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Greetings to my prayer partners in the name of Jesus Christ. For two months now, we have been encountering political problems due to the fighting between the Arakan army (Muslim insurgent group) and the government army. It has affected the entire area of Paletwa township. The military has announced that travel to other villages, cities, and fields are not allowed and between six pm to six am, no one can leave their house. Everywhere can be a battlefield. Hundreds of people have left their villages to go to safer places. Due to this displacement, they need food and shelter. The authorities have announced that families can only buy one rice bag for a month; even the military and authorities are not allowed to purchase food to carry back and forth. Food is minimal, and many people are unable to have enough for their daily meals.

  • Pray for the refugees who have left their houses and fled to safer places to escape from the fighting.
  • Pray for peace so we can have freedom again.
  • Pray for the curfew to be lifted so we may travel to share the gospel.
  • Pray for safety and protection for our pastors and our church members.

Among the refugees, we have some members who left their village and ran to save their lives. They do not have enough food and are only eating porridge every day. I have tried my best to help them by delivering the contributions from believers in several churches in Myanmar. I sought to bring one-hundred bags of rice to a refugee camp in Kintalin village but was only allowed to deliver fifty bags. I brought some clothes too and some money for the Christian families.

  • Pray for daily food and sustenance.

Praise God for the willingness of the believers in Myanmar to give to help their brothers and sisters in Paletwa.

While I was trying to help our members in Temawa village, suddenly the fighting broke out in the town, and people started to run away, some were injured. I also ran into the jungle, leaving my phone in the house. When we returned in the evening, my phone was gone, but God protected my life and the lives of every single one of our church members in this location. Praise the Lord. When I have the opportunities, I will continue to share the gospel with people I meet and pray for them.

  • Pray for the people who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ to look to the true and living God who can protect them from harm.
  • Pray for more opportunities to share the gospel.
  • Pray for protection while evangelizing and for wisdom in all conversations.

Pastor Joy David’s Ministry

“Bless the LORD, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy name.” It is a wonderful blessing that God has prepared me to be a church planter in Paletwa to the extension of His Kingdom. It is a great encouragement for me to learn that many men of God around the world are praying for our ministry.

I started a house church in 2013; our weekly programs consist of Bible studies, worship times, prayer, and evangelism. Though we are few in numbers, we conducted all of our weekly programs regularly. Some young people from nearby villages come and study at the local university and trade schools in Paletwa; I try my best to reach them with the gospel. If we can reach them with the Gospel, they will go and teach their parents and villages what they believe.

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