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We thank God for his blessings this month as a church we have had several celebrations of the glory of the Lord. The church held an event for me as a pastor, it was a beautiful ceremony and with the attendees from the church, loved ones and relatives, we had more than five-hundred people.

The next day we baptized fifteen members of the church, including some nationals and some refugees. It was a touching ceremony. Praise the Lord for the commitment of these new believers.

Praise the Lord for the baptism of these new believers and pray for them to stand firm in their faith.

Two days before the baptism, I received word from the seventy-five-year-old man we visited at Christmas time. At a recent service, he had listened to me preach about baptism, and the Lord touched his heart with the Word. He asked his daughter to tell me that he wanted to be baptized. So I sat down and talked until we were sure that he fully understood the work of Christ for him. He declared with all his heart of his faith and that Jesus is his Lord, Master, and Savior. This man has a problematic health condition which requires inserted tubes at all times, but he insisted on being immersed in the water, and nothing else would satisfy him. We were encouraged by his zeal.

  • Pray for the visiting team.
  • Pray for the meeting for the young people, beginning next month.
  • Pray for the Sunday school meetings which are beginning again next month.
  • Pray for a car to make travel for ministry easier.
  • Pray for the spread of the gospel message through the church to the community.

Pastor I’s Story

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

I was born into a committed Christian family and went to church almost every Sunday. At school, I was the only Christian student amongst 37 of my classmates. My classmates asked me questions continually about Christianity such as, how do you believe in three Gods? How could God be crucified and be buried? I was upset and shocked because I could not answer them since I thought I was a real Christian. As a result, they started telling me about the great things they have in their religion, such as giving women their rights, etc.

At this point, although I consider myself a Christian, I started thinking that I couldn’t answer these questions because “Christianity must be twisted.” Then one day God sent my cousin who came to visit us. He was a believer, and he noticed from my questions regarding Christianity that I had some doubts.

He invited me to his evangelical church, and during the meeting, I felt the pastor was preaching and talking straight to me. He said, “You need to repent and receive Christ as your Savior.” Then he asked a question, “What would you do to Christ after he gave his life for you.” My answer was, “I want to leave and deny Him.” That answer made me feel so bad I started to cry, and I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior on the 24th of April 1984. Soon after that, I began training to do evangelism and discipleship, I joined ministry at a young age and love the Lord with all my heart.

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