Pastor Tha Khup

Recent Ministry

I am working with my son, Solomon Phun Kam, so our reports share many similarities. We were encouraged by the visit of Pastor Steve and Pastor Thawng. Our church building is still under construction, but we were able to use it for the worship service. We have built a well as a source of water. Now we have a water supply for our kitchen and bathrooms, praise the Lord. We pray hard for the completion of the construction work, and we continue to pray for the remaining funds for the building project.

I attended the discipleship training in Kalay Myo for eight days. It was practical training and it will be helpful for my leadership. This last month, three patients came to me, asking for prayers for healing. Before I prayed for them, I always share the gospel and how Jesus is the real physician, nothing is impossible for God. I thank God that they were all healed.

Pray for the people that were healed to know about Jesus Christ clearly and to receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

  • Pray for our building construction to be completed smoothly and for all the funds to be gathered.
  • Pray for our upcoming Missions Conference in the month of March.
  • Pray for new people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Pastor Tha Khup Story

Now, something to understand is that when Pastor Khup enters a new village, he looks for a family that is open to the Gospel and when invited he will stay for two or three days explaining the scriptures to them. Strangers eager to hear how there is hope in Jesus will ask him to return and tell them more.

The people of this region are Buddhist. Buddhism is mostly a religion of rules, most people born into and are under a burden of perfection they can never keep. The weight of never being able to get ahead by doing more good then wrong leaves them in a state of hopelessness. People in these villages without electricity, limited phone access, and no internet coupled with government censorship have no way of hearing about a God who loves them, sacrificed Himself, and rose from the dead. This is the area that Tha Khup and others like him work.

Tha Khup is married and has one son Solomon, who joined White Fields as a church planter in 2017.

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