Pastor Peter Hlaing

Recent Ministry

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. May the peace of God rest upon you all. Our children’s Sunday school program is growing, and more new children join every week. Our Bible study program is continuing to meet each Wednesday faithfully. The members are happy and encouraged by what they are learning, and the prayer meetings are a blessing to everyone.

I visited several church members in their homes. Daw (Mrs.) Maw Na Mu and her family celebrated their eldest son’s birthday. She invited the neighbors, and I had the opportunity to share the gospel message. An old woman, Ha Kyin Theo, who was eighty-seven passed away, and during the services we held at her house, I preached the gospel and shared about eternal life. Every night there were between twenty and thirty people who came to the services.

  • Pray for those who heard the gospel message to be open and come to an understanding of salvation.

During the Christmas season, people are much more open and willing to listen. They know that is a Christian celebration and are curious. It is an excellent time to reach non-Christians. The young people are excited to go out and evangelize to those in the village. We are preparing a feast of Monkynkha (Myanmar food) for the people in the village.

  • Pray for the Christmas program to reach many people with the gospel.
  • Pray for the young people as they prepare for evangelism. Give them courage and wisdom in their conversations.
  • Pray for my health, on a recent visit to the doctor, I was told I had a heart attack, but it was not too dangerous yet. Rest was advised but this is the time for reaching many people for God, and I do not want to rest from the service of the Lord.
  • Pray for the students, five of the ten students are preparing to take their university entrance exams.
  • Pray for the farmers, this year had more rain than previous years, and the floods destroyed some of the paddy fields. Pray for farmers daily needs to be met and for future harvests to be blessed.


Pastor Peter Hlaing Ministry

Peter Hlaing is a church planter in the Ayeyarwady Delta of Southern Myanmar. The Delta area is the lowest expanse of land fanning out from the tidal influence of the Bengal and Andaman seas. The people of the Delta comprise a community of rice farmers and fishermen where Buddhism is the main religion. Peter has ministered in this region since 2015 and the church he pastors focuses on evangelism and discipleship. The church has taken steps to introduce microfinance piggery projects into the community. Seasonal monsoons regularly destroy rice crops and houses in the Delta, but through our support network of churches in the region, a spirit of unity enables believers to help each other in times of need.

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