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I thank God for His love and care for His children. I also thank Him for giving me excellent health and strength. Despite getting older, I can work everyday and travel to villages and cities. During the past month, I have spent most of my days helping with the construction work of our new church building. As we only have verbal permission from the chief leader of the town, we need to finish the construction quickly. I thank God that we are almost finished with the project.

One of the leaders of our group suggested we hang a large signboard that says, “Welcome to everyone,” and put a cross on it too. People in the town are praising our church building, and it is the first church that has been built in Saw Myo. Praise the Lord.

It was amazing that a Buddhist family, U (Mr.) Kyaw and Daw (Mrs.) Moe donated money for the church building. They live in Kanpalet town, not in Saw Myo. Praise the Lord. I met this family during my outreach ministry and shared the gospel with them.

  • Pray for this family to come closer to God and understand the salvation only possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the construction of the church to finish efficiently and safely.

Our weekly programs are meeting faithfully. Our church members continue to attend the events during the day and in the evening. They are excited to be a part of building our church. We have new visitors almost every Sunday. We praise God for His goodness to us.

  •  Pray for us to continue to reach new people. There are many non-believers in the villages around us.
  • Pray for our outreach to these villages.

Pastor Tha Khup Story

Now, something to understand is that when Pastor Khup enters a new village, he looks for a family that is open to the Gospel and when invited he will stay for two or three days explaining the scriptures to them. Strangers eager to hear how there is hope in Jesus will ask him to return and tell them more.

The people of this region are Buddhist. Buddhism is mostly a religion of rules, most people born into and are under a burden of perfection they can never keep. The weight of never being able to get ahead by doing more good then wrong leaves them in a state of hopelessness. People in these villages without electricity, limited phone access, and no internet coupled with government censorship have no way of hearing about a God who loves them, sacrificed Himself, and rose from the dead. This is the area that Tha Khup and others like him work.

Tha Khup is married and has one son Solomon, who joined White Fields as a church planter in 2017.

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