Pastor Tha Khup

Recent Ministry

We worked hard for four days to clear the church land so we could lay the foundation. We have been collecting bricks, wood, cement and concrete stones. The church members were excited to participate in the building process and have been praying fervently for the church building. Our engineer and co-worker helped with the planning process.

  • Pray for the construction to continue smoothly and safety for the workers.

Give thanks for the progress of our new church building. Continue to pray for the Lord to provide for all our needs for this structure.

I visited Kanpalet town and met a woman named Daw (Mrs.) Nai Kui who is suffering from a paralyzed leg. I prayed for her recovery and shared about Jesus Christ who is the living God and able to heal every sickness. She comes from a wealthy and well-respected Buddhist family in the community. They own a company and the people in the community respect and admire the honesty of this business. Nai Kui stated, “If I could walk again and was healed, I will surely believe in Jesus Christ. Your God will be my God. I will worship Him whom you worship for the rest of my life.” Pray for her salvation. She showed much interest in hearing the salvation story of Jesus Christ. She also told me, “One day I will join your church as a member.”

  • Pray for the physical healing for Nai Kui. Pray for her to understand her spiritual need for a Savior and to believe in Jesus Christ as her Lord.
  • Pray for our Zaw Area Pastors Training at the end of March with Pastor Thawng. We will be meeting in the Suan Taugn village in the Chin State.
  • Pray for the preparations for the conference to go smoothly and for safety as the pastors travel to the village.
  • Pray for the speakers to have wisdom and discernment as they prepare to share from God’s Word.
  • Pray for the pastors to be encouraged and renewed in their ministries by this training.

Pastor Tha Khup Story

Now, something to understand is that when Pastor Khup enters a new village, he looks for a family that is open to the Gospel and when invited he will stay for two or three days explaining the scriptures to them. Strangers eager to hear how there is hope in Jesus will ask him to return and tell them more.

The people of this region are Buddhist. Buddhism is mostly a religion of rules, most people born into and are under a burden of perfection they can never keep. The weight of never being able to get ahead by doing more good then wrong leaves them in a state of hopelessness. People in these villages without electricity, limited phone access, and no internet coupled with government censorship have no way of hearing about a God who loves them, sacrificed Himself, and rose from the dead. This is the area that Tha Khup and others like him work.

Tha Khup is married and has one son Solomon, who joined White Fields as a church planter in 2017.

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