Pastor Peter Hlaing

Recent Ministry

This past month I visited the neighboring villages by boat and shared the gospel with them. I also visited some farmers in their rice fields and prayed for their work. They have begun to plow the ground and will stay in their fields until harvest time.

  • Pray for the crops, that God may send the rains at the right times, and the plants may grow properly and yield an abundant harvest.
  • Pray for my outreach ministry and the weekly services.
  • Pray for more opportunities to share the gospel and for more people to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

My church members U (Mr.) Aung and his wife Daw (Mrs.) Phaw held a thanksgiving dinner, and I had the opportunity to preach at their event. They were giving thanks to God because they had been converted to Christ from spirit worship. All the people in the village were invited and came to attend the service. Phaw shared her conversion testimony as follows. “I was a Kayin tribe who worshiped spirits since my fathers time. But now, I have become a Christian through the sharing of Pastor Peter after experiencing two miracles of God’s protection. The first happened last year. The weather department announced that a strong storm would take place in our village and warned us to move to a safe place. But we had no choice except to stay, so we went to Pastor Peter’s house and stayed there. The house was full of people, and Pastor Peter asked us to pray to God. We meditated on Psalms 23 several times and sang hymns too. Though I was not a Christian, I copied those around me, because I was afraid I would be killed by the storm. Pastor Peter said our God can calm down the storms and waves. I saw the Christians were trusting God and had peace in their lives. This was our first miracle, and we were saved from the strong storm. The second time, we were carrying rice in a small boat without a covering or shade. Unexpectedly, it was raining heavily near us. I was afraid of the rain, and I was worried about the rice in our boat. If the rain reached us, we might lose all the rice and even our lives. I remembered Psalm 23 and recited it and prayed to God. After about fifteen minutes, the rain stopped and did not reach us. From that moment, I became a believer, and my husband also did. Both of us had experienced that God is a living God. Praise the Lord, who can save us from every danger.”

  • Pray for the faith of Aung and Phaw to grow and give thanks for their salvation.

Praise the Lord for His protection and peace despite the storms of life.

Pastor Peter Hlaing Ministry

Peter Hlaing is a church planter in the Ayeyarwady Delta of Southern Myanmar. The Delta area is the lowest expanse of land fanning out from the tidal influence of the Bengal and Andaman seas. The people of the Delta comprise a community of rice farmers and fishermen where Buddhism is the main religion. Peter has ministered in this region since 2015 and the church he pastors focuses on evangelism and discipleship. The church has taken steps to introduce microfinance piggery projects into the community. Seasonal monsoons regularly destroy rice crops and houses in the Delta, but through our support network of churches in the region, a spirit of unity enables believers to help each other in times of need.

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