christians through the ministry of our co-laborers.

The Lord is good, and we were blessed to send Pastor Cung Nawl Piang from Naypyidaw to teach a three-day gospel training in my village. We invited new people to listen to the teachings, and it was a fantastic time. One of the people who attended was a Buddhist who hated Christians, but by God’s grace, this person’s heart was transformed and he became a believer in Jesus. In his Buddhist family, they have six members; the parents are U Thang and Daw Hli, I baptized them in November 2017. They were very excited about their new-found faith in God. Praises the Lord.

In the 19 months since our church plant started, we have seen 48 new members in Saw Myo ministry. I pray that the Lord may save more people and add to our congregation.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for my mission trip to three areas in November and the excellent report of the new churches.
  • Give thanks to God also for the conversion of U Thang and his family members.
  • Continue to pray for the rebuilding of our church building.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

October 2017

“Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, all peoples! For great is his steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!” Psalm 117:1-2 (ESV).

I would like to give thanks to God for his righteousness, justice, and majesty. The prayers of the saints are the backbone of our ministry. During October, we visited Thang Om village and did a gospel crusade for three days. There are about 30 Buddhist families that live in the town that are from the Mindat-chin tribe. About 15-20 people joined our training among whom were two Buddhist leaders U Ki Thang and his family of three, and U Nai Thang who was a Gowpakah (Pagoda Trustee). These two leaders with their families, a total of eight people, professed belief in Jesus Christ.

As a new believer, one of the first things U Nai Thang did was donate his new house to hold worship services in until they have found land for a church building. Praise the Lord!

As we are serving among non-Christians, God had performed miracles through our prayers. The following people received healing from our prayers, here are their names:

  1. Daw Hlay Mana, Dalok village, stomach cancer (gave up on the hospitals) received healing.
  2. Daw Sein Dan Saw Myo, evil spirit possessed. (The spirits no longer possess Daw).
  3. U Kui Mana, Tikung village, paralyzed (now he can walk).
  4. Daw Sein Lui, Mungchaung village, kidney disease, she was healed.
  5. U Mana Thang, Kyannan village, left leg swollen, he was healed.
  6. The chief monk of Kanpalet town was numb (partial paralysis) and could not be cured by the hospitals. After praying for him he is doing much better, he can walk, and he has hope. I told him about Jesus, but he has not yet made a decision to follow Christ.

All the people who received healing from God have started believing in Jesus Christ (except for the chief monk). Praise God for His beautiful work.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the success of our gospel crusade in Thang Om village and the conversion of two family members.
  • Give thanks to God also for people who received healing and believing in God.
  • Please pray for our church building we plan to build a two-story building for residence and church service.
  • Please pray that the Lord may open more doors for reaching new people around us.

I am thankful for all of you for your prayer and financial support, which is very beneficial to our work.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

September 2017

Greetings to our prayer partners, because of your prayers I can serve the Lord effectively in His harvest field. I pray for you that the Lord may continue to use you for the extension of His Kingdom.

I journeyed to Suan Tuang village with Htaylin church pastor Ling Khui Sing and Evangelist Ling Hung. I had the opportunity to preach to the church there on Sunday, September 3, and also officiated Holy Communion. This church was established by myself and co-workers, while I was serving the Lord in Htaylin town. I praise God that the church has had longevity and is progressing by the leadership of Pastor Om Ning.

In Saw Myo, my son Solomon and I conducted a Bible training for a couple of days in September 2017. Three people understood the salvation of Jesus Christ and dedicated their lives to God. Praise the Lord! We also visited Dan Wam village and discussed with the village leaders the plan for a gospel-crusade and decided it would be held in October. In this town, there are no Christians, and the majority are Buddhists with some are spirit worshippers.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the success of our Bible training in Saw Myo. Three people understood and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.
  • Pray hard for the next gospel-crusade which will be held at Dan Wam village in October, it is a three days event. Pray for the needs of the training too.
  • Please pray for openings for the gospel in our area, and also for boldness and courage to share the gospel with everyone.
  • Pray for our church building. We have been praying continuously for this.

May God bless you all, Tha Khup

August 2017

In early August, I visited U Thang Bawi’s family and shared the gospel. The family has considered themselves Christian for the last 15 years, but they did not have the correct doctrine about salvation and did not have a church to go to in Saw Myo. While I was with them, we discussed salvation and the story of Jesus Christ, hearing what it means to repent and believe they accepted and dedicated their lives to God. They all decided to become members of the church, praise the Lord. During my visit, there were two women there, and they received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as well. I baptized them by water on August 6, 2017. Their names are Daw Hlung Tin and Daw Hlumana, join me in praying that they will continue in the Lords path as they mature in their faith.

I visited Kanpalet and preaching the word of God and encouraged Pastor Tin Saw’s church members on August 13, 2017, and they were glad to have me at their church. Four of these people came to visit me at my home, and I hosted them for two nights. I taught about God and salvation and prayed for them. Alongside my son Solomon we led a home cell program for U Thang Bo’s family, they invited neighbors and some people to join us including a Buddhist religious leader. Solomon preached and taught about the way of eternal life, and they listened intently. It is because of your prayers that we can boldly proclaim the gospel.

During the rainy season, I could not travel more as I expected; however, I tried my best and reached some villages and shared the gospel with them.

Prayer Request:

  • First of all, thank you to God for adding new believers to the church.
  • Give thanks to God for the two women who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. And pray for their spiritual growth.
  • Please pray for new people in my town and its surroundings.
  • Please pray for our new church building; we pray to build a simple house for worship and my residence at the end of the rainy season.

I am thankful to all of you for your prayer and financial help. By your support, I serve the Lord to this today.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

July 2017

I want to praise and thank the Lord that He allowed us to finally purchase and sign over the deed for our new land with the owner on July 2, 2017, at Saw Myo. We now have a large property for the church. All our church members were ecstatic, and no one can chase us out from the city. Praise the Lord!

I was invited to preach and give communion in the two towns of Kyautthuh and Bagon. While in Kyautthuh some sick people came to me and I prayed for healing for them. I also taught them about Jesus who is the great physician and is able to cure all sicknesses, etc. The people I prayed for were Daw Ni Dan from Kanpalet, Daw Hlukui and U Nai Naing from Khuaithar village, Daw Om Ling from Sat Chaut village, and Daw Tingmana. I taught them about God and His love for mankind, from these Daw Ni Dan received Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Praise the Lord!

The ministry of my son Solomon and myself in Saw Myo is progressing well. We have new converts and visitors every Sunday. Please continue to pray for us.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the conversion of Daw Ni Dan, praise the Lord’s Holy Name.
  • Give thanks to God also for my outreach ministry and treatment for those who are sick.
  • Pray that many more souls will be won for Christ.
  • Pray that we could begin constructing the church building on the land we now own.

I praise and thank God for your prayers and financial help. Because of your support, I can serve the Lord without worry.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

June 2017
Pastor Tha Khup and Elders from the church in Kalemyo purchase a new church property.

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you all. God has done great things for me, I was suffering from a tooth-ache and it grew steadily worse and worse, it was exceedingly painful. I went to Kalemyo Civil Hospital on June 1st and was scheduled for surgery on June 6, 2017. The surgery went well, and I remained in the hospital for observation until June 12. Thanks to the prayers of believers I am getting better, I returned home on June 14, 2017.

From Jun 22-24, we taught a gospel program in my rented house in Saw Myo. I taught June 22, and my son Solomon taught June 23 through the 24. About fifteen people joined us including one widow Daw Kui who made a profession of faith in Jesus and decided to join our church. Praise the Lord!

Because of your prayers, the Lord opened a door for us to reach a new village Thang Om, Kanpalet township, Chin State. There are a few Christians there, but we were invited by villagers who were Buddhist. As I was in a weak physical condition I sent my son Solomon and Pastor Tin Saw. They explained everything very well so that even the leader of the Buddhists was interested in Jesus Christ. The people invite us to come back and teach a gospel program in October 2017 and Christmas as well. Our weekly programs are going well, almost every evening from 7 PM to 8 PM we have prayer meetings. This program builds our members relationship with God. Other ministries such as evangelism, home cells, and Sunday worship services are doing well.

I would like to share with you, my heartfelt thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support, especially the buying of land for a church in Saw Myo. God has answered our prayers, and we were handed over all the documents of ownership, and an agreement was signed successfully on July 2, 2017! We now have a large property 52’ x 105′ for our permanent church compound. Thank you very much!

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for my recovery and our weekly programs.
  • Give thanks to God also for opening the new village Thang Om and pray for the gospel campaign in October and December 2017.
  • Please pray for more openings for the Gospel in surrounding villages.
  • Give thanks to God for our church property and pray for constructing a building upon it.

I praise and thank God for your prayer and financial help. It is beneficial for my family and my church planting ministry. Thank you very much.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

May 2017

I visited Salin Mita village of the Kanpalet Township in early May, while there I met one woman who was demon possessed, her name is Daw Kui. Baptist Pastors prayed for her several times, but nothing happened. I prayed for her for three days, and the demons were cast out and she received healing. Praise the Lord! She said, “I am joyful, I know that your God is true and living God.” For three days I sat with her family and explained to them the Gospel. They all accepted and had come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord.

In my hometown of Saw Myo, one family, U Thang and Daw Hlu received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord in May. After that, they invited me to remove the offerings of their sacrifices to spirits (physical idols) on their property. There was a statue of a leopard, monkey, and other animal images, as well as food sacrificed to idols which were eggs and some other foods. I prayed first then destroyed them by throwing them into the river. The people in the village were terrified and thought injury or death would come to me, but nothing happen to me, Jesus Christ is more powerful than any manmade idol! Praise the Lord.

I have a plan to conduct a gospel campaign at the house of U Win and Daw Hla in the Tirih Ward of Saw Myo in June. My son Solomon and I will teach, our main subject will be the salvation story. All the participants will be non-believers. Please pray for us that the people will understand the words we speak and come to know the living God and have salvation in Jesus Christ. We need to provide two days lunch; please pray the Lord will provide the means for this.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for the healing of the demon-possessed woman physically and spiritually.
  • Please give thanks to God also for the conversion of U Thang and Daw Hla. Pray that they will grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord.
  • Pray for June program for gospel campaign at the house of U Win in Saw Myo. Pray that many non-believers may come and listen to our teaching.
  • Pray for good health and strength for myself that I may travel to many surrounding villages.

Special thanks to you all, especially for your prayer and financial help. It is critical for my family and my ministry.

Thank you very much, Tha Khup

March 2017

Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ thanks to your prayers our ministry is doing well. During the month of March, Pastor Piang (WF alumni church planter) joined us for a gospel crusade. We hosted these crusades in five places which were Saw Myo (my church) for four days, Bagun church two days, Kanpalet (Tin Saw’s church) four days, Kyauthuh two days (Aung Tam’s place), and in Htay Lin town for four days. The people were edified and encouraged. We invite Pastor Piang to come again and conduct gospel crusades in December of this year. Please pray for us.]

  • Give thanks to God that He had added one more believer to our church in March.

We are praying hard to own land for a permanent church because our government does not allow us to worship in private houses. I thank the Lord that White Fields prays for us and has sent us money to purchase a property. Pray that we may find the right property to buy. Thank you very much.

Several sick people came to me asking that I pray for them. Many received healing, and they were glad in heart. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with them as well. Praise the Lord.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our gospel crusades which were encouraging and edifying for our members.
  • Give thanks to God for our new members and visitors.
  • Please pray for our camping trip during the water festival holidays.
  • Pray also for winning souls in Saw Myo so that we may have many more members and a permanent church building.

I would like to say my special thanks to all of you for your fervent prayer and financial support. It is reassuring and provides peace for my family and ministry.

May God bless you all.
Tha Khup

February 2017

From the end of January, my fellow pastors and I joined the area meeting at Aung Ywa village. After that, we visited several churches in the Kalemyo area and preached to them, in particular, villages were Min Hla, Letpanchaung, Taungphilar, Cicai, Myangsung, and Sekan. We stayed at least one night in each village, I also visited Bagone village and partook in holy communion with them. In that village, I have two family members, and we were joyful to gather and worship the Lord together.

On February 14, 2017, I was called by authorities of Saw Myo to go to their office, I arrived and was met by the chief of the town who asked me not to host worship in private house churches. He stated it was not allowed by law, not only for Christians but other religion as well are not permitted to meet privately. He continued that we must have a church building or else they would not allow us to worship in our house or any private house either. The Lord gave me the words to say, and I responded that until we have a new church building, we have no place to worship. I told him that according to the law written in 1963 that no one should disturb anyone’s religious activities, etc., I asked him, therefore, to continue to allow me to conduct worship service in private houses until we have a new church building. He had no defense to my statements and decided to leave us alone, and we are continuing to have our weekly worship services. The Lord is faithful.

I visited Lawgbukyi village and the Taungta tribe where I preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, many of them are interested in the Gospel and want to know more. Praise the Lord. After I had returned, home some people came to my house and asked me to pray for their sicknesses. I thank God that two women Daw Kui, and Daw Lingkui received healing they were relieved and ecstatic to be well again.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our outreach ministry in Kalemyo area and for the two women who received healing from God.
  • Pray for the members of my church that they may love each other and have a good relationship with them.
  • Please pray for next months Water Festival feast. We are planning a gospel camping trip so that our friends may experience conversion to Christ.

I would like to give thanks to you for your fervent prayer and continuing financial support. It is beneficial to my family and my ministry.

May God bless you all, Tha Khup

January 2017
The Khup Family.
The Khup Family. Pastor Tha (Left) and Pastor Solomon (Right)

New Year greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. During the month of January, the Lord gave me the opportunity to visit two villages in Chin State. I was able to stay in Chinpung for three days and taught them from creation to salvation. Amongst them were Daw Kyi, Daw Mar, and Daw Khin who were interested in my teaching and they asked me to visit them again. They were from the Chin tribe and were Buddhists. The other village was LawngBu where I shared the gospel to U Aung Tin’s family. Their curiosity of the gospel overwhelmed them, and several days later they arrived at my home seeking to hear more about the Gospel. They stayed two nights, and I tried my best to explain to them everything I knew from the Bible. They were jubilant to hear of the hope that Jesus provided. Praise the Lord!

I would like to share with you that one big family of eleven people joined my church as full members on January 22, 2017. They were Christians but never went to church before and were eager to fellowship with other believers.

The last week of January I joined an Area Conference at Aung Ywa church in the Kalemyo township with my co-laborers. The conference successful and was very encouraging for us all.

Prayer Request:

  • Please give thanks to God for my new church ministries. Almost every night we have worship service because my new members desire to praise the Lord.
  • Give thanks to God for the new members and the opening of more doors in the surrounding villages. I have been invited by many people to visit them and share the gospel.
  • Please pray for the salvation of Daw Kyi, Daw Mar, and Daw Khin as they study about the living God.
  • Continue to pray for my wife who was hurt in an accident; her hand has not recovered yet.

I would like to give thanks to you all for your fervent prayer and continuing financial support. It is very helpful for my family and my ministry. Thank you very much.

May God bless you all, Pastor Tha Khup

October 2016

The church in my town is continuing to grow and now has sixteen members. In September my son Solomon and myself began to meet with a family in our town that was interested in Jesus, they came from a Buddhist background and were from the Chin tribe. My son and I taught them about salvation for two days after which they decided to dedicate their lives to worshipping the living God. Jesus continues to provide for our church, Ms. Vel who is the headmaster of the local high school donated MMK 50,000/-.

  • Give thanks to God for the conversion of Mr. Mana Ling and his family. Pray they may grow in the knowledge of God and continue to mature in their faith.

Pastor Khup encounters demonic activity from time to time. On one day in September, Khup visited a woman who was possessed by demons. As he prayed, she vomited several times, and God healed her from the oppression that afflicted her. She said,” My life was impossible, I was oppressed daily by a strange being and could not escape from it. The oppression it had over me was horrible, and there was nothing I could do. But the Lord healed me when I cried out to Him, and I will worship and praise Him forever!”

Due to your constant prayers, Pastor Khup was able to work with Pastor Tam to offer discipleship training in the town of Kanpalet. This training was very successful, and we hope to be able to provide more of this type of training to locals in the future. Pastor Khup’s small groups have been meeting once a week, and the church has come together to have family prayer time every night from 7-8pm. The church has been having three to five new visitors on Sunday morning for the last few weeks. The Lord through your prayers and financial gifts continues to sustain the believer in this church.

Pray for the following requests:

  • Thank the Lord for the good health that has been given to Khup and his family, pray the Lord would strengthen him so He will not grow weary.
  • The people of Saw Myo need the Gospel, pray they hear and accept it.
  • Praise the Lord for the successful discipleship training in Kanpalet.

Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support, without your help, our ministry might not be what is today.

-White Fields Staff

June 2016

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! May peace from God the Father be upon you, my prayer partners and co-workers.

I have had some great opportunities to share the gospel. Thank you very much for your prayer help! It was a wonderful experience for my son Solomon and I; the Lord had blessed our camping in Paletwa during the water festival holidays. We had conducted services two times in Kanpalet town and Ba Kun village; we spent three days in each place. The Lord blessed us; all participants were encouraged and willing to hear the word of God. Amongst them were three young people and two older women. They were very happy to learn about the salvation of Jesus Christ. Our Sunday Services and weekly ministry continue to go well too. I also had visited Kyaut-thuh, where pastor Aung Tam has been working, and I preached at his church worship service. His ministry has been progressing, praise the Lord! I had received an invitation from Suan Taung, so I went there and shared the gospel two times.

  • Please join us in giving thanks to God for the success of the gospel camping in Kanpalet town and Ba Kun village. Please pray for the five people who had learned about Christ and His love. 
  • Please pray for Suan Taung, that members would increase there and more people would know God’s word. 

In the month of May, I had visited three villages: Lawngbu, Suangtaung, and Ba Kun. In Lawngbu village, I visited with my son Solomon and tried to share the gospel with people there. We were rejected because Buddhism is very strong there and Christians are not allowed to share the gospel with them. In Suangtaung village, I went with Rev. TK Marcus, (a retired pastor of BPC) and my son. We stayed there for two day at Om Ning’s house (he is my co-laborer in Christ), and shared the gospel with the people in the village. We also distributed some gospel tracts. They welcomed us and joined our worship service. In Ba Kun village, in nearby Kanpalet town, we had already established a new church there. One man had donated his land and then a simple church building was built, using wood and metal. We had a dedication service for the new church building on May 15. Praise the Lord!

I have an update about my family and I that I would like to share with you. My family has moved from Htaylin town to Saw Myo, and we are renting a house there. Back in Htaylin town, Pastor Ling Khui Sing was appointed as pastor in charge of taking care of our members in our denomination. The Lord directed me to go for church planting work in Saw Myo, Magwe division, which is about 90 Kilometers from Htaylin town. There are a few Christians in the town; about 95% are non-Christians though. I am happy that my son Solomon can help with my new ministry here. He has completed his B.Th. and M.Div., and he is good at speaking Burmese. I also recently endured a physical hardship. One morning, when I got up, the bottom of my left arm was painful without having any injuries. I went to Kalemyo Hospital and had treatment there for nine days in late May. I thank God that I am getting much better, and I hope that I will make a full recovery.

  • Please pray for my new ministry in Saw Myo, that the Lord may bless it. 
  • Please pray for my family and me; for good health and to share the gospel to people in the town.

I want to praise and thank God for your prayer and support. It is very helpful for my ministry and family. May God bless you!

Tha Khup

April 2016

We hosted regional conference for all the churches around our town. We invited churches from as far away as Kalemyo area and the outlying mission fields. It was very good that 118 people had joined the Conference from different places. We also celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Htaylin Church, which was established by myself starting in 2006 by the support of White Fields. They are doing well and still a good outreach in that place. Praise the Lord.

I visited Bukyi village and shared the gospel to five people. The chief of the village also participated in our gathering. I also shared the gospel to U (Mr.) Hlin’s family and U Aung and U Htun. They were happy and opened their heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are members of the Taungtha tribe. Please pray for them, that they may hunger and thirst for the Word of God. We are praying that they will receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

I was also invited by U Aung to have a bible study in his house. He invited 12 people to join our discussion of the Word of God. He asked me questions about God, the Holy Spirit, Heaven and Hell. I did my best to answer the questions by showing them the Scriptures. They all showed interest in my answers and asked more questions. They have invited me to teach them again. They promised me to come and join our Sunday worship service too. Praise the Lord. God has opened more doors.

One woman from Matupi Township, Daw (Mrs.) Nuh, was sick serious for several months. She took treatment at some hospitals and clinics, but she did not recover. She came to me and asked for me to pray for her. We prayed for two days and God restored her health. God healed her completely and she could go back home by herself. She was very happy and believed that God is the living God. I also went to Kanpalet town and met several non-Christians. I had an opportunity to share the gospel with them too in the last week of March. Pray that they will think about the gospel and open their heart to believe.

I would like to give thanks to you all for your regular prayer and support. Thank you very much! May God bless you all!

Pastor Khup

January 2016

New Year Greetings to you all! May the Lord bless all of you, with new blessings, in 2016. Due to your prayer help, my ministry in December did well. In my outreach ministry, I was able to reach U Sing Lwin in the Cikhe village. He and his wife, Daw Mah Thong, had listened to my sharing and were very interested. I also distributed some Gospel tracts there too. I visited Kanpalet town, where our new church is, and my co-worker Tin Saw and I helped with the roofing of a home that belongs to a widow, Daw Awi Thang. She was a new convert in early December. She was very happy and praised God for His blessings.

Our Christmas celebration went well. We had some gifts for new comers and the elderly. About 150 people came and enjoyed singing Christmas songs together and playing some games with children. We also prayed for Daw Pan Thung who has been suffering from a cancer of the blood. She couldn’t leave her house for more than one year. We prayed for her twice, and the Lord has her getting better. She can now walk around her house. She also believes in God. Praise the Lord!

Please give thanks to God for my ministry during the Christmas season and for the success of our Christmas celebration. More new people have heard about Jesus!

  •  Please pray for two women in Kanpalet, that they will believe in God and be saved.
  •  Pray for the New Year 2016 ministry, that I can have a plan to reach more people in Saw Myo and the surrounding area.
  •  Please pray for our 10th Anniversary of Htaylin area ministry. This event will be held from January 29-31.

I would like to give thanks to you all for your regular prayer and support. Thank you very much! May God bless you all!

Pastor Khup