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Recent Ministry

I would like to share a brief history of my church planting ministry in the Zaw area of Myanmar. I started the work in 2006 with another missionary and one believer. During the past twelve years, the Lord has blessed this area, and we have started churches in nine locations, Hytalin town one and two, Hantawary, Shwmitthar, Kyauttuh, Saw Myo, Bagone, Kanpalet town, and Thang Om village. The total church members now include three-hundred and two people, including children and we have eight people from our area who have received Bible degrees. Praise the Lord. The ministry in Myanmar is thriving due to your prayers and financial help. All glory be to God.

After serving in Htaylin town for ten years, since the church was standing firm in faith, I transferred to the new field of Saw Myo. My family and I moved in May of 2016 to our current location which is the same size town as Htaylin, but no church yet existed. I started with zero believers. God has answered our prayers, and after only two years of ministry, the church has grown to include seventy-five members with children from sixteen families. We have good land in the middle of Saw Myo and are praying and preparing to build a church in this location.

Give thanks for the faithfulness of Pastor Tha Khup as he served in the Zaw area. Give thanks for the growth of the church and the many believers who were added in the past years.

Give thanks for the eight individuals who have completed their Bible degrees and prayed for their future as leaders in the church.

  • Pray for the newer field in Saw Myo and give thanks for the believers God has raised in this location.
  • Pray for the construction of the church building; we plan to start the work in the coming dry season.

Daw (Mrs.) Khin San Yee’s testimony. “Our former religion had always requested us to donate money for the monks. We did not know where they spent it. But you Christians, you collect offerings, and you use the money to share the gospel with people how important this is! God is not only with us for our living in this world but also after death. Please tell my husband in detail so he may also receive Jesus Christ as his own Savior and Lord.” Her husband has not yet changed, please pray for his salvation.

Give thanks for the testimony and salvation of Khin San Yee.

  • Pray for Khin San Yee’s husband to come to an understanding of salvation.

Several sick people visited me last month for treatment. Among them was U (Mr.) Thang Mana who was suffering from an illness that the doctors were unable to cure.  The Lord was with me, and I prayed for him, I treated him for three days, and he was healed and returned home.

Praise the Lord for healing Thang Mana.

Daw (Mrs.) Hnin Hlu was suffering from swollen intestines and had been hospitalized for months. She had not yet recovered despite their treatment. I prayed with her and shared about Jesus Christ. God healed her. She is from Kanpalet town.

Praise the Lord for healing Hnin Hlu.

U (Mr.)  Hlu Mana was suffering and hardly able to breathe, he also recovered and was healed. He is very happy and returned to his home village. Praise the Lord.

Give thanks for the healing of Hlu Mana.

  • Pray for those who were physically healed also to be saved and to give testimony to the gospel message and love of God in their hometowns.
  • Pray for our Christmas season outreach ministry and for the Lord to open more doors to share the gospel. We are planning three-days of gospel teaching and Christmas celebration.

I have confidence in my life for I know that I have many prayer partners around the world. I am grateful for your prayers. May God bless you all.

Pastor Tha Khup Story

In the mountains of Chin State in Northern Myanmar past the quaint farmland and peaceful rivers is a small church nestled among the hills shepherded by Pastor Tha Khup. Pastor Khup was born in this region and knows it’s numerous people groups and culture. He is a groundbreaker, an Apostle Paul type figure who goes into villages that have never heard of Jesus and will explain the Gospel and raise a small group of believers. He then transfers this group to a Christian he has disciples who will pastor the people.

Now, something to understand is that when Pastor Khup enters a new village, he looks for a family that is open to the Gospel and when invited he will stay for two or three days explaining the scriptures to them. Strangers eager to hear how there is hope in Jesus will ask him to return and tell them more.

The people of this region are Buddhist. Buddhism is mostly a religion of rules, most people born into and are under a burden of perfection they can never keep. The weight of never being able to get ahead by doing more good then wrong leaves them in a state of hopelessness. People in these villages without electricity, limited phone access, and no internet coupled with government censorship have no way of hearing about a God who loves them, sacrificed Himself, and rose from the dead. This is the area that Tha Khup and others like him work.

Tha Khup is married and has one son Solomon, who joined White Fields as a church planter in 2017.

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