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Recent Ministry

Our work in the village to the East has continued despite pressure from the government. One of the members of our groups was brought in for questioning about our meetings. This has caused many from our community to be afraid. Please pray they would take courage in the Lord.

We continue to see the Lord’s faithfulness in our meetings in some of the places around the city. We continually have excellent studies and conversations with the attendees who are already believers or even with those who are still from the majority religion background.

  • Pray for courage and boldness for the believers as they face pressures from the government.
  • Pray for peace as they rely on God’s grace and love during times of trial.
  • Please pray for safety and security for my family

Despite the risks that come from this ministry. We provided refuge for someone who claimed to be a believer and was without a home. She stayed with our family for two weeks, and towards the end of her stay, we learned that she was working for the intelligence and trying to compromise our work. By God’s grace, we were mostly unaffected by her efforts, but this was a trying time for us. I sent my wife and kids to stay with my wife’s family in the country north of us, as we waited for these problems to settle. Praise God, nothing has happened to us, or the ministry for now, and my family is back home and safe. We are so thankful to have partners in this work. 

We pray for you often, and we thank you for your prayers.

  • Pray for protection and comfort of the pastor and his family as they minister.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as they share of God’s love with those around them.

Last Month Ministry

We made several visits to the village in the East but have needed to be extra careful about meeting with the believing families in their homes due to security reasons. This has caused our focus to shift more towards the non-believing refugee families that we are frequenting following-up with and to make new contacts. The believing families were able to come to our house for prayer.

We continue to be encouraged by the house meetings that we facilitate in the village south of us in addition to the neighborhood across town. These groups are committed to learning God’s Word on many topics, specifically about who God is and His character. This interest has led us to do a focused study on the divinity of Christ.

  • Pray for protection for the believing families, including our own, and that we would escape the dangers that are before us because of persecution.
  • Pray for the family who was recently baptized and moved to a country north of us.
  • Pray for them to find a healthy church in that place.
  • Pray specifically for my family. We have been exhausted by the pressures we faced a few weeks ago from some persecution.
  • Pray for our safety and the feeling of security in this trying time.
  • Pray that we would trust in the Lord.

Pastor O Story

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

We are proud to introduce Pastor O who is serving in the Middle East. Pastor O has served in ministry for many years and began being supported by White Fields in 2018. Take a moment to read his testimony of how he became a believer in Jesus.

“For many years, I thought that I was a Christian because I was part of the Catholic church. I had the title but had no idea about the grace of God. Because of my Christian identity, I was often ridiculed by my coworkers about my religion. They used to challenge my beliefs continually and, although I claimed to be a Christian, I had no understanding of the Bible or answers to their questions.

This constant conflict created hate in my heart against them, and I started to search to understand both religions. My motivation was not to know God but to be able to win arguments. I was a very bitter person and lost jobs repeatedly because of my antagonism. The saddest part is that I also lost many friends. I had arguments to make, but I didn’t have a hope to give them because I was personally a hopeless person.

One day I met a Baptist pastor at a wedding party who reached out to me and came to visit me in my home. It was interesting to find that he was involved in sharing the Christian faith with Muslims. As I listened to him more, I was shocked to see how he trusted them, loved them, and considered them friends. He invited me to his church, and I found many new believers who had come to Christ from the majority religion. I discovered that, without loving them, there is very little hope of reaching them.

This Pastor challenged me and told me that I needed to admit my sins and accept the grace offered to me through the gospel. I prayed and asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart, and I was baptized. I finally found the hope that had been missing. I believe that Jesus is God, that He is the only way to salvation and that He alone offers eternal life and reconciliation with God. Offering this great hope to others is now my mission.”

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