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First, I thank the Lord Jesus for a year of blessings despite the sorrows. I wish to all a year filled with harvest and great blessings. This past month was filled with special times and enjoyable visits. During the Christmas holidays, I encouraged and assisted the youthful leaders to do house visits. They were faithful with this task. We did more than fifty visits before and during the holiday season. The Lord blessed us with an abundance of meals and gifts for the children that we distributed to every family.

  • Pray for the families who were visited to be drawn closer to the Lord if they are unbelievers, and if they have been saved, to be encouraged and grow in their faith.

One of these families was extremely poor. The old man in the family does not expect to live for another year due to his poor health. He cried as he thanked us for coming to his home and bringing gifts for the children. He said, ‘this may be my last Christmas, but it has been the most beautiful one I ever experienced.” The family later told us that the children were so happy that they took their gifts to bed with them.

  • Pray for the families who were blessed by these gifts.

We had a joyful Christmas celebration during the holiday season. We gathered the General Assembly, Youth and Sunday schools together in one large group.

  • Pray for the new group forming among the youth.
  • Pray for the fifteen individuals who were just baptized. I plan to share more in the next update.
  • Pray for a car to make ministry travel easier.

Pastor I’s Story

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

I was born into a committed Christian family and went to church almost every Sunday. At school, I was the only Christian student amongst 37 of my classmates. My classmates asked me questions continually about Christianity such as, how do you believe in three Gods? How could God be crucified and be buried? I was upset and shocked because I could not answer them since I thought I was a real Christian. As a result, they started telling me about the great things they have in their religion, such as giving women their rights, etc.

At this point, although I consider myself a Christian, I started thinking that I couldn’t answer these questions because “Christianity must be twisted.” Then one day God sent my cousin who came to visit us. He was a believer, and he noticed from my questions regarding Christianity that I had some doubts.

He invited me to his evangelical church, and during the meeting, I felt the pastor was preaching and talking straight to me. He said, “You need to repent and receive Christ as your Savior.” Then he asked a question, “What would you do to Christ after he gave his life for you.” My answer was, “I want to leave and deny Him.” That answer made me feel so bad I started to cry, and I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior on the 24th of April 1984. Soon after that, I began training to do evangelism and discipleship, I joined ministry at a young age and love the Lord with all my heart.

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