Pastor B. Thang

Children MyanmarThank you for praying earnestly for us over the last month, there have been many children who have been sick in our community.  In early August all of the children were given a clean bill of health and released from the hospital, we are thankful that the Lord has answered our prayers. As you may remember at the end of August Myanmar was struck by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter was approximately 80 miles away from where we are located.

We were very scared when the earthquake struck and immediately ran outside for fear the buildings would fall down on top of us. Some children even jumped through windows from second story houses to get away, two of these children sustained injuries to their heads and legs. We admitted these children back to the hospital, and after one week of recuperation, they were well enough to be released. The earthquake was very strong, and our house rocked back and forth from the tremendous shaking, but the Lord is our protector. He kept our houses safe and allowed there to be no loss of life, praise the Lord!

For two days in the middle of August I visited the village of Letpantakar, while there we had a worship service and I was able to preach the Gospel. There were several believers that attended and even some new people from the community that joined us. The villages around Letpantakar are very rural and are largely undeveloped; there is no infrastructure that has been built. The people are from the Asho Chin tribe and are predominantly Buddhist with some that worship spirits as well, these people desperately need to hear the news of the Gospel! The Christians in the neighboring villages have come together and have made a specific plan to focus on reaching the people of the Asho Chin area with the Gospel! Please pray that as we unify in purpose and calling to this area that the Lord would strengthen us and allow us to go out boldly so that many people will become believers in Jesus.

If you could join me in praying for the following items:

  • Please give thanks to the Lord for the vision of our reaching the people of the Asho Chin area with the Gospel.
  • Please pray for our students that the Lord will protect them from the evil one so that they will do well in there schooling.
  • Please pray for good health for my family, my children always get sick during this rainy season.

I thank the Lord that he has allowed me to be loved and cared for by you the supporters of White Fields. It uplifts my heart to know that we are members of Christ and I praise Him for your prayers and financial support.

Yours co-worker in the Lord’s field, Pastor B. Thang