November 2019

During the past month, we had flooding, and the rice fields were covered with water. The farmers lost their first crop, but by the grace of God, no lives were lost. The farmers asked me to pray for their crops, so I prayed and encouraged them with the Word of God. They will plow and replant their crops. My health and that of my wife has been good due to your prayers. Thank you.

  • Pray for the rice to grow and produce abundantly.
  • Pray for this crop to grow and not be destroyed by the water.
  • Pray for the farmers to be encouraged by God’s Word and trust in God’s providence for their daily needs.

This year we are supporting nine students who come from poor and needy families in the neighboring villages. Three girls are in high school, Acinna, Lay, and Ih Ih. The middle schoolers are Min, Hein, Larbwa, and Kale. We also have two primary students, Pheo and Naw. We are praying for each student to work hard and do well in their schooling. Their parents are happy for their opportunity.

  • Pray for the students to apply discipline to their studies and support each other through this year.

Maung Naing shared his testimony. “I grew up in a spirit-worshipper family. I am of the Kayin tribe. I was converted to Christ the year the Nargis cyclone hit our area, eleven years ago. I was baptized this last year. Three years ago, my business was in poor condition, and I had no choice but to go fishing in the sea. I went with two friends in a simple handmade boat we constructed from bamboo. We went to sea and brought food for three months. We started fishing in July, unfortunately, in September, the strong storm came and hit us. Our bamboo boat was broken and divided into many pieces. We held onto the bamboo pieces and floated in the sea for four days. One day, one of our friends disappeared, and only two of us were left. I cried out to Jesus, help us. On the fourth day, we found a new bamboo boat with food, we cooked and ate. We did not know where we were, and the storm had stopped, so we tried our best to reach any beach. Finally, we landed ashore in India. We were arrested by the police and put in jail for six months. After that, we were released and went back to Myanmar. I joined Pastor Peter’s church.

Praise God for Naing’s testimony and for their rescue.

Pray for Naing to grow in his faith and to bring others to know God. Pray for more people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

June 2019

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Our Almighty God always answers our prayers, and my ministry in Ngapeotaw is doing well. We continue our home Bible studies, Bible reading programs, and Sunday worship services. Sometimes the rain makes meeting together challenging, but we persist. Our children’s program is also doing well.

Daw (Mrs.) Khin and her family converted to Christianity recently. There were Karen tribe spirit worshippers from their ancestors. Her husband divorced Khinn two years ago. They have five children, and all the children have stayed with their mother. They face a difficult situation for their daily bread as they have no income. The husband married another woman. I met this family during my outreach ministry and learned of their condition. I shared the gospel with them, and as they have no food to eat, I brought them to my home and have fed them. The eldest daughter passed her tenth standard exam, and they are happy.

Daw (Mrs.) Khin shared her testimony in her own words. “When we were in a tough situation, Pastor Hlaing came and prayed for us and shared about Jesus Christ. He invited us to stay in his home; we had no choice, so we went to his house, and he fed us every day for free. We studied about Jesus each day, and after a while, myself and my children accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Before the exam result was posted, my daughter promised Pastor Hlaing that if she passed the exam, she would take baptism. She has passed, praise the Lord. She continues in her Kindergarten school teaching training, and after this is completed, she will be a teacher in one of the Kindergarten schools. Praise the Lord.”

Give thanks for the redemption of Daw (Mrs.) Khin and her family.

  • Pray for them to grow in their faith and stand firm in sound doctrine from God’s Word.
  • Pray for the farmers who recently planted their crops, mostly rice. They are worried about their plants as the rains have been torrential.
  • Pray for protection from all kinds of diseases during the rainy seasons.

May 2019

This past month I visited the neighboring villages by boat and shared the gospel with them. I also visited some farmers in their rice fields and prayed for their work. They have begun to plow the ground and will stay in their fields until harvest time.

  • Pray for the crops, that God may send the rains at the right times, and the plants may grow properly and yield an abundant harvest.
  • Pray for my outreach ministry and the weekly services.
  • Pray for more opportunities to share the gospel and for more people to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

My church members U (Mr.) Aung and his wife Daw (Mrs.) Phaw held a thanksgiving dinner, and I had the opportunity to preach at their event. They were giving thanks to God because they had been converted to Christ from spirit worship. All the people in the village were invited and came to attend the service. Phaw shared her conversion testimony as follows. “I was a Kayin tribe who worshiped spirits since my fathers time. But now, I have become a Christian through the sharing of Pastor Peter after experiencing two miracles of God’s protection. The first happened last year. The weather department announced that a strong storm would take place in our village and warned us to move to a safe place. But we had no choice except to stay, so we went to Pastor Peter’s house and stayed there. The house was full of people, and Pastor Peter asked us to pray to God. We meditated on Psalms 23 several times and sang hymns too. Though I was not a Christian, I copied those around me, because I was afraid I would be killed by the storm. Pastor Peter said our God can calm down the storms and waves. I saw the Christians were trusting God and had peace in their lives. This was our first miracle, and we were saved from the strong storm. The second time, we were carrying rice in a small boat without a covering or shade. Unexpectedly, it was raining heavily near us. I was afraid of the rain, and I was worried about the rice in our boat. If the rain reached us, we might lose all the rice and even our lives. I remembered Psalm 23 and recited it and prayed to God. After about fifteen minutes, the rain stopped and did not reach us. From that moment, I became a believer, and my husband also did. Both of us had experienced that God is a living God. Praise the Lord, who can save us from every danger.”

  • Pray for the faith of Aung and Phaw to grow and give thanks for their salvation.

Praise the Lord for His protection and peace despite the storms of life.

April 2019

During the water festival holidays, we held a children’s camp for four-days at the church campus. The program was highly effective for the thirty children who attended, including the non-Christians kids. They learned chorus songs and Bible verses. We gave gifts to the parents and the elderly when we shared the gospel with them. Most of these people were spirit-worshippers of the Karen tribes.

  • Pray for the children to grow in knowledge and understanding of the love of God.

Give thanks that almost all the children in the village joined us to learn about Bible stories, sing songs and play games.

We visited the other villages with the women’s group and shared the gospel door-to-door with the non-Christians. We gave small gifts in the name of Jesus. They were encouraged by our conversations. Next year we are planning to do another gospel camp for children, adults, and youth during the water festival holidays.

Give thanks for the zeal of the women’s group to spread the Kingdom of God further in our area.

  • Pray for the people to listen to our words and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Our four students Ih Ih, Te Suh, Acinna, and Lapih, qualified for the University entrance exam this year, we pray they all may pass the exam. These youth were active in helping with the church services.

  • Pray for the students to study hard as they prepare for the entrance exam.
  • Pray for the church members who have started their field work, pray for the rain to come on time and for their crops to grow properly.
  • Pray for Pastor Peter’s health to improve, he is suffering from eye trouble, and had difficulty seeing and reading the Bible, pray for his vision to recover.

February/March 2019

Greetings to you all. May the peace, love, and grace from above be poured upon everything. Thank you for your prayers, they have helped my weekly church services to go well. I visited some surrounding villages and shared the gospel.  I thank God for the opportunity to meet and tell the story of salvation to multiple people, some were Buddhist, others were spirit-worshippers, and some were Christians. I told them all about Jesus. I pray that one day we may see the result of these conversations.

  • Pray for more opportunities to visit these villages and share the gospel with these people.
  • Pray for wisdom in conversations and for open hearts and listening ears of the people with whom I speak.

Recently, there was a tragic loss. A young lady, Moe, who is seventeen years old passed away. I was invited to conduct the funeral service. I preached for two nights. Despite the sorrow, it was an opportunity for me to share the good news with non-Christians.

  • Pray for the family of Moe as they adjust to this event in their lives.
  • Pray for those who heard the gospel to come to an understanding of the grace and love of God shown through his son Jesus Christ.

Our four high school students did their final exams during the last week of the past month. I sent them to the U Kyobuat Tangi school to take these exams. The students reported that they did well, the official results have not yet come. These students are active ministers in my church service.

Two ladies in the Ngapihtuh village received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I prayed with them, and they became church members of the Ngapihtuh Village Baptist Church. Praise the Lord for their salvation!

Give thanks for the two ladies who became believers.

  • Pray for them to grow in their love for God.

Our weekly programs are going well. As the weather is swelteringly hot and we have not had rain for four months. Many people are sick, and some of the church members are also ill.

  • Pray for the Lord to bring healing and these people to recover.
  • Pray for our daily survival needs, as the Lord feeds all the birds, we trust he will also feed his people.

January 2019

The children’s programs are going great, among the eight to ten-year old’s group, we had two children who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pheo is the son of Aung and Nemoe. Endari is particularly good at learning her lessons and is the daughter of Daw (Mrs.) Khin. Through the influence of these children, their parents have started to join the Sunday services and are studying the salvation of Jesus Christ. We pray that the parents will surrender their lives to God and come to faith. Another student, Saw La, received an outstanding award from his school for his excellent work in his studies.

Give thanks to God for our ministry to children, their rapid growth in their education, and especially their understanding of God’s Word through the Sunday school program.

  • Pray for the children who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to grow in their faith, trusting God throughout their lives, and grow in their understanding of the Word of God.
  • Pray for their parents to come to faith in God through the influence of the children.
  • Pray for the children as they prepare for their final exams, in February and March.

The power of your prayers are visible in our ministry, the farmers in the village harvested an abundant crop. I visited the church members in their fields and prayed with them, encouraging them with the Word of God.

Praise God for the abundant harvest and His provision for our daily needs.

I was invited to preach at Samuzana village, at the Karen Baptist church. The people were encouraged by my message.

  • Pray for the church in the Samuzana village to grow in their faith.
  • Pray for the Lord to bring more people to faith in the coming year. Give thanks for the faithful attendance at our weekly services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and outreach ministry.

November/December 2018

May the joy of Christmas be upon you all. My members are excitingly celebrating Sweet December and Christmas day. Due to your prayer help, the farmers replanted their crops, and the church was able to borrow the money to fund them.

We are studying the book of Ezra and are excited to read and discuss together. The Bible study, home studies, prayer meetings, and worship services are still meeting regularly. I visited two new villages to speak with the people and share the Word of God.

  • Pray for the crops to grow and yield an abundant harvest to replace the food destroyed when the paddy fields flooded from the rains. Bless the farmers’ work.

One old woman, Daw (Mrs.) Moe Hen accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. On the several times I visited her, I shared the gospel and prayed for her health. She began to understand and know the salvation history, and she told me, “after you told me about Jesus again and again, I now clearly know and believe in Jesus Christ for my Savior and Lord.” Praise the Lord. We celebrated her seventy-eighth birthday with her in the last few weeks.

  • Pray for Moe Hen to have joy in her faith and to share her love for God with others around her.

Our children Sunday school is growing with many children faithfully attending. The youth group is preparing for a carol sing along with the children. They are busy learning songs and plan to share the good news with the people in the village. We will be celebrating together on Christmas day as a church.

Give thanks to God for the goodness and love He shows to us. He protects and blesses His children and fulfills our prayers.

  • Pray for our Christmas celebration as we share the gospel with non-Christians.

My wife suffers from diabetes and has made several visits to the hospital and clinics in Phiapung town for treatment. She is doing much better than the last time. Praise the Lord. Pray for her health to be excellent.

  • Pray for Pastor Peter and his family as they faithfully serve the Lord in Myanmar.

October 2018

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. May the peace of God rest upon you all. Our children’s Sunday school program is growing, and more new children join every week. Our Bible study program is continuing to meet each Wednesday faithfully. The members are happy and encouraged by what they are learning, and the prayer meetings are a blessing to everyone.

I visited several church members in their homes. Daw (Mrs.) Maw Na Mu and her family celebrated their eldest son’s birthday. She invited the neighbors, and I had the opportunity to share the gospel message. An old woman, Ha Kyin Theo, who was eighty-seven passed away, and during the services we held at her house, I preached the gospel and shared about eternal life. Every night there were between twenty and thirty people who came to the services.

  • Pray for those who heard the gospel message to be open and come to an understanding of salvation.

During the Christmas season, people are much more open and willing to listen. They know that is a Christian celebration and are curious. It is an excellent time to reach non-Christians. The young people are excited to go out and evangelize to those in the village. We are preparing a feast of Monkynkha (Myanmar food) for the people in the village.

  • Pray for the Christmas program to reach many people with the gospel.
  • Pray for the young people as they prepare for evangelism. Give them courage and wisdom in their conversations.
  • Pray for my health, on a recent visit to the doctor, I was told I had a heart attack, but it was not too dangerous yet. Rest was advised but this is the time for reaching many people for God, and I do not want to rest from the service of the Lord.
  • Pray for the students, five of the ten students are preparing to take their university entrance exams.
  • Pray for the farmers, this year had more rain than previous years, and the floods destroyed some of the paddy fields. Pray for farmers daily needs to be met and for future harvests to be blessed.

September 2018

“May the peace of God rest upon all.” Numbers 6:24-26.

I visited my church member’s rice fields to encourage and pray with them. As I mentioned in my previous reports, some of the rice fields flooded due to the rains and ruined the harvest. The farmers were hoping to replant their crops. The flood has not yet receded, and I encouraged them to wait patiently for God who can control the weather. These families are poor and need help to buy their rice seeds and crops to be ready to plant when the floods calm down. Please pray for their urgent and daily needs to be met.

  • Pray for God to meet the daily needs of the farmers and their families whose crops were destroyed by the floods.
  • Pray for the weather to allow them to plant a second crop and for it to produce an abundance of food.

Ma Aa Nge’s testimony: “When I married my husband, he was a Christian, but I was a Buddhist. It was proper for me to followed my husband to his church, I attended and listened to preaching every Sunday by the Christian preacher. But I had no experience in my life about the salvation of Jesus Christ and the love of God. I was just a nominal Christian. One day, I faced a big problem that I could not solve on my own, and I was very distraught and disappointed. The next Sunday, I went to church, and the pastor requested to pray for me and my problem. The believers prayed hard for me. After two days, the Lord Jesus Christ solved my problem. From that point, I experienced that God is living and He loves me very much. I feel peace in my heart, and I was happy. I repented of my sins to God, and I know that all my sins are forgiven. I started reading the Bible, and it has meaning to me. Pastor Peter’s preaching also impressed me and compelled me to participate in the church events actively, not like the past, when I felt obligated to attend. My family became a happy family, and we have received many blessings from God. Praise the Lord”

Give thanks for Ma Aa Nge’s new understanding of the gospel and the grace of God. Pray for her to grow in her faith.

As I shared in my previous report, there is a new location where I desire to start a new church plant.

  • Please continue to pray for open doors in this location.
  • Pray for my monthly visits of at least two villages and my evangelism outreach to the people.

Give thanks for the students who are doing well in their educational program. We are grateful for your prayer support for our students. Continue to pray for them to have good health and study hard until they pass their final exam.

August 2018

There were unusually heavy rains in our area, the water increased and flooded our village. The rice fields were destroyed by the flood and multiple acres of the church members rice fields were flooded. Phy Tar, Ko Aung, Ma Phaw, Daw Myo and my own family were all affected. The rice that was planted died due to being covered with water for so many days.  When the water calms down, we plan to plant the crops again.

  • Pray with us for the rice we plant to grow and produce in abundance.

The Lord added two new believers who were converted from Buddhism through my outreach ministry. We are teaching them about baptism and soon will baptize them.

  • Pray for the new believers and for their understanding of the gospel.
  • Pray for their commitment and preparations for baptism.

Near the main road of Pyianpung city, Delta area, on the same road to our village, there are two new believers who are interested in starting a church. I am planning to visit with Pastor Thawng Nei Bil to evaluate the site when the rainy season is over.

Give thanks that the Lord is opening more doors for our ministry.

  • Pray for this new location, for wisdom and discernment as we evaluate the possibility to start a church here.
  • Pray for more church planters to be prepared and trained to come to our area.

We visited some villages around us by boat with some of my church members. We talked to new people, distributed some tracts and shared the gospel with those who were interested in listening. I visited the church members whos rice fields were affected by the flood and we prayed with them to encourage them through the Word of God. We prayed for them to have a second time to plant rice again.

  • Pray for the villages we visited and the individuals we talked to, for their interest in the gospel and for future opportunities to speak with them again.
  • Pray for the farmers who lost their first planting of rice and for the opportunity to plant a second crop of rice.

Our weekly programs are doing well. We studied the book of 2nd Chronicles 1-20. The participants were encouraged and blessed by our studies. Our Sunday school program is doing good as well.

Continue to pray for our weekly programs and for the participants to be able to attend regularly.

  • Pray for the students we are supporting to study hard and pass their exams this year.

July 2018

Our new members have shared the goodness of God at our recent services and this has been a blessing to our church. Our weekly programs are continuing despite the rainy season, but the rains bring other challenges. In July, the rice was planted and started to grow but unfortunately, the floods have destroyed the fields. The water still covers the fields as I am writing this report. The families of the farmers are very worried about this, including the church members among them. We pray and trust God who is the only one able to help them in this difficult time.

  • Pray for the farmers and their families, and for the entire community of rice farmers.

Give thanks for the blessing of new members sharing about God’s goodness.

Kayin Baptist Church in Cung Kyaih village celebrated the 200th year anniversary of Adoniram Judson, the first missionary to Myanmar. The believers invited all the people in the villages and the neighboring villages too. I had the opportunity to preach the gospel for this special worship service.

Give thanks for the life and work of Adoniram Judson who first brought the gospel to Myanmar.

Give thanks for my outreach to this village.

  • Pray for the gospel to continue to be preached to the people and for them to respond and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Recently, I traveled to two villages in the Delta area where I believe the Lord is opening hearts to the gospel message. I met some of the people and shared salvation with them. They were willing to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. When the rainy season is over, I plan to invite my overseers and visit these villages again. I desire to see a church planted in each of these villages.

Give thanks that the Lord has opened these new unreached places and for our desire to plant churches in these villages.

  • Pray for the people in these villages to respond with understanding and acceptance of the gospel.
  • Pray for our visits to the villages and for the overseers who will be with me.
  • Pray for boldness in sharing the gospel with the people around us.

Please continue to pray for Daw (Ms.) Khin Meo and her five children, the widow whose testimony I shared in my previous reports. They are still regularly attending our church. Also, pray for the ten students my church is supporting in their education. They are all currently doing well in their studies.

Give thanks for the attendance of Daw Khin Meo and her family.

  • Pray for the students in continuing working hard and success with their exams.
  • Continue praying for my wife and her health.
Spring 2018

This year we have had strange mosquitos that emerged everywhere in our area, they bit people, and many people got sick. They said it felt like poison in their bodies. The doctors were not able to find a cure quickly. We believe the mosquitos emerged from the rice fields where the waters have been rising. Pray for protection over us.

I was invited to officiate and celebrated a wedding ceremony at Alesuh village, Tweenti township, Delta area. It was an opportunity to share the love of God and the salvation history to many non-Christians and regular Christians. I pray that Holy Spirit may continue to speak to them in their hearts and come to believe in Jesus Christ. I also will visit again with them when the opportunity permits me. “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.” Psalm 145:3.

(2) During the Water Festival, I went on house visits in the villages of Bokalay and Lintan Sin. During my stay in Bokalay, Daw Tin Swee and her family hosted me. I spent a whole day walking them through the Gospel, and several neighbors listened in on my teaching. When I was in Lintan Sin village, I met an eighty-year-old woman who was interested in the gospel and invited me to share with her family. She was a Christian, but all her children and grandchildren were Buddhist. She was delighted I came and shared with her family and gave thanks to God. When I was done, she made a special dinner for me and all her children, grandchildren, and some of her relatives together at her house.

I also reached Karen village nearby where about 60 families live. Only two families are Christians, and they have nowhere to worship, the rest of the Karen people are traditional spirit worshippers. I spent two days there and had a vision to send one church planter to this village. I’m from the same tribe, so, I feel that we need to pray for them that they may worship the living God. Pray for this vision. The people of my village are working hard in the rice fields, and some are fishing, pray that they will have a good return on their labor this coming harvest.

(3) As we go into the rainy season, my members are preparing their rice fields. During this time I visit their homes and encouraged them by the word of God and prayed for their farmers. I pray that the Lord might keep them from all kinds of evils and bless their fieldwork.

This month I visited the villages of Saphwe and Tweentee. I stayed with Daw Khin Hlaing’s family in Saphwe. Daw Khin’s family are Christian and had a celebration to honor her parents while I was with them. It was an excellent opportunity to share the gospel with the people in the village during the celebration service. I then went to San Kin village by small boat, this village is on the fringe of my outreach area. One-woman Daw Thein Swee, a believer lived there, and I had the opportunity to share the gospel with her relatives, and neighbors. I have since gone to this village several times and lead a worship service. Several people have begun studying the salvation story. Please pray that they may come to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Thanks to your prayers, we supported three high school students through my church last year, amongst them one passed and the other two failed. In Myanmar, only 30% of students passed the University entrance exam this year. In the coming year, we will support five students again. Pray, we can raise the resources to do this. Our area is very rural and undeveloped; many parents cannot afford to send their children to school.

Summer 2018

(4) On Father’s Day, I was invited to preach the gospel at a Baptist church in Samuzanat village. They requested a teaching on Myanmar’s church history, the first missionary Adoniram Judson, and the life of the first convert U Naw. The church was very encouraged and glad that I was their guest speaker. I also visited Kyung Kyaih village, sharing the gospel and encouraging them with God’s word.

Daw Khin Meo has five children, the youngest is four, two are in high school, and the rest are in primary school. Her husband passed away early this year. They were worshippers of evil spirit but have stopped and have started coming to the church and become worshippers of Jesus Christ. I visit them almost every night and share the word of God and pray for them. They all come to the Sunday worship services and participate in our Bible study groups. The family is poor, and the Daw Khin could not support her children’s education. Therefore, our church helps them with their schooling and other needs. I hope that Jesus Christ will continue to draw them to Himself and that they will place their faith and trust in Him. This year we are supporting ten students from very rural villages.

Please pray for my wife who got sick last week. We went to Min Ka Gone hospital for treatment. She has diabetes which is causing her to get sick and affects other parts of her body. We are praying for her recovery, even though she feels better she is not entirely healed. Therefore, please pray for her complete healing.

December 2017

Last month I had a specific prayer report, I asked that God would open the door, so we could have a Christmas celebration at Ngahpih Chaung village, and Bokalay township. God answered our prayers, and we were able to celebrate with the people in these towns. The members of my church participated as well. The village is small, about 30 families live in the area, and amongst them only five families were Christians, the rest were Buddhists. About 80 people joined us and listened to the message. I delivered my message from Luke 2:8-10, “The great joy of salvation for all people.” After service, our young people taught Christmas songs, dancing and Bible story games, etc., children were delighted and enjoy themselves very much. We also brought some Christmas gifts for children and seniors, when we gave them away they were very happy. After that, we had dinner together. I hope that more people will want to know about the salvation story. They expect us to come back next Christmas season.

On December 24, we also celebrated Christmas at my village, we prepared games for the children and rewarded the ones that did well for Sunday school class and competition of residing Bible verses. All the children enjoyed themselves very much. And I also taught an adult regarding class about Jesus Christ and our salvation story. The people who joined the class praised God for His son Jesus Christ.

I also went to Cung Caih village in December; I did two-day teaching I had about 20 people attend the training. Most of them were Christians; we discussed salvation and what that means to Christians.

Our weekly service is going well, we have about 25 children in attendance every week. My son Ko Pheo and his wife, and my daughter are teachers. Our home cell and Bible reading programs, prayer meetings and worship services are doing well too.

November 2017

My verse for the month was Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

My church members are poor people, they are farmers, and they rent rice fields and plant rice every year as their source of food and income. By God’s protection, they faced less natural disasters this year. One our church members Daw Khin shared her testimony, she said, “It is very true when Pastor Hlaing preached “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest….” Though I am a professing Christian, I was not trusting God in my everything, many times I carried my burdens on my own, and had no peace in my life. Now, I know how to trust God and put my burdens on Him. I am happy with the scripture that I heard.” Daw Khin has five children; it is not easy to support them as a farmer, therefore, pray for her family.

The Lord has touched a young man named Mr. Saw Hing, and a young lady named Naw Acina. Both are Sunday school students and proclaim to be Christians. Both come from the Karen tribe, and their parents are baptism members. After joining our youth programs at the church, they learned the salvation history and decided to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord! I will teach more about Christian life for several weeks, and we plan to baptize them soon. Give thanks to God for these young people who have committed to the Lord.

I went to Ngapih Chaung village, in Bokalay township and shared the gospel with them. The village was opened by God for me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ two year ago. Recently they have requested that I share the gospel during their Christmas celebration on December 24 & 25.

I was invited to preach the gospel by Sakaw Kayin church of Teingsaphwe Suh village. I thank God that many new people came and heard God’s word. Praise the Lord for opening more doors. I am blessed to know that more people in my area recognize me as a preacher of God’s word.

Our weekly activities are doing well; we continue to have bible studies every Friday evenings, prayer meetings and Bible reading programs on Saturday and Sunday evenings. We also have regular children Sunday school classes, and currently, we have 25 children who regularly attendance every Sunday.

September 2017

Though the rainy season is not yet over, it rained almost every day and rivers were full of water, but our weekly ministry continued. My members used small boats to attend church service every Sunday. We also have Children’s programs and Women group each week. It was encouraging to hear that many people are praying for us.

Unfortunately, one Baptist pastor in Cungcaih village passed away in early September 2017. His members were left like sheep with no shepherd. Thus, I was invited and preach twice in September and gave Holy Communion. I will continue taking responsibility until they have a new pastor. I will visit them at least once in a month. The village is two hours travel by small boat from my place.

There are several small Baptist churches around us; we have a fellowship with them. From Samuzana village, one woman that is 85 years old was seriously sick, and she had no one to take care of her. Our church took care of her and sent her to Yangon Hospital. Please pray for her recovery and hospital charges.

We currently support 5 High School students, 2 Middle School students and 5 Primary students by my church. Our children’s programs, Bible reading and home cell programs are doing well.

Prayer Request:

  • Please give thanks to God for my weekly programs and outreach ministry to neighboring villages.
  • Please give thanks to God for the new opportunities the Lord has appointed to me.
  • Please pray for Cungcaih church members; they need a new pastor to take care of them.
  • Do continue to pray for our Sunday school programs.

Thank you very much for your love and support. It is very effective and helpful for my ministry. Thank you very much. May God bless you all.

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field, Peter Maung Hlaing

August 2017

“I will give thanks to you, O LORD, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations. For your steadfast love is great above the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.” ESV (Psalm 108:3-4).

God answered our prayers; we prayed that all the farmers from our church would complete their crop plantings in their fields by August. I went to every rice field and gave thanks to God and prayed for crops.

One of our church members U Hte Ban, a 74 years old man was called home to be with Jesus Christ on August 10. Our church helped his family with the funeral programs and all the necessities. As I mentioned in my prayer facts last month, he had lung cancer.

During my outreach ministry to Sankin villages in August, I came across the village Shankui where no Christians live. I distributed tracts and shared the gospel with two people in the village. They were silent and listened but did not engage further on what I taught. When I moved on to the next village, I met two Christian families in Sankin village. They belong to the same tribe as me, Karen tribe. The rest of people were non-Christians (Buddhists). I conducted a worship service at one of the two homes and invited the surrounding neighbors. A few people came and listened to me preach. The believers there were encouraged by my preaching and visit.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly services which meet regularly.
  • Give thanks to God also for the completion of planting our crops and pray that the Lord may protect them and produce healthy fruits.
  • Please pray for the spreading of the gospel to neighboring villages. There are still many unreached people around us.
  • Please pray for my good health and courage for reaching new people.

Thank you very much for the prayers and support, may God bless you all.
Your co-worker in the Lord’s field, Peter Maung Hlaing

July 2017

May the peace of God the Father be with you all. Your prayers are effective in my ministry, especially with my church members. It changes the lives of people and strengthens us. We have home cells, bible studies, and reading programs twice a week. We are continuing the book of 2 Kings as the last part of our Bible study program.

During this rainy season, we visited our members who were working in the fields by small boat. Because of the storms, it is dangerous, but the Lord kept us from all evils, and our members were in encouraged in Jesus name. Continue to pray for our students, as I had mentioned in my former reports we have been taking care of 6 students who were from impoverished families and their parents could not support their schooling. Therefore, my church supports them by faith.

Prayer Request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly services.
  • Please pray for the farmers in our community, almost every year it floods and destroys their crops. This year was no different, and crops will need to be replanted from the recent storm.
  • Please pray that my outreach ministry and all our weekly programs may be effective.
  • Please pray for U Htay Ban who has been suffering from cancer, his doctor has ended all treatments (because there is nothing more he can do) and discharged him from the Hospital.

I received your support on time every month. It is very helpful for my ministry. Thank you very much.

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field, Pastor Peter Hlaing

June 2017

The Delta, accessible only by boat.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Our weekly programs are doing well thanks to your fervent prayer support. We completed studying the book of 1 Kings in June and will continue the study of 2 Kings in July. Our church members were happy and encouraged by the reading of 1 Kings.

During the rainy season the local farmers live in their fields, so we conducted home cell programs in their fields with them. On the weekends they return home and join us for Sunday worship services. As we have no electricity in our village, we were in a difficult situation especially the students in our area. In June, the government fixed this by providing a solar system for electricity to every family. Every family paid only 10% of the total cost, and now we have solar electricity in every house. It has been very convenient for our worship services and home cell programs. Praise the Lord.

I did my best in reaching our neighbors and other villages with the gospel last month, I distributed tracts as usual and visited individual families. Our children’s program is doing well; we took care of some students who were in need in our village, please pray for them. The students come from low-income families and we hope that they may be good leaders of our church in the future.

Prayer request:

  • Give thanks to God for our weekly activities, and continue to pray for our members.
  • Give thanks to God for the solar electricity system that we received. It was because of your prayer support.
  • Pray for all my church members and the people in the village so that the flooding season will not spoil the crops.
  • Please pray for winning more souls this year.

I received your support on time every month. It is very helpful for my ministry. Thank you very much, may God bless you all.

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field, Peter Hlaing

January 2017

May the grace, peace, and blessings of the Lord be upon you all forever. In August, our community endured severe storms that destroyed our crops and caused massive amounts of flooding. We were uncertain how we would survive since our community consists of subsistence farming. We requested that the supports of White Fields join us in seeking the Lord and ask that He would sustain us.

Thanks to your prayers the Lord heard us, and we were able to begin replanting our crops in October. Many of us took on debt that we will need to repay at harvest time, please ask the Lord to give us a bountiful harvest.

Church service in the Delta.

Church service in the Delta.

In our children’s Sunday school there is a young girl named Ma Pah Pah Soe, as she learned about Jesus she decided that she wanted to become a follower of Him and received salvation. Because of her decision to believe in Jesus her parents and close family members chose to believe in the Lord as well. However, her extended relatives opposed their conversion and actively tried to draw them back to worshipping idols. The Lord was faithful to Ma Pah Pah Soe and after several weeks her Aunt Aye Thein, and Uncle U Min Soe also became believers in Jesus. What a wonderful God we serve that He allowed an entire family to become believers in Him through a little girl!

The Delta, accessible only by boat.

The Delta, accessible only by boat.

On September 23, 2016, we heard on the radio that a strong storm was heading towards our area, the local authorities encouraged everyone to leave the area and head to a safer location. Having just gotten back on our feet from the previous storm we were unsure what this new one would do to our replanted fields. All of our members gathered at the church and began worshipping the Lord; we recited the 23 Psalm and prayed for our village.

It was incredible that when the time came for the storm to hit, that the winds shifted and carried the storm away in another direction. We were elated that the Lord answered our prayer and saved our community from further destruction.

Join us in praying for the following items:

  • Give thanks to God for the conversion of Ma Pah Pah Soe and her family and her Aunt and Uncle. Pray that they may grow in trusting God.
  • Please give thanks to God also for our weekly ministries, which include our small groups, prayer meetings, children Sunday school programs and worship services.
  • Please pray for our Christmas celebrations that we would reach more people this Christmas season.
  • Pray also for my members’ crops that they may produce a good harvest

I would like to send my special thanks to you all for your prayer and financial support.

Yours in Christ’s service, Peter Maung Hlaing

July 2016

May the blessings from God be poured upon you, all my prayer partners! Due to your prayer help, our camping during the water festival was finished successfully. All of the participants were happy and encouraged.

I was able to visit Alesuh and Tuanti villages; they have a Christian fellowship program there. They invited me to preach at their special service on Mother’s Day in May. I was very happy that I met one of the pastors and some church leaders there. They were very happy to know one another personally too. They also invited my church to join in their fellowship.

As you prayed for my ministry, the Lord opened another door, so I could reach the San Kin village. There are about 70 families in the village. There is only one Christian family, and they haven’t had a place of worship for many years. The rest of the people in the village are non-Christians. I had shared the gospel with the Christian family, and among them, there were two additional family members who received Christ. They will be baptized soon. Praise the Lord! I have been able to visit this village at different times with my son (Saya Pheo), and have conducted a family worship service there. They had invited their friends and neighbors, and about 15 people gathered wherever we went. Among 70 families, only one family has believed in God so far. We continue to pray for these families in the area.

  • Please give thanks to God for the San Kin village, the new field that He has opened up for us. Let us pray hard so that the people of the village may change and believe in God. 

We are continuing to conduct our regular weekly programs. The children’s Sunday school program and tuition program are growing in numbers. We had three kids from a Buddhist family join the children’s program. I also visited Cung Chait village where the Karen people are living; some are Christians, but some are still Buddhist. I have a connection with the Karen Baptist Church there, and we plan to work together for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

  • Please pray for our children’s ministry, that it will continue to be effective for our evangelism work. 
  • Please pray for the extension of the gospel amongst the people in my area.

Additional Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the people in my area because they are fearful of all of the rain we have had. Some did not plant crops because they thought that the flood would come again and destroy the plants. 

Thank you so very much for your faithful prayer and support. It is very helpful for my ministry. May God bless you all!

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field,

Peter Maung Hlaing

April 2016

My church members are working hard to become self-supporting. We have started a pig farm. We bought three grown pigs—two female pigs and one male. We also have a plan to do Agricultural business program so that our families can support themselves in the future.

We have been studying 2 Kings in our Bible study program. We conduct the Bible study in the houses of our church members. We also have a fellowship with other Christian churches in other villages such as The Karen Baptist Church.

We have been taking care of those who are sick in our village.  Recently, a widow Daw (Mrs.) Khin was seriously sick and we sent to hospital and prayed for her recovery. Thank God that after 6 days of treatment in the hospital she has recovered and came back to her home. Praise the Lord.

Due to your prayer help the harvesting among my church members in their rice fields has finished.  We held a celebration of the harvest for two days according to our culture. However, since we are Christian, we give glory to God and influence the other people in our culture.  I preach the gospel to the gathering. It was very good that several non-Christian members of our community also heard the gospel that I shared to them.

I preached, “all things come from God, all things are come to us because of Him, and all things are for His own glory.” So we give praise to God for a good harvest.

The church women’s group had a fellowship for the extension of the ministry of God.” They all were happy to have the fellowship to encourage one another. The young people also had an evangelistic outreach. They did well in reaching new young people by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During April I will be conducting discipleship training during the water festival holidays. We will teach both the adults and the children during this holiday time.

  • Please pray that this program may be effective for everyone that participates.
  • Please give thanks to God for the success of our gospel rally and pray for the new converts. 
  • Please pray our plan of self-support system so that the mighty God may bless our work. 
  • Please pray also for my members’ daily job and their family survival. 
  • Please give thanks to God for answering our prayers of the completion of harvesting and the celebrations. My members were happy in harvest their crops this year. 
  • Please give thanks to God also for our Women fellowship program, and pray that this fellowship unites believers and work together for the extension of the Kingdom of God in my area. 
  • Please pray for our camping ministry, which will be held from April 14-16, three days, that the Lord may bless the program with blessings. 

I would like to say a heartfelt “thanks” to you for all of your faithful prayers and support. It is very helpful for my ministry. Thank you very much!

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field,

Pastor Hlaing

December 2015

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ! I praise God that my church ministry has been progressing ever year, it is because of your prayer help. By God’s grace we could celebrate on Christmas Day. This year one of my members, U Aung Aung’s family, had donated some money for the Christmas celebration. Praise the Lord!

I had the opportunity to share the Gospel to neighboring villages, such as Hngetdaw, Khanawng, and Shangone; all of the people there are non-Christians. I told them about Jesus who came to the world and saved sinners. I also brought some Gospel CDs with me to give to them. I invited them as well to join our Christmas celebration; we had about 15 young people from that group join us!

Please give thanks to God for being able to reach the non-Christians in the three nearby villages.

For two nights, we had young people that visited our church members and neighbors, singing Christmas songs and sharing short messages. They were very happy and excited to do it.

We give thanks to God for our Christmas celebrations, almost all the family came and joined us. Praise the Lord!

  • Please pray for the church members’ daily survival, some of them are working in the fields and others are general workers and fishermen.
  • Please pray for the New Year 2016 ministry, that the Lord may draw many more people and come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

I would like to say a heartfelt “thanks” to you for all of your faithful prayers and support. It is very helpful for my ministry. Thank you very much!

Your co-worker in the Lord’s field,

Pastor Hlaing