Kiyohito Kubo

Recent Ministry

Osamu and Noriko are believers in their fifties with a daughter, Manami, in her twenties. Osamu and Noriko have been attending church every week. Their house is so close to the church building that they state the cross on the roof is visible from their home. Manami gave birth to a baby girl in April. The whole family is quite busy every day caring for this precious child, so they leave immediately after the service. We are hoping to have more fellowship with them once they are more settled.

  • Pray for Osamu, Noriko, Manami, and her baby girl, to enjoy this blessed time together.
  • Pray for everyone to get enough rest.

I started an individual Bible study with an unbeliever who is curious about salvation, and we meet weekly after the lunch fellowship following the Sunday service. I had thought that Morikazu believed evolution as he has a science and technology background. But one day, Morikazu said, “all the beauty of nature and the wonder of phenomena are perhaps only by one ultimate designer, and that designer may be the Creator.” He seems to be a bit confused as we studied about sin in one of the chapters. In the Japanese language, we use the same word tsumi to mean both sin and crime.  Morikazu read tsumi in the material multiple times during our Bible study. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will touch the heart of Morikazu and cause him to repent and have faith in Christ, not just to have a desire to increase his knowledge about the Bible.

  • Pray for Morikazu’s desire to know more about the Bible to bring forth the understanding of his need for a Savior.
  • Pray for wisdom for Pastor Kubo as he teaches through the Bible with Morikazu and explains the concept of sin.

Keiichi visited us at the church once. He is in his sixties, married, and not a believer. Since his first visit, we have corresponded through email. Keiichi runs an eyeglass shop. I visited his shop the other day to buy new glasses for my mother. When I was there, I saw Keiichi and met his wife for the first time. Since it was during business hours, we could not spend much time to talk about the Bible. Keiichi continues to send me various questions while he reads the Bible. One of his recent concerns was, “do we get rid of the Buddhist altar and the Shito alter once we become Christians?” Last year, he left and cut off his relationship with the Buddhist priest at a temple where he had been connected for many years. After his mother passed away, Keiichi said he often thinks about life after death. This led to his desire to know the truth. He may be thinking about becoming a Christian, but we do not want to see him just switch from Buddhism to be a churchgoer, we desire him to have a personal relationship with God.

  • Pray for Keiichi to be led by the Holy Spirit as he continues to read the Bible in search of the truth, pray for him to come to repentance leading to salvation.

We are thankful for the team being sent by White Fields this summer for our VEBC (Vacation English Bible Camp) at the end of this month. Please remember the team in your prayers, for joy and unity as a team and for the necessary preparations to take place.

  • Pray for wisdom as the Japan details are completed and for more than thirty youth to sign up.

We currently have twenty children signed up. Praise the Lord!

  • Pray for the gospel message to touch the hearts of those who attend the camp.
  • Pray for safe travel and protection for the team and for unity as we work together.


I was born in Okinawa Japan. I was born and raised in a Christian Family. I attended church with my parents, but at the time I didn’t have my own independent faith.  I continued to go to church until I was 18 years old then I moved to Tokyo and enrolled in the University.  At the time I studied and worked as a paperboy. I was too busy, so I quit going to church.

During this time I kept thinking, how I could live on my own without needing anyone else.  I was trying to work more and make more money, so I quit the University and move to Nagoya, Japan to get a new job. When I arrived at my new job, I discovered that it was not what I expected. So, it was tough during this time, and I felt like a failure, and I was very disappointed.

On a visit home I spoke with my parents and I thought, “I need to go to church, and I wanted to come back to God.”  My parents started sending me their recorded sermons, and I began reading the bible and watched a Christian movie they sent me. All those things caused me to decide that I needed to go back to my hometown of Okinawa.

Once I arrived, I started studying the bible with my pastor.  That is when I dedicated my life to God and believed in Jesus.  I decided to get baptized after three months—it was May 2, 2004.  I was very happy, and I had an expression of joy and felt that I had come back to my Father, just like the prodigal son in Luke 15.

Now I began thinking, how I could spend the rest of my life? I talked to the pastor for counsel and at the same time, our church started a Bible School. I enrolled and studied the bible for two years.  Afterward, I talked to the pastor and told him I felt that I needed to learn more about the bible. It was during this time that I met my wife and we began to get to know one another.

We were married and moved to Chiba in Japan, and we both enrolled in seminary and studied for three years. I started attending Japan Alliance Christ Church, which is a large church that was part of the Alliance Denomination that had two hundred and forty churches in Japan.  They sent me to start a church plant in Chiba, my wife and daughter (my daughter was only 2 years old).  I started church planting in April 2011. The very first service I did, I only had my wife and daughter as attendees.  We are blessed by how God has brought us into a partnership with White Fields and together with our denomination support; God has used us to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.