Pastor Me

(Editors Note: Pastor Me has been an important member of White Fields Ministry. At the end of October 2017, Pastor Me will transition from White Fields to working a new job at a local Christian Seminary. His church will be pastored by one of our new church planters Pastor O. We are thankful for Pastor Me and his service to the Lord. Join us in continuing to pray for his ministry.)

I thank God because I am not worthy of being your servant, yet because of His limitless and majestic love, God has used me this month in serving my Egyptian brothers. This work includes home visitations, giving lectures, and Bible studies.

We made many quick visits to homes in our neighborhood inviting people to attend the church service or the meetings on Tuesday. Atl, Na, Nj, He, Wa, and El helped me with these visits. We had longer visits in some homes where I sat down with the men. We discussed questions and drank tea. For example, El and I went for a house visit that lasted an hour and a half where we answered questions about violence and anger towards the enemy. There was another question about how do I apply the teachings that they learned at the church in life. It was through those questions that I presented the idea of how sinful man can be, and what Jesus did for us. We had a good time!

We also visited the sick. There is an Egyptian worker who fell off a building and broke his leg. I visited, prayed, and encouraged him. There is also another man whose brother lives in Egypt that lost both his legs in an accident. I visited him and encouraged and prayed with him. I also continuously ask about his brother’s health.

In our theology class, we have finished studying about the angels, and we have started an exciting new journey studying the Bible chapter by chapter. Every Wednesday we memorize the main idea of every book. For example, we figure out the main topics and the primary people in Genesis and then we memorized the events chronologically in that book.

From chapters (1-5): there was the creation, the downfall and the line of Adam. From chapters (6-20): the story of the flood, Noah, and his descendants. From chapter (11): the tower of Babel. Chapters (12-25): Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael. From chapters (25-36): Jacob and Esau. From chapters (37-50): Events from Joseph’s life until he came down to Egypt. This way we can go through the Bible chapter by chapter; watching the events unfold until everything is glorious revealed. The purpose of this study is to memorize the significant facts of each section of the Bible.

May God bless your lives and use you for the glory of His name! I do not deserve to be a servant of the Lord, but he has blessed me nonetheless to carry this honor and a great privilege. I love the Lord with all my heart!