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Recent Ministry

One of our new house groups is now meeting regularly. Pray they would grow in their understanding of their identity in Christ and their collective representation of Christ. We thank God for how He has saved us from our sins and given us new life in Him.

  • Pray for the house groups to be able to meet consistently and to grow in their faith as they encourage one another through the Word of God.

A brother named K. has been experiencing persecution from the authorities. We had been forbidden to meet with him for the last few months, but just this past month he was allowed to visit us. We were encouraged by his endurance. Pray for the rest of his family, they are not believers, and he is trying to reach out to them. He is very isolated from a believing community. Because he is illiterate, he has only an audio Bible for encouragement.

  • Pray for K. to endure despite these hardships and to find comfort in listening to God’s Word.

This month we were blessed to have a new person put their faith in Christ. It started with a dream about Jesus. Then we met him, gave him a Bible and explained the gospel. Praise God for this new life in Christ.

  • Pray for this new believer to stand firm in his faith and to grow in his relationship with God as he reads from God’s Word.

My wife led a meeting at the church for just women during the Christmas time. Sixty-two women came, some from different faith backgrounds. We were encouraged and surprised by this unexpected number.

  • Pray for the sixty-two women who visited the church to come again.

Pastor A Ministry

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

Pastor A first began church planting in 2016. The congregation, he pastors, has steadily grown, and Pastor A now has a team of future church planters and leaders that he is training. Due to government persecution and adversity from the local population reports are limited, and some names or places may be redacted or changed. Thanks to your support of White Fields we can equip Pastor A with the means to minister effectively in a difficult area. Join us in supporting and praying for Pastor A and his team.

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