Pastor M

Recent Ministry

I was encouraged as I listened to some of the fellow leaders of the church preach to the congregation. We continue to see these leaders grow into using the gifts God has given them.

  • Pray for these leaders to continually grow in their knowledge and have wisdom as they preach in the church.

We made many house-visits this month to new people. I was able to hand out fifteen audio Bibles to people who before now had not been seriously interested in hearing or understanding the Word of God. Three people professed belief in Christ. Pray the Lord would form them to be faithful members of his people.

  • Pray for these new believers to grow in their foundational knowledge of God’s Word and their relationship with Him.

Most times that I go to visit or encourage other believers in our church, I end up being the one who is inspired by their faith. One lady broke her leg, and we have been helping her by buying her groceries or other things that she needs. When we go to her house to bring her these items, we leave feeling so blessed by the overflowing joy and gratitude she has in the Lord, despite her condition.

  • Pray for this woman’s leg to heal.

Praise the Lord that we can bless her at this time.

Pastor M’s Story

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

My name is Pastor M, and I am a church planter in the Middle East. I grew up in Egypt and in my early 20’s began living with a Coptic Catholic religious family. They took me to church, and I eventually was ordained as a deacon in the Catholic church in Egypt. After some time I traveled to another country looking for work and a better future. In this new land, a friend of mine invited me to attend a Baptist church. I joined him on Sunday and enjoyed the music and felt at home, the preacher that week was preaching from Ephesians 2:8-9.

I learned that to be saved was not by the good deeds and the ministry I was doing but by grace through faith in what Jesus did for me on the cross. I struggled with this and was in turmoil on the inside because of my background in the Catholic church. Shortly after that, my friend who invited me to the church meeting started a bible study. The next Sunday my friend came directly to me and asked me if I want to become a follower of Jesus Christ. I told him yes because I now understood that I could only be saved by Jesus’s work on the cross, not by my good deeds. It was then in 1988 that I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Since that time I have pursued knowing Jesus Christ. He is my greatest treasure, and I am grateful that He chose me to be his child. I desire that the people in my community become followers of Jesus and know Him as I know Him.

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