Pastor MM

Dear Prayer Partners,

With great gratitude in my heart, I submit my final monthly prayer report. I have been so blessed to partner with the White Fields family over the last five years. I want to thank you for your partnership that has empowered me to progress with our church, make many visits to believers and unbelievers in their homes, and the freedom to launch new ministries inside and outside of the church. It has been an amazing five years of growth.

The core group of the church is strong at around seventy committed believers. Through these servants we have been able to establish an effective outreach to university students and Egyptian laborers. Both of these ministries have blossomed and become a great source of joy to all of us.

The Egyptian ministry continues to be a great source of encouragement for me. Through a faithful core group and continual evangelistic home visitations, this group is almost as large as our church and is becoming a seedbed for raising new leaders. We have been praying for months to call a pastor from the outside to shepherd this group. God has not brought the right man from the outside and I am increasingly convinced that He may have a plan to raise one up one from within. Att is an emerging leader and has great potential to serve as the future pastor. He is a mature believer who has demonstrated a high level of commitment in all aspects of the life of the church. He has been co-leading the ministry with me and has recently begun taking some of the teaching responsibilities. His development and future role in the church is a final, priority prayer request for you.

The plans to launch our church-based theological training program this May are still in the works. We have three committed professional teachers who will come each week and teach around twenty committed students. These are serious classes for serious students that will include assignments, research papers, and exams. On the roster of committed students, I am happy to report that you will find the name of almost every young man and woman in the college group. This is a great joy to see their interest and their huge potential for impacting the next generation of the church in our community.

Among the committed students is one dear sister named Re. She grew up in a restrictive traditional Christian family but only came to faith in Christ a few years ago. She has been serving faithfully in the church and growing in amazing ways. Being raised in a rural community far from the city, she has never had an opportunity to study the Bible on a serious level. She is very excited for classes to start and is rejoicing that this program will give her training that she never thought was possible. We are all excited to see what God will do with her next.

I am also very excited about what I would consider a side project in church planting. About one year ago, a fellow pastor shared with me his vision to plant a church in another city. He had been hosting a Bible study with a dozen young people and desired to see a church planted in their area. He and I have been hosting the study each week for the last year. The home study has continued to grow. They soon outgrew the home setting and moved into a full apartment dedicated to the ministry. Today, the group is around eighty believers, including many more college students as well as many families. A young man named Fa has risen as a leader and teacher and shows great potential for leading this ministry in the future. I feel so blessed to see the hand of God at work.

Please Pray:

  • For the leadership development of Att in the Egyptian group and Farud in the church plant.
  • For the exciting launch of our church-based theological training program.
  • For Re and the other college students to grow and serve the Lord in powerful ways for many years to come.