Yoshiaki Suzuki

Recent Ministry

Our concert went great. At first, we were hesitant to hold an event after the recent typhoon and its effects on the community. We sensed that it helped with the process of recovery for the people in our area, so we were glad we went ahead and did the concert. We had thirty-eight people in total, and twenty-seven of them were new individuals. We received donations from the attendees that we sent to the disaster relief center. We also allowed the volunteers to use our minitruck to assist in the relief efforts of clearing mud from the local community homes that had been caused by the flooding.

  • Pray for the relief efforts to go smoothly and for people to come to know Christ.

We had quite a few elderly people who attended the concert. It was an excellent opportunity for our church to make a positive impression among the local people in the community. I will mention a few names so you can pray for them. It was the second time for Kimiko to come inside our church; she is in her early sixties, and we have a positive neighboring relationship. Takehiko is in his sixties, and Michiko is also in her sixties, they live on the same block.

  • Pray for these people, Kimiko, Takehiko, and Michiko, that we would get to know each other better and to establish friendships with them.

Tadayoshi is one of our church members and a university professor of the Social Welfare Department. He is getting married, and the schedule has been set for the engagement ceremony next month and the wedding ceremony a few months after. Tadayoshi is a faithful attendee to our church, including the worship service, prayer group, and after-worship fellowship. He is also a committee member of the school’s establishment of a new graduate school.

  • Pray that God will sustain Tadayoshi in his academic and professional field as well as his faith walk.
  • Pray for his upcoming marriage and for his future wife.

Miwa came to the student’s fellowship we held as a follow-up after the concert. She is also attending the bible study conducted by Professor Tadayoshi on campus.

  • Pray for Miwa’s salvation.

Masaru is in the process of recovering and regaining his health. We are hoping to start an individual Bible study with Masaru once he gets better.

Two of the Vietnamese trainees, Hi (twenty-five) and Cuong (eighteen), live in the east side neighboring company dorm. We invited them, but they were unable to come to the French Horn concert. However, our partner seminary student is keeping in touch with them, and we have invited them to another event.

The neighboring household and family of Ms. Aono came to the concert and brought their friend who is a doctor. Ms. Aono kindly informed us that the doctor enjoyed the show. Still, according to her, he was hesitant to come to church. We are hoping to get to know this doctor and are praying that he connects with Ms. Aono and attends the church.

My wife Sayoko had surgery on her hip joint recently, and the operation went well. She is doing rehab every day, and the pain is gradually decreasing. My wife says that rehab is tough, but she is hopeful that it will help her walk freely in a few weeks. Please remember me in your prayers at this time. I have taken over my wife’s responsibilities at church, including the prep for lunch fellowship and cleaning the worship hall in addition to my regular duties.

  • Pray for healing for Sayoko.
  • Pray for Pastor Suzuki as he balances multiples roles.

The number of international students from Korea has decreased so there has been some discussion regarding housing. The decision was made that instead of renting and living in the same dorm in a large building, there will be two students who are moving into the pastors’ residence. They are both aiming to enter graduate school.

We are praying for the Nagano Typhoon Aftershock Task Force to have a smooth handover of some activities to the local government offices.  This group was initiated by a coalition of the local Christian churches.

  • Pray for this transition and for the community to continue recovering from this natural disaster.
  • Pray for the upcoming baptism of Ken, who is in his fifties.