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During the past month, we had flooding, and the rice fields were covered with water. The farmers lost their first crop, but by the grace of God, no lives were lost. The farmers asked me to pray for their crops, so I prayed and encouraged them with the Word of God. They will plow and replant their crops. My health and that of my wife has been good due to your prayers. Thank you.

  • Pray for the rice to grow and produce abundantly.
  • Pray for this crop to grow and not be destroyed by the water.
  • Pray for the farmers to be encouraged by God’s Word and trust in God’s providence for their daily needs.

This year we are supporting nine students who come from poor and needy families in the neighboring villages. Three girls are in high school, Acinna, Lay, and Ih Ih. The middle schoolers are Min, Hein, Larbwa, and Kale. We also have two primary students, Pheo and Naw. We are praying for each student to work hard and do well in their schooling. Their parents are happy for their opportunity.

  • Pray for the students to apply discipline to their studies and support each other through this year.

Maung Naing shared his testimony. “I grew up in a spirit-worshipper family. I am of the Kayin tribe. I was converted to Christ the year the Nargis cyclone hit our area, eleven years ago. I was baptized this last year. Three years ago, my business was in poor condition, and I had no choice but to go fishing in the sea. I went with two friends in a simple handmade boat we constructed from bamboo. We went to sea and brought food for three months. We started fishing in July, unfortunately, in September, the strong storm came and hit us. Our bamboo boat was broken and divided into many pieces. We held onto the bamboo pieces and floated in the sea for four days. One day, one of our friends disappeared, and only two of us were left. I cried out to Jesus, help us. On the fourth day, we found a new bamboo boat with food, we cooked and ate. We did not know where we were, and the storm had stopped, so we tried our best to reach any beach. Finally, we landed ashore in India. We were arrested by the police and put in jail for six months. After that, we were released and went back to Myanmar. I joined Pastor Peter’s church.

Praise God for Naing’s testimony and for their rescue.

Pray for Naing to grow in his faith and to bring others to know God. Pray for more people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Pastor Peter Hlaing Ministry

Peter Hlaing is a church planter in the Ayeyarwady Delta of Southern Myanmar. The Delta area is the lowest expanse of land fanning out from the tidal influence of the Bengal and Andaman seas. The people of the Delta comprise a community of rice farmers and fishermen where Buddhism is the main religion. Peter has ministered in this region since 2015 and the church he pastors focuses on evangelism and discipleship. The church has taken steps to introduce microfinance piggery projects into the community. Seasonal monsoons regularly destroy rice crops and houses in the Delta, but through our support network of churches in the region, a spirit of unity enables believers to help each other in times of need.

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