White Fields supports Burmese men whose desire is to spread the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Their names are listed here and you can read their monthly reports, telling you about their ministry and prayer needs.

“Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored…” 2 Thess. 3:1

Pastor Jacob
serving in Myanmar

Extreme Weather Causes Disasters

When the extremely severe cyclonic storm Nargis made landfall in May of 2008, it sent a nine-foot wall of water 24 miles inland killing an estimated 130,000 people. At first foreigners, missionaries, and international assistance were restricted by the Burmese Government. However, White Fields national pastors were unrestricted and immediately began coordinating aid to people and churches in the affected area.

Adversity continues to affect our churches, pastors, and the people of Myanmar today. In the northwest Muslim rebels from Bangladesh infiltrated areas of Rahkine and southern Chin state attacking the local populace and battling the police. Myanmar’s Army in a bid to eradicate the rebels and re-establish peace entered into the conflict. Our churches have helped the refugees as they have endured the fighting.

Beginning in July of 2018 monsoon conditions flooded many parts of Myanmar including our Bible school in Yangon. Twelve people have died so far, and 100,000 people were evacuated from low lying areas. Several White Fields churches have been affected. Help is being directed through our network of national pastors throughout Myanmar. Your donations provide us the funds to supply relief when disasters strike.

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With guiding fundamentals and nurturing foundations of trust, a Bible School was created so that church leaders and evangelists are trained to expand the outreach of the gospel. The model of supporting national pastors has proven fruitful in Myanmar. There are many areas that still need an evangelical church.

As our network of national pastors increases, we are expanding outside of the capital into the difficult and unreached regions of Myanmar. These areas lack basic infrastructure, roads, electricity, communications and many times are also closed access — restricted to foreigners — but are areas national pastors can reach because they know the culture and how to live within the extreme conditions. Our work continues to grow in Myanmar, and your help in supporting national pastors makes that possible.

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