Park Joo Hyun

Recent Ministry

We had a special event, Family Christmas, and twenty-nine people came. The youth in our Sunday school performed a Christmas play. A few of the people who usually only attend the non-Sunday activities also came to this event.

We ask for your prayers for the salvation of Ms. Sasaki, who has been attending the Sunday worship service. She is in her fifties, and we are specifically praying that she will understand Christ is the only one true God instead of multiple gods. Ms. Yasui, sixties, has been absent from church.

  • Pray for the salvation of Ms. Sasaki.
  • Pray also that Ms. Yasui will be able to attend church again.

In Sunday school, the sisters Seira and Serika have come consistently along with their six-year-old relative, Ryo. Sakyo, in eleventh grade, has come back after a length of absence as well.

  • Pray for these children to come to faith in God and for their families as well.
  • Pray for them to feel comfortable and welcome at our Sunday school.

We held the first baptism at our church. Praise the Lord. Mrs. Yoneshima was baptized. Pray for the salvation of the whole family. Mrs. Yoneshima is still facing difficulties at home as her husband is not supportive of her coming to church.

  • Pray for the spiritual growth of Mrs. Yoneshima and for the salvation of her husband.
  • Pray for more opportunities to have these sorts of events and to invite more people to come to hear about God in a comfortable and relaxed setting.
  • Pray for my son Ye Shin and for his entrance exams for universities.
  • Pray for my daughter Ye Ji, she will be starting Junior High School this spring.
  • Pray for my wife, Hyeon I, who has been teaching Korean at the International Cross-cultural center in Kashihara and possibly adding another location, the Nara Korea Education Center.
  • Pray for witnessing opportunities at these locations.

Pastor Park Joo Hyun Testimony 

My name is Park, and I was born in the town of Daegu; located in the middle of South Korea between Seoul and Busan. I began to go to church when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school. I attended the summer program for elementary school students, and it was at this time that I began to go to church.

When I was a freshman in junior high school, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. It was at the church summer camp on the last night that the evangelist was preaching about Jesus and the Cross. At the end of the sermon, an invitation was given to us to pray and become a believer in Jesus. Everyone was praying desperately. However, I did not know how to pray since I went to church to have fun with my friends. I was troubling to me when the preacher said, “If you do not know how to pray, call on the name of Jesus and just say, “Please Jesus help me.”

At that time I decided I would like to believe in Jesus sincerely. I called on the name of Jesus three times in my heart. At that moment, my heart became hot, and my tears stopped. All of the sins I committed until that time projected as a panorama in front of my eyes. Then for three hours, I prayed a prayer of repentance, and the tears did not stop. I believed in Jesus, and He heard me. On the way back from camp, it looked like a beautiful new world. In my second year of senior high school, I got baptized in the Korean Jesus Christian Presbyterian Church. After receiving baptism, my faith gradually grew strong, and God has given me explicit faith.

As an adult, I felt the call to the church, and after several years of study, my wife and I began serving in Japan. We are eager for the Lord to use us and for many people to become disciples of Jesus.

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The Nara Prefecture is located at the very center inland of Kansai region, surrounded by Osaka, Kyoto, Mie, and Wakayama regions. Nara is known as an area with a long history. It used to be called Yamato which goes back to the 6th and 7th century and was the center of culture and politics and was also the state capitol. Around that time Buddhism was brought in to Japan, and with its creation, the first-generation Buddhist temples and sculptures were built in the region. There are quite a few archaeological sites in town that are all Buddhist related. Later Kyoto was set as the capital in the middle ages, Nara was no longer as influential as it was and Kyoto became what Nara was. Yet influences by Buddhism in the community are still evident in local customs and traditional performances. People still hold on to these Japanese traditions.