Kiyohito Kubo

Recent Ministry

Morikazu has been attending the Worship service most Sundays. He came to help the USA team with our Vacation English Church Camp and heard their salvation testimonies. I am praying for this experience to make a big impact on him as he saw the Christians on the USA team in addition to having fellowship with Japanese Christians. We are hoping Morikazu sees the attitudes and hearts of believers towards God. One of the church members casually asked him how he felt about baptism the other day, and this believer remarked that his reply was positive. Pray with us for the Holy Spirit to lead Morikazu to true repentance and salvation.

  • Pray for Morikazu to make the decision to trust and believe in God for salvation and for the realization that he needs Jesus to be his Savior.

The Vacation English Church Camp was excellent. We had twenty-six youth total for the five-day program. Twenty of them were first-time visitors. We praise God for the White Fields team from the USA who came. We had fun activities such as English lessons, dancing and worship, arts and crafts, and games. The theme was “Live (Walk) as Children of Light” with a message from the Bible about courage, forgiveness, giving, obedience, and humility. I praise God that many of the youth were eagerly listening during the Bible message. The whole church was encouraged by the team and some of the church members were able to join the group and help with the camp. The USA team had great fellowship and were able to explore Japanese food and experience Japan. Praise the Lord.

Sachiko is my mother-in-law. She moved in with us here in Chiba, when her husband passed away four years ago. She had been living in Kochi (Shikoku Island). Recently, my wife and her siblings had a conversation, resulting in Sachiko deciding to move back to Kochi where my wife’s older brother still lives. Pray for her new life and for this adjustment, she is moving to a new location within Kochi than where she lived before.

  • Pray for Sachiko and the families involved to adjust to this change in their lives.
  • Pray for Sachiko as she settles into a new area in Kochi.
  • Pray for the youth who heard God’s Word to continue to think about the concepts they learned and to come again to the church to hear more about God’s Love.
  • Pray for the parents to be willing to have their children attend the church.
  • Pray for the influence of the church on the community.

Praise the Lord for the success of this new event and for excellent attendance.


I was born in Okinawa Japan. I was born and raised in a Christian Family. I attended church with my parents, but at the time I didn’t have my own independent faith.  I continued to go to church until I was 18 years old when I moved to Tokyo and enrolled in the University.  At the time I studied and worked as a paperboy. I was too busy, so I quit going to church.

During this time I kept thinking, how I could live on my own without needing anyone else.  I was trying to work more and make more money, so I quit the University and move to Nagoya, Japan to get a new job. When I arrived at my new job, I discovered that it was not what I expected. So, it was tough during this time, and I felt like a failure, and I was very disappointed.

On a visit home I spoke with my parents and I thought, “I need to go to church, and I wanted to come back to God.”  My parents started sending me their recorded sermons, and I began reading the bible and watched a Christian movie they sent me. All those things caused me to decide that I needed to go back to my hometown of Okinawa.

Once I arrived, I started studying the bible with my pastor.  That is when I dedicated my life to God and believed in Jesus.  I decided to get baptized after three months—it was May 2, 2004.  I was very happy, and I had an expression of joy and felt that I had come back to my Father, just like the prodigal son in Luke 15.

Now I began thinking, how I could spend the rest of my life? I talked to the pastor for counsel and at the same time, our church started a Bible School. I enrolled and studied the bible for two years.  Afterward, I talked to the pastor and told him I felt that I needed to learn more about the bible. It was during this time that I met my wife and we began to get to know one another.

We were married and moved to Chiba in Japan, and we both enrolled in seminary and studied for three years. I started attending Japan Alliance Christ Church, which is a large church that was part of the Alliance Denomination that had two hundred and forty churches in Japan.  They sent me to start a church plant in Chiba, my wife and daughter (my daughter was only 2 years old).  I started church planting in April 2011. The very first service I did, I only had my wife and daughter as attendees.  We are blessed by how God has brought us into a partnership with White Fields and together with our denomination support; God has used us to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.