(Editors Note: Pastor Jacob works in an extremely remote area that lacks basic infrastructure, telecommunications, and roads. War and insurgency in his area continue to complicate matters. Due to these difficulties, updates from Pastor Jacob are posted as they are received.)

December 2019

Pastor Jacob is working as a church planter in the Bong Wee village and has about sixty church members. The church is in a green area, not a red zone at this time. So, despite the political situation and the fighting in the general area, they can still conduct home cells twice a week. Their weekly worship services on Sundays are still continuing as well. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for daily food to be accessible to the church members.
  • Pray for a ceasefire in the area and for peace.
  • Pray for the believers to be encouraged by God’s Word and for their protection.
  • Pray for safety and effectiveness as Pastor Jacob continues to evangelize and bring more people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

November 2019

Greetings from the Paletwa township. The Lord has answered your prayers for our ministry, despite trials and difficulties, people are coming to faith in God.

Pastor Aung Thar Hla visited the Kha Ohn Wa village and encouraged the believers there with communion and fellowship. He also shared the gospel with the non-Christians in the town. The people of Doh Wa village invited Pastor Aung to share the gospel with them. He went to their community and stayed for two nights, teaching them about God and Jesus Christ. The people were happy to receive him, both the Christians and non-Christians.

  • Pray for Pastor Aung as he evangelizes in these villages, pray for the people to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Pastor Lwin Pah visited the Dung Mawa village, where we have one member of our Christian family. He encouraged them with the Word of God, and several other people came to listen to his teaching. They were happy and interested in becoming Christians. However, the people are only able to gather in the daytime due to the curfew. From six in the evening till six in the morning, they are not allowed to leave their homes or meet with more than six people in one location.

  • Pray for Pastor Lwin to be safe as he travels in these areas, pray for protection for the people as they hear the Word of God.
  • Pray for salvation.

Pastor Kan Htun was temporarily serving in the Misa Wa village. He traveled door-to-door to try to reach the people with the gospel and pray for them. God saved some people this past year. However, due to the dangerous and delicate political situation and the curfew, meeting together is a challenge.

  • Pray for the believers in the Misa Wa village to grow in their faith and be able to meet together for fellowship and teaching.
  • Pray for the situation to improve.

Pastor Kingta Lin is serving in the Yitakhun village. He has an outreach ministry in the Letpan village, which is not very far from his place. He shared the gospel with this village a few times this past month. Some of the people accepted Jesus Christ. Pastor Kingta wants to make sure they fully salvation and to allow their faith to grow before they are baptized. He is teaching them the salvation story.

  • Pray for these new believers to have faith that will last despite the hardships and challenges of this world.
  • Pray for the believers as they prepare for baptism.

I praise and thank God for adding a family to my church who were Anglican church members but had not attended any church for many years. I met this family during my outreach ministry and taught them about salvation. They believed in God and joined the church.

A lady who had been Buddhist also converted to Christ this past month. I baptized her. Praise the Lord. Her two friends are attending my church and studying about Jesus Christ. They are very open to the gospel message.

  • Pray for these two friends to accept Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior.

Praise the Lord for the salvation and baptism of the lady.

  • Pray for her faith to grow.
  • Pray for opportunities to reach more people in our area.
  • Pray for the churches in many of the surrounding villages. They are under curfew and continue to suffer from food rationing.
  • Pray for their daily bread.
  • Pray for a revival in our country

July/August 2019

Due to your prayers, the Lord protects my co-workers and members from harmful things. The political problems in Rakhan state and Paletwas township, Chin state are still affecting the lives and safety of the people in the villages. Many schools are still closed without knowing when they will be able to open, so the fighting is harming the children’s education.  Many communities have curfews on working or traveling to other places. Pray for God to solve the problems and bring peace between the Arakan and Government armies.

  • Pray for physical protection on the people in these areas.
  • Pray for peace so the children can again attend school and so the adults can travel for work.
  • Pray for peace.

We have appointed pastors to take care of the church members in different villages. Pastor U Htun in Kha Ohn Wa village. Pastor Aung Thar Hla in Kyi Lay village and Pastor Lwin Pah in Auh Temawa village. Pastor Kan Htun is in the Mizar village, and Pastor Jacob is in Bong Wee village. The pastors are working hard to encourage people with God’s Word despite these challenging times and helping those who are struggling for their daily survival.

  • Pray for the pastors in these villages to support the people and encourage them with God’s Word.
  • Pray for comfort and wisdom for the pastors as they guide the believers.

In Out Temawa village, we have twelve family members. During the past two months, the fighting took place in the town on four separate occasions injuring some civilians, one was killed. Thankfully, none of the church members lost their lives. They were scared and afraid of the war, please pray for the Lord to protect and comfort them.

In Bong Wee village, where Pastor Jacob is working, they are not allowed to meet after six in the evening, but despite this challenge, they are continuing the weekly programs. Praise the Lord. They are currently meeting for worship service in the Pastor’s house as they have not yet finished the church building. They are doing their best to complete the construction work. Pray for them.

  • Pray for the church in Bong Wee village and for Jacob’s leadership and guidance of the believers.

By God’s grace, I went to Mizar village where most of the refugees are staying temporarily. Though the traveling was dangerous, the Lord led us, and we reached our destination safely. The place is about seven hours of travel by small boat. There is no road for vehicles. The people were happy to meet us, and I shared the gospel with them and encouraged them. We gave them bags of rice and noodles, we also provided financial aid. The donations were from individuals and the church members. Praise the Lord for this witness of God’s love.

  • Pray for the refugees in the Mizar village to come to understand God’s love for them and proclaim faith in Jesus Christ.

Give thanks for our opportunity to reach these refugees and encourage them with the Word of God.

  • Pray for their salvation.

God added new church members from a family who attended an Anglican church. I met them in their home and shared the gospel with them. They came and joined the church just this past month.

  • Pray for the lost souls to hunger for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord for the new believers and pray for them to grow in their relationship with God and their knowledge of God’s Word.

June 2019

Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ. I would like to share with you about myself and my co-worker’s ministry this past month. In our Paletwa township, the fighting with the Arakan Army (Muslim insurgent group) and the government army is still happening almost every day in various locations. Many refugees are running for their lives to safe places. We tried out best to reach our people in their villages when we can safely visit them. Pastor Aung Kyaw and his group of seven people went to Miyar village and Ngapwe villages where the refugees have temporarily settled. They shared the gospel and encouraged the people. Authorities have provided a limited amount of rationed food for each family, sometimes only enough for one meal a day. We need to pray hard for them to have enough food. Due to the fighting that caused curfews, most people cannot work or travel to other places. This creates more challenges for their daily living, and many people have been victimized by both armies.

  • Pray for the refugees in the Paletwa township area of Myanmar, for safety and daily food.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and for people to come to faith in God.

Pastor Aung Htun went to the Kha Ungwa and Miyar village. He met some refugees there and encouraged them by the Word of God. He had the opportunity to share the gospel at one house, and thirty-eight people came to listen. Most were of Buddhist background, but some were traditional spirit-worshippers. The majority are non-Christians, but some are Christians. They were thrilled to hear the good news. Reverend Paul Aung Yar and Pastor Lwin Pah went to the Auh Temawa village and shared the gospel. Some of them accepted the preaching of Jesus Christ, and they joined our church worship service on Sundays. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for the new believers in the Auh Temawa village and for their faith to grow as they study God’s Word.
  • Pray for those who heard the gospel in the Kha Ungwa village to come to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I visited several areas near Paletwa township, including the Pingne Tapyin village, Kyewtaung village, and Tema Chaung village where the refugees were appointed to live. There are seven hundred-and-fifty-four people, including children. The authorities distributed the families throughout these villages. They are facing a demanding situation to get enough food each day, and we try our best to help them. I visited them to bring encouragement by the Word of God. Many of the schools in the area have been closed for several months and are closed until further notice. One man shared, “our children’s schools are closed, and when we asked to move to another town, the authorities would not allow it. We could not get permission from the headmasters of the schools. This is a difficult situation.” One bag of rice (about 30 kg or 66 lbs) costs MMK 45,000 (about $30 US dollars). Each family is only allowed to buy one bag for a single month as the supplies are limited. We need more prayer help for this hardship.

  • Pray for an increase of supplies reaching these areas and for the families to have enough to eat.
  • Pray for the non-believers in these villages who hear the Word of God for the first time to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I conducted a short training for two days at our rented house. It was terrific that forty-two people were in the group. Some of them were students. The participants were happy for the teaching. The church Sunday worship services are doing well, but the home cells and other activities are not allowed. The young people are very active in the Sunday worship services. Praise the Lord.

  • Pray for the refugees who left their homes and properties to run to the safe places.

Praise God for the protection from dangers for my church members and my family.

  • Pray for peace between the Arakan Army and the government army so that the people Paletwa township may have peace.
  • Pray for the people who do not yet know Jesus Christ to come to faith.
  • Pray for God to send more workers to share the good news.

Pastor Jacob’s church has been facing difficulties in worshiping God in the evening for prayer meetings and Bible study. Only Sunday worship is allowed due to the curfews. Pray for them. Pastor Jacob visited Htinglat Wa village and Siphalong village; he preached at an Anglican church.

  • Pray for Pastor Jacob’s church to thrive during this challenging season, including protection and daily sustenance for the members.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

Pastor Lun Pah shared the Word of God in Nanchaung and Ngapwe village. He prayed for strength and encouragement for our church members. They are always in dangerous situations due to the fighting in the area. Pastor Lun was appointed to the Auh Temawa village where the fighting has occurred several times in the village, and the people were scared and frightened. He encouraged the members to trust only on God and rely on Jesus Christ, who redeems us from the bondage of Satan.

  • Pray for Pastor Lun Pah to have safety as he travels, pray for the believers in these villages to stand firm in their faith, and find comfort in the sovereign power of God.

May 2019

Pastor Jacob is serving in a region of Myanmar that has been affected by the fighting between the Arakan Army (Muslim insurgent group) and the government army. The area is under curfew and travel is restricted.

We can only have worship service and prayer meetings on Sundays. It is good that my church members are excited to attend church and worship God. The government schools typically start on June 1st every year. Many schools in Paletwa villages were unable to open due to the fighting. This conflict is affecting the education of the children.

  • Pray for the fighting to cease and that we may be free soon.
  • Pray for protection from God for myself and every one of our members.
  • Pray for peace.

Before the curfew was announced, we went to evangelize in the Kha Ungwa village, Khung Ywa, MeiYa village, Chin Doh village, and Kyileyway. We had many challenges along the way but persisted in sharing the gospel with them. In every town, we gave encouragement from the Word of God. In the Southern part of Paletwa, we visited the group led by Pastor Aung Yar. They have done well in sharing the Word of God and distributing tracts.

  • Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ to look to God as the one who can protect them from harm.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and for people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

January – April 2019

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers. We had heavy rains which caused the telephone lines to be down. Our area along the western border of Myanmar has also been under curfew, all travel to other locations is not allowed, due to the political unrest and continual fighting between the Arakan Army (insurgent group) and the government army. Thank God for protecting us from such harmful things in our village.

(Editors Note) The political unrest is complicated in this region of Myanmar. The western media refer to the “Arakan Army as the “Rohingya.” These people were from Bangladesh just a few generations ago. The Burmese and Chin people of Myanmar consider them as an insurgent group that left their former country and invaded the current area as intruders. They sometimes refer to them as Bangelis. They are Muslim in religious background, and we have heard many reports of terrorism conducted by these people that then caused a reaction by the Myanmar army.  Our pastors are trying to protect the members of their churches from “field bombs” that make them afraid to even go into their rice fields to farm, while also proclaim the gospel to all the people in the region. That includes being a testimony to the Myanmar Army, the local Chin people living in Rakhine State, and to the “Rohingya.”

Consider this quote from a story printed in the Atlantic on September 25, 2017  “But where humanitarian groups and Western nations see the world’s most persecuted minority, the government of Burma (also known as Myanmar) and an overwhelming majority of its people see a foreign group with a separatist agenda, fueled by Islam, and funded from overseas. It’s this difference in perception that will make any resolution of the Rohingya issue extremely difficult.”

Your prayers are truly needed to give the pastors wisdom, compassion, and courage in the midst of this challenging, complicated—and often violent situation.   God will prevail. Your petition on behalf of these ministers will be necessary.

  • Pray for safety in our village and the resolution of the political fighting.

Our village is Bong Wee village, divided into southern and northern Bong Wee. The church is in Southern Bong Wee. The Lord has added more members, and now we have eighty-two members including the children.

I do my best to reach the non-Christians in both villages. When I go to evangelize, some of my church members join me. I am involved in the Christian Fellowship of both Bong Wee villages, and I was elected as their president.

  • Pray for the growth of the church and for the members to grow in their knowledge of the Word of God.
  • Pray for the evangelism ministry of Pastor Jacob and his safety as he seeks to reach his people with the gospel message.

Give thanks for Pastor Jacob and his co-workers who are planting churches in Paletwa Township.

Our Area Director, Pastor Joy David, conducted a teaching program for us on a recent Saturday and preached for our Sunday worship service. He did a business meeting for the Christian Fellowship in Bong Wee in the afternoon, and the committee members were happy and encouraged.

Give thanks for the preaching of Pastor Joy David as he encouraged the church members.

  • Pray for the completion of our church building; we will resume construction when the rainy season is over.
  • Pray for the physical and spiritual needs of the Paletwa people; God can save people and feed His children. Your prayers change things in my area.
August 2018

God is faithful in answering our prayers. In my area, the Lord is opening many doors for evangelism. I went to the Bongkuwa village with some of my fellow pastors and we shared the gospel with the people. Some of them were Christians and some were not. We discussed with them about eternal life and how those who believe in Jesus Christ will have eternal life. Some of the people replied, “this is our first time hearing about this, come again, and teach us.” We were happy that the Holy Spirit moved in their hearts.

Give thanks for the evangelism ministry in Bongkuwa village.

  • Pray for us to return and talk with the people in the village again.
  • Pray for the unbelievers to come to an understanding and acceptance of the gospel.

This past month, I helped two families with the planting of crops in their fields. My purpose was to reach them with the gospel, so I joined them in their work. I shared salvation with them while we worked. They were interested in my sharing but did not respond yet to the gospel. They are Buddhists.

  • Pray for these families to ask questions and be curious about the gospel.

We had a one-day training at the church and I taught about Christian life, specifically what it means to love one another and to work together for the gospel, which is the great commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church members responded positively and were encouraged by my message. Our weekly meeting attendance has been lower due to the heavy rain and their effect on travel, some people were unable to attend. Our church construction is continuing, but we are not done and are still worshiping in my home.

  • Pray for the church members to have safe travels and be able to attend the weekly meetings.
  • Pray for those who are unable to attend the meetings to continue in their personal study and to encourage one another.
  • Pray for the construction of the church building and its completion.
Spring 2018

We are using my house for our Sunday worship service and will continue to use it until we complete our new church building. Every week we fast and pray, which is one of the most effective things for my ministry.

I met a young lady named Ma Tin Ye who was a Buddhist. When I first met her, I shared about eternal life, and at first, she said: “Buddhism is the same, all religions have the same destination.” But when I continued to tell her about Jesus and His salvation she saw that followers of Jesus are very different and became interested in following Jesus Christ. She said, “I feel something in my heart that I have never felt before. If my parents allow me I will study the Bible so that I may know more about Jesus Christ.” She told me she would like to meet again and discuss the salvation story.” Pray that she may become a disciple of our Lord.

(2) I also met Ma Khin Yi who asked me many questions, and I spent several hours answering her questions. Since that time Ma Khin has joined our worship services on Sunday mornings and thanks to your prayers she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. She was baptized by Pastor Joy David when he came to visit us.

(3) We have not completed our church building because of lack of funds. All my members were working diligently, but we still need materials to buy for the walls, windows, and doors. This year all my members are in a difficult situation for their daily bread. Most people in Paletwa Township are in a problematic position to provide food daily. Please pray for them and our church. I officiated two couple’s wedding last month. The bridegroom was a non-Christian, but a few weeks before they got married, we shared the gospel with him, and he professed faith in Jesus in Jesus Christ.

(4) During the rainy season, it is hard to go out and evangelize and I had fewer opportunities to go out this month. I shared the gospel with three Buddhist families during breaks in the rain. One family told me, “We will think about what you said and we need to take the time to learn more about salvation.” Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their hearts so that they may have a willingness to believe in Jesus Christ.

Winter 2017

I shared the gospel in my village and the surrounding areas. I invited all the elders of our community to join us for our Christmas celebration. I preached about the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ and explained why we celebrate Christmas. Half of the people in attendance were Christians, and the rest were Buddhists. We had an open discussion and people shared their feelings, some people were encouraged by my message and thought it was refreshing to hear God’s word and what Jesus did for us. The church prepared Christmas gifts for those that came which included warm blankets and other small things. After our worship service, we had dinner together.

We started work on the new church building in Bawng Wee, the people are working hand in hand to construct the building. We received a significant donation from the Biblical Presbyterian Church Assembly; we are grateful for their generosity. My co-worker Pastor Joy David from Paletwa visited twice to pray and encourage everyone that is working on the project.

Our famine continues because of the political problems and the mice that destroyed our crops last year. Continue to pray that our situation will improve.

September 2017

Pictured to the left is Joy David who is also a White Fields Pastor in Paletwa.

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is in control, and He knows our difficulties and the adversity that we face. He is taking care of us protecting us from all kinds of evils. Sometimes God allows us to suffer so that our faith in Him may grow in maturity.

Our church has been coming together in unity with a day of fasting once a week. We pray that every village around us will hear the gospel and we are also praying for those who are sick and our farms. A plague of mice came through our community and destroyed most of our crops. As a farming community, this has devastated our livelihood and put into question whether we will have enough food to eat as winter approaches. We are making the most of this opportunity to share with others the love of Christ. I visited church members in the village and shared the goodness of God and prayed for them. All the people in the village are working hard to provide for their families.

I have spent my time collecting building materials with some of the church members. We gathered some supplies for the church building, but we are praying for additional resources and workers, please join us in praying.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly services and the good health of all my church members.
  • Thank God for our safety during the rainy season. We had some storms and heavy rains, but no lives were lost.
  • Please continue to pray for the extension of the gospel of Jesus Christ to our people in Paletwa township. Many are still worshiping spirits and Buddha.
  • Pray for resources for our church building; we pray to start building as soon as possible.

I am thankful to you all for your prayer and financial support. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Jacob

July 2017

Thanks to your prayer help our weekly church services are doing well. We host home cells twice in a week as well as a young people’s worship time every Sunday evening. All my church members are actively participating in the church.

Unfortunately this month one of my church members passed away, he was 65 years old. His family members felt great sorrow at his passing. Every evening we went to their house and prayed for them. Because of the torrential rain and storms sometimes my members could not join our weekly services.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs and my families good health.
  • Pray for our church members who are working in the fields.
  • Pray for the lost souls that the Lord may open more opportunities to reach them with the Gospel.
  • Give thanks to God also for my good health; illnesses have been spreading as of late.
  • Pray for the family members of the deceased who are experiencing great sorrow at his passing.

I am thankful to you all for your prayer and financial support. I receive in time regularly. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Jacob

June 2017

Greetings to all of our prayer partners and supporters of White Fields in the name of Jesus Christ. Your prayers are significant, powerful, and brings change to our area. Thank you.

Our weekly programs are doing well and the month of June was busy for my people, some planted crops and others were preparing their fields to plant. However, our home cells, prayer meetings, and worship services met regularly. We attribute this to God and your prayers. Thank you.

I visited Ting Lat village with two of my deacons and had a good time sharing the gospel for two nights. There are a few Christians in this community, but there is no church. There are also so-called Christians, but they have no pastor or worship place. The people are from the Meokhaw Khumi, Rakhine tribe and most of them are Buddhists. They need the gospel. Please pray that we may continue to visit and share the salvation of Jesus Christ with them.

We have a simple church building constructed of bamboo, wood, and a metal roof, the floor has no tile or stone it is made entirely of dirt. Therefore we pray diligently to reconstruct it this year. My members are working hard by collecting wood from the jungle, which only we can do. We plan to start the building in October 2017. We need your prayer and financial support for this to happen.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly programs and outreach ministry.
  • Give thanks to God also for my members those who are working hard for the reconstruction of our church building.
  • Pray for the spreading of the gospel to Ting Lat village. I hope that a church may be planted there shortly.
  • Please pray for the need of our church rebuilding.

I am thankful to you for your fervent prayer and financial support. Thank you very much.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Jacob

May 2017

First of all, I would like to praise and thank God for answering all the prayers made by His people for my ministry. Our weekly services are meeting regularly, such as home cells, fasting prayers, prayer meetings and worship services. We also have a fellowship with other Christians in our village. In May, I taught the Khumi dialect to those who did not understand our language and literature in my village.

I shared the gospel in Out-te Mawa village where there are Christians, Buddhists, and Animists. Pray that the Lord may open their stony heart and they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In the last week of May Cyclone Mora hit some houses of my church members in our village, thankfully there was no serious damage. I helped them for several days to repair their homes. We heard that Duh Chaung Wa village was ravaged by the cyclone, but we were not in contact with them until today (while I am writing this report). The village is on the border of Bangladesh; we will pass on more information on how you can help as we receive it.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly ministries.
  • Praise the Lord for our outreach ministry to Out-te Mawa village, continue to pray for them that they may one day come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for our members who are living in Duh Chaung Wa on the Bangladesh border.
  • Continue to pray for the extension of the Kingdom of God in Paletwa township.
  • Please pray as well for a new church building in our village.

I am thankful to you all for your fervent prayer and financial support.

Yours in Christ’s service, Pastor Jacob

February 2017

I want to praise God for His unchanging love toward His children. God blessed our daily ministry and family worship program in February. My church members were enthusiastic to go and share the Gospel, and on Saturday we ministered to four houses in our village. Praise the Lord.

We prayed diligently for a new Church building because it was timeworn and built with simplistic materials. Please pray for that the Lord will provide enough fund for us to re-build it. My fellow Pastors and I need encouragement because our fields of ministry are in very rural and uncivilized area.

I tried my best to reach people in Out-te-Maoh village and share the gospel with them. I distributed tracts and met some villagers were unyielding in their belief and rejected me, but some pondered the Word of the Lord and accepted me.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly services and the participation of my members in the daily ministry.
  • Pray for a new church building because it is a pressing need.
  • Continue to pray for my outreach ministry in Out-te-Maoh village, where many non-Christians are.
  • Pray for the people of Paletwa so to open their hearts and received Christ as their Savior and Lord.

I would like give my heartfelt thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support. It is a big encouragement.

May the Lord bless you all, Pastor Jacob

January 2017

Pastor Jacob“I will praise and sing the mercies of the Lord forever” for He has answered my prayers for planting a church in Bong Wee village. I want to praise and thank God also for accepting me as a church planter in Bong Wee village. I have started a small church and hope the Lord will add more souls to His kingdom. I thank God that I have forty members including children.

Our weekly programs meet consistently, family worship is every Saturday night. I host a bible reading program twice a month and set aside time to share the gospel to non-Christians every few days. When I go out for evangelism I face opposition and rejections regularly.

By God’s grace, we co-hosted a Bible training from January 19-14, 2017 in my village. Three pastors came from Yangon; they were Aih Kham Go, Kyaw Kyaw, and Stephen Ceu. They taught the history of salvation and discipleship. Many people from my village joined us every day and night, thank you so much for providing food and sending pastors from Yangon to teach us.

Prayer Request:

  • Please give thanks to God for the success of our Bible training program and our weekly services.
  • Pray for a new church building and more believers to be added to our fellowship.
  • Please pray for my church planting work, especially among my people who do not know God and are worshiping idols.
  • Pray for my co-laborers who are working in remote and challenging areas.

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support. It is a big encouragement for my ministry and family. May the Lord bless you all.

In Christ’s service, Pastor Jacob