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We thank God for the opportunity to work in the vineyard of the Lord and for the Holy Spirit who works in and through us to reach others for the gospel. This month’s sermons focused on the gospel of John. We studied in depth the aspects of being born again in the Spirit through the clear teachings of this scripture. By the grace of God, three people were baptized this month!

Give thanks for the clear teachings of the Scriptures and the growth of the members as they study God’s Word.

Praise the Lord for the three people who made a public declaration of their faith through baptisms.

  • Pray for their faith to grow and for their courage as they trust in God in the future.

During one house visit this month, the man’s son seemed to be demon-possessed. I prayed for the son and saw him liberated. The family is still under the bondage of sin, but they have seen the power of Christ. We are continuing to preach to them and imploring them to get rid of their idolatry.

  • Pray for the son and his entire family to come to faith.                                             

On other house visits, I saw God provide abundant opportunities beyond my expectations. I went to visit one family, and they had a visitor at their house. As I shared with the whole group, the friend was very receptive to my message and is now attending our services.

  • Pray for the friend to continue attending services and come to an understanding of salvation.
  • Pray for the family whose home was visited initially also to come to faith.
  • Pray for the ministry to be fruitful and for God to multiply the laborers to join in the harvest.

Thank you for your prayer support of our ministry.

Pastor M’s Story

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

My name is Pastor M, and I am a church planter in the Middle East. I grew up in Egypt and in my early 20’s began living with a Coptic Catholic religious family. They took me to church, and I eventually was ordained as a deacon in the Catholic church in Egypt. After some time I traveled to another country looking for work and a better future. In this new land, a friend of mine invited me to attend a Baptist church. I joined him on Sunday and enjoyed the music and felt at home, the preacher that week was preaching from Ephesians 2:8-9.

I learned that to be saved was not by the good deeds and the ministry I was doing but by grace through faith in what Jesus did for me on the cross. I struggled with this and was in turmoil on the inside because of my background in the Catholic church. Shortly after that, my friend who invited me to the church meeting started a bible study. The next Sunday my friend came directly to me and asked me if I want to become a follower of Jesus Christ. I told him yes because I now understood that I could only be saved by Jesus’s work on the cross, not by my good deeds. It was then in 1988 that I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Since that time I have pursued knowing Jesus Christ. He is my greatest treasure, and I am grateful that He chose me to be his child. I desire that the people in my community become followers of Jesus and know Him as I know Him.

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