Yoshiaki Suzuki

Recent Ministry

We held our church’s second baptism, and the first time we had a hospital bedside baptism. It was for Yoshiharu, the husband of Eijun. He was hospitalized at the nearby general hospital of the Shinonoi area over four years ago. Eijun asked me last Christmas to visit Yoshiharu at the hospital. At the end of the year, He decided to accept Jesus Christ. After he came to Christ, his wife, Eijun, noticed that he responded to the people around him better. When I pray with Yoshiharu, he gripped my hand tightly. Because of his cancer, Yoshiharu was transferred to the hospice wing, and I continue to visit him with his wife twice a week. Eujin is in her sixties and owns a Korean restaurant in front of the station. She attends worship every week and has decided to become a member of our church. We are starting an individual Bible study with her.

We invited Chie for lunch; she is a professor of nursing at the Nagano University of Health and Medical Care. The university is only five minutes from the church by car. We had a good time of fellowship for two hours. Chie shared about her life, including her career and the challenges she faces at school after she moved to Nagano. As a church, we hope to support Chie as she is by herself. We plan to spend Friday night with her to do an individual Bible study.

  • Pray for Yoshiharu, Eijun, and Chie to grow in their faith as they study the Bible.
  • Pray for Yoshiharu and Eijun as they navigate the challenges of cancer.

Give thanks for the baptism of Yoshiharu.

One of our church members, in his forties, Tadayoshi, has been quite busy at his position as Professor of Social Welfare studies at Nagano University. Despite this busyness, he has been faithfully attending the worship and weekday prayer meetings.

  • Pray for his health through the remainder of the winter.

Next month, Tadayoshi will be visiting a church in Kyoto where his future wife attends. They will have their engagement ceremony there.

My wife Sayoko’s surgery on her hip went well. She is still in rehab, but most of the recent rehab activities are at home. The doctor advised my wife to be careful during the three months after the operation, especially not to fall. Ordinarily, this time of year, my wife would enjoy the hots springs, which are famous in our area of Nagano. Now my wife feels restricted from the doctors’ advice and concerned about navigating the steps; as a result, she is more stressed than usual.

  • Pray for Sayoko to be sustained by God through this time and to be able to rest and recover from her surgery.

Two Christian international students will be moving into the pastor’s family residence. The dorm for international students was recently closed after being in operation for ten years. They are both planning to enter graduate schools in Japan.

  • Pray for the students as they move and get settled, pray for their academic growth.

Ms. Kim is a professor at Nagano University, and her daughter is Sophie. They recently came back to church after a year of absence. Ms. Kim shared with me about the challenges she is facing in the newly established university. I intend to visit her office sometime soon.

A group of musicians, who play glass bowl instruments, have requested that we allow them to use our church space. They also asked me to share a Bible message with them. It was my first experience to hold such an event. I am excited about this excellent opportunity for outreach, and I hope to have our church be more open and welcoming to the public.

Ken’s mother has dementia. We are hoping that Ken and his mother can attend the worship service.

The church vehicle is a stationary wagon with two-hundred thousand kilometers, one-hundred, and twenty-four miles. Our auto mechanic has recently warned us that the van probably will not pass the upcoming official inspection. In Japan, there are nationwide auto inspections every two years. Our prayer request is for a reliable car. Nagano is a car society; public transportation is inconvenient.