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Recent Ministry

This month was busy with house visits and training for our regular attendees. We are teaching them how every believer has a role in the great commission and to utilize opportunities to share the good news with friends and family. We gave them essential tools to use in sharing the good news. We taught about the importance of discipleship, forming churches, and developing leaders, and how these aspects of ministry contribute to accomplishing the great commission.

Give thanks for the recent training and pray for the blessing and encouragement of future trainings.

  • Pray for the believers to have courage, wisdom, and discernment as they share the gospel message with their friends and family.

My wife and I host multiple volunteer groups and invite them to attend house visits with us. We taught some of them how to share the gospel for the first time. We helped with two medical clinics this month and made contacts for future visits. We are praying for clarity in our conversations as we share the gospel with them again. Pray for time and opportunities for further connection with these people as they are hungry for the gospel.

Give thanks for the blessings of volunteer groups and for the encouragement they bring.

  • Pray for God to give opportunities to interact again with the contacts made through the medical clinics and for them to be saved.

Give thanks for God’s provision of a job for my daughter, pray for it to continue being a blessing.

  • Pray for the ability to buy a car. I desire to be more efficient in my travels and visits to the families.

Pastor A Ministry

(Editors Note: Names and places have been changed or redacted due to government persecution.)

Pastor A first began church planting in 2016. The congregation, he pastors, has steadily grown, and Pastor A now has a team of future church planters and leaders that he is training. Due to government persecution and adversity from the local population reports are limited, and some names or places may be redacted or changed. Thanks to your support of White Fields we can equip Pastor A with the means to minister effectively in a difficult area. Join us in supporting and praying for Pastor A and his team.

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