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We are thankful for all the ways God continues to use us in this ministry. We are praying for the family we baptized last month as they are moving to another country north of us.

  • Please pray with us that they will find a church home in their new area.
  • Pray for their safety and protection, pray for a church home to support them in their new faith.
  • Pray for courage as they are facing challenges.

The families of believers that remain in the village to the East are thriving in their faith and opening doors for us to meet others in the community and share with them. The husband in one family that we recently met and shared the good news with became very sick. This man and his wife began to pray and ask God to heal him and forgive them. A week later, the man was healed. They gave God credit and praised Him for this work in their lives. We are thankful that the Lord uses many ways, even trials, to draw people to himself.

  • Pray for a woman and her family in the east village, they are facing challenges at work.

God opened the door to preach and minister to a group of believers in another part of the city that I had not served in before. We are amazed to see how God chose to use us to further His kingdom and are encouraged by this new field that has just begun. The pocket of families that we meet with continues to grow, and they are accepting the truth more and more. A man who had joined this group was very defensive of his beliefs, but God blessed me with the skill to defend my faith in God in a respectful and honoring way. By the end of our conversation, he was disarmed and convinced by many of the arguments. Pray for him to come to faith in the true God.

  • Pray for these new families, specifically for the Lord to complete His work in them.
  • Pray for the man to come to an understanding of the gospel and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

We visited the group in the village to the south and prayed with them. We studied many difficult passages from the Bible and ministered to their needs.

The family of the woman who was miraculously healed last year has since become great evangelists and continues to grow in their faith. We met with them to study the Bible and had them write down the trust that is difficult for them to understand. This was an excellent exercise for each of them that deepened their faith and caused them to become better learners of the Scripture.

  • Pray for the believers who are growing in their faith.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as they study the Scriptures and for those who teach to be clear and confident in their words.
  • Pray for the pastor and his family, for the personal challenges they face ministering in this location.
  • Pray for their ministry and spiritual lives.

Thank you for your support and partnership in our prayers.

Pastor O Story

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

We are proud to introduce Pastor O who is serving in the Middle East. Pastor O has served in ministry for many years and began being supported by White Fields in 2018. Take a moment to read his testimony of how he became a believer in Jesus.

“For many years, I thought that I was a Christian because I was part of the Catholic church. I had the title but had no idea about the grace of God. Because of my Christian identity, I was often ridiculed by my coworkers about my religion. They used to challenge my beliefs continually and, although I claimed to be a Christian, I had no understanding of the Bible or answers to their questions.

This constant conflict created hate in my heart against them, and I started to search to understand both religions. My motivation was not to know God but to be able to win arguments. I was a very bitter person and lost jobs repeatedly because of my antagonism. The saddest part is that I also lost many friends. I had arguments to make, but I didn’t have a hope to give them because I was personally a hopeless person.

One day I met a Baptist pastor at a wedding party who reached out to me and came to visit me in my home. It was interesting to find that he was involved in sharing the Christian faith with Muslims. As I listened to him more, I was shocked to see how he trusted them, loved them, and considered them friends. He invited me to his church, and I found many new believers who had come to Christ from the majority religion. I discovered that, without loving them, there is very little hope of reaching them.

This Pastor challenged me and told me that I needed to admit my sins and accept the grace offered to me through the gospel. I prayed and asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart, and I was baptized. I finally found the hope that had been missing. I believe that Jesus is God, that He is the only way to salvation and that He alone offers eternal life and reconciliation with God. Offering this great hope to others is now my mission.”

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