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Recent Ministry

Pastor Jacob is serving in a region of Myanmar that has been affected by the fighting between the Arakan army (Muslim insurgent group) and the government army. The area is under curfew and travel is restricted.

We can only have worship service and prayer meetings on Sundays. It is good that my church members are excited to attend church and worship God. The government schools typically start on June 1st every year. Many schools in Paletwa villages were unable to open due to the fighting. This conflict is affecting the education of the children.

  • Pray for the fighting to cease and that we may be free soon.
  • Pray for protection from God for myself and every one of our members.
  • Pray for peace.

Before the curfew was announced, we went to evangelize in the Kha Ungwa village, Khung Ywa, MeiYa village, Chin Doh village, and Kyileyway. We had many challenges along the way but persisted in sharing the gospel with them. In every town, we gave encouragement from the Word of God. In the Southern part of Paletwa, we visited the group led by Pastor Aung Yar. They have done well in sharing the Word of God and distributing tracts.

  • Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ to look to God as the one who can protect them from harm.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel and for people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Pastor Jacob’s Ministry

(Editors Note: Pastor Jacob works in an extremely remote area that lacks basic infrastructure, telecommunications, and roads. War and insurgency in his area continue to complicate matters. Due to these difficulties, updates from Pastor Jacob are posted as they are received.)

Pastor Jacob works in the township of Paletwa deep in the mountains of Chin State. He and a few other pastors diligently go from village to village sharing the Gospel. Because of Government restrictions, it is difficult to travel in this region and foreigners are forbidden from even being in the area Jacob works. The villages in this area are incredibly remote located in the Arakan Mountain region the primary source of travel is by boat which can take two or three days to reach a village.

In the last year, Muslim rebels from Bangladesh infiltrated areas of Rahkine and southern Chin state attacking the local populace and battling the police. Myanmar’s Army in a bid to eradicate the rebels and re-establish peace entered into the conflict. Widespread violence has taken place, and the farms and villages our pastor’s work in have become the battlefields. Mines laid on farmland as well as pitched battles have caused both Buddhists and Christians to flee as refugees into neighboring towns and cities.

On top of this, a plague of mice destroyed the rice crops of several towns in this area making a challenging situation even worse. Still, Pastor Jacob and others like him continue to pastor in their villages and go out and share the Gospel.

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