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Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers. We had heavy rains which caused the telephone lines to be down. Our area along the western border of Myanmar has also been under curfew, all travel to other locations is not allowed, due to the political unrest and continual fighting between the Arakan Army (insurgent group) and government army. Thank God for protecting us from such harmful things in our village.

(Editors Note) The political unrest is complicated in this region of Myanmar. The western media refer to the “Arakan Army as the “Rohingya.” These people were from Bangladesh just a few generations ago. The Burmese and Chin people of Myanmar consider them as an insurgent group that left their former country and invaded the current area as intruders. They sometimes refer to them as Bangelis. They are Muslim in religious background, and we have heard many reports of terrorism conducted by these people that then caused a reaction by the Myanmar army.  Our pastors are trying to protect the members of their churches from “field bombs” that make them afraid to even go into their rice fields to farm, while also proclaim the gospel to all the people in the region. That includes being a testimony to the Myanmar Army, the local Chin people living in Rakhine State, and to the “Rohingya.”

Consider this quote from a story printed in the Atlantic on September 25, 2017  “But where humanitarian groups and Western nations see the world’s most persecuted minority, the government of Burma (also known as Myanmar) and an overwhelming majority of its people see a foreign group with a separatist agenda, fueled by Islam, and funded from overseas. It’s this difference in perception that will make any resolution of the Rohingya issue extremely difficult.”

Your prayers are truly needed to give the pastors wisdom, compassion, and courage in the midst of this challenging, complicated—and often violent situation.   God will prevail. Your petition on behalf of these ministers will be necessary.

  • Pray for safety in our village and the resolution of the political fighting.

Our village is Bong Wee village, divided into southern and northern Bong Wee. The church is in Southern Bong Wee. The Lord has added more members, and now we have eighty-two members including the children.

I do my best to reach the non-Christians in both villages. When I go to evangelize, some of my church members join me. I am involved in the Christian Fellowship of both Bong Wee villages, and I was elected as their president.

  • Pray for the growth of the church and for the members to grow in their knowledge of the Word of God.
  • Pray for the evangelism ministry of Pastor Jacob and his safety as he seeks to reach his people with the gospel message.

Give thanks for Pastor Jacob and his co-workers who are planting churches in Paletwa Township.

Our Area Director, Pastor Joy David, conducted a teaching program for us on a recent Saturday and preached for our Sunday worship service. He did a business meeting for the Christian Fellowship in Bong Wee in the afternoon, and the committee members were happy and encouraged.

Give thanks for the preaching of Pastor Joy David as he encouraged the church members.

  • Pray for the completion of our church building; we will resume construction when the rainy season is over.
  • Pray for the physical and spiritual needs of the Paletwa people; God can save people and feed His children. Your prayers change things in my area.

Pastor Jacob’s Ministry

(Editors Note: Pastor Jacob works in an extremely remote area that lacks basic infrastructure, telecommunications, and roads. War and insurgency in his area continue to complicate matters. Due to these difficulties, updates from Pastor Jacob are posted as they are received.)

Pastor Jacob works in the township of Paletwa deep in the mountains of Chin State. He and a few other pastors diligently go from village to village sharing the Gospel. Because of Government restrictions, it is difficult to travel in this region and foreigners are forbidden from even being in the area Jacob works. The villages in this area are incredibly remote located in the Arakan Mountain region the primary source of travel is by boat which can take two or three days to reach a village.

In the last year, Muslim rebels from Bangladesh infiltrated areas of Rahkine and southern Chin state attacking the local populace and battling the police. Myanmar’s Army in a bid to eradicate the rebels and re-establish peace entered into the conflict. Widespread violence has taken place, and the farms and villages our pastor’s work in have become the battlefields. Mines laid on farmland as well as pitched battles have caused both Buddhists and Christians to flee as refugees into neighboring towns and cities.

On top of this, a plague of mice destroyed the rice crops of several towns in this area making a challenging situation even worse. Still, Pastor Jacob and others like him continue to pastor in their villages and go out and share the Gospel.

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