Pastor MU

(Editors note: Pastor MU graduated from our funding in 2017. He and the church continue to meet under the threat of persecution in the country they minister.)

I am very happy that one of the newer believers, Su, requested to begin a weekly Bible study in his home. He and I served in a medical clinic together three years ago and I had the opportunity to lead him to Christ. He has been a faithful disciple and has become very effective in sharing his faith with the Catholic community in which he has many friendships. His wife and children are not yet believers. He is also excitedly inviting his neighbors and friends to the study. I am teaching through Philippians in the group and plan to invite a different family from the church to come each week to give input and be encouraged themselves by this new ministry.

I spent the majority of last month between the church and the educational program conference center. I was taking doctoral classes and was helping to manage the Master’s level students. I am very encouraged to see the success of this training.

To me, this educational program represents the future of the Arab church. All 15 Master’s students and 4 doctoral students are from this area and plan to serve in the church or theological education centers here in the Middle East. This is a great need and it is a blessing to help in the training process. While I was away, Su and Ha preached from the Beatitudes and oversaw all aspects of the church service. I am very encouraged by their growth and faithfulness.

Please pray:

  • For the new study group in Su home
  • For the salvation of Su’s wife, kids, and neighbors
  • For the students of the Bible training program to be faithful and have a great future impact

Pastor MU