Takayuki Wada

Hiroki came for the Welcoming Service and the Christmas Chapel Concert. Even though Hiroki continues to join us, it seems that he doesn’t understand the primary focus of the gospel and his faith is not growing. Pray for Hiroki, that his spiritual eyes would open to the understanding of God’s word in a way that would impact his heart.

Kikuko is a non-believer, we sense that she has not accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior because something is holding her back, but we do not know what. One issue she shared with us is her issue with her current job. Kikuko is not very happy and is thinking of quitting and looking to work for another company. Join us in praying for Kikuko and her understanding of the gospel. Pray that she would trust God and seek him.

Kazuko continues to join us for the reading group we have on a weekly basis, however, in December we did not have a Miura Ayako Reading Group. We invited Kazuko for the Welcoming Service and the Christmas Chapel Concert instead. We were hoping she could come, but she did not show up. Kazuko is highly interested in Ayako; however, she is still passive in stepping forward toward faith. Please pray for breakthrough on Kazuko coming to know Christ.

We would like to ask for prayer for one of our former church members. Noriko has not attended church since October; we mailed her a church bulletin, and a Christmas Card signed by all the church members with a personalized message. We have not had any correspondence with her. We suspect Noriko is trying to disconnect herself from our church community. We are hoping that she does not turn away God and from her faith. Please pray that Noriko restores her faith and her presence at the church.

Pray for me that I walk in God and that I do not have an emotional yo-yo’, and that I trust in Him in my faith and ministry walk.

This will be my last correspondence with you all as I am finishing my time of support with White Fields. All of you have been instrumental in starting our church plant in Japan and helping sustain us through your prayers and finances. I look forward to our church continuing and being a light of the Gospel to our neighbors in Japan. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pastor Takayuki Wada