Pastor A

Recent Ministry

I reconnected with a man who is studying here but is from a nearby country that is very closed off to the gospel. He has a lot of questions about our faith and is seeking the truth. I believe he is close to trusting in the Lord for his salvation. Pray that I would be faithful with the opportunities to meet with this man and that his eyes would be opened.

  • Pray for this man to come to an understanding of the gospel and declare Jesus Christ to be the Savior and Lord of his life.

I praise God for the many discipleship and evangelism opportunities this past month. A family was having marital problems, and the Lord used me to counsel them. They have been reconciled, praise God.

The new group we have been working toward and praying for has been having a tough time. It has been hard to find a consistent time for everyone to meet and some of the members of the group were sick.

  • Pray for the health of the members and to find the right time so everyone can meet and grow together.

We thank God for the work he has given us, and we thank him for the many people who partner alongside us in the ministry.

  • Pray for our energy and determination to continue.
  • Pray for our daughter, in her work and relationship with the Lord.

Pastor A Ministry

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

Pastor A first began church planting in 2016. The congregation, he pastors, has steadily grown, and Pastor A now has a team of future church planters and leaders that he is training. Due to government persecution and adversity from the local population reports are limited, and some names or places may be redacted or changed. Thanks to your support of White Fields we can equip Pastor A with the means to minister effectively in a difficult area. Join us in supporting and praying for Pastor A and his team.

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